Richard Sherman Cites Race in DeSean Jacksons Release by

For Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman wrote about how race played a role in DeSean Jackson’s release by the Philadelphia Eagles and his relationship with his childhood friend. The Eagles cut the Pro Bowl receiver amid rumors he had connections with an L.A. gang. Jackson vehemently denied the allegations and eventually signed a three-year, $24-million contract with with the Washington Redskins.I’m not going to tell you that DeSean Jackson isn’t in a gang, because I can’t say unequivocally that he isn’t. I can’t tell you whether his friends have done the things police have accused them of doing, because I wasn’t there. I can’t tell you what DeSean does with his time, because we play football on opposite ends of the country. I can only tell you that I believe him to be a good person, and if you think, say or write otherwise without knowing the man, you’re in the wrong.And if it’s true the Eagles terminated his contract in part because they grew afraid of his alleged “gang ties,” then they did something worse. [Editor’s note: Jackson has agreed to terms with the Redskins.]I look at those words—gang ties—and I think about all the players I’ve met in the NFL and all of us who come from inner-city neighborhoods like mine in Los Angeles, and I wonder how many of us could honestly say we’re not friends with guys doing the wrong things.I can’t.I grew up in Watts, and I played baseball with DeSean in elementary school on a team coached by his father near Inglewood. His father, Bill, picked me up from elementary school 30 minutes away from his home for practice and games because my parents both worked and didn’t finish until later, and I wanted to play baseball with some childhood friends. Bill was a great coach, and a great man. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2009, the summer after his son’s rookie season. DeSean and I didn’t hang out then like we did as kids.Those men with DeSean in the social pictures and the police reports weren’t his closest friends in childhood, but when his father died and few people were there for him, they were there. When a tragic event like that happens, the people who are around are the people who are around, and they were there for him.Was DeSean supposed to then say, “Thanks guys, but now that I’m a millionaire, please leave me alone”? Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have. In desperate times for people who come from desperate communities, your friends become your family. I wouldn’t expect DeSean to “distance himself” from anybody, as so many people suggest pro athletes ought to do despite having no understanding of what that means. Going to college and playing in the NFL creates a natural distance, but we can’t push people away just because they’re not as successful as us. I can’t change who I grew up with, but what I can do is try to educate them on the right way of doing things, help them when they need it, and try to keep them out of trouble.There is, of course, a tipping point. There have been times when I realized that someone can’t be helped, because they continue doing the wrong things. Typically, the only time I cut someone off is when they’re in jail, because I can’t help them there.And if they’re accused of a crime, as DeSean’s friends have been, should that reflect poorly on me? Consider that for every several guys I try to help who end up dead or in jail, there’s another person I was able to rescue from a similar end. Should I give up on everybody out of fear of being dirtied by the media?Sorry, but I was born in this dirt.NFL teams understand that. The Seattle Seahawks get it. The Philadelphia Eagles apparently do not.This offseason they re-signed a player who was caught on video screaming, “I will fight every n—– here.” He was representing the Philadelphia Eagles when he said it, because, of course, everything we do is reflective of the organization. But what did they do to Riley Cooper, who, if he’s not a racist, at least has “ties” to racist activity? They fined him and sent him to counseling. No suspension necessary for Cooper and no punishment from the NFL, despite its new interest in policing our use of the N-word on the field. Riley instead got a few days off from training camp and a nice contract in the offseason, too.Commit certain crimes in this league and be a certain color, and you get help, not scorn. Look at the way many in the media wrote about Jim Irsay after his DUI arrest. Nobody suggested the Colts owner had “ties” to drug trafficking, even though he was caught driving with controlled substances (prescription pills) and $29,000 in cash to do who-knows-what with. Instead, poor millionaire Mr. Irsay needs help, some wrote.But DeSean Jackson is the menace, right? He’s just as bad as those guys he parties with because he threw up a Crip sign in a picture and he owns a gangsta rap record label. If only all record-label owners were held to this standard, somebody might realize that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg weren’t the bosses behind NWA. Jim Irsay lookalikes in suits were.But go ahead and judge DeSean for the company he keeps. While you’re at it, judge me, too, because I still live in Los Angeles, and my family does, too. We didn’t run from where we grew up. We aren’t afraid to be associated with the people who came up with us. We brought some of our money back and started charities and tried to help out a few guys who were with us when we were nobodies.I won’t apologize for that, and I suspect neither will DeSean when he’s back on the field doing what he’s always done: grinding through adversity. read more

Kevin Durant Helps Oklahoma School Build AllNew Facility to

Kevin Durant with students from Positive Tomorrows (Positive Tomorrows)Kevin Durant is continuing his charitability toward Oklahoma City even though the NBA forward has moved on to play for the Golden State Warriors. On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Positive Tomorrows announced the athlete’s Kevin Durant Charity Foundation donated $57,000 to the elementary school.According to a statement on the Oklahoma-based school’s website, Durant’s hefty gift unlocked a secret $50,000 challenge award that will allow the school to buy land for a new building.“Kevin continues to be a great friend to Positive Tomorrows, and he has been instrumental in helping our school grow over the last several years,” school president and principal Susan Agel said. “Still, we consistently turn away students due to a lack of space and his generous contribution this year along with several anonymous donors will enable us to embark on our upcoming capital campaign debt-free. We are so grateful.”Positive Tomorrows works to provide a private, tuition-free education to homeless students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade, 48 percent of which are Black. It also supports families so they can improve their employment, housing and income.As a supporter of the institution since 2012, Durant has gifted students with shoes on Christmas and paid for a summer program. Last year, NewsOK reported that the NBA star gave $35,000 to the school to stock food and build an all-new kitchen to better serve pupils.“They needed some help and, simple,” he said of the grant. “I’ve been here and seen the impact it’s had on these kids and I just wanted to help even more.”This year’s $57,000 gift makes it the fourth time he has provided funds to the school.“He’s been an instrumental part of our growth,” Agel said. “And it means the world to us and to our students that he continues to believe in our children’s potential and to invest in their futures.” read more

