Impact of China’s apparel industry gem website ushered in the climax of the listing

in the completion of a series of restructuring plan, China garment network recently launched a plan to impact the gem. If successful listing, China clothing network is expected to become the sixth domestic listed B2B companies.

"on the one hand, the gem listing conditions relatively loose increases the probability of listed industry website; on the other hand, the industry website to further plough in the field of industry, it requires a lot of money, but the financing is obviously a shortcut." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping said that the industry is about to usher in the climax of the site. read more


Education website can not log in due to the escalation of the person in charge denied the incident c

work emperor Tang Jun academic fraud incident occurred, triggering a chain reaction. The Ministry of education in a timely manner to open the China Study Center of foreign academic inquiry website (, the employer can log on to the site to click on educational degree certification system for inquiry. But the reporter found yesterday, the site’s academic credentials system can not log in to the query, there are users guess the door of the door of the employer to raise the degree of trust crisis, resulting in high site click rate, resulting in paralysis. read more


Data show that in 2007 the annual revenue of 45% small websites

self built website, you can earn money by clicking, which is spread a few years ago a wide range of secret recipe". However, the largest online advertising trading platform Ali mother quoted well-known industry forum "in 2007 China personal webmaster Wangzhuan real income" survey data show that at present, 45% small and medium-sized websites annual income is zero, the annual income of 1000 yuan accounted for 12.2%, the annual income of 3000 yuan accounted for 5.41%, the annual income of 5000 yuan accounted for 4.06% years. The income of 8000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan accounted for 12.88%, the annual income of between 30 thousand and 100 thousand accounted for 14.11%, while the annual income of over 200 thousand yuan is only 1.66%. read more


Expansion of the central bank credit rating system P2P net loan regulatory deficiencies to be solved

told reporters recently, small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation, has officially become the people’s Bank of Chinese (hereinafter referred to as the "central bank") to improve the whole credit system of the new regulatory object.

at the end of February, the central bank issued the "notice on the relevant matters of small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation access to financial credit information database" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation for local branch select the access to the credit system as soon as possible, and submit the annual reports on access work at the end of the year. Currently, some provinces and municipalities have issued work arrangements for this arrangement, waiting for two types of agencies to submit applications. read more


The Internet also staged empty city

      network is a block consisting of 0 and 1 of the vast battlefield, in front of a computer screen on the million head, is many times more amazing speed than other industries, the thirty-six our ancestors carry forward the essence of design, deduce new strategies and tactics emerge in an endless stream — whether it is beneficial to the social network or harmful.


      this kind of strategy is often in the network scam, often in the C2C shopping site, especially just launched soon. Due to the establishment of relatively short time, this kind of site monitoring and payment processes often have loopholes, easy to use. read more


Customer orders was false the company said was a competitor against


client is false orders are sent books said it was a competitor against

himself did not order, but there are people Dangdang door-to-door, and asked for money. Recently, some customers was false orders, under the single accurate to provide these customers contact phone and address information. This is called, some malicious competitors in the frame, in order to frame

the day before yesterday afternoon, Dangdang delivery to Mr. Kang’s home, let him receive his payment of two books. Mr. Kang thought it strange, "I haven’t ordered a book recently, but the address and phone number are all mine." He has two accounts in Dangdang, recently did not place an order, he suspected someone in this book to sell, there is no sign. Kang wrote down the order number: 2034748530. By asking Dangdang customer service that he gave him the order of the people at the same time back to the other 5 people under the order, the use of cash on delivery, send books. read more


Network black industry chain survey linked data leakage

in the big data and cloud computing era, the Internet is to reconstruct the whole operating system of manufacturing and service industries, and docking of the buyer and the seller is dependent on big data, rather than a physical store, intermediary. The role of the database is more and more important, but it is difficult to protect the security. The investigation of this topic is trying to show the chain of Internet data breaches in the central ring, while the analysis of the case is trying to show the difficulty of personal rights of citizens, which depends on the promotion of the rule of law. read more


Stationmaster net broadcast those companies Cai Wensheng said the sale good domain name big loss 201

1.TMD is a great loss! Cai Wensheng exposes young sale many good domain name  

news February 10th, in February 6th 2014 will be renamed Chinese, domain name chiefs, angel investor Cai Wensheng on eName developments over the past year have given a great deal of certainty, he will also take the initiative to share some "big loss" domain name investment experience, and with a talk in the best of spirits domain anecdotes.

