12 college students to become a hundred billion small business projects recommended!

at present, increasing China’s college students, so will face is the society, many college students is the pet phrase graduation means unemployment. Of course, quite a lot of college students do not want to live Zheyi family life, their own fear can not find a suitable project, so suitable for college students’ entrepreneurial ideas what to have, most students receive formal education for social contact new things, let’s take a look at what the idea for college students.

12 rich project hundred small college entrepreneurship project read more

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Shop holiday business also need to strengthen services

do holiday business, which is what every shopkeeper is looking forward to, however, how to do, but it has become a matter of great distress. In fact, service is the eternal theme, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But during the festival, the service can really work fine, do solid, retail customers are very few.

what is the reason? Retail customers answer the most is "busy!" Also, the new year, who is not busy? Consumers are busy purchasing goods, retail businesses are busy selling goods, almost no idle. In this period, but also to test whether our retail customers really "customer is God," the business philosophy of the key period. read more

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Some fantastic ideas

in fact everyone’s brains have a few absurd ideas, but few people put them into practice, I do not know some successful people to seize these opportunities, the achievements of their beautiful life.

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Foshan held the first public entrepreneurship exchange will provide one-stop service

entrepreneurship needs a suitable environment. Chinese government through a number of strong entrepreneurial policies, promote entrepreneurship and encourage entrepreneurship, 000 kinds of innovation, formed a good business atmosphere in the society, effectively promote the optimal allocation of resources, to achieve the sustainable development of entrepreneurship.

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Shop management approach to the formal implementation of the introduction of the first local rules i

in July 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The "measures" to engage in online transactions of personal real name authentication made a clear provision, and provide a platform for the network trading platform operators put forward a series of requirements.

for the formal implementation of the approach, the majority of online businesses and shopkeepers have expressed their approval, but there are also worried about the future of the personal shop will require registration of industrial and commercial enterprises to increase the cost of. Therefore, the industry are waiting for the introduction of the implementation details. read more

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A brief discussion on the promotion of some lines

said the site promotion of most of the webmaster is how to promote in the network, in fact, for some of the local site, if you do offline promotion flow and quality is greatly improved, today the author briefly summarizes some ways to promote the line, I hope to help you oh


, a web portal for propaganda purposes is a network of propaganda and network propaganda different propaganda way, this method pays more attention to the reality of life in the public and non network platform information, plays an important role in the way we have been familiar with marketing. The operation of a successful propaganda line will produce excellent advertising benefits in the short term can attract many network friends together, and to communicate with each other, and then the mass media follow up, constantly improve the network awareness, to constantly expand marketing appearance. read more

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HowAboutWe a love website that changes the online dating mode

was a high school teacher, Blaine · J Che Kurt (left) and Aaron · Shedd Korotev (right) and founded the famous social networking site HowAboutWe

in mid 2012, Aaron · a new homepage design application for your site HowAboutWe de coro. HowAboutWe is a dating site established more than two years ago. HowAboutWe pioneered the online dating sites encourage people to act quickly, and will continue to the next line of fun concept, not only in the online selling eyes, hearts, clicks or private information. Shedd Korotev and his co-founder Blaine · Siqiekete, now focus on how to continue to enhance the feelings between lovers. However, it’s easier said than done. "We are facing a huge problem." J Che Kurt said, we can build a unified brand, our services throughout the whole process of marriage? read more

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B2B industry website how to make ebook for viral marketing

ebook promotion is often a lot of people report methods commonly used, but has been applied to the promotion of many sites, such as Alibaba early launch: "foreign trade network marketing handbook", the purpose is to educate people how to through the network to do foreign trade, at the same time, apparently in order to promote Chinese supplier members. The use of e-books do promotion, if the book is good, can realize the effect of virus marketing, more important is to make the audience recognized you from the bottom of my heart, a step to achieve the user from understanding your site to acknowledge your website, the conversion rate is very high. read more

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Internet marketing really should learn to play

is now playing more social networks on the Internet, whether it is QQ group or WeChat group, the survival time is relatively short, the reasons for the following will be introduced. Guardian Yuan Kun think the Internet should be holding the mentality to play, and play the game to comply with the rules.

we know that now the community has been divided into four forms: first, pure advertising group; two, we do not speak; and, three, advertising and red envelopes coexist; the four: constant value output. read more

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Where is the core competitiveness of enterprises to start from the successful marketing of friends

webmaster, almost all enterprises have lamented the original station SEOER, hard to do, the chain extension is difficult to do, but why do hard? No one further study, we are busy with the hair of the chain, busy, busy pseudo original, no time to think.