The Cubs Arent Just The BryantRizzo Show Anymore

Since their incredible World Series run in 2016, the Chicago Cubs haven’t always lived up to the grand expectations set forth for their young core. The 2017 version never really clicked, even before the Los Angeles Dodgers dispatched them in the National League Championship Series, and this year’s club spent almost all of the first half trailing the upstart Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central race. And yet, the Cubs’ empire hasn’t crumbled yet. They recently fought their way back into first place, having won 15 of their past 20 games through Sunday’s win over visiting St. Louis, and our projection model has them tipped as the NL favorites.Unlike the 2016 Cubs, who enjoyed a historically effective pitching staff, Chicago’s primary weapon this season has been a dominant offense that is averaging an NL-best 5.2 runs per game. At a glance, that might not be too surprising for a team with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo penciled in the lineup every day. But the driving forces behind this year’s offensive performance aren’t the leading names we’ve come to expect — and it remains to be seen whether this new configuration is sustainable as the team moves away from the All-Star break.From 2015 through 2017, there essentially wasn’t a better 1-2 offensive punch in baseball than Bryant and Rizzo. Together, the pair was responsible for 712 weighted runs created (according to — the most by any two teammates over that span — and they generated 30.5 percent of the Cubs’ total runs — which, among duos, ranked second to the Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout-Kole Calhoun tandem.1Also known as “Trout plus whoever happened to log enough at-bats to finish a distant second on the team in wRC.” To the extent that Chicago was a legitimately great offensive team during those seasons, that was mainly the doing of the Cubs’ top two bats. A. Russell7.1– B. Zobrist6.4– D. Fowler7.5– PlayerShare of Cubs’ wRCPlayerShare of Cubs’ wRC K. Bryant15.2– A. Rizzo10.2– 2015-17 seasons2018 K. Bryant11.0– W. Contreras10.4– The Cubs are getting help from more placesTop five Chicago Cubs players by share of weighted runs created (wRC), through July 21, 2018 A. Rizzo15.3%– J. Baez11.8%– This season, however, Chicago’s hitters have spread the contributions around. Through Saturday’s games, Bryant and Rizzo had generated only 21.2 percent of the Cubs’ weighted runs created, with an even greater share turned in by other tandems on the roster — such as Javier Baez and Willson Contreras (22.2 percent).For Rizzo, it has been an outright disappointing year. Going into the season, FanGraphs projected a weighted on-base average (wOBA) of .389, but through Saturday he had only managed to deliver a .337 mark, which is barely better than league average and represents his worst output since 2013. Rizzo’s power numbers are mostly to blame; he’s on pace for just 20 home runs after averaging 32 over the previous four seasons. Although StatCast indicators such as exit velocity suggest that Rizzo has been hitting the ball plenty hard, his swing has flattened out into more of a line-drive stroke, which has resulted in many fewer balls hit in the sweet spot for power and launch angle.Bryant has been much better than Rizzo, with a solid .371 wOBA that ranked 26th in baseball. But even that comes off as slightly unsatisfying after a 2017 season in which Bryant was a top-10 hitter and set career highs in batting average and on-base percentage. At 26, Bryant was supposed to be on an upward trajectory toward peak production, but this season has been a step backward — particularly given that his rates of hard-hit balls also have been trending in the wrong direction.Luckily for the Cubs, others have stepped in to pick up the slack. Baez is enjoying easily the best campaign of his career, and he has the potential to flirt with 30 homers before season’s end. Contreras, too, is tracking for his finest season (thanks especially to an uptick in playing time), and Albert Almora Jr. and Kyle Schwarber had a combined .351 wOBA after going for a .333 mark last season. Even Jason Heyward, whose struggles at the plate have held him back when compared with his star reputation in the field, boasted an above-average .337 wOBA. Not every Cubs player is having an outstanding year with the bat — sorry, Addison Russell — but most of them are: Of Chicago’s top 10 batters by plate appearances, nine (all but Russell) are above the league average in wOBA.2In terms of having a weighted runs created plus above 100.Naturally, the Cubs would love for their lesser stars to keep raking while Bryant and Rizzo revert to their previous form, although underperformers don’t appear any more likely to progress upward to their previous means than overperformers are to slide back downward. At least, that’s according to a quick and dirty study I did of qualified hitters3Specifically, players between the ages of 25 and 30 who had at least 250 plate appearances in a given season, had at least 1,000 career plate appearances going into that season and had at least 250 plate appearances the following season. since 1950. The 20 percent of players who overachieved most (in terms of wOBA, compared with that of their career previously) tended to give about 61 percent of their gains back the following season. Meanwhile, the 20 percent who underachieved most tended to regain about 67 percent of their previous form the next year. The difference wasn’t quite statistically significant — and that’s before considering that the sample is somewhat biased for underachieving players to bounce back. (Remember, they needed 250 plate appearances the next season to be considered.) So the Cubs should be prepared to take the good with the bad when it comes to which players revert to their previous standards of performance.Either way, Chicago will need to keep scoring runs. As Craig Edwards of FanGraphs wrote a few days ago, the Cubs’ starting pitching has been so bad that it’s on pace to accrue the fewest wins above replacement in recent franchise history. Chicago’s bullpen has been reliable enough to salvage some victories, and its defense is very good, per usual. But barring some kind of major trade to shore up the rotation, the Cubs will continue to ride their offense-first philosophy into the postseason and hope whatever regression comes is of the positive variety — such as Rizzo and Bryant turning into the team’s dominant combination of old — rather than the negative.Check out our latest MLB predictions. K. Schwarber10.2– Source: FanGraphs read more

Big Ten aiming to dethrone SEC

NEW ORLEANS — Even before the suspensions of six players last week, Ohio State was going to be faced with questions about its 0-9 bowl record against the SEC when it arrived in New Orleans. Now, the Buckeyes will attempt to diffuse the controversy surrounding Tattoo-gate in addition to their winless streak against the SEC. The streak has taken on a life of its own, mainly because of OSU’s recent national title game debacles against Florida and LSU. Senior defensive back Jermale Hines said the Buckeyes’ struggles against the SEC stay with them no matter how much they would like to forget about their past. “It’s always something in the back of our minds because it’s real,” Hines said. “The last couple outings we got destroyed by SEC teams.” Offensive guard Bryant Browning takes a different approach when it comes to the streak: ignorance. “I really haven’t watched too much of that kind of stuff” in the media, Browning said. “You can’t really worry about what people say. We’ve got to focus on ourselves.” Tonight OSU will face off against Arkansas in the 77th Allstate Sugar Bowl, nearly 32 years to the day that the Buckeyes were handed their first bowl game defeat at the hands of an SEC team. On Jan. 2, 1978, Paul “Bear” Bryant’s Alabama Crimson Tide destroyed the Woody Hayes-led Scarlet and Gray, 35-6. The players, including Browning, have echoed the sentiments of OSU coach Jim Tressel, who has implored them to remain focused on the task at hand. “We know if we go in and play any team in the nation and we play our best game, then we’ll come out on top,” Browning said. “We’re just working hard to try to do whatever it takes so that when Jan. 4 comes around we’re at our best.” That may be easier said than done against an Arkansas passing offense ranked third in the nation. Junior quarterback Ryan Mallett has led the Razorback attack, throwing for 30 touchdowns and 3,500 yards in back-to-back years. Although the Arkansas offense will be pass-heavy, it can also run the ball effectively with sophomore running back Knile Davis. When OSU faced Florida in 2007 and LSU in 2008, it went up against balanced offenses and gave up a combined 79 points. The winless streak against the SEC may be very real, but at least one OSU player doesn’t believe in the “SEC speed” theory, which fans and pundits alike claim gives the SEC the ultimate advantage on the playing field. “As far as the speed thing goes, I never have thought that that was the difference-maker,” said senior wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher. “People don’t just get slower when they come to the Big Ten.” Senior kicker Devin Barclay is looking forward to the opportunity to disprove the doubters, and reminds everyone that OSU is playing Arkansas, not the ghosts of SEC past. “We’ve really got to focus in on doing our thing. Obviously the games in 2006 and 2007 … we remember those games — they sting still, and they were against SEC teams. (But) they weren’t against Arkansas,” Barclay said. “There’s always been the press saying that we can’t compete against these SEC teams. It’s going to feel good to prove them wrong.” read more