‘s most expensive domain name is not

Cai Wensheng and CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong, is to rely on the domain name started, especially Cai Wen Sheng, made in the domain of investment success is to let everyone can not occupy the peak position. read more


Nora jurisprudence case adjourned sentencing suggestion Wang Xin defender about three years

Nora involving dissemination of pornographic materials case today in Haidian court hearing. Our company, Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen had pleaded guilty to repentance. Wu Ming said Nora company was founded. In the final stages of the court debate, Wang Xin defender suggested that the sentencing of about three years in the Wang Xin. After the court adjourned the trial, the collegial panel for review, the review results announced another period.

Wang Xin defender said, Wang Xin accepted the prosecutor’s allegations, according to the defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty to punish the attitude of the defendant, on the case of the crime of light defense of the case in the light of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China (). From the subjective sense, Wang Xin is not directly aware of the initiative of the spread, Nora technology is not developed for pornographic video. He knows this is not to say that an actor to upload pornographic videos and help the behavior. read more


How to use search engines to connect your trade


search engine has become an integral part of most people’s lives, some enterprises have realized the traditional search engine to bring economic benefits, including some walking in front of science and technology at present the enterprise automation, also started the network war is like a raging fire. So, whether it is some simple pay promotion, search engine optimization of some La Tortura beverages can bring economic benefits to you? The answer is no! Then we together to analyze how to use search engines to connect your trade enterprise automation. read more

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The Internet has become a hotly contested spot baby industry marketing

in the rapid growth of the number of Internet users in China, the value of the Internet has been increasingly recognized by the industry inside and outside the industry. Especially in the rapid development of maternal and child market in recent years, the use of Internet tools for product and brand marketing, has become the inevitable choice of many businesses.

reporter recently held from the Sohu, maternal industry marketing promotion meeting that, along with the "80" crowd gradually into the baby boom, the habit of consumer consumption idea and the media also shows the new characteristics of the times. Compared with the price, they are more concerned about product quality and baby feel. More significant is the characteristics of the network has become an important medium for their baby contact information. The Internet has become their parenting habits of modern parenting lifestyle, they prefer personalized network childcare services have a strong desire for parental advisory information and participation, but also from the material to the spirit of the Internet platform dependent child. Therefore, the network will become an important publicity and marketing channels for maternal and child groups, to achieve the value of the product from the use of value to the psychological value of an excellent platform. read more

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In the Qihoo 360 internal Entrepreneurship a product manager of innovation road

Qihoo 360 company product manager Wang Tiejun Ren Cong / photo

"you are the technology of Montana, played so many battles, this is a tough battle, just a few people, you do it?!…… Fuck! "

Wang Tiejun, a roll sleeve, pull up the block the eyes of white hair, told reporters describe their work state how much chicken". In his view, every time the development of new products like war.

Wang Tiejun is the first Internet Co Qihoo 360 do intelligent hardware product manager, two business within the company to let him "old is new again". He likes to challenge and solve old problems in new ways. read more

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Start from scratch to teach you APP promotion (six) how to make keywords ranking continued to improv


on how to set up the problem in the ASO class 3 son and fourth will have to do a detailed introduction. Key words set up, the ranking has also improved, is it enough? There must be thinking about how to make the young people continue to improve the ranking, we explore some.

