How elegant product operation to raise product demand

what is the demand of the product the product demand is to achieve a set of goals need to realize the function and characteristics of the product description can be divided into the following dimensions:

1 external demand and internal demand

The former

from various channels to collect user feedback, such as the micro-blog QQ WeChat group customer service email customer service call, feedback channels and their products (such as forum service area, instant online consultation window etc.); the latter from the internal company, such as the boss and other departments feedback. These feedback are usually not very clear, the need for the operation of the students finishing mining, communication research and refining the demand. If you don’t throw it all sorted by R & D students to handle it – will be Bi (Qia) (SI) as the…… read more

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How to realize the marketing of cosmetics website

With the rapid development of electronic commerce

cosmetics, the cosmetics marketing network marketing has become the focus of the topic, the cosmetics e-commerce platform to enhance brand awareness and reputation through a variety of ways, so as to improve the conversion rate. In the rapid development of information technology today, the cosmetics network marketing can provide endless marketing, including the more prominent include: word of mouth marketing, WeChat marketing, soft marketing and visual marketing. In this regard, the construction of cosmetics website with Swiss information technology ( to simply talk about these four ways, and a brief analysis. read more

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Four years experience in the operation of Nanyang classified information network

at the end of 2006 at the beginning of 2007, has been considered to be a gateway to the station, but do what I consider for a long time, decided to do a small project, a big fish in a small pond, this is my company’s customized ringing tone classification and information network in Nanyang. Because small start, easy to succeed. When a advantage is to have a domain name in Nanyang area., the domain name to do a local portal, or classified information network, or good. Make up your mind to do it. read more

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Tmall double eleven promotion strategy to increase your order

2014, Ali official and made several more conducive to Tmall mall construction regulations, "flagship" and "monopoly" and other words only for Tmall to use Tmall mall retain a small flow, however, the government proposed to tax policy is also really nieyibahan, policy to policy, we also have to thin, soldiers to be blocked, and then seize the opportunity to profit and growth of each line.

to prepare for the 2014 double eleven day, your shop orders this year to rise into a few? Did the shop know before the promotion "preparation", do double eleven for the first time may be more confused, but also has the advantages of a total fearless: what promotion way also, dare to try. read more

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How to use the network to promote products

network brand has two meanings:

one is through the Internet means to build up the brand,

two is the real product through the Internet into the international market.

but now in many domestic enterprises have the structure of the site, the operation mode, promotion, and other drawbacks, and network promotion is the most important. Many enterprises in China now lamented the cyber source shortage, the electronic commerce website, the decline is a waste of time, there is no real thought: why our website did not achieve the desired purpose? Why my website still in limbo? Is it really is not in the network marketing China read more

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Blog– worst user experience 21

1, visit the need to register  

2, page loading time  

3, page   is too long;

4, using the new technology and the need to download the plug-in   browser;

6, automatic playback of multimedia audio and video files to  

7, excessive use of animation  

8, excessive emphasis on page technology, ignore the main content browsing effect  

9, does not provide full output, only the  

10, not mentioned in the article provide the source of information and links to  

11, does not provide professional vocabulary and language word interpretation  

12, does not provide long-term not update and recovery time of  

14, does not provide search  

15, does not provide a good navigation  

17, does not allow anonymous comments  

19, does not provide the query and submit the information feedback  

20, does not provide a link back to the home page and page   before and after death, alone;

21, does not provide any webmaster contact and personal information  
read more

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Read this article, micro business products you choose to play through

do micro business, it is nothing more than two things: choose the product, sell good products. However, in the specific implementation, the mask of a lot of people found that the first step on the wrong. The product did not choose the right, behind a lot of time and effort, the effect is not good, but it is not suspected where they do not do a good job.

so for all micro business, the first problem to be solved, but also the most important issue is how to choose the product.

first, the analysis of the current situation of grassroots micro quotient read more

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WeChat industry marketing strategy!

as a network of people engaged in the education industry for five years, also experienced a number of changes in marketing, from SEO to SEM to WeChat marketing…… Change too fast, so that many enterprises have not thrown a few blocks react! The analysis about personal experience from several cases, and a little sweetness in the process of continuous transformation and tasted