Enterprise Station original content difficult to do

haste makes waste, busy in the end, in fact we don’t really know what we have, what we want to sell? You only know the search engine, so marketing is difficult to achieve our marketing objective. read more

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Rookie Adsense how to promote new sites

new Adsense, you need to go to the promotion of new sites.

as a new station, no IP, no PR, no ranking, new sites do a few days up to several major search engines included, but no ranking. Like I did yesterday: adult goods station. So what do you do? I read this article is in the money didn’t go down, if you have the money that you don’t have to continue to look down, because of the money, you can buy Links, buy advertising position, or even to do for advertising, this website, I can even put the money in a Baidu keyword adults do go up, but this is not our poor webmaster can do. read more

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In addition to SEO, write the soft and what method propaganda website

to tell you the truth, and most webmaster, the construction site during that time, staying up to two or three people early, got into bed, and you can only share happiness with computer network. Domain name, space, server, program, page, test… A lot of things done, only to find the site built, could not find a suitable way of promotion. No extension of the right way, the vast sea of the Internet site can only hide in indulge in self-admiration because no one can find you.

I can think of, included only Baidu, Google, and then a long wait, the wait may be indefinite, SEO people are so dull as ditch water, like playing football become understand math problem. Sina, Sohu, 163, there are no sanwubo banner, editing, screening content, the content of your site to their front page? As much of the welfare lottery, spent 5 million yuan in 2, the probability of more reliable. read more


Cat let your customers make money and website to make money

is ideal for people who have to make money for the site, but I think the latter should be much more than the former. We make money can be called a Wangzhuan, and a variety of channels, such as advertising, hard, soft, and even offline activities, etc.. However, Chinese has a bad habit, is people can not see the money, even if the customer is. So there have been a lot of deceptive ways to make money, whether it is personal or corporate operations, but this is generally not long.

I admire the idea is: first let your customers make money, and then the site to make money. Why do you want to make more money for yourself?. First of all, the customer to make money, to help you make money, you may initially didn’t earn much, do not even, but never mind, can let customers earn money, you are not far from the days of making money certainly; secondly, the customer to make money, and you will be able to work together to safeguard the industry, so industry to thrive your position and money can slowly confirm and guarantee; thirdly, the customer to make money, and your site did not make money, this is no way, you can do that and when their customers. Therefore, the key is to allow customers to make money, so as to reflect the value of their own peace of mind, long-term money. read more

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Dangdang threatened to close the store business operators accused of barbaric attitude

news August 11th, the day before, some businesses in the micro-blog exposure, dangdang.com operators forced food businesses must recharge category launched dangdang.com marketing tool AD train and language threatened businesses if not prepaid will be shut shop.

food category Dangdang operations group announcement


food category Dangdang operations group of the staff

this businessman posted on the micro-blog operator in the QQ operation group on the matter of the chat log. According to the chat records show that the staff stressed in the announcement, the household chores will recharge in the day, and made it clear that if you do not operate today, tomorrow all closed shop". read more

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The State Council issued a document on the gray sea Amoy mail will tighten

news April 20th, the day before, the general office of the State Council issued a notice issued implementing quality development program 2016 action plan (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 18). Billion state power network was informed that the "implementation of the quality development program 2016 action plan" in "cultivating quality and brand new competitive advantages" policy, clearly pointed out that "to strengthen cross-border trading network mail, express channels of supervision, crack down on the use of e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce in the mail, express channel implementation the smuggling activities and through the" ants "import and export of counterfeit goods infringing the illegal behavior." read more

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In the face of the sensitive word, fake 5 open Alibaba and embarrassment

good maneuvers of Alibaba and Ma, facing the fake accusations, always to avoid the air exhaust all the skills, and change danger into safety. But in the one behind the conspiracy behind turn calamities into blessings, embarrassment, does not want to hold high the banner of fighting to the end, or other reasons?

The word "

" fake "for Alibaba, from the date of birth is always accompanied by themselves, whether in Hongkong or the United States has listed, domestic or in the eyes of ordinary consumers, the total can not escape controversy. Recently, Forbes article "people power" and "Ma false terrorist": the Alibaba how to deal with the greedy brother and angry rogue "again in eleven before the Alibaba double up in the teeth of the storm. The previous good maneuvers of Alibaba and Ma, always to avoid the air exhaust all the skills, and change danger into safety. But behind this time, the Alibaba is overtly turn calamities into blessings, face some embarrassment behind the fake, does not want to hold high the banner of fake out, or really can not face mask read more

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Three ask the world of e-commerce

Internet business can be divided into three categories: people, information, and goods. People have been Tencent circle, the information was Baidu circle, and the rest of the goods to this land.

some people would like to say that this is not a piece of goods Taobao?

Answer: the Taobao

is a paper tiger. Physical sales in Taobao is said to be 100 billion a year, accounting for less than the entire traditional retail industry, which means there is still a lot of land without a circle, the rules and the pattern of variables in the 1%. To make a comparison, online advertising will account for nearly 10% of the traditional advertising market, to this ratio, the pattern is basically set. So you’ll see even with Taobao, or a Jingdong, the annual revenues of billions of new B2C companies continue to emerge. read more

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