The aesthetic attitude to art

first_img ‘Art of Looking’ sharpens students’ critical eye We found in each study that people unschooled in abstract expressionism selected the artists’ works as better and more liked, identified them as by artists rather than animals and children, and did this at a rate significantly above chance. Even when we tried to trick people (mislabeling the child work as by an artist and the artist work as by a child or animal), people recognized the actual artist’s work as the better work of art, uninfluenced by the false label. In addition, working with a computer scientist, we showed that a deep learning algorithm was able to learn to differentiate works by artists versus by children and animals, and succeeded at the same rate of correctness as did humans. And so, when you hear someone say, “My kid could have done that,” you can say, “Not so!”GAZETTE: What do you think was going on?WINNER: To get at this we asked another group of people to look at each of the 60 paintings, 30 by the preschoolers and animals and 30 by the great artists, one at a time and randomly ordered. We asked them to rate each work in terms of how intentional it looked, and how much visual structure they saw. The works by the artists were on average rated as more intentional and higher in visual structure. When we asked people why they thought the artists’ paintings were better works of art, they gave us mentalistic answers, saying things like, “It looks more planned” or, “It looks more thought-out.” So, it appears that we make a clear discrimination: We perceive artists’ abstract paintings as highly planned, and those by children and animals as unplanned and somewhat random. Tellingly, we found that some paintings by artists were incorrectly identified as by children or animals, and these turned out to be the ones that had been rated as low in intentionality and structure. Our conclusion is that people see more in abstract art than they think they see. They can see the mind behind the work.GAZETTE: You mention that art that evokes negative emotions can also be positive thing. Can you explain?WINNER: We gravitate toward art that depicts tragic or horrifying events (think of paintings by Hieronymus Bosch or Lucian Freud, whose portraits are often distorted and somewhat grotesque); we flock to sad or suspenseful or horrifying movies or plays or novels; we listen to music that conveys grief. Given how we strive to avoid feelings of sorrow and terror and horror in our personal lives, this presents us with a paradox — one that interested philosophers such as Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, and David Hume. This puzzle is resolved by studies showing that when we view something as art, any negative feelings about the content are matched by positive ones. For instance, one study demonstrated that presenting photographs of disgusting things like rotting food either as art photography or illustrations to teach people about hygiene led to different reactions: Those who viewed the images as art reported positive feelings along with the negative ones; those who viewed them as hygiene illustrations reported only negative feelings. Other studies have shown that people report being highly moved by art with negative content, and the experience of feeling moved combines negative affect with an equal level of positive affect. In short, we can allow ourselves to be moved by tragedy and horror in art because it is not about us; we have entered a fictional world of virtual reality. And the experience of being moved by such works is not only pleasurable, but can also be highly meaningful as we reflect on the nature of our feelings.GAZETTE: You also explore how theater can inspire empathy.WINNER: We often hear that the arts are good for our children because they make them more empathetic. But this is the kind of claim that ought to be closely examined. Is there truth to this claim, and if so does it apply to all the arts? My former doctoral student Thalia Goldstein, now an assistant professor at George Mason University, reasoned that it is in acting that empathy is most likely to be nurtured. She directed a longitudinal study of children and adolescents involved in acting classes over the course of a year, comparing them to students taking visual arts classes. At the end of the year, the acting students in both age groups had gained more than the visual arts students on a self-report empathy scale, and the adolescent acting students had also grown stronger in perspective-taking. These results have the plausible explanation that acting entails stepping into different characters’ shoes over and over, practicing seeing the world from another’s eyes.There is still a lot we don’t know about the arts and empathy. Does reading fiction or watching a drama on stage have the same effect as enacting fictional characters? And if so, can any of these experiences change people’s behaviors (in the direction of greater compassion), or do they just change people’s ability to identify and mirror what others are feeling? The answer is not obvious. William James asked us to consider a person at the theater weeping over the fate of a fictional character onstage while unconcerned about her freezing coachman waiting outside in the snow. It is possible that when we expend our empathy on fictional characters, we feel we have paid our empathy dues. This fascinating problem cries out for further research, which I hope to be able to do.GAZETTE: After all of your research, have you landed on any concise definition of what art is?WINNER: Since philosophers have been unable to agree on a definition of art that involves necessary and sufficient features, I certainly do not think that I will come up with one! Art will never be defined in a way that will distinguish all things we do and do not call art. Art is a mind-dependent concept: There is no litmus test to decide whether something is or is not art (as opposed to whether some liquid is or is not water). Our minds group together the things we call art despite the fact that no two instances of “art” need share any features. And artists are continually challenging our concept of what counts as art, making the concept impossible ever to close.But philosophers such as Nelson Goodman, who was the founder of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education — a group that had a deep influence on my thinking — had something profound to say about this. Don’t ask, “What is art?”; rather, ask, “When is art?” Anything can be treated as art or not. And when we treat something as art, we attend to it in a special way — for example, noting its surface formal features and its nonliteral expressive features as part of the many meanings of the work. So maybe we can’t define art, but we can specify what it means to adopt an aesthetic attitude. And while elephants and chimps may make “art,” and while birds may make “music,” I am confident that humans are the only creatures who step back from something they are making to decide how it looks or sounds and how it should be altered — in short, to adopt that aesthetic attitude. Some musical meaning may transcend cultural boundaries and be universally human, study says The nature of sounds Related Seeing more Songs in the key of humanity Ellen Winner ’69, Ph.D. ’78, BI ’99 concentrated in English at Radcliffe, but she’d always planned to be an artist. She attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts after college to study painting but soon realized “it was not the life I wanted.” Instead, Winner turned her focus to psychology, earning her doctorate at Harvard.A summer job listing at the University’s career office led her to the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero, where she interviewed with her future husband, Howard Gardner — currently the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and the senior director of the project — and took a two-year position researching the psychology of art. For her doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Winner studied developmental psychology. She is currently a senior research associate at Project Zero and a professor of psychology at Boston College, where she founded and directs the Arts and Mind Lab, which focuses on cognition in the arts in typical and gifted children as well as adults. Her latest book, “How Art Works: A Psychological Exploration,” is based on years of research at both Harvard and BC, and looks at art through psychological and philosophical lenses. The Gazette spoke with her recently about her findings.Q&AEllen WinnerGAZETTE: Why do we need art?WINNER: It’s interesting to note that the arts have been with us since the earliest humans — long before the sciences — and no one has ever discovered a culture without one or more forms of art. Evolutionary psychologists have postulated various ways in which natural selection could explain why we have art. For example, fiction allows us to safely practice interpersonal relationships and those with strong interpersonal skills are more likely to mate and spread their genes. Sexual selection could also be at work: Artists might attract mates because artistic talent might signal high reproductive fitness. There is no way of testing such claims, though. My best guess is that art itself is not a direct product of natural selection, but is a byproduct of our bigger brains — which themselves evolved for survival reasons. Art is just something we cannot help but do. While we may not need art to survive, our lives would be entirely different without it. The arts are a way of making sense of and understanding ourselves and others, a form of meaning-making just as important as are the sciences.GAZETTE: In your book you suggest that people have stronger emotional reactions to music than to the visual arts. Why?WINNER: Of course, we do respond emotionally to both music and visual art, but people report stronger emotional responses to music. I have asked my students to look at a painting for one uninterrupted hour and write down everything they are seeing and thinking (inspired by Jennifer Roberts, art historian at Harvard, who asked her students to do this for three hours). The students wrote about all of the things they started to notice, but strikingly absent was any mention of emotions. They reported being mesmerized by the experience but no one talked about being close to tears, something people often report with music.There seem to be several reasons for music eliciting stronger emotional reactions than the visual arts. The experience of music unrolls over time, and often quite a long time. A work of visual art can be perceived at a glance and people typically spend very little time with each work of art they encounter in a museum. We can turn away from a painting, but we can’t turn away from music, and so a painting doesn’t envelop us in the same way music does. In addition, music, but not visual art, makes us feel like moving, and moving to music intensifies the emotional reaction. One of the most powerful explanations for the emotional power of music has to do with the fact that the same properties that universally convey emotion in the voice (tempo, volume, regularity, etc.) also convey emotion in music. Thus, for example, a slow tempo in speech and music is typically perceived as sad, a loud and uneven tempo as agitated, etc. The visual arts do not have such a connection to emotion. Movies may be the most powerful art form in eliciting emotion since they unfold over time, tell a story, and of course include music.GAZETTE: Can you talk more about your studies involving a person’s ability to distinguish between artwork by an abstract master and a painting done by a monkey with a paintbrush and palette?WINNER: We were interested in the often-heard claim about abstract art that, “My kid could have done that.” We wanted to find out whether people really cannot tell the difference between preschool art and the works of great abstract expressionists like Hans Hofmann or Willem de Kooning. We also threw animal art into the mix: Chimps and monkeys and elephants have been given paint brushes laden with paint, and they often make charming, childlike markings — with the experimenter taking the paper away when the experimenter deems it “finished.” My former doctoral student Angelina Hawley-Dolan created 30 pairs of paintings in which she matched works by abstract expressionists with works by children and animals — matched so that the members of each pair were superficially similar in color and composition and kinds of brush strokes. In a series of studies, we showed people these pairs and asked them to decide which work was better, which they liked more, and which was done by an artist rather than a child or animal. Sometimes we unpaired the works and asked people the same questions when they were presented one at a time. “When you hear someone say, ‘My kid could have done that,’ you can say, ‘Not so!’” The cacophony of wildlife is music to his ears last_img read more

