Timbe vows to bring the shine back at Tusker

first_img0Shares0000New Tusker FC head coach Sam Timbe passes instructions to defender Collins Shivachi during a training session at the Ruaraka Grounds in Nairobi on January 3, 2018. Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUNAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 3- Known for his tough discipline stand and no nonsense approach in his managerial style, Ugandan tactician Sam Timbe has vowed to bring the shine back at Tusker, a club that struggled to perform last year, finishing the season sixth.Timbe, who formerly coached Sofapaka leading them to the GOtv Shield title in 2014, took charge of his first training session under the morning shiver on Wednesday having signed a two-year pact with the Ruaraka based club. “I feel very happy to be back in Kenya and more so for Tusker to show me confidence and hand me the job. Kenya is like home because there isn’t so much difference with Uganda. I am pleased to join this team and I will do my best to give good services to the club,” the soft spoken but stern coach told Capital Sport.He has already slowly but surely started to imprint changes in the team as early as day one. His first order of business; everyone with fancy hair should shave or comb. No dreads, no fancy styles.Tusker FC players warm down after a training session at the Ruaraka Grounds in Nairobi on January 3, 2018. Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUThe players discussed in low tones after a lengthy morning session at Ruaraka, each contemplating on a new look after the directive. Marlon Tangauzi, Jackson Macharia and Hashim Ssempala are among the players who will be spotting new looks.Timbe had been touted to take charge of the team after the exit of Francis Kimanzi in 2015, but a collapse in negotiation over financial remuneration saw the deal fall off. However, two years later, the Brewers have their man.In exactly one month, he will take charge of his first match for Tusker when they travel away to Chemelil Sugar and in the next four weeks, his task will be to assess the team and work out a plan of lifting them back to the top.-New squad-Tusker FC’s new striker Timothy Otieno during his first training session at the Ruaraka Grounds in Nairobi on January 3, 2018. Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUThe coach finds himself in a unique situation at Tusker as the club made away with almost half the squad in a major purge that came off a post-season inquest. He has to build up an entirely new team.“I have no doubt that I can do it because I have been with Atraco, Yanga, Sports Club Villa and Uganda Police and in all those places I have done well and won trophies. It is all about hard work and determination. Right now I have to look at the team and understand them,” the coach said.“A new team needs time to understand. With Sofapaka it was a bit easy because I had players who were a bit experienced and it was easy for them to understand what I wanted. It is my first day with the team so I can’t really assess much, but I promise in due time I will piece things together and we will have a good season,” the Ugandan further stated.Speaking separately, Tusker FC Chief Executive Officer Charles Obiny said the two major reasons they picked out on the Ugandan was because of his discipline standards and past experience.“What we needed more in the team was discipline and with Timbe, that can never be compromised. He also has a very good record with the teams he has previously coached and having worked in Kenya he was never going to be a gamble,” Obiny said.“As a club, we are confident that he is the right man for the job and he will deliver,” he added.New Tusker FC head coach Sam Timbe passes instructions to his players during a training session at the Ruaraka Grounds in Nairobi on January 3, 2018. Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUThe coach has also received good backing from the players, among them being Eugene Asike with whom he worked with at his time in Sofapaka.“Last season was a tough one for us but we have a new start now with a new coach. We trust that we can put things back in balance. We are assembling a good team and I trust that the new boys who are coming in will be able to step up,” Asike, one of the few remaining figures from last season said.Collins Shivachi, David Okello and Duncan Ochieng also worked with the Ugandan during his time at Sofapaka.Timbe comes into the side with the club’s bosses needing nothing short of silverware as coaches who have failed to reflect results in terms of trophies have seldom spent a second season at Ruaraka.“Four weeks is a short time in football to prepare a team for the new season but it all depends on the attitude, approach and preparation. But I am determined to change the players from participants in the league to competitors,” Timbe assured.New Tusker FC head coach Sam Timbe consults with assistant coach Francis Baraza during a training session at the Ruaraka Grounds in Nairobi on January 3, 2018. Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUThe club has meanwhile continued to rebuild after massive exits.Among the players who have landed in Ruaraka include striker Timothy Otieno from Gor Mahia, defender Eric Ambunya (Kakamega Homeboyz) youthful midfielder Apollo Otieno (Chemelil Sugar), Western Stima duo of Robert Achema and Kevin Otieno as well as defender Paul Muchika from Muhoroni Youth.Obiny has said they are looking at three more players before closing their transfer dealings to focus on building for the new season. The team has also recalled defender Vincent Omumbo from his loan spell at Western Stima.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

New evidence for a preferred direction in spacetime challenges the cosmological principle

first_imgThe hemisphere with the “preferred” direction on the left, in contrast to the opposite hemisphere on the right. The color of the dots represents the sign and magnitude of the anisotropy level. Image credit: Cai, et al. Statistical modeling could help us understand cosmic acceleration But a few recent studies have found the possible existence of cosmological anisotropy: specifically, that the universe’s expansion is accelerating at a faster rate in one direction than another. In the most recent study, scientists have analyzed data from 557 Type 1a supernovae and found, in agreement with some previous studies, that the universe’s expansion seems to be accelerating faster in the direction of a small part of the northern galactic hemisphere.The researchers, Rong-Gen Cai and Zhong-Liang Tuo from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, have posted their study at arXiv.org. A valuable tool for cosmologists, Type 1a supernovae serve as “standard candles” due to their consistent peak luminosity, allowing researchers to measure their distance with high accuracy. Observations of these supernovae famously revealed in 1998 that the universe is not only expanding, but is doing so at an accelerating rate. And now, some observations of Type 1a supernovae at different locations in the sky hint that the acceleration is not uniform in all directions.In their analysis, Cai and Tuo looked at the deceleration parameter, q0, to quantify the anisotropy level of the northern galactic and southern galactic hemispheres. As the scientists explain in their study, the direction with the smaller value of q0 is expanding faster than the direction with the larger value. The researchers analyzed the data using both a dynamical dark energy model and a standard model without dark energy, and found that both models revealed similar results: an anisotropy deviation of 0.76 and 0.79, respectively, and a preferred direction of (309°, 21°) and (314°, 28°), respectively. As noted by the Physics arXiv Blog, this direction of greatest acceleration is in the faint constellation of Vulpecula in the northern hemisphere.But as Cai and Tuo note in their study, the case is far from closed. In contrast with the current results, some previous analyses of Type 1a supernovae data have not found any statistically significant evidence for anisotropies. And many other data – such as that for the cosmic microwave background radiation, galaxy statistics, and dark matter haloes – strongly support the assumption of homogeneity and isotropy on the cosmic scale. Yet considering that the cosmological principle is one of the pillars of modern cosmology whose fundamental importance is difficult to exaggerate, threats to its credibility won’t be taken lightly. If the cosmological principle turns out to be wrong, it would dramatically change the way we look at the world. (PhysOrg.com) — According to the cosmological principle, there is no special place or direction in the universe when viewed on the cosmic scale. The assumption enabled Copernicus to propose that Earth was not the center of the universe and modern scientists to assume that the laws of physics are the same everywhere. Due to the cosmological principle, scientists also assume that the universe is “homogeneous” – having a uniform structure throughout – and “isotropic” – having uniform properties throughout. More information: Rong-Gen Cai, et al. “Direction dependence of the acceleration in type Ia supernovae.” arXiv:1109.0941v2 [astro-ph.CO]via: Physics arXiv Blog This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2011 PhysOrg.com Explore further Citation: New evidence for a preferred direction in spacetime challenges the cosmological principle (2011, September 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-09-evidence-spacetime-cosmological-principle.htmllast_img read more