Tencent to test the water O2O convenience store to enter the online shopping market in Hongkong

express reporter Hong Wenfeng

O2O (online to offline, online to offline) mode is becoming the Internet giant to penetrate the magic of life under the line. The day before the Tencent announced its QQ online shopping to enter the Hongkong market in the form of O2O, local consumers online orders, and then in the convenience store delivery in Hong kong. At the same time, Tencent is currently hot WeChat business, but also try to O2O way to develop the next line of business members.

since September 6th, QQ online shopping and Hongkong local 7-11, OK convenience store to enter the Hongkong market, with the help of the convenience store network throughout the country to provide distribution services to local users. Tencent hopes that this convenient shopping model can be used for the mainland market. Tencent QQ online shopping deputy general manager Hou Yanping introduction, Hongkong Internet users in the QQ online shopping orders after shopping, can be selected by the logistics service providers to deliver goods to Hongkong, and can choose the nearest convenience store in 7-11, OK convenience store delivery. This is also a new attempt to QQ online shopping in the O2O mode. read more

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n December 22nd, Himall multiuser mall system full of fun with your shop

from the original business market fiery "hundred regiments", to create a great sensation of cats and dogs now, businesses and companies have come to realize: just rely on it the price war, although can bring traffic to the platform, good GMV digital, but its disadvantages are also obviously. On the burn subsidies to pull the user, profit is self-evident. Perhaps today because of their own platform to attract 10 yuan to attract users, but it will be a platform for its $15 discount, the user turned to its site. So in the past, will only become more and more big money hole, and more and more keep users. So really belongs to the platform marketing model, what is it? read more

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Double 12 behind the war to the streets and lanes is giant battle

"double 12" war to the streets and lanes

20 yuan can do what in Beijing? Dongzhimen Volkswagen a cup of yogurt price is 22 yuan. But the giants are using it to build a new business.

weekend morning, commuters often loose for sleeping, but "double 12" that day, he was arrested early in the morning my mother shopping, because the "buy back so long queues." The Carrefour Cashier already 10 o’clock paiqichanglong. In Carrefour downstairs cake shop, full 40 by 20, the afternoon had not let the shelves empty. read more

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Baidu academic search to build the country’s first index of the amount of Chinese and English Academ

annual graduation season before the arrival of college graduates have to go through the first few months, the paper long march of the hone. Speaking of this, almost every student has to go from the big library, jump to a plurality of Internet knowledge platform to find information, but the difficulty often is not a lack of information, but in the mass of information and resources.

June 13th, Baidu academic search officially launched (http://s.baidu.com/? Tn=SE_baiduxueshu_c1gjeupa), collected at home and abroad more than 70 academic sites, such as Chinese academic site HowNet, Wan Fang, VIP, ACM, IEEE, foreign academic sites such as Springer, a total collection of academic resources in total more than 200 million foreign languages, foreign Chinese super 150 million, super 100 million, let the academic "a key to search". It is reported that this is the first domestic Internet platform with a level of internet. read more

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Maternal consumer data online shopping channels accounted for 55%

March 12th news, informed of the latest, before the baby tree was released "2014 annual Chinese maternal Consumer Behavior Research Report", the report shows that pregnant baby products expenditure accounted for 30.79% of household spending in maternal and child populations, as the major expenditure.

maternal and child population expenditure direction

pregnant baby products and food expenses accounted for the bulk, followed by clothing consumption. Baby products is the main direction of this part of the consumer. The resulting huge market capacity, the mother of this category is the red sea but entrepreneurship is still high, honey bud baby Liu Nan believes that this year will be the maternal electricity supplier price war a year, will quickly enter the industry reshuffle. read more

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2016 wars upgrade capital maternal electricity supplier under the support of close combat

With the 2015

year reshuffle, maternal electricity supplier rampant tide also was left out several real strength of the platform. However, this does not mean the end of the game between the maternal electricity supplier industry, from the first half of this year’s situation, the game between did not eliminate, but much worse: in June, honey bud just cooperate with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party will immediately, babe network announces $100 million D round of financing and this close combat, in the first half of 2016 is not the first time. Careful observation is not difficult to find, the mother and child electricity supplier behind the game, relying on a strong capital support. It is worth noting that in the winter capital, behind the platform electricity supplier financing is also a little more indistinct. read more

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How to choose a virtual host

First, load. Is much higher than the capacity of its importance, although the premise of virtual host service application is based to share a single server resources among multiple users on the user, but it is necessary to understand the relevant service providers, how many users and their shared server resources. Because only the service provider in the resources of each user to make a fair division, in order to fully guarantee the interests of most users. If too many users, sharing server belongs to excess load, the server will inevitably lead to poor stability, CPU processing ability is low, running difficult situation, users often encounter sites such as " when it is accessed; can not find the relevant pages " and cannot connect to the database, or even visit a serious failure this. In general, according to the different types of virtual hosting services, each type of user sharing will be at least a few, the maximum should not be more than a few hundred limit.

