Ali registered double eleven trademark shall not be used for other electricity providers


registered trademark "double eleven" of other electricity providers not to use

[TechWeb] reported on October 30th news, according to media reports, the day before Ali made "a registered trademark of double eleven", and authorized Tmall exclusive use of the trademark, the company shall not use any other institutions.

according to the exposure of the notification letters show: Ali group has Chinese achieved "double eleven" registered trademark (Registration Number: 1013647010136420), authorized by the Alibaba group, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark exclusive right, protected by law, any other person’s use of behavior is trademark infringement. read more

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Zhengzhou was selected as the first e-commerce model city

reporter November 21st from the Zhengzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Commission and other departments informed that Zhengzhou was awarded the first batch of e-commerce model city, 5 R & D center to promote the national level".

this year, for the implementation of the national plan for "12th Five-Year" on the positive development of strategic task of electronic commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries launched a national e-commerce model city to create work, to promote the sound and rapid development of electronic commerce. Zhengzhou city attaches great importance to the deployment by the municipal development and Reform Commission, city committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments jointly carry out work to create e-commerce demonstration city, completed the work of creating solutions, and successfully passed the evaluation organized by the eight ministries, was eventually identified as one of the first 21 national e-commerce model city. read more


Do Taobao how to find your niche (two)

continues the previous article, today to talk about how to find a new market segment, this is very interesting, many friends said that I want to do Taobao, then I ask what you want to sell, about 80% replies are selling women’s cosmetics or, they may not go to Taobao search, women’s products have about 22700000 SKU light this is, how competitive, why not to sell Taobao only tens of thousands of SKU category


1, looking for sub categories;

In fact, we think

other products sold is also normal, because our daily life can come into contact with the product is very limited, at what time to sell, if you do not contact our daily life things, is not I think, if you don’t love fishing, so you don’t think I can sell fishing tackle, if you don’t do yoga, you don’t think you can sell yoga mat, right, in fact these are much smaller than women’s competition; read more


Interpretation of the logic behind and Dangdang valuation gap

listed in 2010 the old electricity supplier, once valued at more than $2 billion 500 million, now only $430 million; last year listed, from less than $300 million valuation, at an alarming rate climbed to 1 billion 850 million. Why the gap between the two companies valuation is more and more big, the market in the end there is no wrong Mr.


mode and market orientation: a focus. A comprehensive B2C

discount. focused on Weihuo discount market. And the use of flash purchase mode, stimulate the consumer in a fixed time panic buying discount merchandise. Dangdang is a comprehensive self B2C website, the recent increase in investment in the platform business, 3C and other categories will be handed over to third party business. The difference between the two is the most significant in the supply chain. read more


Thinking about e-commerce website under the new situation of Internet

on the Internet competition has become increasingly fierce, all kinds of large and small sites innumerable, only you can not think, but few do not exist. The field of electronic commerce has been all about the competition is in the white hot degree, relatively speaking, the electronic commerce website has a more clear and clear profit point, easy positioning, and online shopping has become a fashion, and will become more and more popular, so many companies are optimistic about this. The big cake, many traditional offline sales enterprises have expanded in the Internet, menacing, this field war, will also be intensified. read more


In case of Chinese Amazon direct mail to local electricity supplier for the sea Amoy fat thorn

[San exclusive comment] according to Amazon China official revealed that Amazon will launch the product overseas direct mail China market service, the fastest start in the fourth quarter of this year, domestic users can buy through Amazon Chinese from foreign goods.

a time, American goods can direct mail Chinese "," no longer look for purchasing, sea Amoy Gospel and similar general rejoicing Ben style rhetoric spread, Chinese on Amazon direct mail has been in a "gray area" of the domestic sea Amoy, purchasing industry impact, the local electricity supplier should be how to parry okay? After purchasing their day? read more


