Meesia uliginosa Hedw. (Musci, Meesiaceae) in Antarctica

first_imgMeesia uliginosa Hedw. and the family Meesiaceae are recorded for the first time in the Antarctic. The species is occasional on Joinville and James Ross Islands near the Trinity Peninsula, on Signy Island in the South Orkney Islands and on Livingston and Robert Islands in the South Shetland Islands, whereas on King George Island, in the latter archipelago, it is locally frequent. The Antarctic plants are briefly described and illustrated and the local distribution of the species on King George Island and in the maritime Antarctic is mapped. The ecological requirements of M. uliginosa in Antarctica are described in detail and the global geographical distribution of the species is reviewed. Ceratodon kinggeorgicus Kanda, a species originally described from King George Island, is considered to be conspecific with M. uliginosa.last_img read more

The effects of global climate variability in pup production of Antarctic fur seals

first_imgClimate variability has strong effects on marine ecosystems, with repercussions that range in scale from those that impact individuals to those that impact the entire food web. Climate-induced changes in the abundance of species in lower trophic levels can cascade up to apex predators by depressing vital rates. However, the characteristics and predictability of predator demographic responses remain largely unexplored. We investigated the detectability, limits, and nonlinearity of changes in Antarctic fur seal pup production at South Georgia over a 20-year period in response to environmental autocorrelation created by global climate perturbations; these were identified in time series of monthly averaged sea surface temperature (SST). Environmental autocorrelation at South Georgia was evident with frequent SST anomalies between 1990 and 1999, during a decade of warm background (time-averaged) conditions. SST anomalies were preceded by, and cross-correlated with, frequent El Niño-La Niña events between 1987 and 1998, which was also a decade of warm background conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Nonlinear mixed-effects models indicated that positive anomalies at South Georgia explained extreme reductions in Antarctic fur seal pup production over 20 years of study. Simulated environmental time series suggested that the effect of anomalies on Antarctic fur seals was only detectable within a narrow range of positive SST, regardless of the distribution, variance, and autocorrelation structure in SST; this explained the observed nonlinearity in responses in pup production, which were observed only under persistent high SST levels. Such anomalies at South Georgia were likely associated with low availability of prey, largely krill, which affected Antarctic fur seal females over time scales longer than their breeding cycle. Reductions in Antarctic fur seal pup production could thus be predicted in advance by the detection of large-scale anomalies, which appeared to be driven by trends in global climate perturbation.last_img read more

Can bottom ice algae tolerate radiative and temperature changes?

first_imgSea ice algae are significant primary producers of the ice-covered marine environment, growing under typically cold, dim conditions. During ice break-up they are released to the water column, where temperatures can be several degrees higher and irradiance can increase by orders of magnitude. To determine how sea ice algae respond to such rapid changes, we carried out incubations to examine their tolerance to environmentally realistic levels of change in temperature and PAR, as expressed by photosynthetic response and production of mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs). The algae were also exposed to a broader range of temperatures, to evaluate their potential to function in warmer seas in the event, for instance, of anthropogenic transfer to locations further north. When subjected to PAR (0–100 μmol m− 2 s− 1) at ecologically relevant temperatures (− 1 °C, 2 °C, 5 °C), the algae showed tolerance, indicated by a lack of decline in the quantum efficiency of photosystem II (PSII). The data show that bottom ice algae can tolerate increasing temperature and PAR comparable to the changes experienced during and after sea ice melt. MAA production increased at higher PAR and temperature. At ambient PAR levels, increased temperatures resulted in lower ϕPSII. However, as PAR levels were increased, higher temperature reduced the level of stress as indicated by higher ϕPSII values. This result suggests, for the first time in sea ice algal studies, that higher temperatures can ameliorate the negative effects of increased PAR. Exposure to much higher temperatures suggested that the algae were capable of retaining some photosynthetic function at water temperatures well above those currently experienced in some of their Antarctic habitats. However, when temperature was gradually increased past 14 °C, the photosystems started to become inactivated as indicated by a decrease in quantum yield, suggesting that the algae would not be viable if transferred to lower latitude cold temperate areas.last_img read more