Rebels Pause Play, Jackals Cancel Season Due To Virus Concerns

first_imgJAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Jackals cancelled their season and the Jamestown Rebels paused theirs Thursday due to Coronavirus concerns.The cancellation of The Basketball League’s 2020 season comes after when the NBA and the NBA G-League indefinitely suspended their 2020 seasons Thursday.Prior to the announcement, the Jamestown Jackals were 8-3 on the season, good for second place in the league.During a team press conference at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel Thursday, Kayla Crosby, the Executive Director of #IntegrityFirst and Team Market Owner said, “It was with sadness, but encouragement for the future that we announce today that The Basketball League has come to a conclusion for the 2020 season, we were hoping to move straight to a playoff series next weekend, but with the recent announcement from the NBA, it has been decided that the season will be completely ending.” Continuing on, Crosby added, “We want to be sure that we put forth the safety of our players, our staff and the community.”Crosby also spoke about how grateful she was for the Jackals who were in their year number two in The Basketball League“It has been a blessing to have our second season in The Basketball League”, Crosby said. “Starting from semi-pro and moving up to giving paychecks to the players has really increased the caliber of basketball that we’ve been able to provide in Jamestown.”In spite of the abrupt end of the season, Crosby did provide information on future events the Jackals will partake in.“At this point, we are going to regroup, we are going to continue to be active in the community as much as possible. This summer, the The Basketball League has announced it will be hosting a TBL Summer League in Las Vegas in July, and also potentially travelling overseas for tours this summer sponsored by The Basketball League. ”There will be an RSVP farewell dinner party Friday at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel at 6 p.m.Leventrice Gray, the head coach of the Jamestown Jackals, spoke about how much he has enjoyed his time in Jamestown coming from Birmingham, AL.“It’s a very hospitable town, people that look out for you.” Gray said. “When I started to make my rounds around Jamestown starting as a coach and then a player, it was always a warm reception.”When asked about the team as a group on the court, Gray said, “Honestly speaking, they began to gel together. They found reasons to stay here and fight and found reasons to find reasons to push themselves towards adversity. They continued to push and found a way in a lot of situations where it can be tough.”The Jackals had been on a hot streak prior to the season cancellation, winning six of their last seven games, including a 124-112 win over the Dayton Flight last Sunday which would prove to be both teams final game of the 2020 season.Meanwhile, the NAHL indefinitely put on hold the Jamestown Rebels season, as the NHL issued an indefinite suspension Thursday as well.In a statement from NAHL Commissioner Mark Frankenfeld, he said, “This is an unprecedented time and situation. First and foremost, we want to be sure we are doing what is best for the hockey community: players, teams, fans and officials. In the past 24 hours, it became clear that we needed to follow a path that was consistent with our partners at USA Hockey, the NCAA, the NHL and the USHL.”Frankenfeld added, “We will continue to monitor the situation daily with everyone involved and we understand that given the current landscape, things could change at any moment. Our number one goal is to resume play as soon as possible, but only when it is safe for all of the parties involved. The NAHL Board of Governors will reconvene on a conference call Friday to discuss further action.”Jamestown was preparing to take on the Maryland Black Bears for a two-game home series prior to the announcement of the pausing of the season.The Rebels are in fifth place in the Eastern Division with 45 points, two points behind the Black Bears, who hold the final playoff spot in the East. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A Record Six Million Workers Filed For Unemployment Last Week

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) MGN ImageWASHINGTON – A record 6.6 million workers filed for unemployment benefits last week due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus.The staggering number easily shatters all previous jobless figures.It’s historic, not seen even during the great depression or in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.It also overtakes the expectations of economists, who were anticipating 3.5 million claims. It’s the second record-breaking weekly jobs report in a row. A week earlier, 3.3 million Americans filed for their first week of benefits.It comes as more businesses lay off and furlough workers amid the pandemic.last_img read more

Drop in Imports from China Depresses Coal Prices; Indonesian Miners Seeking Other Markets

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Deepak Kannan in Platts Coal Trader International: Several large Indonesian thermal coal miners continue to forecast stable to higher production targets for 2016 despite weakening demand in both India and China, putting downward pressure on prices.Indonesian coal suppliers have been hit by a significant drop in Chinese imports of thermal coal and increasing domestic output in India.“China import demand for the thermal coal is expected to continue to decline over the medium term,” said Tim Buckley, director of Energy Finance Studies at the US-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Coal production in China fell about 6.8% in the first four months of 2016 from the same period last year, while thermal power generation was down 3.2% over the same period.“All are very negative trends in terms of falling demand from China, and a likely increase in China looking at export opportunities,” Buckley said.China, which produces about 4 billion mt/year of coal, lowered its export tax to 3% from 10% early last year, fueling speculation the country might look to become a net exporter in the near to medium term.Global seaborne thermal coal demand is seen declining 25% by 2020 from 2014 peak volumes, Buckley noted.Goldman Sachs analysts expect seaborne trade to contract by 10% over 2015-2020.Indian imports fell about 19% year on year in the first four months of 2016. For fiscal year 2015-2016, Indian imports, including metallurgical and thermal coal, were down 15% to 182 million mt.“IEEFA expects Indian import demand for thermal coal to continue to decline at 10-20% year on year rates over the coming year, considering the comments from NTPC Ltd, the biggest user of coal in India, saying they will not import any thermal coal in next 12 months,” Buckley noted.Full article: Drop in Imports from China Depresses Coal Prices; Indonesian Miners Seeking Other Marketslast_img read more

GE bet big on fossil fuels with Alstom purchase, and lost

first_imgGE bet big on fossil fuels with Alstom purchase, and lost FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:There are bad deals, and then there’s General Electric Co.’s purchase of Alstom SA’s energy assets.The 2015 takeover of the French company’s gas-turbine operations in many ways encapsulates the mismanagement that led to GE’s current turmoil. GE vastly overpaid for Alstom, prioritizing scale over logic and ignoring signs of a peaking market. The result is the almost $23 billion writedown GE announced in October, the majority of which is tied to the Alstom deal.Plenty of GE watchers found things to like about the purchase when it was announced. Profit margins at the Alstom assets GE was acquiring were well below that of its own power unit. In theory, that was an opportunity for improvement. GE touted the prospect of selling more services across Alstom’s large installed base.As it turned out, demand for gas turbines collapsed not long after GE completed the takeover, as clean energy became more affordable. Orders for services later crumbled as well, in part because of upgrades that reduced outages and extended turbines’ life. The underlying cash-flow assumptions for the Alstom deal now appear to have been dead wrong, and GE’s lax pricing discipline on its own contracts is coming back to bite it. GE’s power unit had an operating margin of 5.6 percent last year, compared with 10.6 percent in the year ended March 2014 for the Alstom thermal-power business that constituted the bulk of the deal.Taking a writedown on Alstom is one thing. Unraveling this bad bet is a much bigger task.More: GE’s $23 billion writedown stems from a bad bet on fossil fuelslast_img read more

Brazil’s Security Forces Cooperate to Fight Drug Trafficking in the Tri-Border Amazon

first_img“In special cases [of suspicious boats], we also stop boats navigating in the opposite direction,” Oliveira said. Specifically, 70% of the narcotics that enter the Amazonas come in through the Solimões River. To stop them, Troops and police officers launch missions from the Anzol Base, located about 50 kilometers from Tabatinga, where the ferries BA-1 and BA-2 have been docked since the base opened on September 18. The BA-1 is used by nearly 30 police officers to inspect boats and passengers 24 hours a day from its station on the river’s right shore. The BA-2, meanwhile, is used by 15 Soldiers who alternate between two shifts on the left bank. Security forces use technology and trained canines Brazil’s Army, Federal Police, and Amazonas state security forces are working together to combat the flow of drugs entering the country from the tri-border Amazon region where Brazil, Colombia, and Peru converge. Alto Huallaga, located in the country’s northwest, is one of Peru’s largest cocaine-producing regions, while Vale do Javari encompasses parts of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru and is home to numerous cocaine plantations. Two Brazilian Army platoons cover that area: the Estirão do Equador Fourth Special Border Platoon (PEF) and the Palmeira do Javari Special Border Platoon. Security authorities constructed the Anzol Base close to the confluence of the Solimões and the Javari rivers, a location used to transport the majority of cocaine that’s produced in the Alto Huallaga and Vale do Javari areas. The location of the base, near the city of Tabatinga and between two islands on the Solimões, is significant because it allows authorities to use the power plant operated by the Amazonas Electric Company and decreases the chances of boats carrying contraband to evade authorities.center_img By Dialogo November 23, 2015 Brazil is falling apart. People are turning into zombies. Drugs are the worst enemy to society. “Because water routes are the primary means of transportation in the region, almost all of the illicit drugs produced in Peru and Colombia are transported on the Solimões River,” said Alexandre Silveira de Oliveira, Regional Executive Deputy for the Office of the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Amazonas. In that effort, security forces inspected 622 boats on the Solimões River during September – an average of 20 a day – in addition to interviewing or searching nearly 4,800 passengers. Every vessel that navigates the Solimões from Tabatinga to Manaus will continue to be stopped and inspected, except for Navy vessels and boats protected by international treaties. Forces bolster security by using sniffer dogs to find drugs and explosives, and units assigned to BA-1 have equipment that helps them conduct nighttime inspections, record images from the river, and transmit data over the Internet, which allows its personnel to support other police squads’ activities. Additionally, Military and law enforcement personnel at the Anzol Base also combat the illicit smuggling of merchandise and the illegal exploitation of mines thanks to the support expert technicians and intelligence service members. “Our specific mission is to intercept boats that try to evade inspection by BA-1, primarily during the night shift,” said Lieutenant Colonel Marcos Vieira Santana, commanding officer of the Solimões Border Command/8th Jungle Infantry Battalion. “We have a Guardian boat outfitted with two engines and weapons, which provides ideal conditions to fulfill our mission.” last_img read more

HMDA changes are coming. Is your credit union prepared?