Analysis of remaining resources of computer room trusteeship in different regions of China

      prior to introduce how to inspect the room when IDC told you said, the national a class room have more stringent requirements in the earthquake, disaster tolerance, power supply, temperature control, access control and other aspects, to build a room with grade a standard data center cost is very large, so choose this class room hardware conditions will be more secure; but the cyber source is a key problem of the room, if the room is not enough bandwidth, so its power and stable, strict access control, there is no meaning to the user, after all, is to be placed on the server to access the Internet users, there is not enough bandwidth, traffic and the access speed is impossible. read more


Taobao fakes flooding small sellers will usher in the industry reshuffle

SAIC recently announced the results of online shopping product testing, which is the lowest rate of genuine Taobao, only 37.25%, in other words, is extracted from the sample more than 60% fake. Compared with Jingdong, poly America, shop No. 1, Taobao’s fake rate is the largest, Tmall is better than Taobao. In fact, Taobao too many fakes online has long been an open secret, but Taobao has been a "fake Big word seldom accompany great deed., so far did not see obvious effect. In the online shopping popular today, the quality of online shopping products has attracted more and more attention from buyers, and therefore must be strictly review platform for large-scale electricity supplier Taobao, Jingdong, completely eliminate the phenomenon of selling electricity supplier. read more


Double eleven continue to heat up who is behind the flames

double eleven has not yet, but the early warm-up has long started, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity supplier website of the double eleven campaign everywhere. In the early eleven and the latter is the order of the season, so the entire double shopping Carnival will last for a long time in eleven. To stop business or electricity supplier website discount, is the so-called "folk singles", but now the electricity supplier giants speculation into a shopping carnival. In fact, the biggest gain is the business and electricity supplier site, of course, the most powerful is the Ali Taobao. Double eleven has a few years of history, not just behind the electricity supplier and other businesses. read more


Foxconn launched the micro business project shell mountain millions of employees to sell

Foxconn launched the micro business project "shell mountain": millions of employees to sell


[TechWeb] reported on June 8th, Foxconn’s main 3C products supplier micro project shell Hill quietly on the line, there are HUAWEI, Samsung and other mobile phone products on sale. Shell mountain by Shenzhen Foxconn independent team operations, is still in the testing phase.

shell Hill mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital 3C products, has been on the line Samsung, HUAWEI, SONY, HTC, ASUS, hammer and other mobile phone brands, the follow-up will be based on market demand to expand the category. read more


WAL-MART mobile payment using a two-dimensional code it will have much chance of winning

customers need to download APP before payment, WAL-MART can take this to master more user data.

WAL-MART supermarket in Arkansas, the United States is trying to recommend their customers on the line soon mobile payment system, Walmart Pay.

last December, WAL-MART revealed that they are independent research and development of mobile payment systems, and now, Walmart Pay in 110 stores in Arkansas and Texas, the trial run of the 480 stores.

Rogers Walmart, Arkansas

over the past few years, WAL-MART’s Day is not good, since 2011, the average growth rate of less than 4% of their revenue, profit growth is only about 1%. 2015, they are given the worst results in 35 years – annual revenue fell by 0.7%, the global closed stores reached 269. In August 2nd last year, WAL-MART’s market value for the first time beyond the Amazon, lost the U.S. market value of the largest retailers, the throne, has become an important news in this era of the retail industry. read more


Steel electricity supplier business has not yet achieved profitability Shanghai Steel Union has set

is the steel industry for the electricity supplier in the field of the first chair of the Shanghai Steel Union (300226.SZ), and will look to the coal industry.

Shanghai Steel Union announced that in June 2nd, the board of directors has approved a shares of coal electricity supplier company investment, which includes mountain coal international energy group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 600546.SH, Mountain Coal International) and Shanxi Dongtai Energy Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as East Thai energy). read more


Su Ningguang Martha Marceau or vertical business negotiation into the bag

took advantage of the capital, many people may die at this opportunity on the beach, holding a large amount of cash to Suning is vertical for hunters, to enrich their own category and increase sales. Today, the news from a number of channels, Suning has a number of domestic vertical class B2C companies to negotiate acquisitions and shares. In addition to the previous reports and Suning merger talks of the red child, the sequence of main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau Ning in the Soviet Union in mergers and acquisitions. read more


