Barron weekly Ali double 11 transaction amount will reach $80 billion

[Abstract] investors seem to be more cautious than last year. As of Monday, Alibaba shares have fallen for third consecutive days.

Tencent Francisco November 10th, "Barron" reported that the Alibaba will refer to refer to refer to refer to an ordinary day successfully into the world’s largest annual shopping festival.

eleven brings a huge deal. Last year, the double eleven commodity transactions accounted for the total amount of the total merchandise trade in the four quarter of Alibaba in the 7% quarter. Barron is expected to double this year, eleven still. read more

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Working emperor Tang Jun return T B2C search network was acquired

learned 25, Xinhua Group’s acquisition of Hong Kong and Macao information formally Chihiro network, ConnGame, science and technology, promote the acquisition of Shenglong team, completed by the combination of cash and shares. In this way, known as the emperor Tang Jun also officially announced the return of the IT industry.

Hong Kong and Macao information is a professional engaged in securities investment consulting and financial development and IT solutions for high-tech enterprises, with China Commission awarded the qualification of securities investment, the more long-term development goal is to become a comprehensive financial services, media and information company. read more

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Reflections on the price of Taobao mall sellers defection

some time ago, a friend told me that I would like to take 200 thousand out of the shop in the Taobao mall, I was directly let him cancel the idea. My reasons are as follows: first of all, he did not have any network technology and network promotion experience, belongs to the head; secondly, he has no energy and manufacturers, wholesale market such as the source of competitive products; third, he put their hopes in a he cannot control a single sales channel, no retreat. My friend finally listened to my proposal did not follow the trend of the fire into the Taobao mall. read more

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Black five came, cross-border electricity supplier how to play

2014 is the first year of the black five officially entered the Chinese, the Chinese market performance have no official statistics, but from a number of cross-border electronic business platform of statistical data, the data of at least five black 2014 is the last year of 5 to 6 times. In 2015, China cross-border electricity soared, the market becomes more mature.

in the United States, the red deficit deficit, said black earnings, consumer buying fever to bring a lot of profit to the business, so the day is also called black Friday". Now the domestic cross-border electricity supplier also seize this opportunity, and have increased five black culture promotion, consumer awareness. read more

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Exclusive interpretation 2015 Juhuasuan Yitian sword Dabao best product

reporter / Wu Sifan

world network operators

held in April 18th at the annual meeting of the Taobao business, Alibaba Chinese retail business group president for epilepsy has revealed that Juhuasuan in 2015 three major changes: first, the re opening of part of the category to the auction business, to small and medium-sized businesses, Juhuasuan the opportunity to express their wishes; second, Juhuasuan will strengthen the C store best product support strength; third, strengthen strategic cooperation with the C shop in the original brand, factory direct supply brand. read more

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Nuts electricity supplier, the new agricultural brother was 50 million yuan A round of investment

[Abstract] the new agricultural brother recently received 50 million yuan A round of investment, by Cowin led, Han Li capital with the cast. Cowin concern "health, information, consumption, clean four industry, has invested in the music, the product is still wine, rice etc.. Chinese manage capital investment Focus Media, has ninth city etc..

According to

CVsource data terminal display, the new agricultural brother recently received 50 million yuan A round of investment, by Cowin led, Han Li capital with the cast. read more

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Nebella the story behind a legendary brand

"whether it is two mothers, the father of the two, or a mother and a father, are eager to have a healthy home, to children is the mission of life. Reproductive health is a very meaningful thing, TA is not only a business, but a Knowledge has no limit. thing, only the depth of learning and innovation can be more professional to help more families dream! "Founder Nebella Zhou Huashan (Kandy) said ms..

