Love Shanghai original spark program is not empty talk


this method is more simple, according to whether have the same title articles on the Internet, in order to determine an article is not original, usually with the intitle command to search all the same title of the article, but this method is more than the first kind of sloppy, on the Internet the same title different articles too much, may according to the number of bytes of the content of the judgment.


The two methods of It is reported that

above I said are not reliable, the original content is very difficult to judge, in fact there are too many reprint content on the Internet, including some portal websites not often reproduced the article, like Sina, NetEase, etc.. There are a large number of novel website and film websites are related to the infringement, those novels and video also is copyright, if the love of Shanghai’s original spark program really want to spare none, I am afraid he is not love Shanghai technology problem, but also involves the problem of Internet copyright. But so many sites are affected by the service providers to shut down the site, is in love with the sea station K. Back to original content is not necessarily what the user wants, those who have the meaning of existence of novels and film Shanghai love station station, pay attention to the user experience, so it must not be so dry, I guess love Shanghai’s original spark program for some industries. Guess what would be the type of site read more

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n April the global search engine market share plummeted 6.48% runner up love Shanghai

(Figure 2) from November 2014 to April 2015, the global search engine market share chart

and Yahoo – Global to 0.01% of the slight advantage over Bing, ranked third, the share rose 1.68%. While Bing is losing fourth, but also share growth, up 1.23%.

observation of Figure 2 shows that the global search engine five recent 6 months of market share, and fell in love with the sea noble baby -Global share curve fluctuates significantly, and showing a shift in the state. Overall, the trend towards noble baby -Global, share from 53.74% to 65.73%; and love Shanghai trend down, has fallen from 31.32% to 13.34% share. The difference is more obvious. Next month, Shanghai love the ability to reverse the decline, focus on reducing IDC on network. read more

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To determine the site keywords should obey and service in network marketing

site traffic often reflects a keyword by user attention, in fact, determine which are most popular are easy to achieve. The installation of a traffic statistics program in the bottom of the site can be achieved. Of course, this should be integrated for a long period of time and data analysis. For example, through flow analysis the author found that "Shanghai site construction" attention is far greater than the "Shanghai website", so when we determine the key words, can be targeted. Remove the traffic analysis system, we can carry out the same business with other counterparts in the reference site, is how to determine the key words. In fact, determine the key words by comparing the peer website, than simply rely on flow analysis to determine more accurately. read more

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nitiate play building will not let the website be punished

screenshot from me which initiated, contains more than 40 pages. So the construction of the chain although very convenient, but it is not stable enough, money Limited (a play building will consume at least more than 600 gold coins), can not play every floor. But the general webmaster forum to promote the target site related content, the chain will not be the search engine as a cheat chain, causing the site to drop right, even the K

is new, appropriate play building, can guide the search engine website content, improve the site included. But if there is not enough gold to maintain every day playing floor, will cause the increase in the chain is not stable, and cause certain harm to the website. The number of proposals aimed at the railway station playing floor 2-3, to search engine website content this can be. Because the chain of the new station can often surge impact, this can lengthen the new assessment period, and even cause the K station. read more

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The static and dynamic operation to build strong competitive power of Shanghai Dragon

is a dynamic operation, this operation is to establish a dynamic interactive platform, in-depth exchanges with guests. To meet the guests on the company’s trust and dependence, resulting in benefits. A simple approach is the QQ group to build a communication platform of Web site and build an interactive module.

and dynamic operation is we should take the initiative to establish contact with the guests, the guests and the introduction of active and establish discussion. But in my opinion the dynamic and static operation operation is a contradictory way. In contrast to the combination of marketing or. To attract customers website, we are active to do some good things to customers, allow customers to passively accept it all, that. read more

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How to choose business prospects for the future of Shanghai Dragon


from some large information data analysis platform show that the number of search engines are used in Internet users to find information, it is the proportion of users accounted for nearly 80%. Such a high proportion of data enough to show that search engines use a wide range of people. The Internet is also looking for information preferred. Of course, from the above data pointed out that the use of search engines love Shanghai people accounted for one of the largest market share. This shows the habits of Internet users use search. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai in search of information I feel more accurately and clearly. So, the use of love Shanghai populations occupy most of the search. read more

