business needs to find some people’s needs, and think of ways to meet the needs of the people, especially the entrepreneurs must go in-depth understanding of the social situation, some people need to do business products.

Third, no business experience, cheated. As a matter of fact, Li Ling really had a deficit. Because it is a friend, Li Ling did not sign a production contract with the initial cooperation of small printing and dyeing plant. Here’s the problem: she agreed time to pick up, suddenly dumbfounded! This batch of goods in addition to thread and other small shortcomings, manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, will also have to modify drawings, and printing and dyeing is very rough, and Li Ling had the idea of be quite different. Li Ling did not sign a production contract with the manufacturers, simply can not claim. It has been done, Li Ling only knocked out teeth to swallow, her heart a horizontal, this batch of goods when all the waste treatment.


Li Ling

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