Common promotion methods

A: small and medium-sized website common promotion method

1: go to the forum to promote

this is my best at a promotion method, high time by this method can come to 1W5IP


in detail

2: search engine optimization

is now a lot of domestic websites are mainly rely on Baidu search engine to flow. I will not search engine optimization, even the station before the maximum time, also from Baidu to about 4000 IP.

see read more

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Talking about why your enterprise website is not profitable

more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing, but it is generally believed that a website is the network marketing, Yu Shihua a lot of money, please a professional company to do business; a boss spent 15 thousand stop doing business, in the eyes of envy to look, the surprise, and 1-2 1000 enterprises stand no difference at least, from UI and

do not see the difference;

look at the following earnings, the most common is done, then put, basically did not play any role. This kind of website, can say that the number of countless; a lot of BOSS, bring up the network marketing is how much I have web site, don’t believe me to give you a look; you ask him how profitable?… . read more


Double eleven left again – this is the next line store discount

if the business can not be twelve customers settle down, from the "new customers" into "customer", twelve might just store a collective carnival.

source: Vision China


double heat has not dissipated, businessmen began thinking about how to play twelve. However, this is the protagonist of the line of food and beverage and super.

stores do milk and bread he started, general manager of the Ministry of electricity providers Fan Weiwei still remember last year – the "no battle unprepared" tragic: in none of the 50 percent off stimuli, each store that afternoon was "looted", more than and 600 stores have been out of stock. In the face of long queues of customers, stores even with a pre-sale mode, so that customers play a single day second days later to pick up. read more

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Into the mother and child mobile online shopping Bay micro mall on line


help freaky freaky! Recently, the first domestic social electricity supplier maternal shellfish network the next city, officially launched the micro mall, becoming the first company to launch maternal socialization electricity supplier on behalf of micro mall.

according to the reporter, shellfish network micro mall officially launched in early August, at present, WeChat users can be prepared by the network service number by focusing on shellfish, or shellfish network WeChat subscription number, you can enter the shopping in the two page account below the menu bar click on the "micro mall". read more

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The starting point of Chinese net acquisition Quanpin domain

Chinese Shanda’s

network starting point has always been known for China largest literature network, the corresponding brand Quanpin domain has been planning all have a very big impact on the brand operation. Until recently, Shanda finally completed the acquisition of the domain name, has now completed the transfer and enable.


domain name query, has been successfully transfer to the "Shanghai xuanting entertainment Mdt InfoTech Ltd (Grand subsidiary), now has access to the new site, as the starting point Chinese network. read more

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Content, structure and profit model of SNS website

        this article discusses the core content, structure and profit model of SNS website.

        a, community (SNS), personal space (blog) is the core of what?  

          1, SNS service web site to sell space and developers to sell the house  

          SNS is the core of the user’s personal space (blog), which is similar to the real estate developers to provide to the tenants of the house, the house of quality and comfort is the core condition to keep the household, whether you rely on what marketing means users will live in your community the only selling point, such as FACEBOOK early only students to sign up, or is the theme of the forum, such as Jacky Cheung FANS and the forum, and real estate developers to attract the owners, the community has always preached that near the famous university, tennis etc.. read more

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Gome Mou Guixian still want to find the air, perhaps to blow up

[Abstract] in Mou Guixian seems to enhance the user experience will be the core goal of the United States in the coming year.

Gome online chairman Mou Guixian

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 23rd

, "we still have to find an air outlet, perhaps to blow up." Mou Guixian, chairman of the United States online view, the United States online on the tuyere.

in 2014 the United States online continuous force, data show that its market share jumped from tenth years ago to the top fifth. In the course of development of the United States online, Jingdong’s name must be mentioned, than the price than from logistics, Gome online has been against the Jingdong marketing, "the price of Jingdong, you will lose 300" marketing is still in progress. In the view of Mou Guixian chose the Jingdong, first of all because the two sides of the model like, the second is hoping to find a master of standard, so as to form a benign competition. read more

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Barron weekly Ali double 11 transaction amount will reach $80 billion

[Abstract] investors seem to be more cautious than last year. As of Monday, Alibaba shares have fallen for third consecutive days.

Tencent Francisco November 10th, "Barron" reported that the Alibaba will refer to refer to refer to refer to an ordinary day successfully into the world’s largest annual shopping festival.

eleven brings a huge deal. Last year, the double eleven commodity transactions accounted for the total amount of the total merchandise trade in the four quarter of Alibaba in the 7% quarter. Barron is expected to double this year, eleven still. read more

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Working emperor Tang Jun return IT B2C search network was acquired

learned 25, Xinhua Group’s acquisition of Hong Kong and Macao information formally Chihiro network, ConnGame, science and technology, promote the acquisition of Shenglong team, completed by the combination of cash and shares. In this way, known as the emperor Tang Jun also officially announced the return of the IT industry.