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Love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results and the solutions

down the right, on December 8th the key construction sites in Harbin suddenly fell fourth, but the Harbin website made the word suddenly on the first several years did not change the word Harbin website design also fell fourth, and seemed to have the relationship, then the snapshot appears inconsistent with the latest, also before, long tail keywords are not ranked, the whole site fell to second, and then decreased, the last word of Harbin website also fell eighth, but there is a strange phenomenon, it is included in a timely manner, basically after the release will be included, but the ranking is not good, sometimes there will immediately before ten pages were missing. In the face of this problem I don’t understand, but still want to, I began to change. read more

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How to make the new search engines is fast

1) W3C+ Shanghai Longfeng + original article

spell SEM blog on small through the above, performance is good? May have friends will ask, how to make new sites online search engine people fast included? Little spell is how to do it? In fact, there is no secret what, now for everyone to share the search engines fast included new sites experience.

how to make search engines

fast included new people?The analysis included

suggest that you first look at the small spell "Shanghai dragon HTML Optimization: make your website HTML code is more in line with the Shanghai dragon code" article. Personally think that a line with the verification of the W3C standard "is very important, it is very popular in front of search engine. Before the station officially launched, the basic work of Shanghai dragon to do once, such as a web site title, keywords, description and so on to write, note that the website officially launched after don’t change these, this is a lot of new Adsense will ignore! If you change the website title, keywords, description of frequent words, your site will be search engine drop right, not to mention what included. read more

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Love Shanghai station search results before which show the CO icon

love Shanghai officials have responded to this question:

3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

? We went to We all know that

2: Web ICO icon. (looks like crap.

1: HAO123 was included, that is, some authoritative and distinctive website.

HAO123 just to find a website, the author previously unfamiliar with the hash network for example:

love once after the update, in some of the more authoritative websites began to appear ICO icon search results before, many owners have been concerned about this issue, see many webmaster friends ask what is love Shanghai website ICO icon, read more

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Keywords bidding should be how to choose


today to discuss the medical account, first of all to think of us as a patient, to feel under the treatment of the whole closed-loop process.

The quality of the

we spent a lot of time to experience the patient from onset of symptoms to choose the hospital whole closed loop, we also know about the several stages of patient search, diagnosis, treatment, hospital choice. Then the whole structure of our basic account also is very clear. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin fell in love with the sea. " read more

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Site optimization planning stage how to formulate optimization measures of

first, to be objective and careful analysis of your industry user groups. This is actually a website localization problem. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the user group is the vertical industry segments, we get a lot of traffic key site later. Then what should we do? I suggest you first have to carefully analyze your own company’s products and services, if the new station planning best in the first half of the month to hear about the supervisor, manager for the industry’s suggestions or advice, if it is a small company it is very necessary for us to talk about the boss and individual industry users ages and gathering, customer classification and so on the characteristics of the industry are those? We want to analyze and summarize the pertinence, this point is very important. read more

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Seven factors affect the flow of the website estimated (a)

The , thank you!

rate second, click: we estimate a factor flow will look at is the position of the rankings, according to the different position to determine the general keywords flow. This way there is no error, but it will be affected by the click rate, because different industries, different users to click on the results of the ranking are different, especially the love of Shanghai. The United States AOL leaked data reflects the ranking for the click rate, as shown in figure

query tool influence: estimated flow first will use tools to view the word search times, however, these tools provide search times and not entirely accurate. Keywords digital display tool noble baby is determined as the number of searches, but according to the statistics show that a lot of people, this data is clearly not accurate, the number of general nobility baby given will be higher than the actual number of search. We often use the love Shanghai index does not represent the actual search times, love Shanghai official did not explain the love of Shanghai index refers to the search times, only the degree of concern, also some effective search times is much higher than the number of keywords to search effective, such as the Shanghai dragon of the word, many people just search to check the site’s ranking. So if you want to accurately determine the flow of search, should also do their own comparison, the actual flow of the keywords known on the site, compared to Shanghai and love index or nobility baby keyword tools provide search times, look at the difference in estimated flow category more accurate keywords can. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng dilemma how to quickly do love Shanghai before three


I can tell you for sure, absolutely useful. But not like before, like crazy to buy a lot of simple links is not easy to make sense. The so-called Scindapsus algorithm, we can understand it as a filter, which has obvious link behavior of the web filtering, and the true meaning of the link is recommended, still. So this must take time and energy to exchange links.