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Brandy Bruyere Brandy Bruyere, NCCO was named vice president of regulatory compliance in February 2017. In her role, Bruyere oversees NAFCU’s regulatory compliance team who help credit unions with a variety of … Web: Details Some credit unions that are required to comply with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requirements are getting a compliance break. Under Dodd-Frank, HMDA requires credit unions to collect new specific data points and specifies how these new points must be reported to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau).  However, the recently passed Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S.2155) will help reduce regulatory burdens. While S.2155 does not change whether your credit union is subject to HMDA, it provided regulatory relief for some credit unions by significantly reducing the amount of data that needs to be collected, adding a new threshold for which financial institutions will be required to collect and report the data points. Why have the data reporting requirements changed? S.2155 amends a section of HMDA to add a partial exemption from certain data reporting requirements. As amended, a credit union that is a financial institution but did not originate 500 closed-end mortgage loans or 500 open-end lines of credit in the past 2 calendar years would not need to follow “the requirements of paragraphs (5) and (6)” of 12 U.S.C. 2803(b) (HMDA). It was not entirely clear how this would be implemented until August 31, 2018, when the bureau issued guidance identifying 26 data points as being eligible for this partial exemption. This includes: the universal loan identifier (ULI); property address; rate spread; credit score; reasons for denial; total points and fees; origination charges; lender credits; discount points; debt-to-income ratio; combined loan-to-value ratio; property value, and more. The partial exemption applies based on whether a credit union is below the threshold for the loan type. For example, if in each the prior two years, a credit union originates over 500 open-end HMDA covered loans, but under 500 closed-end HMDA loans, the partial exemption would only be available for the credit union’s closed-end loans. What about the legal entity identifier (LEI)? NAFCU’s compliance team received many questions leading up to the HMDA implementation deadline about the rule’s requirement that the credit union have an LEI, but this is a component of the “universal loan identifier” data point. The bureau confirmed that the ULI is eligible for a partial exemption, so some credit unions will no longer need to maintain an LEI and create ULIs. However, the bureau’s recent guidance clarified that credit unions operating under the partial exemption will still be required to provide a “non-universal loan identifier” for loans, which “does not need to be unique within the industry.” Rather, this loan identifier can have up to 22 characters and must meet the following additional requirements:(1) May be letters, numerals, or a combination of letters and numerals;(2) Must be unique within the credit union (e.g. only one is assigned to any particular covered loan/application, and each corresponds to a single application); and(3) Must not include any information that could be used to directly identify the applicant or borrower (e.g. name, date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license or identification number, etc.)For more information, including a chart created by the bureau highlighting which specific data points are eligible for the partial exemption, check out this NAFCU Compliance Blog post. last_img read more

Partnering with Lean Industries on a new enterprise chargeback solution

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Disputed payments are a growing problem across our industry. In fact, research shows that payment disputes cost card issuers $12 billion annually, with 45 percent of all consumers filing at least one dispute a year – and 25 percent filing more than one dispute.Consider that for every dollar in dispute, the average fees to process a chargeback exceed the transaction value: with $0.43 going to management costs, $0.37 in chargeback fees and $0.70 in labor costs.“Dispute recovery functions, such as chargebacks, are historically  labor-intensive, multi-step processes often requiring a specialized knowledge base and use of multiple, disparate systems. Compound these challenges with the fact that the rules for chargeback processing change twice a year, and the problem can become unbearable without the right tools,” said Lori Kastrick, Vice President, Industry and Back Office Services, for CO-OP. “This dynamic puts a credit union’s staff in constant training mode and heightens stress for employees.”At the same time, CO-OP’s Member Journey research revealed card disputes to be a particularly sensitive point among members, leading to higher feelings of stress and anxiety. “Members typically feel a sense of urgency when they discover an unauthorized charge on their account,” said Kastrick. “It’s a service experience that the credit union has to get right. When the member has a dispute, they want their money returned to them quickly. When that is not the case, the credit union can lose that member over it.”Partnering With Lean Industries on a New Industry Chargeback Solution Solving the issue of chargebacks was the number one issue identified last year by CO-OP’s client advisory Co-Creation Councils. CO-OP quickly assembled a Chargebacks and Disputes team under Kastrick. And, the company is now partnering with Lean Industries to make available a new enterprise chargebacks solution. As a CO-OP strategic partner, Lean Industries will apply advanced workflow automation technology to streamline and simplify the entire dispute resolution process, from intake through to resolution.For credit union employees, that means reduced time and labor involved in resolving payments disputes; for credit union members, that means faster dispute resolution and improved clarity about the status of a dispute as it is being resolved.“We provide both a workflow tool and automation,” said Jim Schlegel, Vice President of Sales and Delivery, for Lean Industries. “Our solution orchestrates the dispute management process with other technologies involved in each phase of the process, providing a single point of user interaction and a platform of extensive integration. This allows CO-OP and its credit unions to avoid costly and cumbersome procedures, many of which are performed manually today.” Having one system to manage all aspects of the dispute lifecycle benefits credit unions and members in five key areas: Streamlining the Intake ProcessAccording to Schlegel, the intake process for a single dispute can take up to 15 minutes by phone – and when fraud is the underlying cause, it is common for the member to dispute more than one transaction.  “Once the dispute is initiated, the case information is relayed to the back office where another employee assesses the case and decides on a resolution plan” he said. “During that resolution plan, various communications with the member are generated, with financial adjustments being made to the member’s account. And, then the arduous process of recovering funds from the merchant begins. However, if the intake process fails in any way, the entire resolution process is jeopardized.”  The new system, adds Kastrick, will guide members through a standard series of questions, allowing CO-OP to capture all the information needed up front, when the member initially reports an incident, thereby eliminating any errors or omissions during the intake process.“These improvements to the intake process will also greatly reduce any callbacks to members, which can be a frustrating member experience,” she added. “Plus, with a digital workflow, the chargeback process is much more transparent, allowing the credit union and member to easily access information on where a particular claim stands at any point in time.” Greater FlexibilityThe new CO-OP solution will provide a customized experience for credit unions and members as well. “The flexibility of the system, for example, will enable personalized profiles to be built for each member and credit union served,” said Kastrick. “This is important because every credit union has specific requirements and exceptions to be handled. Having those processing parameters stored and managed directly in the application will allow us to work the chargebacks in a much timelier fashion, and evolve the process as business and market dynamics demand.” Lowering Operational CostsDisputed payments tie up human resources and requires staff to be diverted from other, revenue generating tasks. CO-OP’s new solution will automate several manual processes and will also include an alerting function to prompt employees when a decision needs to be made or a new action taken. From the contact center to the branch and the back office, the time employees spend recouping costs adds up quickly. “One of the major benefits of this platform is that it will eliminate the need to manually key information into a various systems,” Kastrick notes. “Instead, critical case data will be systematically retrieved rather than relying on analysts to perform clerical functions – a major efficiency gain.” Regulatory ComplianceEnsuring regulatory compliance is another hidden and complicated issue within chargebacks and disputes. There are multiple governmental and industry regulations that impact the chargeback process today and one violation can result in anything from an employee being terminated to the credit union losing its very charter. The new platform will ensure that all chargebacks are resolved in accordance with the latest regulations, eliminating the need for manual case reviews. Member ExperienceFinally, and most importantly, the new solution will aim to provide a better member experience by resolving disputes and chargebacks faster.“Card disputes can have a measureable impact on the reputation of your credit union,” says Kastrick. “Our new solution is designed to help mitigate that risk and ensure members feel that their needs are being met quickly.”Disputes and chargebacks are an important part of the member service experience. Read CO-OP’s latest whitepaper to discover how service expectations are shifting in the digital age and what you can do to ensure your members’ needs are met:last_img read more