Mens hockey looks to bounce back against Bowling Green

OSU players celebrate after the Buckeyes first goal of the game against Miami (Ohio) Oct. 11 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 6-2.Credit: Matthew Homan / Lantern photographerComing off the wrong side of a two-game sweep at the hands of Miami (Ohio) this weekend, the Ohio State men’s ice hockey team is looking to bounce back as it travels to Bowling Green State University for a one-game bout.Despite giving up a combined 12 goals in their two losses against the Redhawks in coach Steve Rohlik’s first series at the helm of the team, the Buckeyes (0-2-0) are optimistic about their matchup with the Falcons (0-1-1).Junior forward Max McCormick said Bowling Green and OSU are “hard-nosed teams,” so the game is going to be a battle.“We didn’t let (being swept by Miami) get us down,” McCormick said. “We’re getting better every day and that’s our mindset, so we’re staying positive and we’re going into Bowling Green to get a win.”Despite the positive attitude, senior forward Alex Szczechura said playing away from Columbus will pose a challenge the team must overcome.“They’ve always been a hardworking team,” Szczechura said. “In their home rink, they’re a tough team to play. So coming into (Tuesday’s) game, we really just want to work hard and keep things simple, keep battling on the ice.”McCormick noted that penalties and maintaining possession were two issues the Buckeyes faced against Miami, among other things.“We really need to take care of the puck,” he said. “We worked on some things in the (defensive zone) and the neutral zone this week in practice and we brushed up on some things in the power play.”OSU is 12-1-3 against the Falcons in the teams’ last 16 meetings.The Buckeyes are slated to take on the Falcons Tuesday in Bowling Green, Ohio with the puck set to drop at 7:07 p.m. read more

Ohio State holds off Illinois 6255 to end 4game skid

Senior guard Aaron Craft (4) goes up for a layup. OSU won against Illinois, 62-55, Jan. 23. Credit: Kaily Cunningham / Multimedia editorA win’s a win.For the No. 17 Ohio State Buckeyes, that’s all that really matters after beating Illinois, 62-55, to put a stop to a four-game losing streak.“We try to do our best to put the losing streak behind us. This game wasn’t about that. It was about trying to come out and find a way to be better than Illinois and that’s our only goal in this game,” senior guard Aaron Craft said after the win. “We wanted to find a way to get better before this game in practice and watching film and we were able to do that. We were a tougher basketball team down the stretch than we have been, and that’s what matters.”A three-point play by junior forward LaQuinton Ross followed by a 3-pointer by senior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. (his fourth of the game) and free throws down the stretch helped secure the win for OSU.“I think it was just everybody being connected tonight. I think we had…it was a lot of togetherness tonight. You see guys jumping up and down, you see fans jumping up and down. We was able to get our crowd into it. It felt good to be playing back at home, too. Having that support for you from the crowd,” Ross said. “I think it was just a group effort tonight, everybody did what they had to and pitched in.”Both teams struggled offensively early on, combining to make just five field goals in the opening nine minutes of play.Smith Jr.’s second 3-pointer of the game gave OSU the lead, 24-23, with 57 seconds remaining in the first half, but a dunk on the other end by Illini junior center Nnanna Egwu helped give Illinois the lead at the break.The Buckeyes had as many field goals (seven) as they did fouls in the first half.OSU was able to gain momentum in the second half thanks to a 9-0 run that was topped off by a 3-pointer by junior forward Sam Thompson. That gave the Buckeyes the lead, 40-34, aided by four turnovers in six possessions by the Fighting Illini.Illinois (13-7, 2-5) would not go away quietly though, as it would make back-to-back 3-pointers to stay in the game.Craft would answer with a 3-pointer shortly thereafter, but two baskets by Illinois redshirt-senior guard Joseph Bertrand and a layup by junior guard Tracy Abrams tied the game at 46.Ross would bury a three from the wing, though, and a steal by Smith Jr. lead to a layup by junior guard Shannon Scott that gave OSU a five-point advantage with 3:31 left.The Buckeyes (16-4, 3-4) were able to make enough plays late to hold off Illinois for the win.“I’m just so excited for my team right now. Got a chance to see guys smiling and I miss that,” Smith Jr. said after the win. “As a senior on this team, obviously you want to see your team smiling as much as possible. I can tell you, prior to this game there was no smiles, there was no laughter. There was none of that. Guys were kind of in their shell. And now I feel like everybody’s out now and I’m just looking forward to going forward and playing the next game with a lot of confidence.”Ross led the way for OSU with 18 points, but Smith Jr. wasn’t far behind with 16 of his own. Craft finished with 11 points, six rebounds and five assists.“I think this. Did we play perfect? No, we did not,” OSU coach Thad Matta said. “The thing I liked was I loved our energy on defense. I thought we played extremely hard. I thought we got back to rotating, seeing things the way we need to see them. And that was something going in…you know offensively, first half I’m just like, ‘here we go again.’ When (junior center) Amir (Williams) missed the dunk I’m like ‘maybe this isn’t supposed to be.’ But to the kids credit they had a different look in their eye down the stretch and give the (Schottenstein Center) a ton of (credit). I mean that crowd was as energetic as it could be and really helped us.”Bertrand scored 19 for Illinois in the loss.Next up, the Buckeyes are set to host Penn State (9-10, 0-6) Wednesday at the Schottenstein Center. Tipoff is set for 7 p.m. read more

