How individual businesses through the mobile nternet Nuggets

the first to show that, in not the title of the party, will not play word games, today just want to do sit down with you discuss the trend in the mobile Internet, individual businesses and local entities through the network to how powerful.

mobile Internet is an opportunity, I think no one who doubt. We walked in the street, eat in a restaurant, gathered in the tea room, sitting on the bus, look at all in what? Micro-blog, WeChat or Taobao, or pops… I think everyone will understand, I am not here to say. In short, the sooner to catch the wave of mobile Internet is better, I give you share some dry cargo. read more

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Forum promotion experience

didn’t want to mention skill argument, because the total skill makes me feel only the skill, strategy rather than strategic level, network promotion skills only minor, and non core changes in thinking.

network to promote a lot of articles, it was said that the most popular in the hands of the article, is the SEO class articles and the promotion of the article. Read more, learn more, will be less, promotion of the theory of piles, the promotion. A later read, or what not, because of all the text on the metaphysics, but not to implement the category specific operational, a good idea. With the promotion of the plan, not to, or not immediately have effect, see or white, I hope this for everyone to feel as it is don’t an article and non classical. read more

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Look at the classic marketing, really admire that niche!

grandpa Deng said: black or white, catch mice is a good cat. So as a marketing staff will be engaged in the study, many previous success or the case is be not of the common sort is a boon for a study of electronic commerce students.

now, I would like to say a different successful marketing case, in March 24, 2008, Coca Cola Co launched the torch online transfer activities. The specific content of the activities are: Internet users in the torch to qualify for the transfer of online access to the torch ambassador, the title of my QQ head office will also appear a not lit icon. If the Internet users can successfully invite other users to participate in the event within 10 minutes, the icon will be successfully lit, and will get the right to use the Coca-Cola torch online delivery activities exclusive QQ skin. The invitation to participate in the activities of friends can continue to invite the next friend to carry the torch online. And so on。 read more

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Which companies are a good base for WeChat


marketing in the present is the fire fights, many companies in droves, but some people are happy people worry, to know that WeChat is not a universal formula, WeChat wants to borrow a hot one, then they would know their own suitable for WeChat marketing.

from business circle exchange information, most often noticed by users of WeChat, in addition to the media, from the media, the media, the rest is mainly: Food and beverage industry, banking services, network operators, offline retail.

first talk about the food and beverage industry. Most of the public accounts of the food and beverage industry is going to take the functional route, such as allowing the guests to check the menu, download a coupon, order a takeaway, such as. There is a large part of the business focused on send coupons, such as KFC have a special coupon for WeChat is "KFC coupons". Most of the chain of food and beverage WeChat activities are going to discount, coupons, gifts and other routes, but the crown on a different gimmick. For example, a Hand-Pulled Noodle shop had WeChat public number to send edible oil activities, the same is simple and crude, but effective. Investigate its reason, nothing more than the following: read more

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Mobile nternet era, WeChat marketing is bound to become a trend

2013 in August, the country is hot weather, the Internet is also unusually hot. In August 5th, micro-blog and WeChat have released a version of the WeChat 5, micro-blog released online, "micro-blog Taobao" version, mobile marketing is increasingly hot, August 19th turned easecredit out of the dark horse. Micro-blog marketing is no longer the most hot topic, easy Xinchu out has not opened the door of calf marketing. Now we are going to talk about is the WeChat marketing in the teeth of the storm. read more

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Forced to buy their share eroded v-mobile is the ultimate goal of ofo!

When the new year

, has been in the home life of my cousin asked me a question: he had often seen relevant reports about the v-mobile bike and ofo bike in the media, but no specific experience, whether they are doing what? What is the difference between the two


first, I explained the basic principles and operating logic of the shared economy bicycle, he said that understanding;

but on both the core difference explained later, I hesitated for a while, try to choose low cost figure: the difference between cars to explain the v-mobile car heavy reputation and circulation, and ofo car cheap heavy expansion and coverage; read more

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Technology companies are reshaping modern road traffic

[Abstract] the car itself becomes a huge data collector and a source of information that can generate a lot of data.