do not use

first_img Looking for information on a specific private school? Curious about Common Core and the Opt-Out Movement on Long Island? Do you have a question about fifth grade homework? Wondering who is running for the local board of education—or thinking of running yourself?These groups provide a great resource for information about schools on Long Island, and school-related issues.LONG ISLAND OPT-OUT INFOThis is a group page to share information about our public schools, high-stakes testing, APPR, data mining, common core and opting out. Feel free to ask questions, post links, and share your experiences with your school when this information is being discussed! Thank you for joining – Let’s Do This!!!LONG ISLAND PARENTS EDUCATION RESOURCELong Island Parents Education Resource provides free resources, advice, and discussions about school and education. This group is meant for discussing studying, organization, specific topics and concepts, and the school environment. This is not a group for advertising. Any post or comment that advertises a product or service will be removed.Rules and Regulations: By joining and participating in the Long Island Moms Education Resource Group, you agree to comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions ( Any content that is a violation of these terms or is contrary to our company policies will be deleted.Margot Enterprises will not tolerate the following postings in the group: • Abusive, harassing, stalking, threatening or personally attacking others; • Defamatory, offensive, obscene, or vulgar comments; • Hateful in language targeting race/ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or political beliefs; • Spamming in nature; • Direct or indirect solicitation of goods or services; • Posting of any personal information including, but not limited to, email address, phone number, and/or address. Margot Enterprises reserves the right to remove any post that doesn’t adhere to our guidelines as listed above. We also reserve the right to remove any member who violates these guidelines from the group. Posts made in this group do not reflect the views of Margot Enterprises. Margot Enterprises is not liable for any posts made by group members. Please be aware that any information posts by members can be inaccurate or misleading. Following advice from a member is done at your own risk. This group is managed by Margot Enterprises. All resources are intended for individual use only and are not allowed to be sold. All Q and A sessions are organized by Margot Enterprises. All raffle and contest prizes are donated by Margot Enterprises. If you have any questions please send us an email at ISLAND PARENTS FOR PUBLIC EDUCATIONLong Island Parents for Public Education is a place for parents to stay informed with FACTS and to raise awareness to support public education. Check back to stay informed about local events and forums. Please be respectful in posts and comments. Any offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate content will be deleted. Thank you.LONG ISLAND SPECIAL EDUCATION PARENT NETWORKThis group has been created as a support group for any parent with a special needs child. It is a place that you can hear about what is going on around Long Island in the special needs community as well as ask questions and seek help. If you know of any great groups for special needs kids please let us know.LONG ISLAND EDUCATION EXCHANGEWELCOME! Long Island Education Exchange is a page for Long Island-based educators (teachers, aides, administrators) and parents interested in participating in an exchange of ideas, news and events pertaining to education issues in our area. This page is a resource for educators and parents to freely exchange ideas and provide information for those who seek it. The admins will allow advertising of education-related goods and services that will be of benefit to educators and parents. Any posting that advertises products/goods/services that do not comply will be removed. This is not a forum for airing grievances or complaints against any individual or educational institution. Any such posting violates our rules and the member will be removed immediately. This page can be a valuable resource if used correctly. Enjoy. *Please see complete page rules under “Files.”PARENTS OF LONG ISLAND CATHOLIC SCHOOLSWelcome. This group is for parents who have children in a Long Island Catholic Elementary or High School. We created it as a positive and supportive place to share information and get ideas from other Catholic school parents.PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL OF LONG ISLAND PARENTSDESCRIPTION: The Progressive Parents Page is a forum to allow parents to share information of any good news going on in the Progressive World. We’re not here for complaining but for sharing events, activities and other good news. This is not run by the school in any way.PARENTS OF LONG ISLAND STUDENTSThis group is a place for Long Island parents of school aged children (k-12) to share info, ask questions and seek advice about their kids’ education/school. This group was created by two long island moms & teachers and we hope parents in the surrounding Long Island communities can benefit from this page! This is not a place to advertise, such will be deleted:-) Long Island Mom & Dad Parenting Groups are helpful online resources and communities for mothers and fathers to interact, share tips and ideas, buy, sell, and trade clothing and toys, arrange playdates, shop, advertise services, and overall, simply help each other out. Having children is a blessing. But parenting isn’t easy. Nothing quite saps your energy and emotional resources the way children do, causing you to question your decisions like virtually nothing else on Earth. It can also be an isolating experience, especially if your pre-child friends are on a different baby-making schedule than you are.For these reasons, parenting groups can be life-changing. You can meet people with whom you will immediately share something vitally important. They can answer your questions, concerns, and share in the unique joys and hardships that parents face. Social media, such as Facebook, has made it that much easier for like-minded mothers and fathers to find each other.Located right here on Long Island, the groups included on this list can help identify quality local services and products—such as “Where is the best playground on Long Island?” and “Who can recommend an orthodontist?”—as well as organize meetups and play dates.Have a stroller you are looking to unload? Barely worn baby clothes (or onesies that your baby grew out of before he/she could wear them)? Join a buy/sell/trade group. There are local groups whose main objective is coordinating and organizing playdates and outings. Groups that share ethnicities or religions. Or moms and dads who like to cook, read, or exercise.You name it, there’s a Long Island mom (and dad) group for it.Below is a compilation of the best Facebook Mommy & Daddy Parenting groups to get you to wine o’clock, subdivided into: COMMUNITY GROUPS; ACTIVITY GROUPS; HEALTH-RELATED GROUPS; REGIONAL GROUPS; RELIGION & CULTURAL GROUPS; BUSINESS GROUPS; BUY, SELL, TRADE, SWAP GROUPS; PLAYGROUPS/EVENTS; DADDY GROUPS; & EDUCATION GROUPS; along with their posted descriptions (and any associated rules).This is very much a work in progress, as new groups are being created all the time, so if we missed any of your favorites, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add them! Thanks! COMMUNITY GROUPS DADDY GROUPS Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York EDUCATION GROUPS Need something or need to sell something? All parents know that raising kids comes with a lot of stuff: strollers, baby furniture, wipe warmers, clothes. These items are quickly outgrown. Clothes are often grown out of before we can even get them on our infants and toddlers.Never fear! These groups are here to offer their “overstock” to interested parties. These are great resources for gently used items, or sometimes, those new, with tags items that you and your loved ones may need. And when your children outgrow them, these groups provide the perfect forums to pay it forward.LONG ISLAND MOMS WHO LOVE TO SHOP/BUY/SELLThis group is for Long Island moms who love to shop and sell.FREE MOM SWAP – LONG ISLANDA place for local moms to help each other out in an economy where many of us can’t or don’t want to spend money on all the things we need or want. Are you done using your baby clothes, toys, stroller, furniture, etc.? Offer it up to someone who wants it! Looking for gently used toys? Don’t want to buy new ice skates, soccer cleats or ballet shoes just so your child can try an activity? Need a second high chair for grandma’s house? Just ask! ALL ITEMS OFFERED MUST BE FREE!!!!! (Mom Swap is not responsible for the condition or recall status of any items exchanged.)LONG ISLAND MULTIPLE MOMS BUY/SELLDESCRIPTION: N/ALONG ISLAND MOMS PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING GROUP BUY, SELL, TRADE GROUPLong Island MOMS Professional Networking – Mom’s Personal and Career GroupLONG ISLAND PARENTS ISO, FREE, SWAP, TRADE, FOR SALE… ETC.Parents helping parents… PLEASE no hate mail or talking trash… This is a group for advice, free items, for sale or notice of fairs or listing other great resources. If you receive anything and you can recycle it that would be great. )MOMMY TRADE BUY LIDESCRIPTION: NO Drama. NO foul language. **Please remember to delete the post after the position is filled. ***Invite all your friends and family. **** **** NO BASHING of any kind. Absolutely NO asking for money EVER. If anyone has Any issues or needs to talk to me for any reason, please message me at any time.*** Don’t block admin or you will be deleted from the group. *** Admins please message me if you’re interested.*** PLAYGROUPS/EVENTS Every religion shares their own set of beliefs, and so too does every culture share its own core of traditions. Whether that’s a recipe handed down through several generations, or the sacred customs performed at a special ceremony or familial occasion, such as a wedding, all these help define not just those individual members of said religious sect or community, but the congregation or ethnicity as a whole.The following groups are comprised of caring individuals and families who share religious and cultural beliefs and traditions, and in bonding together, have created online families unto their own.LONG ISLAND JEWISH MOMSShalom! This Moms group is for all Jewish moms and their little ones in the Nassau/Suffolk Long Island areas. Your spouse can be non-Jewish. If you are a Jewish mom looking to join a group of other Jewish mommies, this is the place for you. We have Mommies Night Out, playdates, outings, family days, chatting/message board, etc. As of now there is no Advertising. We will pick a day once a month starting March. You may create a file and update every two weeks. Any events must be approved by admins. We look forward to meeting you and your little ones.JEWISH MOMS LONG ISLAND NYWe highly recommend NYC Party Masters for all your party needs, they are amazing!! nycpartymasters.comLONG ISLAND ITALIAN MOMS GROUPThank you for joining our site for Long Island Italian Moms (and Dads are welcome, too!). On our site, please share your favorite recipes, pictures of your Sunday dinners, tell stories about how your family came to America, maybe some photos of family when they arrived here. Where is your family from in Italy? Hey, you may find some long lost relatives!! Post Italian Feasts, Restaurants, etc. Welcome!!LONG ISLAND MOCHA MOMSIf you’re a stay-at-home mom, or work part-time, full-time, etc. mom of color living on Long Island, a new chapter of Mocha Moms is forming. This is an amazing support group for moms just like you (and me) who are making things work for themselves, families, and communities. Join us!LONG ISLAND ASIAN PARENTSIs it just me or do Asian cultures have some wild and interesting believes and techniques when it comes to child rearing (or even life in general)? Let’s share stories, ideas, experiences, and even recipes to connect with each other and build a strong network of support and knowledge to keep our roots and cultures alive :)!POLISH PARENTS ON LONG ISLANDA place where parents can meet and discuss topics that affect us and our kids.RUSSIAN PARENTS ON LONG ISLANDThis group is designed for Russian speaking parents to share their concerns, ideas on raising kids on Long Island. Please share the EVENTS that you think other parents can benefit from Business owners, feel free to share your ads if they relate to children/family, BUT we strongly ask you NOT to exceed 1 posting a week (after all it is free for you). RELIGIOUS & CULTURAL GROUPS Communities are ultra-tight units of people who live in the same geographic area who share a ton. They live on the same block. Their children attend the same schools. They shop in the same stores, deal with the same utility companies, go to the same post office.Communities are comprised of friends and families, school districts, parishes and congregations. They are neighbors, confidantes, a unique network of parents who are all in it, together. Individually, members of a specific community may be strong, but united, well, Look Out!As such, a community’s shared experiences are also its greatest strength. Members are therefore the best to turn to when there’s an issue that simply no other collection of people will understand. Or there’s an event or special occasion to celebrate. Community members are in it for the long haul, since they literally live there. They’re in it. They get it. And they can be your best ally, to share ideas with, receive advice from, or help tackle any number of challenges. These are the people you live with. These are the people who will help mold you and your family and your children’s lives, simply by sharing so much of life with one another.The following are online community groups who’ve bonded together to better the lives of not just their own families, but their neighborhoods where they live, as a whole.PATCHOGUE MOMSWelcome to Patchogue moms! This group is for posting community events, information and recommendations that are relevant to moms in the area. There is no advertising in this group unless an admin designates a specific post to that. Any advertising posts will be deleted without warning and you might be removed from the group as well. There is a search option for the group if you have a question that you think was asked already or if you are searching for an old post. If you’re on your phone, you need to enter in “Patchogue moms (insert what you’re looking for.) If you have things for sale please post them in this group: THINGS FOR SALE IN PATCHOGUE-MEDFORD NEW YORK Please remember to be nice=)SOUTH SHORE LONG ISLAND MOMSThis is a FB group for “South Shore” residents to communicate, interact and share ideas. It’s a great place to exchange tips, local events and advice. Please be respectful, no spamming for sole purpose of business and remember the printed word doesn’t always come across the way it would if you said it over a nice glass of Chardonnay. We LOVE our local businesses and are proud and honored to support them, so we ask that you ONLY post on “Wacky Wednesdays” which are now the third Wednesday of every month from 8:00am ~ 8:00pm. *see schedule below* No exceptions will be made. If you have a community based event, fair or a community based activity you wish to post, you must submit it to an SSLI Moms admin for approval. You may post a link once a week for another Facebook group, but it may not be “business” based. This group is a fantastic forum for referrals, discussions and fun information, but as it has grown we had to curtail the advertising activity. We support our local Long Island businesses, but the constant flood of ads get overwhelming and drown out the regular conversations. