PR if really strong, why the boss and others!

Abstract: a lot of marketing at the back of infamy, often Kuyao don’t a called "result oriented" sword. Especially Internet Co, tend to pay more attention to the cold data, data well, push down the back, a lot of marketing behavior becomes reasonable, even idiotic behavior can become the top 10 creative.

is about ten days ago, a securities company mister ziyishenwang, net before death left a suicide note, only a few characters in the book:

Please do not


do not know after Liu Qiangdong today suddenly Suning sichanlanda, if want to put this sentence in the Jingdong’s website. read more

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Baidu first attempt to know the first day of the promotion of thousands of IP

for me, I should do in fact have a long history, in 05 years did the video playing a single page, for everyone to see the world cup, a few days also make hundreds of advertising, but it is not understand what SEO, just looking for a free space, by your interest, find the sense of achievement. Then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled never contact the website, this, now think really regret, if that time into this line, money can also get some.

The middle of last year with

SEO, slowly on the website and are interested in the domain name registration website program, to record all their single handedly, also complete energy process over the site, SEO basic knowledge and learning some, thanks to "SEO technology Longge exclusive group 01" (the first a SEO group added). In January, the new domain name has just come down on the domain name, it is a new station, but also in preparation for the work of Baidu. read more

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Different promotion methods of the three stages of online shop

I often concern about online promotion of the article, also help a lot of Taobao sellers or do independent shop friends did the promotion, there are many friends from QQ and contact me, I want to write some methods for the promotion of the shop. How to promote online free, have what good method, my method according to the network of many free online promotion, visit the shop promotion do good shop with my friend, long-term experience of online promotion, and how we exchange free shop promotion. read more

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Dangdang next month to test the cross-border electricity supplier bonded mode

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 21st news, recently Dangdang CEO (micro-blog) through micro-blog said that the current bonded warehouse mode of cross-border electricity supplier tariffs significantly lower than the import tariff, is a big opportunity.

According to Dangdang

introduction, Dangdang next month on the line of imported goods will take bonded warehouse electricity supplier model.

"goods fidelity, low price, fast delivery only direct mining to solve. Direct mining and the need to scale and squeeze risk control." Li Guoqing said: through the bonded mode, both legal compliance can be achieved, but also to reduce costs, delivery speed is also very fast. Make full use of bonded policy has become a way to use a lot of cross-border electricity supplier, and can be used for cross-border electricity supplier bonded warehouse is scarce resources." read more

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The United States and the United States heavy bombing electricity supplier breakthrough CCTV adverti

Huang Xiuhong placards Gome breakout

CCTV advertising tender will vote 400 million pounds of electricity supplier business


reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

2013 CCTV gold resources bidding

in November 18th at the meeting, the first three quarters of 2012, the United States has been at a loss for the first time participants and spending billions of dollars. Obviously the United States expect CCTV platform propaganda can bring popularity of its online business, but the face of the business accounted for less than 5% of the real intention, will become the core channel providers to build the United States, a long period of time or only adhere to the dual core line path. read more

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The CNNIC domain name was registered to recover the Olympic champion

recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to recover the domain name was registered by the Olympic champion, who is recovering expressed dissatisfied.

domain name registration according to some researchers, they found that the morning of August 12th, has been registered by the Chen Xiexia, Wu Minxia, Xian Dongmei Olympic champion CN CNNIC domain has been recovered, and forwarded to the State General Administration of sports for all. In this regard, CNNIC’s explanation is that their registration acts in violation of the Olympic logo Protection Ordinance, and these domain names are reserved for the State Sports General Administration, so cancel these domain names. read more

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Domain name transactions, integrity where Alipay can solve

The integrity of

created a Alibaba, online shopping Alipay has become a life-saving straw, this topic to talk about integrity for thousands of years, in today’s online world, everyone just face without expression display, do not know each other is high and low fat thin, on the understanding of the goods only through several conventional parameters. Pay not to do things, or sell things without money and who complain.

Alipay largely solved the bottleneck of online shopping, but in some areas of expertise, or not enough, such as web transactions, a website to sell, transfer of many parameters including website content, domain name registration, modification and so on, Alipay knows not what is PV, do not know what ALEXA. Don’t know how to transfer the domain name, when the other person is not at home when it is more difficult to deal. read more

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Beautiful said Alipay break or follow the footsteps

recently announced that the beautiful shopping guide website said on its website, Alipay will stop payment. Electric business professionals Gong Wenxiang said in the last year, micro-blog, founder June had its sources, will "finish with Taobao". At micro-blog, Gong Wenxiang for this prediction, the beautiful said, is likely to be announced with Alipay break.

this incident can be traced back to 2011, Taobao for the control of traffic sources, and will be beautiful to say, shopping guide website Commission entrance cut, this scheme, immediately led to the two sites of the same type suffered a serious setback. 2012 beauty said, began to build its own trading platform, and gradually transformed into a platform for electricity providers, began to explore the mode of operation. read more

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