, 2013, out of personal interest, on a whim, grass root by using the micro-blog model, registered " in the rise of WeChat public number when studying abroad; Encyclopedia of " the micro signal, in view of some industry unspoken rule, considering the name of public service under the banner to attract the intention of customers. Build up the pool, followed by a variety of activities in the planning and customer service consulting interaction to obtain customer contact (industry insiders know…… ), of course, also reached the expected, the average monthly can obtain about 60 customer information, without investing any cost of the case at the same time, because the content of the utility, also won the majority of fans spread slowly, until now, in the absence of any other publicity situation, the country has accumulated around more than 11 thousand fans of the intention to study. read more

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Huang Taiji winter financing 180 million Hao Chang said to take away the life of the leather industr


capital winter came, the financing has become a consensus, but Huang Taiji has been silent for a long time suddenly announced the completion of the B round of financing, 180 million. The founder of Huang Taiji Hao Chang on the first Financial Daily reporters, said today’s Huang Taiji has been far from the pancake yesterday, and it has its own life. He Chang also said that he would also like to take the entire life of the takeaway industry, the challenge can not be profitable takeaway O2O. read more

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Web site usability has become a trend

this is an article on the website usability of the article, a senior Beijing website construction company website construction enterprises through Internet to years of service experience about 43 sites often make errors in the design, usability and no doubt these errors will greatly influence the website. Today, the site has become a trend of ease of use, but looking at the major domestic websites, it seems that the usability has not become a widely understood concept designers, so I hope this article can have a role for everyone. read more

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Content, structure and profit model of SNS website

        this article discusses the core content, structure and profit model of SNS website.

        a, community (SNS), personal space (blog) is the core of what?  

          1, SNS service web site to sell space and developers to sell the house  

          SNS is the core of the user’s personal space (blog), which is similar to the real estate developers to provide to the tenants of the house, the house of quality and comfort is the core condition to keep the household, whether you rely on what marketing means users will live in your community the only selling point, such as FACEBOOK early only students to sign up, or is the theme of the forum, such as Jacky Cheung FANS and the forum, and real estate developers to attract the owners, the community has always preached that near the famous university, tennis etc.. read more

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Product Psychology Jobs’s product innovation code

series of psychology of products has entered the key chapter – thinking. Product thinking is the core competitiveness of product managers, as a product manager, with what kind of product thinking on what kind of product. Today we talk about the image of thinking and product innovation those things".

concept explanation: what is image thinking?

image thinking mainly refers to people’s understanding of the world in the process, with the help of imagination and image, etc., from the visual image of the material (image) in the cognitive way of thinking, so as to solve the problem. read more

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Tencent Venture & password Developer Forum ChinaJoy detonated entrepreneurs concern

August 1st afternoon, the theme of ChinaJoy · venture in Shanghai during the opening of the forum, Tencent open forum, causing developers to participate enthusiastically. Tencent Inc vice president Peng Jiaxin in his speech topic announced that the Tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) has settled in Shanghai bounds creative park. Tencent open platform and mobile application platform Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of the Tencent to share the latest open and entrepreneurial support policies at the forum, and revealed that as of now, Tencent application treasure day distribution has reached 76 million. At the same time, the effect of the advertising platform Tencent deputy general manager Zhang Minyi showed wide points through strong marketing, profitability, market Tencent’s cloud platform general manager Ceng Jiaxin share Tencent characteristics of cloud gaming service. In addition, high-quality game developers on behalf of "do not step on the white pieces" founder Chen Hongzhen, senior vice president of music elements Xu Hui with their own case to share their core elements for the success of the developers. read more

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nternet agriculture in the end what to do

editor’s note: This article is from Yang Lei to help farmer founder contribute, welcome to discuss.