Original title:

[ASO] the son class sixth: keyword optimization advanced: continue to improve the ranking

more ""

recently a lot of small partners feedback: keyword settings, ranking also improved a lot, but as an ideal youth can not be satisfied with this, but to continue to optimize the progress of right. So the question is: are there any way to allow the ranking continued to improve with you today? You talk about a few keywords ranking fast promotion experience. read more

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Promote the flow of small web site exchange

Written before two forum propaganda method (on) and refined articles (in), this change a topic, write some specific ways of traffic exchange, because some owners often ask me what is the specific traffic exchange, on my QQ while also telling them not clear. There are a lot of ways to exchange traffic, small and medium sized sites and large web site traffic exchange, but also different. I (mcq0544) here on the first to know the flow of small and medium sites to share with you.

a friendship connection read more

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Media purchase of content advertising model

The closure of the

Firebrand website and TV show last week sparked a debate about whether advertising can be viewed as content. If they can be marketers related information transfer to consumers through the right platform, so as the content of advertising can play a very big role.

In the case of Firebrand, the most common comment on

is that it is a good advertisement. Advertising can be promotional cars or sales of cat food, as long as the ads are well executed it, then it’s theme is not appropriate. read more

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Game site to build a month 2000IP test (two)

            time is really fast, blink of an eye a week passed. I also began to flow from the station 0 to the current two white. Celebrate yourself here. Here’s what I did this week:

                login search engine

                    in the online search of the next web site login entry, found that such a web site, the inside of the login address is quite out of all of us share under the  . Http://, I put all of the log in again, and now most of the search engines are also included, but I have a collection, but the flow is very large. read more

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Vanke cooperation with Taobao to sell the house Behind the marketing you see it

zero on August 25, 2014, Taobao out of a new event, the event is sponsored by Vanke cooperation with Taobao large-scale promotional activities of the house. This activity comes out, it is estimated that many people first impression is Vanke crazy, this is not to send money?

read this event, the first impression I also feel Vanke is really crazy. But when I really study, after the analysis had to admire the marketing planning team or individual to do this.

first, as long as you in Taobao on consumption of the people can participate in this event, no matter how much you consume, here you can get many preferential policies, but also does not conflict with the line of preferential activities. The maximum discount of 2 million, which is not equal to the white house house? You spend less? Never mind that, no matter how much you spend as long as fifty thousand yuan is not enough, enough to fill fifty thousand directly to you! Many people will doubt this is not a probability? Can I get? I am to test the curious, really gave me, directly above read more

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The advantages and disadvantages of email marketing from the promotion activities of a website

"labor shortage" has spawned talent website hot, click on the Baidu personnel, job information, large website promotion is very hot, hot recruitment websites, although the maximum like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, 58 city recruitment website will do, but their sense of touch is hard to reach the two or three line of the city before. A few days and a talent website to communicate with friends, he told his website using the mail promotion quality, let me have feelings.

according to friends, his mailbox promotion is that, first of all, to find a large number of enterprise personnel mailbox information, this is not difficult to find, generally in the local government personnel website, the newspaper media, there are some classified information website has a large number of enterprise personnel mailbox, of course, in the future, the website can also find local enterprises the mailbox, about nearly more than 2 thousand local companies to find the e-mail address, and then write a soft Wen, a friend is a small and local talent market cooperation, mail theme is fair. read more

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Harmonious relationship between RSS and search engine optimization

From the perspective of

website promotion, RSS can make a web site by publishing a hyperlinked title to the content of the website "aggregation" to the client to subscribe reading software, similar to e-mail communication; from the perspective of the construction of the content, the RSS can also be used as the site to gather news content, avoid the tedious work of manual collection and edit. Not only that, through the RSS to build web content is also closely related to search engine optimization. read more

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Guo Yongfeng micro-blog micro-blog marketing Sohu marketing skills

2011 is destined to be the year of micro-blog, micro-blog has continued to cause hot micro-blog open room, Jocie Guo Red Cross and other micro-blog events, many companies have begun to focus on doing business micro-blog marketing, but has always been unable to find a good model. Network marketing consultant Guo Yongfeng share with business owners how to make use of Sohu micro-blog micro-blog marketing strategy.

a, Sohu micro-blog fast ranking techniques

is now a lot of companies have started to do SEO, but after all, it takes a lot of time and energy. Due to the need for Sohu micro-blog certification on the opening of Baidu platform, so Sohu micro-blog included fast. As long as the appropriate competition keywords, in particular, enterprise product words, there will be a very good ranking. The scene with the boss of the company to share the entire operation process: read more

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