To see how Google teach you play through the application of marketing

[Abstract] Google launched online education mobile applications Primer, allowing users to learn the marketing and advertising industry 5 minutes to learn tips.

TNW Chinese station October 10th news


(micro-blog), officially launched a "Primer" online education, mobile applications, the company wants to use this app to help those newly start-up companies to grasp the marketing and search advertising industry "trick".

Google wrote on the official website of Primer: This is a rejection of advanced industry terminology, it takes only 5 minutes to learn useful practical marketing case of practical applications. Moreover, the application of all the cases and experiences are from the real scene of the industry, and jointly created by Google and marketing experts." read more

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2009 China’s top ten network marketing planning agencies

2009 China’s top ten network marketing planning agencies

review in 2008, one of the few domestic network marketing planning agency has gradually been recognized by the enterprise, and social media attention. In 2009, the network marketing service market has been further standardized, from a single service system to network integrated marketing planning, the emergence of more excellent network marketing planning agencies. Outlook 2010, network marketing to improve the role of enterprise sales model is growing, the network marketing service market will be rapid development. read more


Google new ability game

Ben Silverman is often said that kind of Google fans. He is a producer and a former genius broker, the representative of the "who wants to be a millionaire" into the United States television. Mr. Silverman Google lunch with people, Google breaking news, restaurant reviews and obscure lyrics, Google reality show contestants to make sure they don’t have nude on the internet. At the same time, as each narcissistic Hollywood actor, he is not convinced of his own Google.

"all the people on the phone said, ‘I bet I can find more than you on Google."" Not long ago, he said, "this has become a new ability to play." read more


Electricity supplier Flipkart and Amazon war ndians in the shopping festival grab what goods

Abstract: Diwali holiday has always been a retail electricity supplier in India and a hotly contested spot, India’s two largest electricity giant Flipkart and Amazon in the field of public opinion also did not forget to die bite opponents, staged a fierce debate across the air.

Diwali promotion season is always India electricity supplier and retail military a hotly contested spot, in recent years around the holiday promotions, the increasingly intense competition. This interesting is India’s two largest electricity giant Flipkart and Amazon, not only in the market to the real thing fought three hundred rounds in the field of public opinion also tightly bite opponents, staged a fierce debate across the air. read more

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Network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises or will bring a warm winter

network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises or will bring a warm winter

in recent years, including e-commerce, the Internet provides a new marketing channel for China’s small and medium enterprises and bring new opportunities for development. China’s small and medium-sized enterprises through the Internet to understand the globalization, to open up the idea of innovation and transformation of enterprises. China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, the population of the advantages of domestic clothing, textiles, toys and other labor-intensive enterprises to develop rapidly. Global 1/4 straws from China, 1/3 socks are made in China, 7/10 toys made in china. But now the "China good times don’t last long, but in winter in manufacturing". read more

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Double eleven left again – this is the next line store discount

if the business can not be twelve customers settle down, from the "new customers" into "customer", twelve might just store a collective carnival.

source: Vision China


double heat has not dissipated, businessmen began thinking about how to play twelve. However, this is the protagonist of the line of food and beverage and super.

stores do milk and bread he started, general manager of the Ministry of electricity providers Fan Weiwei still remember last year – the "no battle unprepared" tragic: in none of the 50 percent off stimuli, each store that afternoon was "looted", more than and 600 stores have been out of stock. In the face of long queues of customers, stores even with a pre-sale mode, so that customers play a single day second days later to pick up. read more

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The group will become the Tengu net or the export business department

Internet overnight become the salvation of the spirit of the traditional enterprise program. Many companies put on this coat, it seems really to kumufengchun. But the concept can never serve as retail shield, cruel place in this industry is that it is always used in digital speech.

gives several figures from the Ministry of Commerce, the first three quarters of 2014, China’s retail sales growth of 10.5%, among them, professional stores, department stores and supermarkets and other traditional formats are increased by 6.7%, 7.1% and 6.6%. It is not difficult to see that the growth rate slightly higher than the Department store. But this is not worth the joy, because their growth is unstoppable collective decline. read more

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The supplier at the Jingdong shop big bully money is owed over 1 years

reporter Ding Lei Beijing reported

Jingdong mall once again suffered growing pains.

February 28th, an attachment to the electricity supplier network platform oil products suppliers, micro-blog platform to lead the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong mall war. The reason to force the supplier to launch an attack of Jingdong is the mall, said the mall Jingdong owed its suppliers for up to 13 months of sales.

this is not the first time involved in the dispute Jingdong mall zero dispute. In February 2012, another supplier in the same way, blame the Jingdong mall existence "shop" big bully phenomenon. At that time, the supplier accused Jingdong mall presence 4 overlord terms. read more

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South Korea are clothes homes web site event of great mystery

double eleven period, the electricity supplier employees are not hard. The average age of only 24.7 years of starry, two 90 employees due to repeatedly modify the page to busy in error, is excusable. To make people feel dramatic, established marketing plan in such a way to start. After three hours, "live, the new" appeared in the starry Tmall flagship store home.

"deserve starry" is born

if it is not the official response to the Korean clothing, you even suspect that this is a carefully planned. read more

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Biography PayPal plans to lay off 400 employees accounted for about 3% of the total number of employ

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on October 13th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Friday, eBay’s online payment platform PayPal is currently planning layoffs of 400, accounting for about 3% of the total number of employees. Under the leadership of David ·, the new president, Marcus (David Marcus), PayPal is restructuring the payment process and cutting spending.

sources said, PayPal layoffs will mainly focus on the product and technology sectors. PayPal has 13 thousand employees. This will be the first time since the 2008 financial crisis PayPal layoffs. It is reported that PayPal layoffs are expected to begin in the next few weeks. read more

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