Two women in their 70s arrested in dawn standoff with sneaky council

first_imgIn a statement Mr Clegg added: “Whether you think the trees need to come down or not, the way the council have acted is inexcusable.”Sheffield’s Labour leaders have shown that they are willing to go to any lengths in their tree felling mission against the wishes of the community, using disproportionate and underhand tactics to get their own way.”Relationships between residents and the council are already strained over this issue and this will only inflame tensions further.”The two pensioners were later released from custody and picked up by Mrs Brayshaw’s husband Jonathan from Shepcote Lane Police Station in Sheffield.Mr Brayshaw, 71, said he was contacted by his wife Freda to say she had been released from police custody.Retired solicitor Jonathan said Freda Brayshaw, also 71, had led a “calm and peaceful” protest before being taken away in a police car.He said the grandmother-of-two had “strong views” about the trees and a large banner was erected outside their townhouse promoting SORT (Save Our Rustlings Trees) on Thursday. Stag chairman David Dillner, who is at the scene, took the controversial tree-felling programme to the High Court earlier this year but lost his case.The retired actor complained that Sheffield City Council had not held a full consultation before launching the programme, and had failed to assess the environmental impact.Council bosses had disputed Mr Dillner’s allegations and in April a judge said the claim was “devoid of merit”.In a statement, Bryan Lodge, the council’s cabinet member for the environment, said he stood by the decision to do the “vital” maintenance work.Mr Lodge said: “For more than a year we have worked tirelessly with Amey and the local community to find the right solution for Rustlings Road. We have written to every home, brought in a new survey process for the entire city and set up an independent tree panel. Our approach has been assessed at the High Court on three occasions.”We have made a final decision to increase the number of trees on Rustlings Road by almost 30%. We need to replace eight out of the 30 existing trees, but we will plant 17, which means the road is gaining an extra nine trees. Professor Jenny Hockey, left, and Freda Brayshaw, protested against council’s decision to ‘cut down healthy trees’Credit: Alex Cousins / A crowd of neighbours and members of Sheffield Tree Action Group (Stag) stood around the last tree to go.Bob Hockey’s 70-year-old wife Jenny, a retired university professor, was one of three arrested after a “peaceful” protest with another neighbour in their street. Professor Jenny Hockey, left, and Freda Brayshaw, protested against council's decision to 'cut down healthy trees' Police in Sheffield are protecting council workers felling treesCredit: Tom Maddick/ The 72-year-old said: “The police and contractors came and knocked on doors in the middle of the night at about 4.30am and asked people to move cars.”Then some protesters went to intervene. There is not much we can do but she (Jenny) wanted to make a stand.”She and another woman stood inside the ribbon around the tree. Then a young lad passing by jumped in and joined them.”I don’t blame the police. They are just doing their job. Cars were reportedly towed to gain access to the street Council contractors started cutting down trees with chainsaws before dawn Two women aged 70 and 71 were held in custody for eight hours after a stand-off with police over the controversial cutting-down of trees in a residential street before dawn.Angry residents in Rustlings Road, Sheffield, were woken by contractors who, with police protection, had arrived to fell a number of trees using chainsaws. “We have been protesting because the council is cutting down healthy trees and ignoning the advice of a panel they set up to advise them.”Mr Hockey said his neighbour and friend Freda Brayshaw, 71, a former teacher, was also carted off by police.Sheffield Hallam Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg voiced his support for the campaigners, who condemned “pig-headed” Sheffield City Council for going ahead with “improvement” works.He tweeted: Police in Sheffield are protecting council workers felling trees Cars were reportedly towed to gain access to the streetCredit:Tom Maddick/ V. shocked to hear this morning about #Sheffieldtrees Council actions are unjustifiable, underhand and a waste of precious police resources— Nick Clegg (@nick_clegg) November 17, 2016 Council contractors started cutting down trees with chainsaws before dawnCredit:Dave Higgens/PA Wire Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “We understand that this will be a difficult day for the tree campaigners, but this work is absolutely essential to ensure that Sheffield has healthy street trees for future generations.”We carried out the work very early in the morning, on the advice of the police, to make sure it could be done safely. This isn’t usually needed but in this case it was considered the best option for the safety of the public, protesters and the workers.”I understand there are strong emotions about this but have to stand by the decision to do this vital maintenance work. We’ve got 36,000 street trees in Sheffield and this programme means that in years to come we’ll have even more.”South Yorkshire Police confirmed that 12 officers “provided assistance at the request of the council”.A police spokesman said: “We have a small presence to ensure the safety of local residents and contractors whilst the work is carried out. Three people have been arrested on suspicion of preventing lawful work under Section 241 of the Trade Union and Relation Act 1992.” A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road One Stag member, Chris Rust, wrote on Facebook: “There was a very sneaky, small print road closure notice at each end of the road which enabled them to do this. By the time it was light eight trees were gone, three people arrested on their doorsteps, massive police presence.”Joe Otten, Lib Dem member at Sheffield City Council and opposition spokesman for environment, said: “They are magnificent trees that improve our quality of life. Yes, there are a few cracks in the pavement and some of the trees will have to go as part of the upgrade package.”They have the budget and programme and they are just going ahead with it. It’s pig- headed.”It is not necessary. They are just being stubborn about the way they go about it.” Whether you think the trees need to come down or not, the way the council have acted is inexcusableNick Clegg A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings RoadCredit:PAlast_img read more

Transgender students should not have to declare birth gender when applying to

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The NUS will vote on the abolition of the monarchyCredit:Paul Grover Malia Bouattia, the NUS president Transgender students should not have to declare their birth gender when applying to university sports clubs, the National Union of Students (NUS) is expected to rule.At the moment transgender or intersex students are only allowed to join the teams that they were assigned to at birth rather than the gender that they identify with now.This can act as a “barrier” from transgender students which can sport “inaccessible” and “unwelcome”, according to a motion due to be debated on Tuesday at the NUS annual conference in Brighton.The motion proposes that “trans and intersex students should be able to train and compete in whichever sports team best fits their gender identity”. Other motions due to be debated at the NUS annual conference include the abolition of the monarchy, and launching an inquiry into the effect of “no platform” and “safe space” policies on free speech. Malia Bouattia, the NUS presidentCredit: Facebook The NUS will vote on the abolition of the monarchy It adds that trans and intersex students should not be asked to disclose their legal gender or personal medical information to participate in university sport, including details regarding hormone replacement therapy.The motion suggests that the NUS follows the lead of Durham University’s new policy on inclusivity, whereby trans and intersex students are allowed to compete and train in whichever team “best fits their gender identity”.Noorlann Shahid, the NUS LGBT+ officer, said the motion is likely to receive huge support, adding that inclusion in sports has emerged as a major issue for transgender students.  “We have made great strides in terms of trans inclusion in the last couple of years,” Shahid said. In addition to its two LGBT+ officers, the NUS last month elected a dedicated trans officer to head up campaigns relating to transgender students. Delegates at the conference will also attempt to ban clapping and whooping at all future NUS events, on the basis that these are not accessible to disabled students.A motion calls for “reduced cheering or unnecessary loud noises on conference floor, including whooping and clapping” and warns of “consequences for those who ignore this requirement”.last_img read more

Police apply for more funding for Madeleine McCann search

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have vowed never to give up hope of finding their daughter.In 2011 the Met Police launched its own investigation into what had happened to the toddler. Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have applied for more funding for the search.The Home Office confirmed that it is considering an application from the Metropolitan Police for more money to keep the probe, called Operation Grange, going.A spokeswoman said: “The Home Office has provided funding to the Metropolitan Police for Operation Grange and the resources required are reviewed regularly with careful consideration given before any new funding is allocated.”Government funding for the investigation has been agreed every six months, with £154,000 being granted from October last year until the end of March.More than £11 million has been spent so far on the probe to find the missing girl, who vanished from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007, aged three.last_img read more