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of us, we’re here to help. You’re all terrific and a fun group!!! Thank you for your continued support.SUFFOLK COUNTY MOMSMoms that live in Suffolk County-here is your place to share, support, ask questions, and advertise any local business run by mom’s. If you kids needs votes for a contest, POST! If you love a locally female run business, tell us about it? Have mom questions, get answers from other moms. Be KIND, Be supportive! I am way too busy to monitor this thing; I have kids to raise, money to make, and toilets to clean. LIKE ALL MOMS! Have fun ladies and I hope that this forum is a happy and safe place without BIG BROTHER watching or some cyberbully admin’s telling you what you can and cannot post. Let’s keep it real ladies! If you are not a mom and just want to follow! Feel Free! Together we are stronger!NORTH SHORE LONG ISLAND MOMSThis is a FB group for “North Shore” residents to communicate, interact and share ideas. It’s a great place to exchange tips, local events and advice. Just one request, NO DRAMA (LOL). Please be respectful and remember the printed word doesn’t always come across the way it would if you said it over a nice glass of Chardonnay. We LOVE our local businesses and are proud and honored to support them, so please see the pinned posts for the schedule of dates for advertising. Let’s try and limit our activity to mainly the North Shore of Long Island. Thank you for your participation, have fun and enjoy North Shore Long Island Moms!!!!NORTH SHORE MOMS CHATYOU BELONG HERE because: •You are a North Shore LONG ISLAND MOM; • You want the warmth of girlfriends without immature BS; • You have been dying to have friends to laugh and talk to; • You feel alone and wonder if anyone else understands and feels the way you do; • Sometimes you really need to just vent a little and get it off your chest; • Some days you want to connect but don’t want to get out of your PJs; • You believe that women are not destined to be the bitch and backstabber stereotype; • You know you have a lot to offer; • You want to reclaim your sense of humor and laugh out loud every day; • No one is happy if mama isn’t happy; • It is time you nurture yourself and who you are; • You are making a choice to get out and involved!MASSAPEQUA MOMS GROUPA page for MOMS (and dads) to ask questions and find answers about what is going on in Massapequa and how to give back to the community. REMINDER… MMG is not a place to advertise. I ask that you create documents in files so our board does not get clogged. I am also implementing a new rule that you please edit the file you already have instead of creating new files. Also, updating must not exceed every two weeks. I have no problem with you jumping in on a thread that your specific business is being requested, but please be respectful to each other and each other’s businesses. When in doubt, private message is always best. Please do not create events in our group. If there is something you would like to promote or if you are having a party, kindly contact me. Our events are created by administrators. As adults, we are to maintain a level of respect towards other members, local businesses, and our community. If I feel that level has been crossed, you post will be deleted. Thank you, Dawn. MMG IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY POSTS OR COMMENTS MADE BY ITS MEMBERS & IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! PRESS INQUIRIES CONTACT dmksmk@aol.comOCEANSIDE LONG ISLAND MOMSA group for Oceanside moms to discuss area events and happenings in Oceanside. Whether you have a child with autistic needs or peanut allergies, questions about breastfeeding, nutrition, specific schools for special needs children, or even if you just want to talk with other parents who are dealing with similar issues, have similar questions, share similar experiences, the following health-related groups provide much-needed forums and support for mothers and fathers navigating these oft-confusing areas.LONG ISLAND BREASTFEEDING MOMSDESCRIPTION: N/ANO NUTS MOMS GROUP OF LONG ISLAND, NYThis is a peanut and tree-nut free group for all ages. The group will meet up for indoor and outdoor events. We also have adult only outings and are open to any other suggestions. If you are a working or a stay at home mother who has a child with a life threatening allergy, please join us. This is a chance for you and your child to develop a lifelong friendship with someone you both can relate to. Our Main Website: We also have a Support Group and Forum for all Food Allergic Families: NO NUTS MOMS GROUP SUPPORT GROUP & FORUMLONG ISLAND ABA AUTISM MOMSI’ve been seeing tons of posts on several different groups asking for transition advice and info, cpse meetings, EI services, developmental pediatricians, evaluation scores, diet and healthcare for Autism, reading data sheets, and so much more. I thought creating a page like this may help parents with newly diagnosed children go through the process, and help share valuable information between concerned parents as we move forward. A great place to ask questions, toss ideas around, share what works for your family, or just simply share or vent in a safe place where people actually “get it.” Let’s see how this works…FOOD ALLERGY MOMS OF LONG ISLANDThis board is for parents of children with food allergies. The purpose of this group is to connect with other local Long Island parents of children with all types of food allergies. We can share tips, snacks and other great finds with other parents in the same situation! Our only request is that you do not advertise in here. We are all looking for suggestions and advice, so please do not solicit parents here. Thank you!!!LONG ISLAND MOMS GETTING HEALTHYThis group is for Long Island moms who are looking for support as they get healthy and lose weight.PARENTS OF SPECIAL NEEDS GROUP-LONG ISLANDA place where parents with Children that have special needs can come here to vent, get information and find friends in our community.LONG ISLAND SPEECH THERAPY PARENTSThis group is facilitated by Little Angels Center with offices in Blue Point, Medford, Commack and East Islip and Port Jefferson Station. We can’t answer child specific questions, but we can help explain the availability of different services, be a resource on general speech and language development and provide resources for speech and language home carryover.LONG ISLAND PARENTS OF LEGALLY BLIND CHILDRENSimply put, this is a place to share our information, our love, our frustrations, our achievements, our setbacks, and everything else in between.LONG ISLAND VEGAN PREGNANCY AND PARENTINGIf you’re a vegan mommy or a vegan mommy-to-be (pregnant now or planning a vegan pregnancy in the future) you came to the right place! This group is a place for vegan women to share their pregnancy and parenting experience, give each other support and maybe make new friendships.LONG ISLAND ATTACHMENT PARENTINGThis is a group that helps parents share experience, exchange ideas and learn new ways to raise our children with love and compassion. We are an eclectic group of parents and children with one thing in common; a desire to parent naturally and from the heart. We know that what our culture has accepted as “normal” are parenting methods that increasingly feel “detached” from what children really need. Don’t let the main stream bring you down. You know what’s best for your children and in our group you can discuss it without fear of judgment…or strange looks!Are you tired of searching for other families who breastfeed beyond the “minimum”? Are you sick of people saying things like “He doesn’t sleep through the night yet?” or “You keep your baby in the room/bed with you!?!” Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether supporters of child Led Weaning, gentile discipline, homeschooling, Baby-wearing, bed-sharing or co-sleeping all are welcome here!HOLISTIC PARENTS OF LONG ISLANDThis group is for Holistic-minded parents looking for support and advice, or for those seeking to switch to alternative/holistic medicine and parenting. This group is NOT for people who 100% only believe in modern medicine and parenting. Please feel free to share products, doctors, parenting techniques, etc. that you have found success with. Please add like-minded friends/family. All member request will be screened and need to be approved, as this page is not for people to say negative comments/trash talk this way of life. Please see description below to decide if this group is for you (adapted from holistic moms group):People in this group should believe in the following practices. While you do not have to follow every one of these practices, you should feel comfortable considering and listening to those who do. If these practices make you uncomfortable, this group is not for you. 1. Making informed and educated parenting decisions around pivotal issues such as childbirth, breastfeeding, wellness, vaccination, circumcision, nutrition, interpersonal communication, discipline, and education, among others. Parents need to be aware of alternative and holistic options that may differ from conventional choices in order to make an informed choice that best suits their family and their personal values. 2. Seeking respectful and nurturing relationships with others, imparting the values of empathy, love, and compassion to our children, and embracing attachment parenting techniques (including baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and positive discipline). 3. Actively participating in our own healing process when we’re out of balance; using minimally invasive healthcare modalities to help the body and spirit heal while respecting the many paths to healing, both holistic and conventional. 4. Balancing and integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being into everyday life; using the principles of wholeness – healthy eating, regular exercise, natural healing, stress reduction, non-violent communication – to create a balanced life for the entire family. 5. Teaching our children to respect and care about the natural world by actively providing opportunities for them to be in nature, and teaching them about how they can protect our environment. 6. Limiting our children’s exposure to advertising, marketing, and a consumer-driven culture that is creating rampant materialism, disconnecting them from nature and healthy social interactions. 7. Living more simply and consuming less in an effort to reduce our impact on the environment and to emphasize non-material values. Do you specialize in custom-designed arts and crafts for children? Make jewelry? Are you a stay-at-home mom who possesses an amazing gift for baking the most amazing cookies and muffins and rugelach? A photographer? Do you sell all-natural baby products? Are you looking to network with other professional parents? These groups are resources for those looking to market their products and services, connect with other working mothers, and expand their businesses. They’re also great resources for shoppers who are interested in supporting other Long Islanders.Browse, chat, and leave your digital business card. You never know where it might lead!LONG ISLAND MOMS PROFESSIONAL NETWORKINGMom’s Personal and Career Group – Buy, Sell, TradeLONG ISLAND MOMS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUPThis is a group, place, board, and community, where moms and professional photographers can come together and talk about all things photography, and be a meeting of the minds. Once people stop playing nice this board will be shut down. I am not sure that it will work the way it is intended do, but there are so many discussions in other Facebook groups/Moms groups, about photography, why not come here. We can discuss with a high degree of professionalism, anything related to the field. If you are looking for a photographer, want to understand something about photography sessions, etc. This is NOT a place for complaining, bashing, demeaning, or criticizing, nor is it a place to drill professionals with questions about technical questions. I hope we can make this a fun and informational place for moms and professional photographers to come together. Enjoy and introduce yourself, I am so glad you are here. If you are looking for a photographer, let us know what you are looking for, if there is a date in mind or an event date, and your budget. Photographers who may be able to meet your needs are welcome to respond with links to their pages so you may see their work etc. If you’ve had a great experience with someone, share. Share who it was and what made your experience special and meaningful. THAT is what it’s all about.Photographers: please no posting of ads. If you are responding as a professional photographer, you should be in business for a minimum of 2 years, have a registered business name and tax ID number, carry liability insurance, and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. If you do not meet these requirements and proceed with responding as such, you will be removed from the group.CANDY APPLE JEWELRYThis little New York-based jewelry company has been lucky enough to have its jewelry worn by models and actresses worldwide, including the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Every piece is handmade to order. Custom jewelry orders are always welcomed! More: candyappleny.comcenter_img ACTIVITY GROUPS REGIONAL GROUPS HEALTH-RELATED GROUPS Shopping for the best deals and prices, preparing family meals, ensuring the kids are ready for school, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera—it