two, flow. Also refers to the number of users visit the site (i.e. within a month to allow the user to call the data of the website is the sum), service providers also allows the server resources to reason based on the equitable allocation will be limited to a user site traffic, but the problem is how to limit the extent of. If the numerical limit is too small it will greatly damage the interests of users, can even think so, if the flow numerical provide very small space to the site again big also useless, because it makes the user web browsing speed is very slow, just like life shopping queues as " ".

read more

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E-commerce disputes from May 1st can be online arbitration

Remote video

court launched a case and online case convenient to both parties, is admired by people. This approach will also be used by arbitration department, the reporter learned from a Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission promulgated the "Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules" will be online in May 1st formally implemented. This rule is especially suitable for solving e-commerce disputes.

arbitration electronic read more

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The CNNC domain name was registered to recover the Olympic champion

recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to recover the domain name was registered by the Olympic champion, who is recovering expressed dissatisfied.

domain name registration according to some researchers, they found that the morning of August 12th, has been registered by the Chen Xiexia, Wu Minxia, Xian Dongmei Olympic champion CN CNNIC domain has been recovered, and forwarded to the State General Administration of sports for all. In this regard, CNNIC’s explanation is that their registration acts in violation of the Olympic logo Protection Ordinance, and these domain names are reserved for the State Sports General Administration, so cancel these domain names. read more

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Electricity supplier’s rise in the impact of the electronic market Xujiahui digital Kingdom decline

core tip:

at the beginning of this year, the core part of Xujiahui Digital City, Pacific Digital two calm down. Under the impact of the Internet channel, everyone knows that this is the transformation of the infinite glory of the mall will face the problem. This has been regarded as hopeless. transformation for the computer hardware store, is not painful.

but in the public view of mourning Pacific Digital two, maybe we lost is a kind of social fun brought by the installed, even now the electricity supplier to do enough attractive prices, "but you face is a light emitting display, is no longer hold all kinds of accents living." Like fun, how much have we lost? read more

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t’s so easy to get a new domain name

believe that every webmaster all know the importance of domain name, a web site on behalf of the domain name on behalf of all the station. If the domain name is stolen, all the hard work before it will have nothing. So it is important to find a good domain name registrar. One thing happened a few days ago, let me completely disappointed in the new network.

things like this. April 1st, my own station (here with xxx.com) as a result of getting a good business keywords ranking. Basically rely on this ranking can earn 10 thousand monthly. I was happy that day, after all, do stand is to earn money. Who knows that afternoon suddenly into their website and found that someone else’s information. After I Ping down xxx.com. DNS found that the domain name has been referred to another IP, when I was depressed, the domain name of the DNS should be the only one I know. It can’t be changed. Then log on to their new network proxy background, and then found a password error, continuous input multiple times, or password error. I call the new network customer service, they said that I call today to modify the agent password, but also faxed a copy of the ID card, changed the e-mail address, password, and all the information. I knew that I was a fake. Then I immediately locked the customer service agent account. After I provided my true identity card, got the password. That man was found by the whois domain name registration, my name, my name according to making a fake ID, only my name is right all the other information is false, fax to the new network, new network service are not actually what they think is the audit, as long as the ID card is me. I immediately gave all the information to others, my agent in the more than and 100 domain name ah. The new network security system is so bad, really chilling! Not to mention I was a proxy, I don’t know who would dare to do the new agency network. Get the password into the background to find their domain name has been transferred away. The new network has not been brought back for me. That moved to an agent in Lanzhou, because the domain name has been renew, so still negotiation stage. Let me wait! The people now use my station, has changed the ranking domain in a complete mess, today has completely changed. As far as I can’t take it back, I don’t even know. read more

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Jingdong is no longer free of charge 39 yuan freight orders below $5

Jingdong mall statement, from November 25, 2011 on the amount of less than 39 yuan to receive orders of $5 freight, diamond and double diamond users can continue to the full range of free shipping. The following is an official statement:

respected Jingdong users:

in support of the vast number of consumers, sales and orders Jingdong mall has maintained a rapid growth, in order to ensure the quality of delivery service, so that consumers get more high-quality distribution services, Jingdong mall will refer to the industry practice, from November 25, 2011 to 39 yuan less than the amount of orders received 5 Yuan freight, and diamond and double diamond users can continue to enjoy the special offer free shipping. read more

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Tmall strong thinking together, high-end brands to open electricity supplier O2O new situation

habitat series release ceremony

after the Maserati super product, the development of the electricity supplier of Ali in the 50 thousand global brand in the high-end brand of high-end brand LED screen, Chinese Home Furnishing industry’s first super brand, one for 20 days in the Sichao goods Ali headquarters started, mousse together Alibaba held the "Habitat" series of healthy sleep system conference, 396 thousand the new element in Hangzhou Alibaba headquarters world premiere, new era of business line leading brands to join the electricity supplier first opened the high-end custom brand. read more

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New sites continue to emerge 2 e-commerce ecosystem

The new focus in the development of

e-commerce website, not only is a new emerging, still on the e-commerce platform of new service chain is gradually more tightly coupled, gathered from the buyers and sellers, forming a 2 e-commerce ecosystem, which is the e-commerce market competition inevitable in depth from saturation competition.