Eyebrows crucial to human evolution its how we first learnt to communicate

first_imgThey then discounted two theories commonly put forward to explain its protruding brow ridges – one being that they were needed to fill the space where the flat brain cases and eye sockets of archaic hominins met, and the second being that it acted to stabilise their skulls from the force of chewing.It led them to the possibility that the evolutionary changes were linked to social factors.Professor of Anatomy Paul O’Higgins said: “We suggest a plausible contributing explanation can be found in social communication.”The researchers explained communicative foreheads started off as a side-effect of our faces getting gradually smaller over the past 100,000 years.They said the process sped up in last 20,000 years as we switched from hunter gatherers to agriculturalists – a lifestyle with less variety in both diet and physical effort. Image issued by the University of York of a computer generated model of modern skull next to the heavy-browed skull of ancient hominin Kabwe 1 Image issued by the University of York of a computer generated model of modern skull next to the heavy-browed skull of ancient hominin Kabwe 1Credit:Paul O’Higgins/PA Co-author Dr Penny Spikins at York’s Department of Archaeology said: “Modern humans are the last surviving hominin.”While our sister species the Neanderthals were dying out, we were rapidly colonising the globe and surviving in extreme environments.”This had a lot to do with our ability to create large social networks – we know, for example, that prehistoric modern humans avoided inbreeding and went to stay with friends in distant locations during hard times.”Dr Spikins says in the study that eyebrow movements allow us to express complex emotions, as well as perceive the emotions of others. A rapid “eyebrow flash”, for instance, is a “cross-cultural sign of recognition and openness to social interaction”, while “pulling our eyebrows up at the middle is an expression of sympathy”.She added: “Eyebrows are the missing part of the puzzle of how modern humans managed to get on so much better with each other than other now-extinct hominins.” Eyebrows are crucial to human evolution, scientists have discovered, because it is how our predecessors first learnt to communicate.The evolution of highly mobile brows to express emotions helped early humans convey nuanced messages of recognition or sympathy, research by the University of York found.Scientists believe this was crucial to survival because it enabled them to work together, rather than alone in the wild.It is also probably why modern humans have developed a smooth forehead with more visible brows, compared to the pronounced brow of early hominins, they said.The team used 3D engineering software to study the brow ridge of a fossilised skull known as Kabwe 1, which lived between 600,000 and 200,000 years ago.center_img Eyebrow movements allow us to express complex emotionsCredit:Wavebreak Media ltd/Alamy Stock Photo Eyebrow movements allow us to express complex emotions Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Outside the Lindo Wing Babies bring people together Royal babies have the

At a time of great political division, cleaved by Russian belligerence, Brexit negotiations and the ongoing Windrush scandal, it was just what was… The sun shone bright as a promise, the clouds parted to reveal enough blue for a tiny sailor suit, and when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged onto the steps of the Lindo Wing cradling their third child – she dressed in red and white, he in blue – all seemed right with the world. At news of his arrival, champagne corks popped, cheers rang out and the crowd of wellwishers went wild outside St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. He was born on St George’s Day. A dear little brother, a bona fide prince of the realm and a source of national celebration. read more

Gareth Southgate lookalike reveals confused World Cup fans are congratulating him in

The England rugby, football and cricket fan, whose nickname has long been “Southgate” in the Barmy Army of cricket followers, met his namesake in person at an ITV World Cup after party in Johannesburg in 2010.“Our eyes met across the crowded room, it sounds like a love story,” Mr Rowe chuckled. “I walked over and everyone got their phones out.”“He just seemed a lovely, sweet guy, very approachable and open,” he continued. “We’ve both laughed about it, I got a photo with him then and in 2014. He’s a brother from another mother.”Mr Rowe is also a devoted amateur football player who once broke his leg in a pilots-versus-baggage-handlers match in Birmingham, and even missed a few penalty shots during a pickup game last week, he laughed. In previous years, many of those who spotted Mr Rowe’s resemblance were quick to badger him about the infamous penalty kick that Mr Southgate failed to put in during England’s shootout defeat to Germany at Euro 1996: “How could you miss it, you should have blasted it!”Now that the long-serving player and coach has attained a salvation that in Mr Rowe’s view is well overdue, the warm words and attention lavished on his doppelganger have “gone to a new level”.“I was at Royal Ascot two weeks ago, and I must have had 20 selfies there,” he said.As Mr Rowe walked along the sun-baked Volga River embankment on Sunday, a pair of Three Lions supporters came up to ask for a photo. Southgate and England players celebrate their quarter-final winCredit:Lu Jinbo/Xinhua/Barcroft Gareth Southgate celebrates Saturday's victory with a gesture that Mr Rowe was quick to adopt  Scandal: Gareth Southgate spotted sneaking out for a beer in Samara after he put his players to bed before the big match tomorrow— Alec Luhn (@ASLuhn) July 6, 2018 While they claimed to have only been joking when they referred to him as Mr Southgate, some of the Russians taking selfies with him outside a pub on Friday night really thought he was the England manager, and the staff invited him inside for free drinks.“I had some Colombian fans come up to me on Friday night in town, “Oh you knocked us out, but good job,’” he said.He claimed to have even briefly fooled a few members of the England squad at the hotel before the match on Saturday. England’s advancement to its first World Cup semi-final in 28 years has won redemption for both the team and its manager, who returned to the field to sing with ecstatic fans after the 2-0 victory over Sweden. “As the bus went past I was waving and saying, ‘Hey, you forgot me’ and some of the players started wetting themselves,” he said. “They pointed and laughed, so they saw me.” Mr Rowe relaxes between selfies with fans on the Volga riverbank on Sunday Southgate and England players celebrate their quarter-final win Many of those in Samara during the England-Sweden match this weekend appeared to catch a glimpse of Gareth Southgate drinking beers at the Shannon Irish pub, posing for pictures on the main street and going for a swim in the Volga River.If they had looked a little closer, however, they would have noticed that this Southgate had dental braces, and his mates were calling him Neil. Just as the coach has won fans’ adoration at the World Cup, so has his lookalike, British Airways pilot and long-time England football supporter Neil Rowe, 43.The superfan, from Surrey, was first told that he looks like Southgate while watching him play for Crystal Palace with friends in 1994.But after the England team began winning World Cup matches, he was inspired to come to Russia at the last-minute with the same Marks and Spencer blue wool waistcoat and striped tie that have become the manager’s trademark.The physical likeness, which was previously a lightning rod for disgruntled comments about Mr Southgate’s missed penalty at Euro 1996, now draws smiles and congratulations.“I felt a bit disenfranchised, then once the party’s on you gotta go, and Gareth’s engendered this new positive spirit and vibe,” Mr Lowe told The Telegraph. “It makes me look like a bit of a glory hunter but I think I’ve suffered enough pain and defeats in the past.” Gareth Southgate celebrates Saturday’s victory with a gesture that Mr Rowe was quick to adopt Credit:Owen Humphreys/PA Mr Rowe relaxes between selfies with fans on the Volga riverbank on SundayCredit:Julian Simmonds He said he has been approached with offers of work by lookalike agencies, but for now plans to stick to flying Boeing 777s.His group of friends are trying to get into Wednesday’s semifinal match against Croatia. Needless to say, he plans to go in costume and lead refrains of a new fan song, set to the tune of Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again: “Southgate you’re the one, you still turn me on, football’s coming home again.” Besides finding a ticket, he’ll be looking for a dry cleaner’s to freshen up the iconic waistcoat.“That’s a couple days I’ve worn it in a row,” he said, “and when they scored the second goal yesterday it was a bit of a beer shower.” read more