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on October 5th

"no need to say anything, just look out the window." Sitting on the 20 floor of the World Trade Center building, Xia Lebei, general manager of Intel China, said, we initially calculate each year (China) due to traffic congestion caused by the loss of value reached RMB 250 billion yuan". This value is based on the time loss caused by traffic congestion, according to the results of these time cost conversion. read more

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Wang Sicong v. Sohu infringement claims 200 thousand defendants involved in the text has been delete

Sohu published "two rich generation entertainment Wang Sicong throw millions" a vote, Wang Sicong said to throw ten million Bunny total vote, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin’s son Wang Sicong, Sohu sued the company reputation infringement, and claims 200 thousand yuan. Yesterday morning, the case in Chaoyang Court hearing, Wang Sicong himself did not appear.

sued Sohu infringement claims 200 thousand

Wang Sicong prosecution said that in July 21, 2014, Sohu and all Sohu network subordinate plate Sohu entertainment published a report on the rich two generation of Wang Sicong throw ten million votes. Said there are informed friends broke the news, Wang Sicong SNH48 combination of love and care for the rabbit girl, not only take the initiative to take a photo, but also from the dig ten million yuan to vote for its general election…… The report also attached a picture, the picture is Chinese bank check, display a check payable to Shanghai four Barbie star culture communication co.. Reported that the company is a combination of the rabbit girl brokerage firm. read more

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9158 make a lot of noise seize the empty economy PO want to transition

[introduction] for a long time, 9158 to 9158 years of income to 1 billion erotic websites listed "the" big "headache.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 12th

video chat site listing 9158 is no secret, but in the Hongkong newspaper reported 9158 to the second half of the year listed in Hong Kong, still caused great repercussions in the Internet industry, 9158 public relations staff phone ringing.

9158 in the industry is not high, but early in 2012 after the listing of YY, the 9158 has always been low-key mystery is popular in the day. The second half of 2012 9158 founder Fu Zhengjun dug to the original audition operator Jiuyou CFO started preparing for listing 9158. read more


GODADDY announced no longer provide new.CN Chinese domain name

, the world’s largest domain name registrar GODADDY announced on Wednesday local time, the company no longer provides a new.CN Chinese domain name. Because of the new policy about domain name registration may affect the safety of users, and it may bring a chilling effect, the company decided not to provide a new.CN domain name, but will continue to manage the existing users already have.CN domain name.

some time ago due to the domestic domain to strengthen supervision of the storm, stationmaster confidence in the CN domain name has dropped to the freezing point, plus CN domain renewal prices as well as individual users cannot register CN domain name, domain name change to flee phenomenon has become a trend, the station in this case also removed from the CN domain. Many independent blog, to replace the domain name is not in the minority. The Goddady no longer continue to provide.Cn domain name for personal webmaster, the impact should not be too large. read more


After a lapse of six years to return to the eBay China route through the network serves not optimist

Business News International E-commerce giant eBay after a lapse of six years to return to the Chinese market. The selection of eBay, leveraging domestic luxury electric business network layout Chinese catwalk high-end merchandise market, but in the business enterprise are difficult to profit in the background, the prospects for cooperation between the two is not optimistic.

eBay yesterday, and serves network officially reached a strategic cooperation, open the "eBay style show" channel in the network serves. The channel provides 5000 brand products by eBay, covering clothing, footwear, accessories, packaging, health and beauty products and other lifestyle products, one-stop service Chinese serves network is responsible for providing sales, logistics, customer service, and payment. read more


Alipay, the map tool product status, business model, development trend

tool product definition, classification, status, development trend, business model exploration

editor’s note: the author Wang Kai, on the matter clear partner, authorized to release 36 krypton.

a, what is the tool

1, tool products are divided into several categories

first of all, I have to correct the idea, we often hear and even personally talk about the tools, but it may be very few people think about a question: what is the tool product in the end?