JSC Yantar Shipyard Postpones Official Keel-Laying Ceremony for Russian Frigate

first_img View post tag: Naval JSC Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad, Russia) postponed official keel-laying ceremony of the fourth Project 11356 frigate for indefinite period…[mappress]Source: Russian Navy, October 17,2012; Image: Black Sea Fleet JSC Yantar Shipyard Postpones Official Keel-Laying Ceremony for Russian Frigate Back to overview,Home naval-today JSC Yantar Shipyard Postpones Official Keel-Laying Ceremony for Russian Frigate View post tag: Ceremony View post tag: Navy View post tag: JSC View post tag: Keel-Laying View post tag: News by topic View post tag: postponescenter_img View post tag: Yantar View post tag: shipyard October 17, 2012 Industry news View post tag: Russian View post tag: Official View post tag: Frigate Share this articlelast_img read more

Reversal: Trial Court Ordered To Revisit CHINS Petition

first_imgReversal: Trial Court Ordered To Revisit CHINS PetitionOlivia Covington for www.theindianalawyer.comAn Indiana trial court imposed an “inappropriately high” burden on the Department of Child Services to prove a presumption of a child in need of services situation, the Indiana Court of Appeals held Friday in an opinion ordering the trial court to revisit the CHINS petition.In Indiana Department of Child Services v. J.D., R.B., et al, 71A03-1611-JC-2627, DCS received a report that M.B., a child, had been seen in the emergency room for multiple fractures, including several rib fractures. DCS Family Case Manager Bridget Murray spoke with R.B., the mother, and doctors at the hospital, where she learned M.B. began exhibiting symptoms of a fractured rib the after being removed from his car seat the previous day.A physician, however, told Murray it was not feasible for M.B.’s injuries to have been caused simply by removal from his car seat, but that the pattern of the rib fractures showed signs of the child being squeezed. Murray concluded it was necessary to remove M.B. from R.B.’s care, so he was placed in foster care immediately upon his release from the hospital.DCS then filed a petition alleging M.B. was a Child in Need of Services, and a fact-finding hearing was held in August 2016. Murray testified to the events leading up to M.B.’s removal, and three physicians testified his injuries were very likely non-accidental and had occurred during at least two separate incidents of trauma. R.B., J.D., the child’s father, and L.M., the mother’s boyfriend, also testified at the hearing and each denied observing any injuries or odd behaviors in M.B. before he was taken out of the car seat.DCS argued it had presented sufficient evidence to trigger presumption under Indiana Code section 31-34-12-4, or the Presumption Statute, that M.B. was a CHINS, but the St. Joseph Probate Court disagreed and ordered the child returned to R.B.’s care. After the denial of its motion to correct error, DCS appealed, arguing the trial court had committed reversible legal error “by failing to give effect to the presumption set forth in I.C. section 31-34-13-4” and by rejecting the physicians’ testimonies to the non-accidental nature of M.B.’s injuries.The Indiana Court of Appeals agreed with DCS, with Judge Robert Altice writing in a unanimous Friday opinion the trial court’s statements, such as the sentiment that it was “absurd” for the doctors to determine the injuries were non-accidental, were “problematic.”For example, Altice wrote the question of whether the injuries were non-accidental was a question of fact, not law, as the trial court presumed, an error that “effectively required the court to disregard the physicians’ testimony that Child’s injuries were non-accidental.” Further, the court’s conclusion the physicians were unqualified to opine as to the nature of the injuries was the wrong approach, Altice said.Additionally, the trial court “imposed an inappropriately high evidentiary burden on DCS to trigger the Presumption Statute,” the appellate panel said. That statute merely requires “competent evidence of probative value,” which DCS provided in the form of the evidence and testimony at the fact-finding hearing, the court said.Thus, because the evidence was sufficient to trigger the Presumption Statute, the appellate panel reversed the trial court’s denial of the CHINS petition and remanded the case with instructions to conduct further proceedings.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