Duke and Duchess of Sussex told to chill out during tour of

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Abel Tasman National Park, on day two of the royal couple’s tour of New ZealandCredit:PA Then, time for a barbecue. Welcomed back into the tent by song, the Duchess said a sincere “thank you” before spotting a table laden with home-cooked food and exclaiming over “so many brownies”.Accepting a bite of the cookies and brownies, the Duke and Duchess then made their way around a small circle of school children to hear about their projects to look after the park.As the Duke quizzed them about where they lived, the Duchess complimented their innovative work to protect sand dunes. The Duke added: “Issues stemming from social media and gaming are a major problem for young people in the UK — and globally. Fingers are often pointed at the parents but that’s not always fair as they too need to be educated about these things.”  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex poses for a photo as she visits Abel Tasman National Park, which sits at the north-Eastern tip of the South Island, New ZealandCredit:Reuters Harry and Meghan – who are both strong advocates for mental health awareness – were at Wellington’s Maranui Cafe on Monday to learn about initiatives and programmes supporting mental wellbeing in New Zealand, with a focus on youth.They arrived just after 10am and were escorted in by Lucia Kennedy, founder of Luminary Legacies, which honours people who have impacted positively on individuals, families and communities. “It smells so great in here,” Harry said after walking past the cafe’s colourful cake counter.Before sitting at their first table, the couple were offered drinks by the cafe’s co-owner Bronwyn Kelly, with the Duke asking for water, the Duchess having a “milk tea”.At the first table the couple met Jazz Thornton and Gen Mora from Voices of Hope.“We’ve both had battles with mental health of our own and so we wanted to create a platform where people can share stories of hope,” Thornton said of their website, which contains videos and personal blogs which promotes mental wellbeing, empowerment and recovery.Sign up for Your Royal Appointment – for everything you need to know about the Royal Family, direct to your inbox each week. Traditionally the meeting could be a moment of “war” and is an opportunity to air grievances, with Barney Thomas, chief elder, explaining: “We never ever put our women in that space.“We want to be inclusive but protective, and we would not want to put our women – especially the Duchess because she’s expecting – at risk.”The meeting, of course, went without a hitch, with warm wishes from both hosts and visitors, a welcoming song and, finally, food.The couple travelled to Abel Tasman by helicopter, with a 45 minute journey over the spectacular hills, craggy valleys, lush forests and clear blue waters of New Zealand. A rainy but warm welcome to Abel Tasman #RoyalVisitNZ— Hannah Furness (@Hannah_Furness) October 29, 2018 In drizzling rain, they were escorted into a grass clearing by a group of women, accompanied by the melodic sound of a conch shell, before a karanga was called.  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex poses for a photo as she visits Abel Tasman National Park, which sits at the north-Eastern tip of the South Island, New Zealand The call, between two groups of women, saw the Duke and Duchess walk slowly towards the tent, under an umbrella, before being welcomed with the hongi.The couple and their entourage made their way along a line of around 20 hosts, shaking each by the hand and performing the gentle “nose kiss”.They were then invited to sit on two rows of plastic seats opposite the iwi, with their all-female royal household staff in the back row and Duke, Duchess and their two male translators in the front.Mr Thomas gave a speech of welcome in te reo, a Maori language, followed by a waiata, a song, from the group.“We’ve been watching your tour and we know you don’t get much time off,” Mr Thomas joked. “I wouldn’t want to be a royal.“So we don’t want to put any demands on you. We want you to enjoy yourself. All we want you to do is relax.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Abel Tasman National Park, on day two of the royal couple's tour of New Zealand “I was saying there are two of you and there will be three of you soon.”Their hosts had originally intended to give them a gift of whalebone necklaces, but were not able to thanks to strict import and export laws.Instead, artist Robin Slow gave them a large canvas painting of three tui birds, representing the Duke, Duchess and their baby.After the welcome ceremony was complete, the Duke and Duchess took a stroll along the beach front, under an umbrella.Andrew Lamason, a department of conservation ranger, accompanied them to explain the conservation efforts at the port, saying afterward of Prince Harry: “His depth of knowledge was astonishing. I thought I would be doing most of the talking, but he really knew his stuff.” He said afterwards: “They have had a hectic tour and we really want them to come here and chill out with us with no pressure and no stress. They are such down to earth people, and we want them to be part of the family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were asked to “chill out” on Monday and enjoy the hospitality of the Maori people of Abel Tasman, as Prince Harry spoke of his joy at bringing their “little bump” to visit.The Duke and Duchess, who spent around an hour and a half at the spectacular coast on New Zealand’s South Island, were welcomed by songs, prayers, countless hongis and a banquet of food from their new friends.Told to take time out from their tour to relax, they took a short stroll on the beach front accompanied by a ranger to tell them about conservation projects to protect the Abel Tasman National Park.The Duke, speaking after being formally welcomed by the Manawhenua ki Mohua people, shared his excitement about visiting with a new baby on board.“The weather forecast was a lot worse than this,” Harry said to laughter, as guests sat under a tent roof for speeches. “This rain is a blessing on all of us. The Duchess, who is expecting her first child in the spring, was given a seat of honour for the ceremony in line with Maori tradition, placed in the front row but several inches back from her husband and other men on either side of her.The arrangement is a sign of protection for women, particularly those who are pregnant, in the initial meeting between iwi, the tribe, and new visitors. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the Maranui Cafe in Wellington The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Abel Tasman National ParkCredit:PA “From myself and my wife and our little bump, we are so grateful to be here. We bring blessings from my grandmother the Queen and our family.“We are so grateful for your hospitality and the work you do to look after this beautiful place.” Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the Maranui Cafe in WellingtonCredit:Wireimage Thomas Sehwarzenbach, 14, said: “It was really nice talking to them. They were pleased to hear about our projects and that we’re interested in the environment.”Laden with gifts, including a large colourful tote bag and a knitted blanket fit for a newborn baby, the Duke and Duchess said farewell with another line of hongis before walking back to their RNZAF NH-90 helicopter hand in hand to return to Wellington.Duchess warns of social mediaEarlier, the Duchess of Sussex opened up about the pressures of social media during a conversation with mental health advocates in New Zealand.During a visit to a beachside cafe in Wellington, Meghan met people supporting others in the area of mental health about the impact that unrealistic images on the likes of Instagram and Twitter can have on youth.“Young people find it so difficult,” she said during a conversation with staff and volunteers from Live For Tomorrow, an online youth initiative focused on reaching millennials with messages of hope and positive change. “You see photos on social media and you don’t know whether she’s born with it or maybe it’s a filter.“Your judgement of your sense of self worth becomes really skewed when it’s all based on likes.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Abel Tasman National Park read more