Hong Kong and Macao information is a professional engaged in securities investment consulting and financial development and IT solutions for high-tech enterprises, with China Commission awarded the qualification of securities investment, the more long-term development goal is to become a comprehensive financial services, media and information company. read more

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The first to introduce artificial intelligence Youku potatoes joint clothing + detonated video elect

at the end of 2015, Youku announced a strategic investment in the domestic leading computer visual search technology service company of "Yi +", this also indicates that the substantial progress of video electricity supplier watch and buy scale applications. Recently, under the support of clothing + technology, along with the line in dozens of hit show, Youku potatoes become the first in the industry took the lead through the video platform to achieve large-scale watch and buy Artificial Intelligence Identification technology. In addition, with the advantages of Youku potatoes in the field of content and other areas of the network, the cooperation will quickly improve the ecological model of potatoes Youku electricity supplier, the formation of a complete business closed loop. read more

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A Taobao seller’s share will be high demand services when honed

as a Taobao seller, all the hardships and bitter sometimes only the same is the seller’s comrades clearly. It seems that our sellers on the internet shop, don’t need to open the store rental shops, like the same margin, counter staff wages, people feel there is a computer, you can run the cable, sleight of hand.

may be in the early stages of the Taobao team lucky to catch up with so comfortable period, as we take this wave of e-commerce development to these, but not so lucky. The so-called Internet wire to get a business day has gone. read more

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Gome online and then play the price butcher low offensive or the outbreak of large-scale electricity

from the completion of the two major electricity supplier platform integration, and then to senior vice president Mou Guixian in command personally penned the online business, the United States began to return to the era of electricity providers wolf.

the United States online news spokesman Peng Liang announced that from April 25th to May 8th, Gome online will be re launched the strongest anniversary month of a new round of large-scale promotion, by the hundred regiments, vied for war, race against time and stay up Hui four big shock activities consisting of a war in the end, the whole face off the golden week the largest low offensive. read more

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CCTV 2014 advertising push the main push electricity supplier new media marketing

every reporter Zhao Chenting from Beijing

annual CCTV advertising tender will be lively still. However, in the face of the impact of new media on traditional advertising business, in China’s advertising market dominance of 20 years, CCTV has also begun to compromise".

yesterday (November 18th) held in 2014 CCTV gold resources advertising tender meeting, the new media has become the main push products. He Haiming, deputy director of CCTV advertising management center, said publicly that this year launched 67 new media products to achieve corporate TV screens and computers, mobile phones and other multi screen, multi-channel communication and interaction. read more

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Dangdang or will be released flash purchase platform new exchange domain is not protected

renamed Chinese ( June 6th news, recently abruptly removed all micro-blog, micro-blog released a new "6.8 start", according to sources, plans to release a new flash sales platform "new sink", new sink three spell domain concern.

last May 7th, launched flash sale shopping channel Dangdang end products will enable, two and two level domain, and through the promotion of promotional price war in June. In March this year, Dangdang is the official website will be the main domain name jump to Dangdang tail goods exchange, visible Dangdang clothing category is increasing. read more

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Maternal consumer data online shopping channels accounted for 55%

March 12th news, informed of the latest, before the baby tree was released "2014 annual Chinese maternal Consumer Behavior Research Report", the report shows that pregnant baby products expenditure accounted for 30.79% of household spending in maternal and child populations, as the major expenditure.

maternal and child population expenditure direction

pregnant baby products and food expenses accounted for the bulk, followed by clothing consumption. Baby products is the main direction of this part of the consumer. The resulting huge market capacity, the mother of this category is the red sea but entrepreneurship is still high, honey bud baby Liu Nan believes that this year will be the maternal electricity supplier price war a year, will quickly enter the industry reshuffle. read more

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Tmall strong thinking together, high-end brands to open electricity supplier O2O new situation

habitat series release ceremony

after the Maserati super product, the development of the electricity supplier of Ali in the 50 thousand global brand in the high-end brand of high-end brand LED screen, Chinese Home Furnishing industry’s first super brand, one for 20 days in the Sichao goods Ali headquarters started, mousse together Alibaba held the "Habitat" series of healthy sleep system conference, 396 thousand the new element in Hangzhou Alibaba headquarters world premiere, new era of business line leading brands to join the electricity supplier first opened the high-end custom brand. read more

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Nine core business models of electronic commerce

e-commerce and traditional enterprises have many similarities, the same is to the user group and the transaction transformation as the goal, is to use different tools and mode is slightly different, an e-commerce company through various modes of e-commerce to maintain the company’s operation, direct point that is in order to survive, the electronic commerce business the network model is the most discussed and least understood topic, here are nine core business model of electronic commerce. read more

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Taobao officially launched the crackdown upgrade people certification


Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe) yesterday, Taobao announced the official Taobao store started from the "real name authentication" to "real people" certification of upgrades, to prevent network acts of bad faith, against selling shop. It is reported that the real person certification procedures can be upgraded through the technical means to store the seller’s identity and the actual operation of the business I verify, binding.

upgrade after the "real person certification" review procedures, in addition to a substantial increase in accuracy, but also simplifies the certification process, reducing the seller’s time. In each audit, Taobao will notify the check ahead of time by messenger pop, mobile phone text messages and other means; in accordance with the specific requirements of Taobao "dynamic gesture recognition" of the seller, only one step operation, using random gesture picture upload system, you can enter the review process. read more

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