often feels like there are simply not enough hours in a day to get everything done, and definitely not enough time to exercise, workout, or even a relaxing walk through the neighborhood before dinner.You’ve got a lot on your shoulders, there’s no question, and your family is definitely relying on you to make everything happen. We know you’ve heard this before, but it really is imperative you take it to heart: You need to take care of yourself. You are perhaps the most important member of the family. If you are not well, then no one else will be well. You need to exercise. You need to be in tip-tip shape. You need to make time.The following activity groups help you to do just that, make some friends and have some fun along the way. (Remember that? FUN!)NO EXCUSE MOM NASSAU COUNTY LONG ISLANDOur goal is to encourage health, friendship and community. We believe strongly that health starts at home and begins with parents as a child’s first role model. Most of all, we believe in the importance of prioritizing your personal health. Despite the stress, fatigue and chaos in a mom’s day–we believe that you should make NO EXCUSES for not prioritizing your health. We will provide you with knowledge, tools and inspiration to find what healthy means for you and your family. We are the guide on this journey. You will get workouts, healthy eating information, plus a healthy dose of motivation from our website. We will help you connect with other moms and know that you are not alone in your struggles. We are all in this together. Join us in the No Excuse Mom movement that is sweeping the world!NOEXCUSEMOM CENTRALWe are the Central Long Island No Excuse Mom Group. We aim to inspire, connect and motivate our community to be healthier. This is a private group and must request to join.LONG ISLAND HOCKEY MOMSA place where we can discuss ice hockey, share information and support one another throughout the season and off season.LONG ISLAND MOMS COOKING CLUBHi Ladies I started this group for us all to share dinner ideas. I have seen a lot of woman doing a week’s worth a meals in a day. So I figured let’s start a page and do it together.LONG ISLAND COUPON MOMSThis group is for all of us who use coupons on daily basis to save money and get the best deals and discounts. This group is also for FREE items and giveaways to the moms in need. All the coupons and items posted must be for FREE. You are free to offer, search or exchange. If you have product samples you CAN post it in this group. (Baby Formula Samples, Shampoo, conditioner etc.) and any household samples are welcome to be shared in this group. They all must be factory sealed. Sealed food samples can be posted and expiration date MUST be stated on the original post. If you have FREE items that you want to donate to needy moms please post FREE items only. (Ex. Baby items, clothes, appliances, pottery, decorations, china etc.) If you have gift cards that you would like to sell please feel free to do so at the same or lower price the gift card is value at. You must state pick up location on your post. First person who comments Interested gets the coupon. If a person is tagged it is considered countable. Comment ONLY to the main post please, it will create confusion and dispute if you comment on a photo inside the post. Cross posting is not allowed. Go by the 12 hour rule. When someone is interested please get in touch via private message to arrange pick up. Posting your personal address and phone number is strictly prohibited. If the person did not show up to pick up the coupon please follow up before you move on to the next person in line. Be respectful to each other when posting or “buying.” If you are a “buyer,” make sure you let your “seller” know if you can’t make it for the pickup, and reschedule accordingly. If you are a coupon addict and you have valuable tips on how to save and get the best deals, you are welcome to share it with this group. Thank you and happy coupon clipping!LONG ISLAND DANCE MOMSMoms of daughters that are in dance competitions. Ask Questions, give tips, get how-tos, and advice.DANCE MOMS OF LONG ISLANDDance Moms only… No Kids… Ask your questions… Post a quote, Sell an item, share your stories… No mention of Dance schools Allowed; post will be deleted… If you want to talk about dance schools please private message each other. Thank you. Enjoy!WORKOUT MOMS OF LONG ISLANDAre you a mom in Long Island and looking to lose that baby fat? Let’s build a team of moms to workout. Here you will find exercise, challenges, weight goals and a chance to connect with moms from long Island.THRIFTY MOMS_LONG ISLANDFor Long Islanders who are looking to buy/sell items, who are in search of items (ISO), who are announcing an event, a garage/estate sale, who would like to advertise their small businesses or services or who would like to open up a discussion. We welcome new members and encourage you to join and feel free to add your “friends” to this group as well.LIT~CHICKS / LI MOMS BOOK CLUBA group for LI moms who love to read, because what else should we do while putting our kids to sleep ???? Post recommendations, reviews, read-a-longs & discussions! *don’t forget to list SPOILER ALERTS. Post local book events or create your own! There is an option for “group chats” for those who are reading the same books together! Happy reading lit-chicks!! ????????BEAUTY PAGEANT MOMS/LONG ISLAND, NYAll about Beauty Pageants: Upcoming Beauty Pageants, Pageant Coaches, Pageant Photographers, Pageant Dresses, etc.CREATIVE MOMS OF LONG ISLANDAre you a creative mom of Long Island, then this is a group for you. You can add posts of your crafts, or if you’re looking for ideas, you will find them here.LONG ISLAND PARENTS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICEA place for parents on Long Island to discuss both parenting, social justice issues, and anything that falls in between. Topics will include modern race issues, feminism/feminist parenting, LGBTQ topics, wealth distribution, and environmental justice, as well as typical parenting stuff. We plan on holding both mommy and me and play date style events, as well as more political events, rallies, showings of social justice centered films, and community service projects. This is a safe space for POC, LGBQT, and non-binary individuals. It is also a space for people with various privilege to unpack and learn about the issues that have put them in a dominant position within our society.HIKE IT BABY SUFFOLK, LONG ISLAND & HIKE IT BABY – NASSAU, LONG ISLANDChange your world one little hike at a time. HIKE IT BABY MISSION: We believe that our world would be a better place if all parents stepped outside at least once a week for a walk in nature with their baby. It’s Hike it Baby’s goal to support you and your family in doing that. We promise to provide a minimum of ONE HIKE PER WEEK throughout the cities we are located in and chances are there will be more.WHAT IS HIKE IT BABY? Hike it Baby is a parent group focused on getting families outside together enjoying nature in a safe and supported way. By joining our community you will: •Greatly minimize the feelings of “baby blues” and post-partum depression. •Find a new group of friends who will always have your back (no hiker left behind). •Discover parts of your city you have never seen before! •Help your child understand the importance of nature in his/her life. •Find a strength in yourself you never knew you had. Our number one rule is to LEAVE NO HIKER BEHIND. If you have a blow out, need to feed your baby/child, have a fussy toddler, we are here for you. We have all been there, or are there now, or know it’s coming. Whether you were active before your baby came into your life or you just feel like it’s time to get out there, we are here to help jumpstart you back on that road to being active in a safe and supportive group. It’s also our mission to open you up to a new community of friends who may be your neighbors, live across town, or across the nation. Our focus is you, your family, and your baby all appreciating and exploring nature with a diverse group of people.OUR FACEBOOK POLICIES: •Keep all posts on the Facebook page hiking/outdoor related. •Keep all discussions friendly and positive. •This is a judgment-free zone. •We hope that “Blocking” a member is never warranted, but Admins must not be blocked – it’s important for all to be able to communicate. As stated above, this list is ever-evolving, so if you have a favorite Long Island Mommy & Daddy Parenting Facebook group that you didn’t find here, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add them! Thanks! You can leave a message in the comment section or email our editors at BUY/SELL/SWAP GROUPS Online parenting groups are not just for mommies. Dads have questions, concerns, jokes, and great ideas for fun things to do with the kids, too. If you’re a dad looking for a Long Island online community, here’s where to find it. There are dads who work from home, divorced dads, and dads looking for adventure. All of these groups share the same commonality: love for their children.LONG ISLAND DADS GROUPLong Island Dads… This group is for you! Discuss life, work, promote your business or whatever is on your mind. Please share this group with your friends.MOMS AND DADS LONG ISLANDPost recommendations and information a great forum to seek highly recommended businesses, companies, & professionals throughout Long Island.LONG ISLAND HOME BIRTH DADSWhether you are planning, have already had, or are uncertain about home birth, you are among other dads and partners that are going through or have gone through the same experience. There are some women in this group; other mothers, midwives, doulas, etc. that can help to answer any questions.MUSLIM DADS OF LONG ISLANDThis group is dedicated to planning outings and meet-ups for Muslim Dads and kids on a monthly basis on weekends and holidays. Sports (soccer, basketball, football, cricket), parks, trips, movies, organized sports activities etc. This group is an outlet for Dads to connect and collaboratively plan activities for our kids.YOUNG MOMS AND DADS OF LONG ISLANDA group to help, support and make friends for young parents Invite all your mommy and daddy friends!LONG ISLAND SINGLE MOM AND DAD PAGEA place to meet and support other single PARENTS. Looking to meet up with other moms? Being a new mom can be isolating. It can be difficult to meet other parents with children who are your children’s age. These groups provide an easy way for moms to connect to share experiences, new places, and events together. Some of the closest relationships in parents’ lives are those forged with other parents. When the children form friendships, parents often bond along with them.Looking to go on an adventure with your little ones?Here are some places for some company:LONG ISLAND MOMS AND TOTS PLAYGROUPThis is a playgroup for moms and dads on Long Island…. You have been added by me if you have attended one of my playdates or have shown interest in attending one. I would like this group to run smooth and stress free…. Feel free to post a playdate that you’d like to “host” or a meetup if you will be at a local park or place and would like to have some mommy friends to keep you company. I would also encourage moms and dads to help each other out… If you have a question or need help… Ask away… I only have three rules: Treat others like you would like to be treated. Please let me know if you are adding a friend. I’d like to keep this group a safe place. Please only add someone if you personally know them. Absolutely no advertising of any kind.LONG ISLAND MOMS GET TOGETHERHi Moms, This group was created to help Moms meet other Moms (or Dads)! If you are going somewhere or doing something that you think other families would enjoy, post here! For example, walk in a park, playing at a playground, or going to a wine bar. With or without kids!LONG ISLAND MOMS PLAY DATESFor mommies: to meet, set up play dates for their little ones or older kids, network and chat about any and everything moms encounter in their day.MOMMY POPPINS LONG ISLANDGet more out of Long Island at longisland.mommypoppins.comBABYLON MOMMIES & TODDLERS ACTIVITY GROUPIF IT IS NOT CLEAR IN YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE that you live on Long Island (NEW YORK, USA) and have a child under the age of 5, you must contact the lead admin by PM to be added to this group. It can be hard for new moms (or not so new moms) to find other local moms with kids the same age… and it can be hard to fit in time to plan activities for the little ones! This group is STRICTLY for networking with moms of children under age 5, in and around the Town of Babylon, Long Island, NY; organizing local play dates, and discussing local toddler/family events and resources. No selling stuff or advertising anything. Thanks! ***Please read our pinned Group Information post as soon as you are added to our group.