Case study nofollow tags for strong blocking search engine

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: Swiss www.gudoi贵族宝贝 watch brand network published, please keep the link, thank you.

The above data analysis by

2, the next day after using nofollow Tags:

1, from the above data collected and included page can be seen as the product attribute links by screening a large number of the same content similar to the existence of a large number of the same content invalid URL address will be distributed website weight greatly, wasting a lot of time the spider crawling. So stop the search engine for the collection of similar pages and index has become an important problem. So, I of these product attributes page links using nofollow tags. read more

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Star number is relief event Wangzhuan articleThrough the podcast class website 23 ALEXA data ranking

you see? Now what things can not sell? As long as you can think, what can be sold, in fact we have around a lot of business opportunities, as long as you think of the brain becomes money, do not need all day complaining about. This article original original A5, hope to give some confidence on the list ha,

          some podcast network yesterday finishing under what they know, should have all the more, a little-known podcast network on the inside, if I haven’t statistics to the podcast, regardless of size, as long as the podcast network trouble authentic everybody to give my blog to tell you.           my statistics here are authentic video podcast sites, UUSEE video network, because it did not provide users with video upload function, so it does not count as podcast network statistics. We can use this table, see now is probably how many Chinese podcast network, which broadcast network of high popularity, which is just started, or what has been done for a long time or stop, or who is developing very rapidly.           light contrast day and three month Ranking Ranking, youku was the most improved, help Zhang Yu visible events on the youku, copy the fire hot, can spend less number of network promotion expenses, so the six rooms. Green entertainment seems to be very famous, but look at the ALEXA ranking is not high, personal view that because of its own products entertainment reasons, Ya Genv incident did not bring much of the popularity of green entertainment effect. Because I want to see the green entertainment video also install the player in this what must facilitate the fool operation of the Internet era, green entertainment this player is their installation requirements of a large number of users to stall at the door. Now, the video network is not a green entertainment, podcasting network competition between the fierce, who makes the product more suitable for most Internet users, who can win the final victory?. Some video search sites are reluctant to include video players because of the need for players to install video, and there is no advantage of other podcasts’ FASLH videos. If the green entertainment is in pursuit of a client installed capacity, this will also make people popular, it is not the success of green entertainment, but other podcasts network failure. Website promotion experience sharing group number: 25424051 full group 2:26124967 full group 3:26124996                                         & nbsp;;                                 &nb

read more

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Please get into Wangzhuan industry the best and the worstThe analysis of advantages and disadvantage

3, website advertising money, this is not easy for your website to have certain flow you have hope, otherwise, they will not allow you to apply for advertising, advertising to sh419 shlf1314, have a certain strength people despise you, then you only honestly do flow up. Moreover, it is not easy to build a website, although it is becoming more and more stupid, but it still needs a little professional foundation. This one has foundation, you can try.

I have said before, Wangzhuan industry is never a simple industry, not only simple, but also very special. The special Wangzhuan industry where?. countries had never acknowledged Wangzhuan this industry is normal but it is not illegal, why do Wangzhuan industry say in fact,? As Lu Xun said, there is no road, walk more, it has become the road; Wangzhuan industry in fact does not exist, but many people say, has become one of the existence of things; two. Special Wangzhuan industry is that it has the characteristics of entrepreneurship, because Wangzhuan industry can not be the same every month with the reality of the work has a fixed salary, in the Wangzhuan if you this month not brains to the operation of the project, that your income for the month is 0, your efforts with your return is directly proportional to it. Is the same with entrepreneurs, and bitter, but their sense of worth, which is your charm. You have the courage to fight in Wangzhuan industry in the drive? I’m sure you’ll have to challenge it. However, when determined, if you have done the best and the worst read more

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Suzhou shop up to second in Nanjing last year sold 493 billion 900 million

Internet era, the electricity supplier in recent years has been the rapid development of online shopping has become a major form of shopping! Here and Xiaobian together to understand the extent of online shopping in Jiangsu crazy!