Agricultural products in force, casting on the tip of the electricity supplier

when Heilongjiang Wuchang rice is swaying in the paddy field, when Xinjiang Hami melon is still basking, when Ningbo fishermen in the sea picked up the first fish net, these have become consumers booking delicious food on the table, now the season is a good harvest season of agricultural and sideline products, from the fields to the table of people the tip of the tongue, the electricity supplier of agricultural products and fresh products layout has been greatly shortened between agricultural products and consumer distance, the major electricity supplier recently, Taobao and Jingdong, including LETV is the electricity supplier of agricultural products in the country layout, more and more types of agricultural products in force, is to build a "tongue on the electricity supplier". read more


SAIC intends to build a national network trading platform

State Administration for Industry and commerce administrative department of market regulation, China business association, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) recently jointly issued "comparative study" China commodity trading network monitoring report, said it would establish a national commodity trading network monitoring information platform, reduce consumer online shopping risk.

"Sino German comparative study of online commodity trading regulation" is composed of 3 experts in China and Germany, composed of 4 experts, the report lasted for 6 months to complete. The report pointed out that the behavior of new regulatory measures are in urgent need of group purchase group purchase mode, product quality, reputation, service, website customer service payment security problem is still, consumers are most concerned about the complaints, a linear upward trend. read more


Barron weekly Ali double 11 transaction amount will reach $80 billion

[Abstract] investors seem to be more cautious than last year. As of Monday, Alibaba shares have fallen for third consecutive days.

Tencent Francisco November 10th, "Barron" reported that the Alibaba will refer to refer to refer to refer to an ordinary day successfully into the world’s largest annual shopping festival.

eleven brings a huge deal. Last year, the double eleven commodity transactions accounted for the total amount of the total merchandise trade in the four quarter of Alibaba in the 7% quarter. Barron is expected to double this year, eleven still. read more

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Working emperor Tang Jun return IT B2C search network was acquired

learned 25, Xinhua Group’s acquisition of Hong Kong and Macao information formally Chihiro network, ConnGame, science and technology, promote the acquisition of Shenglong team, completed by the combination of cash and shares. In this way, known as the emperor Tang Jun also officially announced the return of the IT industry.

Hong Kong and Macao information is a professional engaged in securities investment consulting and financial development and IT solutions for high-tech enterprises, with China Commission awarded the qualification of securities investment, the more long-term development goal is to become a comprehensive financial services, media and information company. read more

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Reflections on the price of Taobao mall sellers defection

some time ago, a friend told me that I would like to take 200 thousand out of the shop in the Taobao mall, I was directly let him cancel the idea. My reasons are as follows: first of all, he did not have any network technology and network promotion experience, belongs to the head; secondly, he has no energy and manufacturers, wholesale market such as the source of competitive products; third, he put their hopes in a he cannot control a single sales channel, no retreat. My friend finally listened to my proposal did not follow the trend of the fire into the Taobao mall. read more

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Black five came, cross-border electricity supplier how to play

2014 is the first year of the black five officially entered the Chinese, the Chinese market performance have no official statistics, but from a number of cross-border electronic business platform of statistical data, the data of at least five black 2014 is the last year of 5 to 6 times. In 2015, China cross-border electricity soared, the market becomes more mature.

in the United States, the red deficit deficit, said black earnings, consumer buying fever to bring a lot of profit to the business, so the day is also called black Friday". Now the domestic cross-border electricity supplier also seize this opportunity, and have increased five black culture promotion, consumer awareness. read more

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Exclusive interpretation 2015 Juhuasuan Yitian sword Dabao best product

reporter / Wu Sifan

world network operators

held in April 18th at the annual meeting of the Taobao business, Alibaba Chinese retail business group president for epilepsy has revealed that Juhuasuan in 2015 three major changes: first, the re opening of part of the category to the auction business, to small and medium-sized businesses, Juhuasuan the opportunity to express their wishes; second, Juhuasuan will strengthen the C store best product support strength; third, strengthen strategic cooperation with the C shop in the original brand, factory direct supply brand. read more

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