With the ambition and vision of this

is full of love, Nebella has created the brand of the one and only. Nebella is eager to help more perfect family dream, from 2014 began to help pregnant many Baoma, her mind is constantly for the loss of independence, infertility, rainbow ignited new hope through the crowd, and has been paid in silence and effort, deeply customer trust and understanding, treasure the mother constantly, constantly sharing interactive baby growth experience also, constantly rewriting the history of Nebella, this time from the family trust affects us. read more

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The first to introduce artificial intelligence Youku potatoes joint clothing + detonated video elect

at the end of 2015, Youku announced a strategic investment in the domestic leading computer visual search technology service company of "Yi +", this also indicates that the substantial progress of video electricity supplier watch and buy scale applications. Recently, under the support of clothing + technology, along with the line in dozens of hit show, Youku potatoes become the first in the industry took the lead through the video platform to achieve large-scale watch and buy Artificial Intelligence Identification technology. In addition, with the advantages of Youku potatoes in the field of content and other areas of the network, the cooperation will quickly improve the ecological model of potatoes Youku electricity supplier, the formation of a complete business closed loop. read more

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4 key points of e-commerce website marketing

when it comes to e-commerce sites, we immediately think of network marketing. Because e-commerce site is to sell, sales can not be separated from marketing. That today to talk about e-commerce website marketing several points.

first, understand the market demand

whether it is traditional marketing, or network marketing, it is important to understand the market demand. The same is true of e-commerce sites, you need to understand the market demand for their own products, the site’s competitors and competitors need to understand. The understanding of the needs of the market and network marketing strategy and experience, you can develop a very complete and more suitable for the site’s network marketing program, so that the site of a higher marketing war. read more

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Recruit electricity supplier talent Papi sauce Taobao shop suspected resurrection


] February 18th news billion state power network, in the last year have been discovered "Papi sauce Taobao shop shop suspected zombie" to "resurrection".

billion state power network found that in yesterday, Papi issued a public dressing in the recruitment of staff recruitment, relates to the electricity supplier operations personnel.

electricity supplier operating in the job description, Papi sauce team specifically responsible for the store decoration, multi category and commodity management; shop SEO shop inside and outside the station optimization; theme and activities planning and execution of a number of tasks. read more

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Cat let your customers make money and website to make money

is ideal for people who have to make money for the site, but I think the latter should be much more than the former. We make money can be called a Wangzhuan, and a variety of channels, such as advertising, hard, soft, and even offline activities, etc.. However, Chinese has a bad habit, is people can not see the money, even if the customer is. So there have been a lot of deceptive ways to make money, whether it is personal or corporate operations, but this is generally not long.

I admire the idea is: first let your customers make money, and then the site to make money. Why do you want to make more money for yourself?. First of all, the customer to make money, to help you make money, you may initially didn’t earn much, do not even, but never mind, can let customers earn money, you are not far from the days of making money certainly; secondly, the customer to make money, and you will be able to work together to safeguard the industry, so industry to thrive your position and money can slowly confirm and guarantee; thirdly, the customer to make money, and your site did not make money, this is no way, you can do that and when their customers. Therefore, the key is to allow customers to make money, so as to reflect the value of their own peace of mind, long-term money. read more

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How to increase the sales of e-commerce sites

on the Internet for many years and the rise of the continuing popular e-commerce site has become a problem of enterprise marketing, if internal funds to spend the end, are willing to throw money, so it should be easier to promote. But most of the electricity supplier website and not so much the availability of funds, this time should do? How to promote the electricity supplier website


based on years of experience in the field of electricity providers to give several low-cost and effective way, I hope to help you! read more

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Obama series of products related to domestic popular outcry tens of thousands of domain names

original 165 yuan 450 yuan autobiography toys domestic related domain name price 10000

"Obama" products 10493

newspaper news (reporter Liang Qianli) Obama was elected as the new president of the United States, the new president also bring huge business opportunities, many related products are selling on the Internet to the price of money to start.

Obama imported goods selling

this morning, the reporter login, enter "Obama" search found that a large number of related books, toys, mailboxes, the relevant domain name products are available on the internet. Some businesses in order to "congratulate Obama" as the title of a series of local products. read more

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Shop No. 1 WAL-MART completely wrong to just near the wealthy

July 15th, sharing an office good comrades, the old partner, shop No. 1 founder and chairman Liu Junling in just as guarding to the end of the entrepreneurial team executives finally left. Since July 11, 2008 formally launched just over 7 years ago, after which will belong to WAL-MART.