China’s three major industries, agriculture as the first major industry, and many of its related links, a huge market space, in accordance with the crop management process can be divided into: prenatal, production, postpartum. All three links, each link in the agricultural cycle of repeated work in the three sectors, from production to the final purchase sales of agricultural products, the farmers work finished, hundreds of years of farmers is also relying on the business process to get the final return. Based on the actual situation of the rural market and the reality of agricultural cultivation, analysis. read more

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North Korea successfully applied for national top-level domain

      iResearch iResearch consulting group from the Internet domain name and address management agency (ICANN) was informed that North Korea has successfully applied in September 24, 2007 to its national top-level domain name.Kp".

      the.KP domain belongs to the international geographical gTLDs, its management rights belong to North Korea, which belongs to the national sovereignty within the framework of the Internet resources, with CN (China),.Uk  (UK); and JP (Japan) as part of the national top-level domain. read more

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The domain name cybersquatting official Olympic champion premeditated

This time I did not eat rice

estimate, CNNIC recently broke in 2008 at the beginning of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, China’s Olympic champion and some athletes " name;.Cn" domain name has 70% registered their leader the State Sports General administration. This sports administration in addition to rice worm jobs, behind the real plot where

?Why is

registered domain name

Olympic champion

2008 Beijing Olympic Games is also the traditional and online media between the Olympic Games, the Internet has become the preferred channel for people to get the Olympic information. The Internet as the protagonist is pushed to the front of the Olympic coverage, each big portal with special skills "the first gold medal for" champion, to win more than 27 million Olympic netizens love. Users of Internet Games participation also pushes up the value of CNNIC released by advertisers, "Chinese Internet users Olympic media consumer behavior research report" shows the Olympic sponsors got more than 6 of Internet users recognition, which makes the sponsor brand and product by the recognition and acceptance are greatly improved, the value of the Internet has been spread more certainly, this also means that there will be more advertisers to brand promotion of money to invest in the Internet; these also opened the Olympic champion domain name registration meaning. read more

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Zhang Yong set three directions for Taobao community content and local life

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong


technology news March 29th noon news, sellers held 2016 annual meeting in Hangzhou today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong at the meeting made clear strategy for the future of Taobao: community, content and local life will be three directions.

today, Taobao has been a wireless Taobao, Taobao’s wireless has been completed, consumers have been completely migrated to the wireless." Zhang Yong pointed out that the data to prove the high frequency of mobile era visits, users stay longer than the PC era doubled, as long as there is good content, consumers will stay. At the same time, wireless traffic distribution changes, the recommendation will be an important way to buy mobile shopping guide, and an important means is to allow businesses to operate content. read more

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Gome Mou Guixian still want to find the air, perhaps to blow up

[Abstract] in Mou Guixian seems to enhance the user experience will be the core goal of the United States in the coming year.

Gome online chairman Mou Guixian

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 23rd

, "we still have to find an air outlet, perhaps to blow up." Mou Guixian, chairman of the United States online view, the United States online on the tuyere.

in 2014 the United States online continuous force, data show that its market share jumped from tenth years ago to the top fifth. In the course of development of the United States online, Jingdong’s name must be mentioned, than the price than from logistics, Gome online has been against the Jingdong marketing, "the price of Jingdong, you will lose 300" marketing is still in progress. In the view of Mou Guixian chose the Jingdong, first of all because the two sides of the model like, the second is hoping to find a master of standard, so as to form a benign competition. read more

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[Abstract] said after high temperatures make consumers postpone the purchase of winter clothing, resulting in three quarter revenue lower than expected.


technology news (Le Tian) November 18th news, (NYSE Stock Code: VIPS) today announced that the board of directors authorized in November 17, 2015 in the next 24 months back up to about $300 million worth of American depositary receipts. will be through the company’s cash reserves and cash generated by operating stock repurchase. read more

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When the user was increasing in the future mobile phone network Blackhand fraudulent authentication

online shopping security alarm sounded again, the industry said the problem of frequent loss can not allow consumers to pay for

Beware of stolen CFP

online shopping

Internet security issues only a wave, a wave of.

March 20th, known as "the world’s largest integrated Chinese online shopping mall" released an official statement said, very few accounts stolen, so from March 19th to 21 will freeze all emergency account balances and gift cards.

Dangdang also said that after the audit confirmed that the user will be given in full compensation. read more

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