*** Long Island Moms outside Babylon, especially Eastern Nassau and Western Suffolk County, are welcome, with the understanding that we focus on local Babylon area resources and activities.LONG ISLAND KIDS AND FAMILY EVENTSThis group is to learn about upcoming events for kids and families on Long Island. If you’re hosting or know of an event, you can post the info to this group (one post per event per day, please). If you’re looking for something specific, ask and someone here might have an answer. And don’t forget to invite other local parents to the group! Enjoy! These are online networks where moms can share advice, jokes, and experiences, ask questions, and offer support. Friendships are often born here, with moms connecting over their collective bond of raising children on this fair island.Some of these online families are formed around a commonality, such as breastfeeding, cloth diapers, language, or circumstance. Some are common to region. Others to sexual orientation or marital status. No matter the group dynamics, they all share one thing in common: their love—and frustration—of being a parent. LONG ISLAND MOMSRemember when mornings were lazy, relaxing, and borderline fun? Yeah, me neither. Now mornings start as soon as the sun is up with a 6 year old shoving a tablet in your face. GET ME COFFEE!! This group is for YOU to read, relax, & connect with other local moms, whenever you have a free moment, may that be at 6 a.m. or 11 p.m. We’re a group of Moms, Mamas, Mommys and HEY MA’s. But we’re also wives, career women, partners, friends, teachers and many times, therapists. Sometimes we’re a B+ in the Mom category and that’s more than OK. B+ is fabulous!But a few rules: 1) Buying/Selling belongs to the countless groups that specialize in it. 2) Advertising may only be posted on Small Business Saturdays. Do not post your business links on any other day of the week, they will be deleted. Do not bump your posts, they will be deleted. If someone seeks business recommendations, feel free to respond to their posts at any time. If you are a business and wish to host a Long Island Moms Facebook giveaway, please reach out to [the group’s administrator] to discuss the parameters.LONG ISLAND MOMMIESRules are there are no rules… You can post things for sale, items you’re searching for, local business shout outs, questions about mommies or babies. Only rule is not to post anything rude or you’ll be delete!LONG ISLAND MOMS GROUPPlace for referrals, advice and information about what’s going on on Long Island. NO ADVERTISING!LONG ISLAND TODDLER AND PRESCHOOL MOMSThis group is for moms living on Long Island with children under the age of 5. Members can post baby & toddler items they would like to sell, share age appropriate events, deals & coupons, etc…MOMEE FRIENDS OF LONG ISLANDMomee Friends is all about Long Island and all things local with the focus on family. More: momeefriendsli.comLONG ISLAND MOMS OF NASSAU COUNTYHi ladies, this group is for moms to mingle, chat, ask recommendations, post questions or just vent. Because many were posting direct sales and advertising their business constantly, I am limiting it to Tuesdays only. The post will be deleted on any other day. The only post I will allow daily is help wanted for actual positions not direct sales or business ads. There are many other groups that allow this. Thank you.LONG ISLAND, NY MOMSThis group for Moms and Dads of Long Island, New York. Use this group to discuss what’s happening on the island. Let’s talk about great restaurants, family fun spots to visit and places to shop, etcetera. Use this group to get advice on various topics, ask for recommendations/referrals or even just post for support. Rules to follow: No Advertising. Do not create a file/document without asking admin first. Respect each other. No selling of items/services.MOM 2 MOM – LONG ISLAND NYFor moms across the Long Island area to chat, give advice, arrange play dates, & vent in a supportive setting.MOMS FOR MOMS LONG ISLANDA place for Moms of Long Island, NY to go for advice, networking, info on local events and so much more. Please feel free to spread the word and invite other Long Island Moms. Moms only please. Each visitor to this group takes responsibility themselves for verifying the validity of posts and to make safe and responsible choices before using someone who offers a product or service. While the Administrators make every effort to confirm validity of a member before approval it is each members responsibility to confirm a posters true validity. Always use common sense and cautiousness especially when it involves your children. Thank you.THE REAL LONG ISLAND MOMS CHATDESCRIPTION: N/AMOMS ON LONG ISLANDHi All, I figured I would create a page for Moms on Long Island. It’s nice to chat with local moms, ask questions, post ideas, offer up unwanted baby items that you don’t need anymore, or items you may be looking for, make possible new friends, set up a play date or two, or anything else that I forgot to add. I am a part of another Mom’s group on FB, but I don’t think it’s just for Long Island. I like the fact that everyone who joins will be from the local area. Hope you all enjoy, I know I will.LONG ISLAND MOM AND DAD BLOGGERSThis group is for Long Island Mom and Dad Bloggers, public relations, media and other business owners/managers that offer the public blogs or opportunities for bloggers to work together to bring more to Long Island.LONG ISLAND MOMS AND DADSA place for all LI’ers to share info as Moms and Dads!LONG ISLAND MOM W/ TEENSWelcome to Long Island Moms with Teens. A place for FRIENDLY discussions. Any topic is open for discussion. We are not here to judge or argue. We would love to hear about “teenage issues” (school, sports, teen attitudes, college entrance, anything.) We all have them whether they are good or bad! This page is open for brags, rants, questions, or anything else all I ask is be nice! Just remember we are all moms, doing our best with what we have, we are not experts. Simple Rules… Do not sell here it will be deleted. Do not recruit for your direct sales job, it will be deleted. Anyone who is judging or arguing can be removed.LONG ISLAND MOM’S CONNECTConnect, share, inspire! Any negativity will be blocked!LONG ISLAND SINGLE MOM AND DAD PAGEA place to meet and support other single PARENTS.LONG ISLAND CLOTH DIAPER MOMS (AND DADS)A group where local families can discuss all things cloth diapering. Open to those who cloth diaper, are considering cloth, or just want to learn more. We can talk about our faves, post our concerns or issues, ask any questions, set up swaps or sales, and discuss anything else about our squishy bummed babes. Please keep conversations cloth diaper related. Non-CD Ads and spam will be deleted and members removed. Thanks!LONG ISLAND MOMS WITH TWINSLooking to meet other moms and their kids for outings. Walks/ park/ etc.LONG ISLAND MOMS HELPING MOMSThis group is for Moms helping other moms who are not as fortunate. Donating or requesting items that a mother no longer needs, and is willing to part with that item to help moms with their babies and kids. Life is a struggle for parents, especially when you’re economically challenged. No receiving items then turning around selling it on one of these sites for a profit. That will get you removed from the group. No second chances! Let’s help each other out. How you exchange or donate is the same, you meet or attend to each other’s home.LONG ISLAND AND CITY MOMSThis group is to connect the mothers I know in the area together. Feel free to invite more mommy friends you know as well! This group will give us the chance to get advice from each other and plan fun age appropriate play groups and activities for our little ones.LONG ISLAND LGBT MOMS AND DADSWould love to meet other same-sex parents and their kiddos!! Love makes a family!!!LONG ISLAND GAY AND LESBIAN MOMS AND DADSA page for LGBT Moms and Dads to ask questions, find answers and support each other as parents along with giving back to our community! All are welcome and I hope we can help each other and learn from one anotherLONG ISLAND TULA MOMS UNCENSOREDLong Island Tula Moms Uncensored is a group specifically designed for parents to show their Tula/babywearing love! We can include ALL of Suffolk and Nassau Counties! Local B/S/T is allowed and encouraged as we want everyone to know the awesomeness of Tula’s. This is a fun group, so let’s keep sharing the baby wearing love!!! There will be cursing, and rants…..if you are opposed to this, well then. you know the drill.YOUNG MOMS OF LONG ISLANDA place where young mothers can meet other young mothers from Long Island. *Please no selling or advertising.STAY AT HOME MOMS LONG ISLANDThis group is for SAHMs of Long Island. It’s a place to share to joys and struggles of staying home with our little ones, support each other, and vent. Feel free to ask questions about times and dates of events, community activities around the island, favorite restaurants, vacation ideas, home repairs, etc. Feel free to set up playdates or get-togethers. Have a fun activity you’ve done with your kiddos? Share it here. Please DO NOT use this page to advertise your business. Please DO NOT list items for sale on this page. Anyone who does so will be removed. Let this be a fact-sharing page. Any offensive opinions or members can be removed as the administrators see fit. Any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks, Geralyn.MOMS CLUB OF LONG ISLANDWelcome to Mom’s Club of Long Island!!!! It’s a network for Long Island Moms!! Feel free to invite new moms to our group… This is a great way for us to ask questions, get advice, share info/alerts and communicate as to where/when we’ll meet up for *Park play dates, *Picnic dates, *Fun events, *Rollerskating events, *Bowling events, *Movie dates, *Halloween events, and much much more… Moms need to stick together as our children are growing up!! The more the circle grows…the more informative we can all be to each other so we can better protect our children!! Hope to see you at the next play date!!! Xoxoxo ***** We understand you may want to promote your business, however multiple posts in a short period of time will cause us to delete you. This group is not intended for that****SUPPORTIVE SINGLE MOMS OF LONG ISLANDThis is a group of Single Moms, not just through divorce, who want to find new friends to help them along this journey and find support and advice. There will be no haters in this group and if become one, you will be deleted. Life is hard enough, so let’s be there for one another and not bring any drama. This is a place to be yourself, vent, ask for help and set up playdates etc…YOUNG MOMS AND DADS OF LONG ISLANDA group to help, support and make friends for young parents Invite all your mommy and daddy friends!PARENTING ON LONG ISLANDThis Group is created for parents to get together and discuss strategies to help their children with everyday life, school, focus, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.LONG ISLAND PARENTS GROUPWelcome to the newest LI parents group. Where we can get any information needed from other parents. Give referrals to anything and everything needed. Discuss whatever you want. Rules: No bashing each other. Business posts: You can NOW ONLY POST ON THE 15th, unless someone is asking for your type of business then you can post on that thread! Thanks everyone!STRONG ISLAND MOM SQUADLong Island has so much to offer and we are here to take advantage of it. We plan weekly events around the island to meet up and hang out and blow off steam. (Suggestions always welcome!) We are also here to support one another, vent, bitch, whine, and show solidarity and compassion when we need it. Your admins are: Vanessa Dees Longobardi & Alej Andra. General guidelines and squad goals: Please do not advertise your business or enterprise here without PMing an admin first. Please do not post pictures of your childs’ diaper rash/genitalia asking for medical advice, for their protection. It is a closed group but it is also the internet. These may evolve over time, but basically, have fun!BABYWEARING INTERNATIONAL OF LONG ISLANDWelcome! We are Babywearing International’s Long Island chapter. We have frequent free educational meet-ups lead by our Babywearing educators. Our meet-ups are listed in the event section. We also have a carrier/wraps lending library available to all dues paying members. Please look at the pinned post for more details. If you would like to join our discussion chatter group please send a PM for further details.CHILDCARE ON LONG ISLANDNannies/ Babysitters Looking For Jobs Or Families That Need Childcare on Long Island.LONG ISLAND PARENTSLong Island Parents comes to you from a website for Long Island families and more to get information such as local businesses, events, articles, local news, weather and more! Join us here to get updates, find out who your local businesses are, what specials they may have, and meet your local families.DIVORCED LONG ISLAND PARENTSA group to provide support, advice and friendshipLONG ISLAND CHILDCARE – NASSAUPlease specify your location, description of position and preferences. This page is for families looking for babysitters, nannies and mother’s helpers. Agencies & DayCare Centers are not Permitted. Please DO NOT post your or sittercity links on this page or your posts will be deleted without further notice. It is not fair to others when you post repeatedly. Please BUMP up your posts rather than reposting them (which clogs up the newsfeed).HUMANS WEARING BABY HUMANS LONG ISLANDWe are Humans. We all come from different places. We have different histories and different challenges. We are faced with different trials and different hurdles. We celebrate different victories and different triumphs. We are all on our own parenting journeys. There are times when our paths cross, but then often they diverge again. We make our own choices based on our own knowledge and our own beliefs. There is so much that separates us from one another, but there is also so much that brings us together. We give our everything to our children and loved ones. We do what needs to be done to help nourish and bring up our little ones and get through each day. We believe that all people deserve an equal amount of respect, kindness, and love, and strive to be that example for our children. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we soar, but we do it with support, kindness, and love, no matter what our differences are. We are mothers. We are fathers. We are caregivers. We are carriers. We are Humans Wearing Baby Humans.LONG ISLAND PARENTS OF AN ONLY CHILDA place to discuss your concerns, ask questions, etc. with parents who have similar challenges.SINGLE PARENTS ON LONG ISLANDSingle parent families on Long Island coming together for activities, friendship and support.TATTOOED PARENTS ON LONG ISLANDThis group is for all tattooed parents (or tattoo enthusiast parents) on the island to have a place to post questions, photos, events, etc. If you use profanity or are excessively rude you will be banned from the group. Be nice & have fun. Your admins are Ginamarie Galluccio & Cici Cole.LONG ISLAND GAY AND LESBIAN MOMS AND DADSA page for LGBT Moms and Dads to ask questions, find answers and support each other as parents along with giving back to our community! All are welcome and I hope we can help each other and learn from one another.LONG ISLAND PARENT COMMUNITYLong Island Parents gather in this group to connect. We trade word-of-mouth referrals, get advice, ask question and find answers. We support and encourage each other. We only ask that: 1) Posts are kept on topic (i.e. no random advertisements unless they are somehow relevant to parents of Long Island). Keep it relevant and productive. 2) Be Civil. Remember the “Golden Rule” (If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all). Members are welcome to add or approve new members, but please take this task seriously. Check out the applicants’ profile. If an applicant does not have a clear connection to Long Island, please do not admit them.LONG ISLAND NY PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTSDESCRIPTION: N/ASINGLE PARENT SUPPORT OF LONG ISLANDFor Single Mothers and Fathers, those who know of, or just want to share their support and love! I would also like to use this group to help families in need, whether it be children’s clothing, toys, etc.! ALL donations will go to my local church, OR a specific family that we know of! Please Post or if you want to be discrete, send me a private message. BUSINESS GROUPSlast_img read more