when the day came to the attention. As early as 2010, the 80 million stake in the safety of the No. 1 store holding the beginning of the year, just in the beginning of its entrepreneurial team has become a professional manager, there are rumors about leaving the job has never stopped on the 80%. This seemingly life-saving transaction may be the wrong start. By 2012 WAL-MART increased investment in store 1, holdings increased to 51%, becoming the largest shareholder. read more

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What kind of site is suitable to do what kind of site needs to buy

is the same as the special Chinese Internet copy and follow the trend, the United States in what, what we learn, and it is a gust of wind to learn, we learn American Xing Web 2, Web 2, the United States Hing SNS we moved, SNS, now the United States Hing Group purchase electronic type class, we all kind of copy group purchase of Electronic Commerce we rarely see, more rational thinking, combined with the Chinese habits to attract and learn and imitate, whether it is on the scale of the web site, or from scratch small sites with no doors, also can be seen in our Chinese mentality and national character, relatively speaking, or more exaggerated, not at ease, always want to take a shortcut between the brush like night to find venture capital, will be listed immediately. read more

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Buy profit model is really profitable

Internet group purchase group purchase, now can be seen everywhere group purchase exists, no matter who want to use a scoop of Internet group purchase this pattern of soup, but the fact is not even, just don’t know how much time has fallen network group purchase. A herd was finally kill himself.

is the main reason why the hot pursuit of the following two points:

1: the relationship between supply and demand of businesses are willing to discount promotions to earn popularity, consumers love promotions, a wish to make a wish to suffer, hit it off, if the 80 percent off movie tickets, 70 percent off of the service, the rigid demand for everyone, this kind of situation, not only I will go, will likely pull together with colleagues and friends poly. From the service industry under the line, this is not a novelty, nothing more than today to put it on the Internet to enlarge the demand for more concentrated. read more

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Peach network marketing should pay attention to the user experience

network marketing can not be in accordance with their own ideas at random, we must attach importance to the user experience.

in fact, any marketing approach is to attract customers to buy their own products or services, any kind of marketing if you can not get the effect of the user must be poor. Take it for granted, you will fail, it is a lot of people with their own failure to prove. Imagine, you make the way of marketing, advertising and promotional incentives to some others, even a look, how to attract users? Network marketing is even more so, the Internet economy is the attention economy, or eyeball economy, can not attract eyeball, only the corner into dust, no one came to the network marketing, is complete failure of marketing activities. read more

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Behind the network economy the heart of the network, how to make money

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that in the virtual world of the Internet, they set thousands of pet in one, has a lot of fans of fans; they have a delicate face, wearing beautiful clothes diversiform around the world; from time to time they star, two rich generation sex scandal, minute on entertainment headlines; more important is that they have the amazing ability to make money, an Taobao store sales top.  

this part of the group is considered to be the 2015 world of the Internet, the most fire, the most profitable group of people, they are defined as". After all, net red is how red up and they live in the hearts of those who read more

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Online shopping promotion can no longer capricious three cases of fraud

network promotion, electricity supplier no festival will not do whatever they want. Release of provisions on the "Prohibition of price fraud before the date of the national development and Reform Commission" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") notify the relevant clause interpretation, specifically for the third party network trading platform promotion clearly three kinds of situations that it constitutes the price fraud case.

according to the notice, any of the following circumstances, should be recognized the main trading platform third party network constitute price fraud: (a) the third party network trading platform in the home or any other location marked a significant network operators merchandise sales of commodity prices lower than the network operators in the product details page marked price; (two) the third party network trading platform website claimed that all or part of the goods to carry out promotional activities, but the network operators did not actually carry out promotional activities; (three) the third party network trading platform provides the price or price promotion software software forced the network operators to make false or misleading price indication. read more

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Amazon Chinese Road market will be better and better

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States, has been in China for eight years. In China these years, it was said that the pace of China is a bit slow, a bit slow. The face of these challenges outside, but I do not think so, Amazon in today’s localization, the entire development is in a state of upward. Over the past 2012 years, its share price rose to reach a total of 40% can be seen. At least in China’s electricity supplier of the road, or from the point of the soup, the development of the whole market is booming. So in the past few years the development of the Amazon, why can have a certain market in China? read more

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