Junior doctor with two medical degrees wins Miss England before heading to

Bhasha Mukherjee A junior doctor with two medical degrees started her first day in hospital just hours after being crowned Miss England. Bhasha Mukherjee, 23, from Derby, was forced to get on a 4am train on Friday morning to attend her first shift after winning the prestigious beauty pageant on Thursday night. This year’s contest was the first time a ‘make-up free’ round was introduced after the competition was criticised for setting an unhealthy beauty standard and being too critical of women’s bodies. Before competing in the 2019 heats, entrants were required to submit photographs of themselves with no makeup, filters or editing.This year also saw a woman wear a wetsuit in the optional bikini round because she was a Muslim, signaling to a more inclusive line-up in the competition.  She said: “I don’t really show much skin, because that’s what makes me feel comfortable.“I didn’t wear a wetsuit just because my religion prohibits me.’”Also among the finalists were Eleanor Farr, who has a titanium hip caused by rheumatoid arthritis and Lucy Krogdahl, who showed her self-harm scars.Angie Beasley, director Miss England Ltd said: “England is a country that is completely occupied by people of all sorts. The Miss England contest has always been there for, and indeed encouraged, participation by every group and every type. We encourage entries from every ethnicity.” Bhasha MukherjeeCredit: Mercury Press & Media Ms Mukherjee who was raised in India but now lives in Derby, snagged the crown despite competing against a plethora of non-traditional pageant finalists. Dr Mukherjee has an IQ of 146 and speaks five languages including German, Hindi and French.Following her win she said: “I couldn’t tell if I was more nervous about Miss England or about starting my job as a junior doctor.”Other competitors included the current Miss Lincolnshire, Aysha Khan, who wore a wetsuit during the swimwear round. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Record 336 migrants crossed English Channel in August

Four hours later, at around 9.55am, Border Force was alerted to a rigid-inflatable boat in the middle of the Channel containing seven people. The five men, woman and child claimed to be Iranian.All three vessels were taken to Dover.Another boat reached Kingsdown in Kent where eight men were passed on to immigration officers after being held by police.  Coastguard and rescue teams were sent from Folkestone and Deal to help with the operations. Their spokeswoman said the crews were assisting to rescue those in trouble and bringing them to safety where they would be “handed over to the relevant partner emergency services or authorities” Migrants brought ashore by Border Force on SaturdayCredit:Steve Finn/Steve Finn Migrants brought ashore by Border Force on SaturdayCredit:Steve Finn French authorities made Border Force aware of a second vessel heading towards Kent around the same time which contained 16 people – six men, five women and five children. Fifteen identified as Iranian while the other claimed to be Lebanese.One of the women on board was taken to hospital for treatment but has since been discharged.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A record 336 migrants were detected crossing the English Channel last month-  more than in the whole of 2018. On Saturday boats containing 66 men, women and children were intercepted along the Kent coast – taking the tally to the highest monthly figure ever recorded according to the BBC.In comparison 297 people were caught attempting to enter Britain through the Channel in 2018. One of the four vessels intercepted on Saturday was carrying 27 adults and eight children, the Home Office said.UK Border Force officials said they were first alerted to a small boat travelling across the Channel at about 5.35am on Saturday.They deployed HMC Seeker, the Border Agency’s lead ship, along with a coastal patrol. It contained 35 migrants – 27 adults and eight children – who told officials they were Iranian, Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian and Kuwaiti nationals. The group was comprised of 29 males and six females. Migrants brought ashore by Border Force on Saturday Migrants brought ashore by Border Force on Saturday “This includes drawing up an enhanced action plan to deploy more resources along the French coast to intercept and stop crossings.”Police said on Thursday the body of a man who fell from a boat off the coast of Ramsgate on August 9th had been found.The body of an Iraqi migrant, who is believed to have drowned while trying to swim to Britain, was found at a wind farm off the coast of Belgium on August 23.Since January the Home Office said it has returned to Europe more than 65 people who arrived illegally in small boats. A Home Office spokesperson said: “Crossing the Channel in a small boat is a huge risk”.The August record comes after a meeting between Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French counterpart, Christophe Castaner in Paris on Thursday. The meeting was arranged in response to the soaring rise in crossings. They agreed to develop an “enhanced action plan” to stop boats containing migrants leaving the French coast.The Home Office spokesman added: “This week the Home Secretary and her French counterpart agreed to intensify joint action to tackle small boat crossings in the Channel. read more

St Lucia PM dismisses UWI lecturers claim that businessmen as politicians

(CMC) Prime Minister of St Lucia, Allen Chastanet has dismissed statements made by a lecturer of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in which he warned against the rise of the businessman-politician in the Caribbean.St Lucia PM; Allen ChastanetHead of the Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work at the UWI Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, Dr Tennyson Joseph, identified the St Lucian prime minister and US President Donald Trump as examples of why businessmen as politicians are bad for society.Joseph, who unsuccessfully contested the 2006 general election in St Lucia against Chastanet’s United Workers Party (UWP), told a lecture in St Vincent last week that the region should regard the development of the businessman politician as “a new window for the re-emergence of the left”.But Chastanet told reporters that any comparison between himself and Trump stops at the fact that both of them are business people, insisting: “my experience in government is long and deep”.Chastanet said his experience in government dates back to the mid 1980’s when he was first employed as an economist and later become the director of tourism in early 1990.He said he had also worked with the ‘quasi-government’ Air Jamaica and returned to St Lucia to serve as minister of tourism for five years.“My understanding and knowledge of how government works is very substantial and I think that my administration has benefitted from that and certainly I would like to think that we have been very clear on what our policies are and when you look at it.“ I think with what we have achieved with one year in government, or just over one year, hopefully Joseph himself would have recognised our success in government,” Chastanet told reporters, adding that other than make allegations, the UWI lecturer did not substantiate anything he was saying.“Those were some of the same things he was saying about being a white man and all this. We have seen several articles written by Mr Joseph which I think are racist,” Chastanet said, expressing his surprise that the UWI has not taken note of Joseph’s articles and statements in the past.“I am really surprised that the University of the West Indies has not called him out on that and that he would be allowed to continue to teach students,” Chastanet said.Meanwhile, the main opposition St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has criticised the call by Chastanet for Joseph to be dismissed.The party said that it is not surprised at the “vindictive, punitive and authoritarian behaviour” on Chastanet who instead of regarding Joseph’s lecture as part of his ‘democratic right and public responsibility to express his views…sought instead to express surprise that Dr Joseph is “actually still a professor at the University of the West Indies”.“The St Lucia Labour Party takes comfort in the fact that the University is a mature institution of higher learning which is built on the principles of academic freedom and intellectual autonomy and its hiring decisions are not made by itinerant, insecure, vindictive politicians. Had it been otherwise, the UWI would long cease to exist.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSt Lucia to impose visa restrictions on VenezuelansAugust 15, 2017In “latest news”Allen Chastanet sworn in as new St Lucia PMJune 7, 2016In “latest news”St Lucia General Elections: Anthony out, Chastanet inJune 7, 2016In “latest news” read more