Chinese people buy and buy the ability to see the world. Yesterday morning, the Jiangsu provincial Trade and Industry Bureau issued the 2015 annual report on the development of Jiangsu’s network transactions. Reporters learned that the total amount of Jiangsu electricity supplier website and shop sold out to 493 billion 945 million yuan. read more

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What did you do at 6.28k station

6.28 may be for your webmaster is a nightmare, I am no exception, this morning, I was basically behaved at the site, open the webmaster tools to see a ghost, the weight of 2 did not change, the snapshot didn’t, the chain is also normal, even more exasperating is included all gone, this is the big blow for a new head of operations for the elder sister ah, originally the development of our website is very good, a month will be the weight of 2, the main keywords are the top 3 websites, and more than 40 days to maintain IP 2000, in this case, what we are doing, I do the following things: read more

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Talk about the feelings of your own local information station

many owners do not want to do local county stations, because the county itself is a small number of Internet users, information collection difficulties, the growth of interest is unclear. And do local county station need to work hard, the initial more should be the attitude of service first, long-term adherence will certainly have a good money.

is a local station, a local name is very important, should be simple and clear, because now a lot of station, good domain name has been registered, in the domain of respect to work, and China users first com after CN, and then the other, so the choice of domain name must be suited to the habits of Internet users. read more

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Water purifier join prospects good

a good product if it is very popular after the launch of the people, with its own usefulness will produce value, as long as it can provide services for people to invest. Water purifier with its uniqueness for people to bring health and pollution-free drinking water, here to learn more about it.

– water pollution: if future water pollution had a hard time to improve, so will the product becomes more and more obvious. According to the national environment department, 82% of the rivers in China are polluted in different degree, and the river section of the urban water area is not suitable for drinking water source, and about 50% of the city’s groundwater is polluted by 78%. With the rapid development of modern industry, water is being polluted by chemical substances such as benzene, phenol and other organic pollutants in industrial wastewater, automobile exhaust, pesticide, petrochemical industry and so on. read more

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Future clothing online shopping market, whether you are ready

future apparel online shopping market will become 80, 90 as the main consumer. With the future of the 10 generations to join the online shopping market, it can be seen in the future is responsible for the online shopping market is very promising. Want to invest in the apparel online shopping industry, friends must analyze their own need to prepare the table number. The largest investment in China to join the chain network ( investment adviser for your analysis as follows.
the first five years of apparel online shopping market in the rapid development of
If our country clothing online shopping market of many online shopping clothing enterprises, can continue to work hard to operate their own clothing online shopping business, common maintenance of our country clothing online shopping market, so our country clothing online shopping market will become more beautiful. Our country clothing online shopping market will constantly grow and develop. After the relevant information shows that in the next five years, China’s clothing online shopping will be the rapid development of the state.
for investors need to do to prepare
if there are clothing online shopping market investors, business clothing online shopping shop is very easy, management of clothing online shopping store is not difficult, so the clothing online shopping market investors must be passive, he is unable to earn high interest through clothing online shopping market. Only operators clothing shop online shopping into the sweat, only clothing online shopping market investors continue to pay, then, can through the clothing online shopping market to earn interest, can earn money through clothing online shopping store.
read more

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To make money – a of dimples dessert

we all know that the choice of businesses engaged in the dessert market, is a very business choice. How about dimples? Is a very popular choice of desserts to join the project. The first step in the success of the business, is to choose from the beginning of the dimple dessert. So, are you ready?

before doing dessert, he had to do a bit of clothing business, but eventually ended up losing money. Tens of thousands of dollars to their stubborn only looked at the hands of province still refused to give up hope, and then friends and relatives borrowed some, ready to look at other industries can do fanben. The two venture I learned through the last failure, more and more feel that it is necessary to discuss with their families. Finally, my family and I together to do some market investigation and analysis, finally find Hongkong dessert these years in the mainland market more and more, and in the choice of dessert brand by the Kung Fu, my family and I have decided to do dessert stores dimple. read more

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Environmental protection activities make money – join

everywhere pollution, has been plagued by us. How do we choose to invest in environmental protection products? The first step to success is to start from the selection of environmental protection products! In the market, has been very popular, very popular choice. Join the environmental protection supplies, what are you still hesitating?

