Three ask the world of e-commerce

Internet business can be divided into three categories: people, information, and goods. People have been Tencent circle, the information was Baidu circle, and the rest of the goods to this land.

some people would like to say that this is not a piece of goods Taobao?

Answer: the Taobao

is a paper tiger. Physical sales in Taobao is said to be 100 billion a year, accounting for less than the entire traditional retail industry, which means there is still a lot of land without a circle, the rules and the pattern of variables in the 1%. To make a comparison, online advertising will account for nearly 10% of the traditional advertising market, to this ratio, the pattern is basically set. So you’ll see even with Taobao, or a Jingdong, the annual revenues of billions of new B2C companies continue to emerge. read more

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Zhejiang small boss overseas purchasing 290 single tax evasion sentenced to smuggling of 350 thousan

brought back a big bag from abroad and sold it. Previously, such behavior in the ordinary people, and there is nothing wrong place.

but now, do purchasing pro who should pay attention to the human flesh back bag, it is likely to be characterized as smuggling".

this does not, Ningbo, Haishu has a purchasing business to do the bag shop owner, because of the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, was recently sentenced to 18 months in Ningbo intermediate court, suspended for 2 years, and fined $550 thousand. read more

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From watching a film, comfort women, looking for a young lady to marry the enterprise O2O four realm

Abstract: watch porn, comfort women, miss, married, O2O process of traditional enterprises, is a step by step to abandon the media and intermediary, to establish their own marketing system and platform of direct users, however, the traditional enterprise IT system but not a lack of net operating ideas and landing methods, which is soft. But it is fatal in the transformation process of factors.

original title: from the film to see a married woman enterprise O2O four realm

Author: Cui Qiang WeChat public number: cuiqiang1978 read more

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Guangzhou Taobao village dilemma rent doubled over a hundred businesses fled

seller business to do up, the supplier will spontaneously attached to the place, when the kernel hole, including the size of the family workshop, including hundreds of garment factories.

development 6 years of spontaneous formation of a complete ecosystem of transition bottlenecks and run away dilemma

a year ago, Guangzhou Panyu lirendong or a nameless village. December 2013, Alibaba Research Center announced the country’s 20 "Taobao village", as the only hole in Guangzhou Ren Ren list, instantly attracted the attention of the outside world. read more

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Campus e-commerce market has great potential for development

in today’s Internet development trend, we found the campus e-commerce market has great potential for development, the campus e-commerce, e-commerce is carried out in the campus, according to the characteristics of this problem, we put forward the corresponding countermeasures. Through the implementation of these measures, campus e-commerce will usher in new market opportunities and development space. In fact, the campus e-commerce model is similar to the general e-commerce, through the exchange of goods, services or information network. However, compared with the general e-commerce, campus e-commerce has its unique features in addition to the spatial and temporal, digital, open, transparent and other general characteristics. read more

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Li Zhi the combination of vertical portal and B2C profit

China’s Internet has gone through ten years of gold development stage, the current pattern of competition in various fields gradually into the mature period. Currently only engaged in one or several professional website platform, will win the golden opportunity for development. In particular, more and more vertical portals, eyes and profitability in the field of e-commerce.

relatively comprehensive portal content comprehensive, covering all kinds of vertical portals is to focus on a particular field (or region) such as IT, entertainment, sports, and strive to become concerned about a field (or region) the first station Internet content. Vertical portals are the authority of their respective industries, experts, through the website information to do more professional, more authoritative, more attractive to attract customers. Research shows that with the increase of network users and the different requirements of various services, the Internet is filled with all kinds of information, which provides ample space for the specialization and differentiation of the network platform and network information service. read more

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These 2016 annual electricity supplier ordering turnover maddening 15 million

December 12, 2016, the breadth of medicine · at the end of 2016; these electricity supplier orders will be ended successfully in Xuzhou Burton Wyndham San Jose Hotel. This series of orders will be held by Chinese medicine, business joint around large pharmaceutical business companies Qiangqiang jointly sprint year-end results. Xuzhou orders will attract more than 200 manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of the buyer to participate in the 1400.

strength rapid development

drug business is the only company in Jiangsu province was awarded by the State Food and Drug Administration "Internet drug business qualification certificate" (A20150008) of the enterprise. Howard Chinese medical city and relying on the electricity supplier Dalian Huaxin strong government resources and strong financial strength, since the mid 2016, launched the rapid development in the economic downturn, the industry has A new force suddenly rises. difficult situation, has become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical business enterprise, is recognized as the largest "dark horse pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry". With the consolidation of the pharmaceutical industry to strengthen the circulation, as well as the camp changed to increase and two votes in the implementation of the policy system, the capital began to choose to pour into the pharmaceutical B2B platform. These business platform can make the circulation channels more flat, so that the drug circulation more efficient, transparent, open and safe. read more

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SF preferred strategy exposure next year will do an open platform


] November 28th news billion state power network, SF preferred President Cui Xiaoqi revealed to billion state power network, and is part of the SF preferred domestic businesses try to open platform mode, and open platform formally launched and about large-scale investment in the second quarter of next year.

preferred SF President Cui Xiaoqi

Cui Xiaoqi said that the future will go to SF preferred self plus open platform mode. SF preferred open platform will be a self similar platform, using proprietary standards to introduce suppliers, do more monitoring on the operation side, and requested the goods must be from the SF to the carrier. Therefore, eventually be able to enter the open platform SF preferred businesses will not be many. read more

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Tencent to test the water O2O convenience store to enter the online shopping market in Hongkong

express reporter Hong Wenfeng

O2O (online to offline, online to offline) mode is becoming the Internet giant to penetrate the magic of life under the line. The day before the Tencent announced its QQ online shopping to enter the Hongkong market in the form of O2O, local consumers online orders, and then in the convenience store delivery in Hong kong. At the same time, Tencent is currently hot WeChat business, but also try to O2O way to develop the next line of business members.

since September 6th, QQ online shopping and Hongkong local 7-11, OK convenience store to enter the Hongkong market, with the help of the convenience store network throughout the country to provide distribution services to local users. Tencent hopes that this convenient shopping model can be used for the mainland market. Tencent QQ online shopping deputy general manager Hou Yanping introduction, Hongkong Internet users in the QQ online shopping orders after shopping, can be selected by the logistics service providers to deliver goods to Hongkong, and can choose the nearest convenience store in 7-11, OK convenience store delivery. This is also a new attempt to QQ online shopping in the O2O mode. read more

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n December 22nd, Himall multiuser mall system full of fun with your shop

from the original business market fiery "hundred regiments", to create a great sensation of cats and dogs now, businesses and companies have come to realize: just rely on it the price war, although can bring traffic to the platform, good GMV digital, but its disadvantages are also obviously. On the burn subsidies to pull the user, profit is self-evident. Perhaps today because of their own platform to attract 10 yuan to attract users, but it will be a platform for its $15 discount, the user turned to its site. So in the past, will only become more and more big money hole, and more and more keep users. So really belongs to the platform marketing model, what is it? read more

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