first_imgWe hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”IS IT TRUE that the House of Representative of the United States has many doctors who have given up their life’s work to run for elected office and Southwest Indiana is not without and example of such an official?…Dr. Larry Bucshon was a respected doctor before turning in his medical practice to run for congress?…the newly acknowledged issue with nationwide opiate addiction is just the kind of problem that congressional doctors should be taking on and Congressman Bucshon has stepped up to contribute?…Bucshon was in town last week to meet with the Vanderburgh County Substance Abuse Council?…while doctors are now grabbing the headlines to find ways to reduce drug addiction, they were also a significant part of the cause of the opiate epidemic when they were writing prescriptions for painkillers like they were handing out vouchers for happy meals?…in return for handing out vouchers for opiate based drugs like Percocet and Oxycodon, physicians across the country were being courted and rewarded by drug companies with trips, awards, and fancy titles?…many of the doctors in congress have been the recipients of campaign contributions from the very companies that manufacture the opiates that the doctors wrote prescriptions for?…today we are all aghast at the 55 deaths in little Evansville this year from heroin overdoses?…exercising a little knowledge and common sense could have gone a long way toward preventing the mass addiction problem that the United States is faced with today?…the question is, “should we trust the architects of the addiction problem to find a cure?IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Thunderbolts took to the Ford Center ice for their first home game of the year last weekend?…adrenaline must have been at play as the Thunderbolts broke out to a 4-1 lead over the team from Peoria but eventually grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory to lose the game in a shoot out?…losing a 4-1 lead in hockey is about like losing a 28-7 lead in a football game?…the official attendance announced over the public address system in Ford Center was a respectable 3,679?…the City County Observer MOLES in attendance have advised us that there was no where remotely close to 3,679 people in the seats?…the announced attendance must have been based on how many free tickets were handed out to try to re-introduce Evansville to hockey?IS IT TRUE that a website known as that tracks the cost of living across the United States has just named the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend as the cheapest places in the country to live?…the City County Observer is confident that no one who contributed to this article has ever faced a utility bill from Vectren with respect to local earnings or an ever increasing (unreasonable) bill from the City of Evansville Sewer and Water Utility?…when digging an inch below the surface one finds that only considers housing, food, fuel, and property taxes?…property taxes are by definition 1% of the market value of the house so cheap houses means low taxes?…with the always under attack HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT there are some homeowners who pay nearly no property taxes at all?…fuel may be cheap in Evansville but it is always cheaper across the money saving bridge in Kentucky or down at Marina Point?…food is and always has been reasonably priced in Evansville but part of that is because locals tend not to be willing to pay for designer brands and have an appetite for very inexpensive fast food from a drive up window?…Niche also excluded the cost of healthcare which is quite high due to the high levels of obesity, smoking, sedentary living and abuse of alcohol?…while Evansville is not even close to the cost of places like San Francisco, it is far from the cheapest place in the United States?IS IT TRUE the statement make by Steve Hammer that he was approached by members of the local Chamber of Commerce to run for Vanderburgh County Commissioner didn’t sit well with some rural voters?  …years ago the area Chamber of Commerce played a major role in the campaign to approve the Unification of Vanderburgh City/County Government and some rural voters haven’t forgotten that?  …we are pleased to see someone with Mr. Hammer business and educational background running for elected office?IS IT TRUE we wonder if the newly announced independent member of the Evansville City Council Dan McGinn will be changing his leadership style as the current City Council Finance Chairman?  …or will he continue to be an out of control tax and spend liberal?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that a group of Evansville taxpayers are quietly working on putting together a detailed Freedom Of Information Request concerning the financial information that City Controller Russ Lloyd presented to City Council during the 2018 budget hearings?Todays READERS POLL question is: If the Republicans primary for Vanderburgh County Commission was held today who would you for?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily. 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Volunteers Needed to Plant Dune Grass and ‘Sweep’ the Beach on Saturday

first_imgThe City of Ocean City and Clean Ocean Action (COA) will sponsor the 29th annual Fall Beach Sweep 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25.All residents, students, organizations and families are invited to join the semiannual “counted cleanup” sweep along the beaches in Ocean City.Clean Ocean Action uses data cards to record the litter collected and enters the information into a national database of marine debris. Participants form teams of two or three people to pick up and record the litter on the beach. Volunteers will be assigned to a beach and issued clean up supplies and data cards.Check in is at the Ocean City Music Pier, located at Moorlyn Terrace and Boardwalk.For information regarding Ocean City’s Beach Sweep or to pre-register a group, please call 609-399-6111 ext. 9711 or email [email protected] addition, the Ocean City Environmental Commission and Clean Communities Organization are looking for volunteers to plant dune grass on 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 at 15th Street Beach.Volunteers will meet at the 15th Street beach where they will receive information regarding Ocean City’s dune systems, dune grass seedlings, and planting equipment. All volunteers should wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  For more information or to register a group, please call 609-399-6111 ext 9285.Come out and participate in these two great Fall, family-friendly events this Saturday, Oct. 25.— News release from the City of Ocean Citylast_img read more

