Shop holiday business also need to strengthen services

do holiday business, which is what every shopkeeper is looking forward to, however, how to do, but it has become a matter of great distress. In fact, service is the eternal theme, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But during the festival, the service can really work fine, do solid, retail customers are very few.

what is the reason? Retail customers answer the most is "busy!" Also, the new year, who is not busy? Consumers are busy purchasing goods, retail businesses are busy selling goods, almost no idle. In this period, but also to test whether our retail customers really "customer is God," the business philosophy of the key period. read more

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Sun Guihong’s business

although there is a great demand for cigarettes in the market, however, the market is currently operating the same amount of products in the store. Therefore, if you want to shop business is booming, you need to take certain business strategies, has a certain operating skills. Sun Guihong’s shop is such a successful shop, then, she is how to manage it?

sun sister, please give me a four "Nanjing" (95), for so many years, in which you buy the rest assured." A door, Wang said the customer. read more

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What are the advantages of joining Alice drinks

the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we all know, in the beverage industry, there is also a very dream of the beverage brand – to drink Alice. Now is the moment of creative drinks are very popular with consumers, every kind of high streets and back lanes beverage shop business is hot queues, emerge in an endless stream, promising venture drinks. A number of drinks in the project, the Alice drink to join the multi – advantage more strength, quick and easy to get rich. read more

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Some fantastic ideas

in fact everyone’s brains have a few absurd ideas, but few people put them into practice, I do not know some successful people to seize these opportunities, the achievements of their beautiful life.

read more

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Restaurant franchise shop has a secret shop more popular

catering industry competition, in order to ensure the competitive advantage in the market, the major brands have carried out the upgrading of the store. For entrepreneurs, a restaurant franchise decoration is quite important, good atmosphere, a good image can bring a good first impression for diners, merchants can help businesses to attract more customers. Catering to join the secret shop decoration, easy showmanship shop.

1, human nature — to enhance customer sentiment

so-called humanization is people-oriented, more from the perspective of the guests, highlighting the practical convenience. read more

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The season of the year retail customers to do what work

time goes by very fast, a day before the high temperature, and now began to enter the cold weather. In the twinkling of an eye in 2016 of the year, said the estimated number of retail retail users very excited. Yes, after a long period of retail off-season after the test, the retail price of gold into the year, and how to suppress the excitement of the heart?

But although the

retail Unlimited Business Opportunities, while consumer demand, but retailers to really do the retail is not casual, careless. In fact, if the retailer’s negligence, often missed business opportunities. According to the author’s understanding that many retailers feel because of the consumption demand, a lot of business opportunities, so no matter how will do business, in fact, this view is wrong. read more


Remember to join yuan hamburger details

hamburger plays an important role in food field indispensable, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Ordinary snack cake, wrapped in lettuce meat becomes a delicious snack, bite, gravy on your finger will let you can not help but suck aftertaste. As a well-known snack brands, always remember, hamburger is loved by the majority of investors, many people have joined by yuan note on the road to riches hamburger. So we are very optimistic about the prospects for the development of Ji Yuan hamburger, can’t wait to join them, but you know it’s joining process? Today Xiaobian give you up, remember to join read more