Zhang Xiaolong said WeChat is a tool, a lot of people say that Baidu is a tool, some people say that the Internet is a tool. In fact, they all said the count on, the range of tools can be large, but the theme of our discussion is obviously not so great, so I must tell you what is the communication tool, or determine this time we talk about category. read more


Baidu plans to push advertising management system to meet the needs of millions of websites

          August 31st news, recently circulated on the Internet a part of the webmaster is closed Baidu advertising management system. The Baidu confirmation, which is following the Baidu statistics, Baidu developed a online advertising management system — "Baidu advertising manager", this system is still in beta stage. Industry experts predict that Baidu’s move to meet the urgent needs of millions of websites in China, its products will be widely recognized. read more


Taobao eBay temporarily restricted by the new regulations Beijing shop


technology news July 4th morning news, according to the provisions of Beijing profit shop next month to do a business license, Taobao, eBay responded to Sina Technology, said the provisions only for Beijing area, not suitable for Taobao, eBay and other national platform.

the above two companies believe that the introduction of the provisions of the state can be seen in the positive attitude to cultivate and standardize the e-commerce market, but the relevant work can not be achieved in one step. For example, the existing conditions of e-commerce platform it is difficult to distinguish between for-profit and non-profit shop. read more


mpact of China’s apparel industry gem website ushered in the climax of the listing

in the completion of a series of restructuring plan, China garment network recently launched a plan to impact the gem. If successful listing, China clothing network is expected to become the sixth domestic listed B2B companies.

"on the one hand, the gem listing conditions relatively loose increases the probability of listed industry website; on the other hand, the industry website to further plough in the field of industry, it requires a lot of money, but the financing is obviously a shortcut." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping said that the industry is about to usher in the climax of the site. read more


Education website can not log in due to the escalation of the person in charge denied the incident c

work emperor Tang Jun academic fraud incident occurred, triggering a chain reaction. The Ministry of education in a timely manner to open the China Study Center of foreign academic inquiry website (, the employer can log on to the site to click on educational degree certification system for inquiry. But the reporter found yesterday, the site’s academic credentials system can not log in to the query, there are users guess the door of the door of the employer to raise the degree of trust crisis, resulting in high site click rate, resulting in paralysis. read more


Data show that in 2007 the annual revenue of 45% small websites

self built website, you can earn money by clicking, which is spread a few years ago a wide range of secret recipe". However, the largest online advertising trading platform Ali mother quoted well-known industry forum "in 2007 China personal webmaster Wangzhuan real income" survey data show that at present, 45% small and medium-sized websites annual income is zero, the annual income of 1000 yuan accounted for 12.2%, the annual income of 3000 yuan accounted for 5.41%, the annual income of 5000 yuan accounted for 4.06% years. The income of 8000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan accounted for 12.88%, the annual income of between 30 thousand and 100 thousand accounted for 14.11%, while the annual income of over 200 thousand yuan is only 1.66%. read more


Expansion of the central bank credit rating system P2P net loan regulatory deficiencies to be solved

told reporters recently, small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation, has officially become the people’s Bank of Chinese (hereinafter referred to as the "central bank") to improve the whole credit system of the new regulatory object.

at the end of February, the central bank issued the "notice on the relevant matters of small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation access to financial credit information database" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation for local branch select the access to the credit system as soon as possible, and submit the annual reports on access work at the end of the year. Currently, some provinces and municipalities have issued work arrangements for this arrangement, waiting for two types of agencies to submit applications. read more


The nternet also staged empty city

      network is a block consisting of 0 and 1 of the vast battlefield, in front of a computer screen on the million head, is many times more amazing speed than other industries, the thirty-six our ancestors carry forward the essence of design, deduce new strategies and tactics emerge in an endless stream — whether it is beneficial to the social network or harmful.


      this kind of strategy is often in the network scam, often in the C2C shopping site, especially just launched soon. Due to the establishment of relatively short time, this kind of site monitoring and payment processes often have loopholes, easy to use. read more


Customer orders was false the company said was a competitor against


client is false orders are sent books said it was a competitor against

himself did not order, but there are people Dangdang door-to-door, and asked for money. Recently, some customers was false orders, under the single accurate to provide these customers contact phone and address information. This is called, some malicious competitors in the frame, in order to frame

the day before yesterday afternoon, Dangdang delivery to Mr. Kang’s home, let him receive his payment of two books. Mr. Kang thought it strange, "I haven’t ordered a book recently, but the address and phone number are all mine." He has two accounts in Dangdang, recently did not place an order, he suspected someone in this book to sell, there is no sign. Kang wrote down the order number: 2034748530. By asking Dangdang customer service that he gave him the order of the people at the same time back to the other 5 people under the order, the use of cash on delivery, send books. read more