IMF chief warns global economic crisis ‘far from over’

first_imgThe global economy is showing signs of bouncing back from the severe downturn caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, but a full recovery is “unlikely” without a vaccine, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said Wednesday.In a column co-authored with IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath, the officials stressed that governments should continue to support workers and businesses since the unprecedented nature of the crisis could give rise to a wave of bankruptcies and job destruction.As lockdowns have eased and businesses around the world have been allowed to reopen, there has been a “sharp rebound of output, consumption and employment,” they said in Foreign Policy magazine. In a speech Wednesday to the World Economic Forum, Georgieva said rapid government action “put a floor under the world economy,” which helped everyone without “differentiating between… winners and losers.”Going forward, policymakers will need to invest wisely in areas that have the broadest benefit, including green jobs – such as training workers to make buildings more energy efficient – and “accelerating digital transformation” in a way that will reduce inequalities, she said.”In other words, support programs that take the countries towards growth that is green, smart and inclusive,” the IMF chief said.But the fund officials in their essay cautioned that, “Though the world has learned to live with the virus, a full recovery is unlikely without a permanent medical solution.”With 128 coronavirus vaccines currently under development, there is a strong chance a solution will be found, but “we must urgently devise multilateral solutions” to ensure adequate supply and distribution, Georgieva and Gopinath wrote.Topics : The massive scale and speed of government support has helped cushion the blow and allowed for the initial rebound, Gopinath and Georgieva wrote.”This crisis, however, is far from over,” they said. “The recovery remains very fragile and uneven across regions and sectors. To ensure that the recovery continues, it is essential that support not be prematurely withdrawn.”Businesses, even insolvent firms, will need continued help to prevent destruction of millions of jobs. That could include governments taking equity in firms or providing grants in exchange for higher tax rates later, they said.But governments will have to be cautious in how they distribute their scarce resources, and some companies will inevitably fail, especially in industries like travel that may not survive or will be curtailed in a post-pandemic world.last_img read more