Shanghai dragon end of the site itself in addition to decide on what path to follow? Output optimization as well as the value of content, Shanghai dragon where can find their way? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners feel very confused, and many Shanghai dragon orders also disappeared. Because not a single, pick one of the rankings do not. In order to give the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and Shanghai dragon enthusiasts confidence, we must establish a correct understanding of the Shanghai dragon. You must know that there is no mortal, only a mortal man. No matter how advanced search engine algorithm, how to adjust, absolutely is not possible to completely eliminate some tricky means, so we still have a lot of space station optimization, to quickly improve the ranking of Shanghai love. read more

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That year we are Shanghai Longfeng novice is easy to fall into 4 states

two, the anxious state of mind

three, the lack of sensitive sense of smell

four, we lack the creative idea of

as a novice, we don’t know what. Enter the company to go to work, the first task we take is the chain, hair every day how much in what forum, so again. Then we tired of this life, Q talk to a friend doing boring things. Is not the reason we have forgotten the hair of the chain, in just to complete the task assigned by the superior. If we start to study why the hair of the chain, put forward how to effectively ease the hair of the chain, our work will be quite different. read more

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Analysis of Shanghai dragon Optimization abandoned popular, engage in long tail traffic growth is ki


A: logical reasoning, simple reasoning that the user search habits, users will make the long tail word search, according to user search to the definition of long tail words, so as to promote the birth of precise traffic.

said a popular keyword is we made "half-dead" state, the main reason is the competition pressure is too large, the station itself is a low power of its important factors. The long tail word, the competition pressure is much lower. And the long tail word often has a characteristic: accurate positioning the user, along the long tail word brings flow, often also brought the most direct intent, if applied to the business profit, inevitable promote turnover rate improvement. A good website, there are at least dozens or even hundreds of thousands of words long tail. As can be imagined, if these long tail words can bring precise user, optimize its effect is not weaker than the primary key, and even take some large portals, the long tail word with effect is much higher. At the same time, choose the long tail words do optimization, but also cultivate the early weight, weight optimization in cumulative process of the same can be added to the core of the key word. read more

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Share those things like Shanghai keyword matching

we will be affected when searching for some colloquial words, enter the words will appear in random order, then the love of Shanghai will automatically correct keywords incorrect order, allowing users to search more accurate search results, for example, when users search for "Shanghai Dragon Phoenix training in Wuhan, Shanghai will automatically love" to you, "Wuhan Shanghai"

users in the search for a keyword, accidentally wrong a word, love Shanghai will prompt you:

2, phonetic recognition ability read more

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The chain of the road more and more narrow the Shanghai dragon ER decide on what path to follow



chain of the road more and more narrow Shanghai dragon ER the phrase decide on what path to follow? Do you love, because love is to engage in search engine optimization so far, of course also have mixed feelings. From the line early, when I was a site editor, is looking forward to working with all my heart to make achievements. Later in the optimization this transition stand. The chain from hair to start. Today, with the continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, each search engine update, there are a large number of the chain was ruthless killing. The site also ranked as the roller coaster ups and downs. Of course, this also makes his way of the chain difficult. You do not know the people have this feeling. Today must and we complain about their view of the road of foreign chain. Want to really said that the Shanghai dragon ER read more

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Shanghai dragon Moz latest Shanghai dragon behavior research – Eye Tracking

over the past 5 years, the noble baby search interface have been changed considerably, from the previous single site to show results, with pictures, video, news, local information, social information, so that the report is a little outdated. The Eye analysis of Shanghai dragon Moz Tracking seemed to be able to cater to the new user interface of the noble baby focus on status.

original source has not test, only for reference

analysis we can go to watch the original, here is one picture:

!As for read more

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Scindapsus algorithm is just a paper tiger


station has introduced a keyword mining tools in mining the long tail keywords used to follow the word keyword tool (贵族宝贝weidu贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng -tools/54.html), the article added after the word link to the official website, the search engine will be how to identify this link is paid or voluntary users add

buy links

love Shanghai Ali slightly, now can not see her figure.


algorithm is the most popular topic of Shanghai green dragon circles recently, love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm in February 19, 2013 on the line, went into effect in February 20th. Some owners heard that killed many websites Scindapsus algorithm, began to panic, micro Shanghai dragon reminder: for the earnest do stand webmaster, Scindapsus algorithm is only a paper tiger, is not terrible. read more

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The analysis of enterprise site optimization

is the default address tag! For all links on the page set. Is the site for the site positioning. Do the equivalent of a permanent redirection. The label should be how to write

, three tags (title, keywords, description)

Now the

enterprise website also is not common love comes to set the robots.txt, personal feeling is set to look better, some JS these masked the best, there is a sitemap site map is important, of course, important, sitemap settings can let spiders better index the entire enterprise station, " read more

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