Iniesta’s secrets: from ‘Iniestazo’ and depression to celebrating the World Cup goal

first_imgAnd from there to a new life and the normalization of the problem by making it public. “When I explain this it is not because I say I am Andrés Iniesta, a public figure and I am going to give you a lesson here on how to overcome depression, anxiety or whatever. Because I explained it, many people have told me that they saw it and it helped them. It is something that makes me happy. I have always tried to be a normal person within which the world I live in is special. “ The dedication of the World Cup goal and the ‘Iniestazo’The tape also tells the origin of the celebration of Iniesta’s goal in the final of the World Cup in South Africa. “One thing came to my mind,” reveals Iniesta, who commissioned physical trainer Hugo Camarero to prepare the undershirt with the message. “When you write it, you never put yourself in the position of what all that it meant or what would come after that goal is going to mean,” he recalls. “Andrés did not remember his father, his mother, his girlfriend or Jesus Christ. He remembered a person who believed he should be there. That detail is above the goal, the World Cup, above all,” says his father .It also appears a new vision of the goal of Stamford Bridge with the protagonists of the action. Eto’o, Messi and Xavi recall the move, but the testimony of Peter Cech, former Chelsea guard, takes on special weight. “My hand stays 18 millimeters from the ball. First I thought I was going to control. When I saw the ball go straight I knew it was going to be difficult to stop it. I thought I was going to touch the crossbar and go out and in the end it was inside. Every time I see him I am sad like in 2009 ”, he relates.And several final confessions. “I spent a week watching all that,” says Iniesta. And another from Guardiola. “Karma Issues … Always Leave Good Things to Good”, sentences the technician. The documentary The unexpected hero premiering today Rakuten TV offers a new vision of the goals scored in Andrés Iniesta’s career and his interconnection with the deep depression that the footballer suffered in 2009. The Iniestazo at Stamford Bridge, the death of his friend Dani Jarque and the goal of the World Cup in South Africa appear as key episodes closely linked and that help shape the life of a unique footballer. “The days go by and you realize that you are not improving, that you are not feeling well, you have no vitality, that everything is becoming a little cloudy or black … From there I start training, but I am not feeling well , the injury does not improve, “says Iniesta. Then, with the death of Dani Jarque, the hardest news arrives. “It was like a shot, something very powerful, which made me fall back quite low, surely because I was not quite well, “he confesses.The concern of the family and the closest circle of friends grows. “It was like gone,” they say. “He was not my brother, he was someone else,” admits his sister. “When I saw that it was wrong it is the night that comes down and he asks me if he can sleep with me. That’s where the world fell on me, ”says the mother. The recovery process was slow. “It is not strange that after a very bright or intense moment you feel an emptiness, a downturn. Andrés did not miss any session. He always came fifteen minutes early. Publicizing his problem reveals his courage and generosity. His recovery was a team effort “, explains Inma Puig, the psychologist in charge of her treatment. His companions did not then realize the magnitude of the problem. “Maybe because of how Andrés is we didn’t realize. It was later. That’s how he is and he wanted to keep it closed ”, confesses Piqué. And then it appears Guardiola as a key support with the psychologist and her family environment in recovery. “I saw him sad, sadderBut it always happens with these players. I talked to him and he said he was fine. They are human, “says Guardiola, who gave him the freedom to leave, if he needed to, from training. “Andrés told him mister I’m leaving. And Guardiola told him that he could go. It was an important part. She was very on top of him and supported him a lot “, explains Iniesta’s father.last_img read more