Five people evacuated from Elkhart home that caught fire

first_img (Source: License: Five people were evacuated from a home that caught fire in the 1100 block of Canton Street in Elkhart.Elkhart Fire crews were called to the home just after 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 17, to find the occupants out of the building after being alerted by Elkhart Police officers.There was heavy fire on the exterior rear of the house that was extending into the soffit area and smoke coming from the soffit areas.The fire was quickly extinguished on the exterior of the house.There was a delay in looking for fire extension due the electrical supply wires being damaged by the fire in that area and had to wait for AEP to disconnect power at the power pole.There was found to be no extension into the attic area.There were no working smoke detectors inside the structure.There five occupants displaced were assisted by the Red Cross.The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time Five people evacuated from Elkhart home that caught fire Google+ By Jon Zimney – May 17, 2020 0 427 Pinterest Twitter Google+ Pinterest IndianaLocalNews Twitter Facebook Facebook WhatsApp WhatsApp Previous articleMichigan has new hotline for employers, workers COVID-19 questions, concernsNext articleMan, 18, drives into pond at Edison Lakes Parkway and Park Place Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more

Watch GRiZ And Lettuce Perform Together For The First Time Ever

first_imgLettuce kicked off their first annual Fool’s Paradise event last night, hosting artists like Goldfish, Marvel Years, and GRiZ at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre in St. Augustine, FL. Not only did Lettuce perform a full set of raging tunes, but the band performed their first-ever collaboration with GRiZ. Dubbed “Lettuce-GRiZ,” the beloved saxophonist/producer unplugged and jammed hard with Lettuce for what was a major highlight of the first day at Fool’s.Among the songs performed was GRiZ’s funky tune, “Stop Trippin’.” Thanks to joshua lapoint, we have some fan-shot video from the performance:Keep it tuned to Live for Live Music for more Fool’s Paradise content! Today’s event will feature performances from Lettuce, Brasstracks, The Nth Power, Vulfpeck, and Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue (ft. Neal Casal, Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr., and more). More information for the festival can be found here.[Photo by Jeremy Scott]last_img read more

Water lilies

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaA water garden wouldn’t be complete without the flowers and pads provided by water lilies. A University of Georgia expert says Georgia’s climate allows most home gardeners to grow both hardy and tropical lilies.”Hardy lilies are typically those with smooth-edged pads and flowers that sit close to the top of the water,” said Tony Johnson, a horticulturist at the UGA Research and Education Garden in Griffin, Ga. “Tropical lilies usually have leaves with serrated edges and blooms that grow atop tall stems.”Decades of experienceJohnson should know the difference. An award-winning landscape designer, he has installed water gardens for the past 25 years. As the lead horticulturist at the UGA garden in Griffin, he maintains the garden’s two water elements. And he shares his knowledge through water gardening classes.”If you want reliable, perennial plants, install hardy lilies,” he said. “Ponds and lakes in south Georgia are just covered with these lilies.”Although they “typically” won’t overwinter in Georgia, Johnson recommends adding a few tropical lilies for effect. “If you love water lily flowers, tropicals produce more blooms per season than hardy lilies,” he said. “They’re really worth the extra money for that reason alone.”If you have access to a greenhouse, you can place the tropical lilies there during the winter and try to save them for the next year. “Most people don’t have access to a greenhouse, though,” he said. “And tropicals aren’t that expensive, so it’s just easier to buy a few new ones every year.”Tropicals bloom at nightJohnson recommends tropical lilies if you visit your water garden at night. “Tropical lilies are the only ones that are night-blooming,” Johnson said. “If you entertain at night by your water pond, these lilies make a really nice addition.”Whichever lily you chose, keep the plant’s leaves as dry as possible.”This sounds strange when you’re talking about water garden plants,” Johnson said. “But lilies breathe through the leaves. So don’t place them in an area where a fountain or waterfall will constantly be putting water on top of the leaves.”Like other garden plants, water lilies need to be fertilized. Do this once a month during the growing season, Johnson said.”In (middle and south Georgia), both tropical and hardy lilies will do well,” he said. “We’ve had mild winters the last few years that have allowed the tropical lilies to come back.”To learn more about installing and maintaining a water garden, visit UGA on the Web at read more