ban bitcoin virtual currency and software tutorial announcement, announced a comprehensive ban bitcoin and related products, including:

in January 14th

1) bitcoin, Wright coins, coins, coins, unlimited quark’s coins, coins, coins, cocoa penny PPCoin, NameCoin and other virtual currency;

2) bitcoin virtual currency mining tutorial tutorial, introduction;

3) bitcoin mining machine for access to the hardware and software of virtual currency.

since the announcement on the evening of 22 Taobao released at the end of 8, to the morning of 7 at the point of view, bitcoin market price of the yuan all the way down from $5759 to $4849, down more than 15%. read more

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How to improve domain trust

first quote Zac’s famous saying: the weight of the domain name is not from the beginning, are slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Do a truly trusted site, there is no shortcut, only to spend time to do the hard work, the time spent can not count on a monthly basis, but need to be calculated in accordance with the

so how to improve the weight of the domain name, how to improve the trust of the domain name, I think there are several factors:

1, access to high trust link

is the first to say Google to domain name trust explanation, Google will be the first artificial selection of a number of high trust domain, the quality of these sites is beyond doubt, these sites are thought to have a Google level of trust, if a website to get to the level of trust links, so the website has two levels of trust, and so on can be launched at level three, level Four trust website read more

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Hishop the Huaihua poor students love left-behind children

children are the future of the motherland, the development of children is related to the future development of the motherland. It is during the summer vacation that the children in the city are busy going to cram school, after-school classes or traveling with their parents. In remote rural areas, the same time, there is a world of difference situation.

HiShop in the autumn of August, adhering to the "close to the user, create value, helps people, and seek common development!" the core values. In the rapid development of the company on the occasion, Yong when social responsibility, enthusiastic about public welfare. Positive response to "poor not poor education, the children suffer not from the call, in the HuaiHua Railway Station, Zhi River Red Net Forum love home volunteers, the HiShop team combined Red Net Forum love home, poverty-stricken areas to the city of Huaihua Bi Yong Zhen of the children, sent to their new semester activities and cultural activities, rich the children’s summer life. read more

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Focus on tourism and vacation options to raise the public to raise tens of millions of yuan Pre-A ro

Focus on the day before

, The Inn Boutique and other tourist resort areas, to raise public investment institutions "colorful cast" announced from ener angel and share capital and investment three VC tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of investment.

colorful cast by the former real estate fund investor Zhao Gengqian and Zhang Senhua co founded, by screening nationwide and around the world the best hotels, apartments and pension assets, to raise public investment fund + "mode, is committed to providing a way of life and asset allocation based on the public to raise product. read more

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Ten points of the actual operation of social media

now social media marketing has become a hot word in network marketing, many enterprises have begun to focus on this area, and hope that their products, services and brands can be a breakthrough in this marketing mode. In fact, in order to do a good job of social media marketing, in my opinion, there are ten key points is to understand.

1, accurate delivery, more important than we should look at the invalid lively its transmission, and make sure you want your content and can enter into the circle which what the crowd, if you just to busy or ha party, so easily, but we in order to improve the conversion rate, or to ensure accurate delivery. In order to achieve high precision marketing. read more

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Network marketing business dry cargo, 42 pounds is such fun

a lot of people think that entrepreneurship, it should be the first product to sell to make money. In fact, this logic is not wrong, because doing business is to do business, there is no buy did not sell. But why when you start to sell the first to find someone to buy? You do is bitter or idiot?

Especially the

derivative, depletion of their circle of friends contacts, the result is a feather, covered with chicken. What do you mean,


business people know that the money is to make money to make their own way to dig a channel, energy sources continue to generate revenue, the closer the pipeline from the wealth. Xiao Bian’s leadership team is a network marketing, software technology development, enterprise education and training, financial management, business model consulting and training of character formation. For everyone here to share how we engage in network marketing started, and leveraging the growth of fission. read more

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Web2.0 how to integrate Web Resources

The development of

Web2.0, is essentially a change in the way of communication, it makes the main body of information dissemination from the center to the decentralized transformation, the main advantages of this communication are as follows:

1 the speed of information collection: Web2.0’s information providers are dispersed individuals, and the huge number of individuals to improve the speed of information collection.

The personalization of

2 information form: the difference of the information disseminator makes the information form of the different providers also have some differences, and this difference will meet the individual needs of information acquisition. read more


Blog– worst user experience 21

1, visit the need to register  

2, page loading time  

3, page   is too long;

4, using the new technology and the need to download the plug-in   browser;

6, automatic playback of multimedia audio and video files to  

7, excessive use of animation  

8, excessive emphasis on page technology, ignore the main content browsing effect  

9, does not provide full output, only the  

10, not mentioned in the article provide the source of information and links to  

11, does not provide professional vocabulary and language word interpretation  

12, does not provide long-term not update and recovery time of  

14, does not provide search  

15, does not provide a good navigation  

17, does not allow anonymous comments  

19, does not provide the query and submit the information feedback  

20, does not provide a link back to the home page and page   before and after death, alone;

21, does not provide any webmaster contact and personal information  
read more

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How to make web site interpretation electricity supplier more sell

business e-commerce site just like riding a boat must continue to move forward, otherwise it will fail until the retreat. E-commerce site for you, your products if there is no way to immediately attract the attention of consumers, and call these target consumers to take action for consumption, we can say that you sell the product page is not good. The product is very good, the service is very thoughtful, but is nobody pays attention, this is how the egg hurts matter. For today the author in this paper to enhance product pages share a few sell good steps. read more

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B2C mall management people-oriented

some time ago to communicate with friends, ask me what the Internet project is better now, we agreed that B2C mall will be a project. (B2C is the abbreviation of English Business-to-Consumer (business to customer), which is referred to as "business to customer"". "Business to customer" is a model of e-commerce, which is usually called commercial retail, direct sales of products and services to consumers. This form of e-commerce is generally based on the online retail industry, mainly through the Internet to carry out online sales activities. Google is right: when you think that something is up to the top, it’s just beginning. Internet shopping has been very popular, the competition is fierce, is said to fire Jingdong has not been profitable mall, expanding their market, began to create their own logistics; and Taobao’s big market strategy next step will be the integration of resources and the construction of express, express their system and logistics system. read more

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2016 wars upgrade capital maternal electricity supplier under the support of close combat

With the 2015

year reshuffle, maternal electricity supplier rampant tide also was left out several real strength of the platform. However, this does not mean the end of the game between the maternal electricity supplier industry, from the first half of this year’s situation, the game between did not eliminate, but much worse: in June, honey bud just cooperate with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party will immediately, babe network announces $100 million D round of financing and this close combat, in the first half of 2016 is not the first time. Careful observation is not difficult to find, the mother and child electricity supplier behind the game, relying on a strong capital support. It is worth noting that in the winter capital, behind the platform electricity supplier financing is also a little more indistinct. read more

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Takeaway how can O2O War Within Three Kingdoms burn, kill the opponent

takeaway O2O field has become increasingly fierce fighting.

hungry, the United States to take away, Ali Amoy little, Baidu takeaway, coupled with easy Amoy food, home gourmet sinks… All players are pushing this competition to the peak.

industry, the new O2O war and last year’s taxi APP campaign in the same breath, but this war is definitely not the case, small-scale conflict". O2O take away the war will determine the next Internet platform – like Ali, Jingdong so huge platform. read more

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