2010 Shenzhen ITANY will show some ready to do e-commerce industry chain or provide related services for e-commerce enterprises. In the SaaS mode for e-commerce enterprises to provide management services Kingdee Youshang general manager Feng Jie said that many e-commerce sites found in the extension of business services, enterprise external and internal value in large open. The development of electronic commerce to this stage, the variation of the value chain, Youshang will become a very important service provider cloud management platform." read more

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Domain name transactions, integrity where Alipay can solve

The integrity of

created a Alibaba, online shopping Alipay has become a life-saving straw, this topic to talk about integrity for thousands of years, in today’s online world, everyone just face without expression display, do not know each other is high and low fat thin, on the understanding of the goods only through several conventional parameters. Pay not to do things, or sell things without money and who complain.

Alipay largely solved the bottleneck of online shopping, but in some areas of expertise, or not enough, such as web transactions, a website to sell, transfer of many parameters including website content, domain name registration, modification and so on, Alipay knows not what is PV, do not know what ALEXA. Don’t know how to transfer the domain name, when the other person is not at home when it is more difficult to deal. read more

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The development trend of e-commerce industry from the perspective of Baidu strategic investment

iResearch released the third quarter of 2010 Chinese e-commerce market monitoring data show that in 2010 Q3 Chinese e-commerce market overall turnover scale of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%, the growth rate has declined relative to Q2. From this set of data can be seen, the development space of electricity market is huge, but also increasingly fierce competition for enterprises, how to find a breakthrough in such a competitive upsurge, there is no doubt that only innovation can become an evergreen tree industry. read more

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Around the circle of friends derivative embarrassing you shot

I do not know since when, the original private circle of friends began to fill a variety of advertising. Facial mask, bag, clothes, skin care products, food…… Micro business advertising scraper, so that the circle of friends changed the taste.

looked at the old friends frequently "extremely excited" chicken soup, sun drying, drying their orders and sales of luxury living…… Some people really unbearable, the other side pull black shield.

circle of friends should share life interesting places, but you use our friendship and care, just for money advertising plug in my eyes, can comfortable? "Netizens said Steven, pull the black and not because they do not want to see advertising, but feel that they do not respect yourself. read more

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Give your business blog an attitude

Joyce Shanghai Dorothy clothing Limited company’s clothing brand, therefore, the company blog, we used to call Joe Ian blog. At the end of 2009, Joe Ian Alibaba wins two awards, a Alibaba ten Blog Awards, an annual award winner is small wholesale. To this end, I interviewed the general manager Huang Li Ian joe.

before the interview, I read and can be said to be on the Joe Ian blog. The provisions of the company is the location of the organization of the blog agents, the results in a year’s time, Joe is mainly through the blog organized 1000 network agents, annual sales rose from 08 in to 09 years of 40 million. This blog is composed of a team to carry out the idea to the general manager of the team and that each article blog should consider "who are we?" it is in this concept under the guidance of a year ago blog also blunt, a lot of articles of some agent "the notice", "Regulations", but a year later, the enterprise is really and agents in a stage to dance. read more

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Takeaway how can O2O War Within Three Kingdoms burn, kill the opponent

takeaway O2O field has become increasingly fierce fighting.

hungry, the United States to take away, Ali Amoy little, Baidu takeaway, coupled with easy Amoy food, home gourmet sinks… All players are pushing this competition to the peak.

industry, the new O2O war and last year’s taxi APP campaign in the same breath, but this war is definitely not the case, small-scale conflict". O2O take away the war will determine the next Internet platform – like Ali, Jingdong so huge platform. read more

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2011 e-commerce needs to change the development of express mode

2011 online shopping market business is a hotly contested spot. Nowadays, online shopping mall is no longer a supporting role. During the Spring Festival this year, many online shopping mall has changed to "close" approach, combined with the logistics and distribution, to secure the false date of indirect one, such as where the customer, Dangdang, Suning Appliance; as more and more consumers are used to move the mouse, online shopping, online shopping has become one of the retail industry. But "the Spring Festival is not closing in just a handful of needle network, why? The logistics has become the biggest bottleneck. read more

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