SARA to commence process to recover 10 stolen state assets

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPPP to SARA: Irresponsible to say Billions lost without providing evidenceApril 21, 2018In “latest news”Proposed SARA Bill ‘inconsistent with many of the fundamental rights of citizens’ – Private SectorSeptember 8, 2016In “latest news”SARA cannot investigate corruption without formal complaint, says DirectorApril 20, 2018In “latest news” The State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) has revealed that it will commence proceedings to have state assets recovered in 10 identified cases later this year.SARA’s Director, Dr Clive Thomas reported that some 50 to 60 cases have thus far been reviewed and “Beginning at the start of the third quarter, we are hoping to focus on about 10”.Court action is expected to begin by the fourth quarter of this year however investigations for the 10 cases will begin at the earliest since those cases will be in foreign jurisdiction.The State Assets Recovery Act of 2017 makes provision for SARA to pursue international cases valued more than $10M Dr. Thomas noted.The cases that are being reviewed by SARA are based on complaints and referrals. read more

It wasnt me Social Cohesion Ministry says it was not involved

A composite photo of some of the vehicles involved in the smash upMore than one week after a state vehicle was implicated in a multi-vehicular accident outside of the Georgetown Club, following the People’s National Congress/Reform’s after Congress activities, the respective Ministry has reached out refute the allegations.According to a press statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Rehana Ahmad, on Monday morning, “… the vehicle involved in that accident following the PNCR’s Congress a few days ago does not belong to the Ministry of Social Cohesion.”INews had reported that the social event held for the delegation of the 20th Biennial Congress of the PNC/R at the Georgetown Club on August 17, 2018 ended in chaos after at least five vehicles belonging to attendees- one of which was said to be attached to the Ministry of Social Cohesion- became involved in a massive collision outside of the Camp Street, Georgetown venue.One the vehicles involved in the accident being towed awayDetails were sketchy at the time but both the Police “A” Division Commander, Marlon Chapman and Traffic Chief, Ramesh Ashram had confirmed the incident.However, while Chapman noted that he had no information regarding what transpired, Ashram disclosed that one State vehicle belonging to the Social Cohesion Ministry was involved.The Traffic Chief further explained that the multiple-vehicle collision was deemed minor as only vehicles were damaged.When INews spoke to him on the afternoon of August 18, 2018, he said that he had only been briefed on the accident and had not received a full report as yet.Meanwhile, information had surfaced that the accident occurred as a result of the PNC/R Congress attendees attempting to drive while inebriated. However, this remains unconfirmed.Several persons were also said to be injured.It was also alleged that following the accident, Government officials quickly fled the scene to avoid possible encounters with the media.To date, the media has not received a full brief or police report regarding the matter. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPedestrian struck down by Presidential convoy, receives visit from Head of StateAugust 25, 2018In “Crime”PNC/R Congress after party ends in multiple-vehicle collisionAugust 18, 2018In “Crime”Shake-up expected within the Guyana Police Force- SourceSeptember 11, 2018In “Crime” read more

Region 3 health professionals receiving training to reduce maternal deaths

Health officials participating in the workshopCommunity Health Workers, Midwives and Doctors of Region Three are benefitting from a two-day workshop being conducted with the aim of reducing maternal deaths from haemorrhage in the Americas.According to the DPI, the training workshop is facilitated by three International Consultants, Dr Adriano Bueno Tavares, Dr Gabriel Costa Osanan and Dr Diony Javier Cortes, of the Pan American Health Organisation / World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO).According to Dr Adriano Bueno Tavares, the objective of the workshop is to promote successful interventions for the prevention, timely and adequate treatment to reduce deaths due to obstetric haemorrhages, through the continuous use of health care and the community to health services.He said that the impact of this workshop is to expect a five per cent reduction of maternal mortality due to haemorrhage in the intervention areas.Coordinator of the Workshop, Dr Narine Singh from PAHO/WHO said that zero maternal deaths caused by haemorrhage is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) and its Latin American Center for Perinatology, Women’s and Reproductive Health (CLAP/WR), dedicated to preventing maternal deaths by Postpartum haemorrhage.This initiative, he noted, consists of a series of actions to improve both access to health services for pregnant women and the quality of care for women with haemorrhagic complications from pregnancy.Dr Gabriel Costa Osanan, in his remarks, noted that it is not impossible to achieve zero maternal mortality caused by haemorrhage, but in order to achieve it, a few key things must happen which includes health services must be strengthened, barriers to access remote areas must become easier, staff trained to handle obstetric haemorrhage and the availability of essential medicines and safe blood for transfusions must be ensured.Dr Diony Javier Cortes spoke about the specific components of the workshop noting that Health Professionals will be trained in how to reduce the number of haemorrhages and how to ensure timely and effective treatment for cases that do occur. He said that the health officials will be exposed to specialised equipment and training to utilise that equipment.He recommended that a network of midwives, obstetricians’ nurses and obstetricians at the rural level should be established in an effort to detect cases of haemorrhage early and also to refer women to a reference hospital soonest if needs be. He added that the strengthening of health systems, to ensure that health services are provided with safe blood and essential medicines, will be positive in this fight.Health Officials of Region Three along with the PAHO/WHO consultants and REO, Denis Jaikaran“It is a fact that severe obstetric complications require the attention of well-trained healthcare staff, as well as the necessary drugs and equipment to treat them, among other things and hence one of the axes of the workshop is to strengthen the capacities of Health Care Workers in the use of equipment that can stop bleeding, as well as in other skills to manage obstetric emergencies,” said regional Health Officer Dr Ravendra Dudhnath.Participants of the workshop will learn how to stop severe bleeding by using different simulators, such as the Nonpneumatic Antishock Garment (NASG) which can be placed around the lower body of the woman experiencing bleeding and the intrauterine balloon which can be inserted into the uterus to reduce or stop blood loss. During the two-day workshop, participants will also be trained in the management of the emergency tool for bleeding known as ‘Code red’ and in the practice of conservative rescue surgeries.Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran expressed gratitude to the team and noted that significant strides are being made in the field of health especially in Essequibo Islands-West Demerara.He has assured all that measures are being put in place to strengthen health facilities in the region so as to ensure that the environment is conducive for working. In his closing remarks, he quoted the Director of PAHO/WHO, Carissa F. Etienne who said that “for every mother that dies there is a family that suffers, a community that becomes weaker and a country that becomes poorer.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPAHO launches online course to address alcohol use in pregnancyJune 26, 2019In “Health”PAHO calls for hefty taxes on fatty, salty, sugary foodsMarch 26, 2019In “Health”More quality healthcare services needed to help curb maternal mortality – Dr AnthonyOctober 19, 2016In “Health” read more

Roymec CCD thickeners for Langer Heinrich uranium

first_imgRoymec Technologies was awarded a contract to design and supply two 35 m counter current decantation (CCD) thickeners for Namibian uranium mine, Langer Heinrich for its Phase three expansion project. The tanks are due to leave the workshop for delivery soon. This is Roytec’s first thickener contract with the client, although it did previously supply the fixed bed ion exchange circuit and the large volume segmented tanks for the same project. The Roytec project consists of the supply of the thickener tanks, hydraulically driven high torque drive mechanisms, rake arms, rake blades, high rate feedwell, agitated feed tanks and pumped feed dilution mechanism.Roymec Technologies is a specialist engineering and project management company providing equipment, plant design and turnkey construction solutions and services in screening, filtration, thickening, ion-exchange, coalescing, clarification and allied processes.last_img read more