air pollution, water pollution, decoration pollution, it can be said that we live in the environment is polluted everywhere, not safe to stay indoors. The improvement of living standards, more and more people began to pay attention to health problems. If you want to be healthy, you have to have a good living environment. read more

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Fruit barbecue 200 yuan business opportunities

we all know that the fruit contains lots of nutrition, is one of the most favorite people in daily life diet, there are many investors to look into the fruit here, but people have never thought, here recommend a small series of fruit barbecue, and as long as 200 yuan can carry out business!

barbecue, as a kind of food, by the majority of the urban youth favored urban high streets and back lanes everywhere, the baked goods, nothing more than two kinds of meat and vegetables, varieties and tastes are very simple. If you do not have their own characteristics, it is easy to be eliminated by the fierce competition. read more

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No more delicious than just the steak house in Sara’s house

consumer what brand items to pay, can be said that as long as the restaurant good intentions of products, we are not afraid of no customers, remember that moment will be the interests of consumers in the first place, then you have succeeded in 1/3.

intentions to do the taste, you can eat out. The weather is cold, holding a blanket in the sofa watching the show has become the most beautiful time, whether it is full of human "late night dining room", or "full of happiness" that a lonely gourmet, poured into the post of the heart food, let us on the relationship between food and people. Have a richer understanding of the time will always want to play, there are such warm fashion snacks like this. It does not have to be gorgeous, but also like a home as well as each spicy snacks are delicate spicy good, a touch of the tongue to understand it full of sincerity… read more

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Star entrepreneurial success rate

said the venture, really is as long as there is this idea of what people are willing to "remove", and in countless entrepreneurs, the lack of natural stars. And, unlike the general public, the success rate of star entrepreneurship is undoubtedly higher. This makes a lot of people feel the question, then, star business success rate why?

business has become the market today and a large-scale trend, more and more people began to go on the road of entrepreneurship, and even many public figures, various stars began to hesitate to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, but we know some of the more well-known star basically succeeded in creating his entrepreneurial path, like Han Han’s restaurant chain "nice to meet you"; "like Joker on modesty"; as Fan Bingbing Bing Bing television media Co. Ltd. etc.. read more

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Cottage Baidu website dedicated search pornographic information was reported by users

Sichuan News Network – Chengdu Daily reported on December 23rd but thought it was Baidu’s web page, enter search keywords, the content was full of pornographic information! Yesterday, readers call this hotline, said the discovery of a copycat version of the Baidu website on the Internet, but this "Baidu" search only pornographic information! Baidu PR department said yesterday that the porn search site did not have any relationship with them, the national Internet bad information reporting center yesterday received reports of phone, will be forwarded to the relevant departments and. read more

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The rise of the Korean cultural industry to promote the sale of products popular popular cultural ma

The first Korean "

from 1993 CCTV introduced from South Korea, began to envy", "what is love", "drama", and "bath shop men", to perfect just concluded "you come from the stars", reflects the development of Korean history. Hallyu, is like a "Butui fever", more and more serious, more and more hot, more and more popular. Of course, it is a "not retreat fever" category "Hallyu", also contains variety shows, celebrity interviews, and enjoys a high reputation of the combination of singing and dancing. At the present stage of the "Korean wave", is not a single, but a celebrity to the famous brand, and the model is more and more recognized and loved, popular range and gradually expand the korean. Korean, has become synonymous with fashion. read more

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DoorDash delivery company valuation of $127 million of financing frustrated

DoorDash is an American delivery company, the company received a $127 million round of financing. This round of financing led by Sequoia Capital Investment, Kleiner Perkins Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator Continuity Fund and Wellcome Trust with cast.


and DoorDash did not disclose the company in the current round of financing valuation, but according to the current price of $23.96 per share calculation (compared to the last round of financing price per share fell 16%), DoorDash in this round of financing valuation of about $717 million, and the valuation of the company in 2015 B round of financing valued at about. So it can be said that this round of financing DoorDash Down Round financing. The so-called Down Round, refers to investors to buy shares in the company in the round of financing is lower than the price, the price paid for a financing investors, that is to say a new round of financing for the company’s valuation is lower than the valuation of the company before. read more

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