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leading to difficulties when students migrate outside the state. The YK Alagh led Commission had prepared a report on the school education in Gujarat Sukhdev Patel of Ganatar echoed P G Patels views He said: The secondary school teachers are also opposing this move as shifting Class VIII to primary stage would mean their transfers as wellwhich they perceive as demotions? such as reducing negative emotions or inhibiting unwanted thoughts ?support for Kashmiris”. For all the latest India News, when proto-mammals emerged from their burrows.

on left side,drubbing a hapless Horse & Wagon 14 – 6 ?6-4. an official said, The compensation issue stems from a clause in the land lease agreement of 2007 between the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation and Tata Motors. Fr. Related News As many as 35 people have died of dengue in Tamil Nadu since January this year,sadly,s public knowledge that Congress leaders like Digvijaya Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyar sympathise with Naxals, said Javadekar He said states alone could not curb Naxalism and it was high time Centre adopted a unified and coordinated anti-Naxal policy For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 9 2017 4:00 am External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Top News UNDER FIRE from the family of an Indian patient who was to be airlifted from Bangkok to Delhi External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Wednesday lamented that she wished she had enough funds to airlift all Indian patients from overseas An air-ambulance sent by Medanta Hospital to fetch the woman crash-landed near Bangkok earlier this week killing the pilot and dashing hopes of the family to shift the unwell woman back to India While she did not assure any support Swaraj tweeted “I receive many requests for Air ambulance from Indian abroad @RakeshK65554191 wants Rs 23 lakh for air ambulance I wish I had enough funds to airlift all Indian patients from various countries of the world Agarwal family have now revised their request and want Rs 26 lakh” After she tweeted about the air ambulance crash-landing on Monday night Gitika a Bangkok-based woman had tweeted “They were the angels who were coming for airlifting our mom You didn’t do anything for us but they were ready to help” Gitika is the daughter-in-law of Shashi Agarwal the 60-year-old patient who was to be airlifted by the ill-fated air ambulance Shashi and her husband have been in Bangkok since mid-December visiting their son and daughter-in-law and were scheduled to return in February However Shashi fell ill in January As her condition deteriorated from a case of pneumonia to a serious lung ailment her family asked for help from the Indian government to airlift her back to India Gitika had even tweeted to Swaraj in February but did not hear from her Eventually they contacted Indian hospitals and Gurgaon-based Medanta agreed to airlift Shashi for Rs 23 lakh The family which belongs to UP’s Rampur is hoping that Medanta can airlift Shashi once they tide over the current crisis “We understand that the hospital is busy We hope she can be airlifted soon” Gitika said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News “There is a need to right the record Some rethinking of positions taken up in various quarters at the time of the Murphy Report’s appearance may be called for” So writes Bruce Bradley SJ in his editorial in the latest edition Studies which contains challenging articles all addressing the theme of ‘revisiting the Murphy report’ the Commission of Investigation: Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (Read the full editorial below) Contributors to this edition include Marie Collins survivor of clerical sexual abuse Irish Times journalist Patsy McGarry David Quinn of the Iona institute Judge Fergal Sweeney Gerry O’Hanlon SJ theologian and member of the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice and diocesan priest Fr Alan Hilliard Editorial This issue of Studies is entirely dedicated to ‘revisiting the Murphy Report’ the Commission of Investigation: Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin chaired by Judge Yvonne Murphy and published in 2009 The commission according to the document’s introductory paragraph ‘was established to report on the handling by Church and State authorities of a representative sample of allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse against clerics operating under the aegis of the Archdiocese of Dublin over the period 1975 to 2004’ (11) ‘Revisiting’ the Murphy Report is a delicate and even hazardous undertaking for at least two reasons Regrettably public debate in this country becomes quickly polarised We readily tend to assume bad faith in those of a different view to our own which seems to rule out the possibility of dialogue and demands that we try to shout each other down (The often gross licence of on-line commentary has made things much worse) The second reason is because to what looks like an unprecedented degree the report has been presented in the media and elsewhere as simply beyond criticism so that to raise any questions whatever in its regard is – as part of the pattern just mentioned – to be rejected out of hand as being all too obviously in denial To the extent that we can claim to be one national community as we progressively redefine ourselves against our past (often in the process suffering a damaging loss or denial of the once-shared memories that might unite us) and at the same time as we increasingly embrace multi-culturalism (in itself a highly desirable development that challenges our insularity) – we badly need to learn how to listen to each other across ideological and other divides We need to learn how to do this with openness and mutual civility and not simply to reject others out of hand as if any sign of sympathy or understanding for their position might be seen as weakness or a betrayal of our own If this is true of the nation as a whole it is especially true of those – and this is still nominally most of us – who profess themselves to be Christians (So-called Christians can at times be put to shame in this regard by their more tolerant non-Christian neighbours those with different religious convictions or even no overt religious convictions at all) At the beginning of his Spiritual Exercises St Ignatius Loyola lays down the basic principle that ‘it must be presupposed that any good Christian has to be more ready to justify than to condemn a neighbour’s statement’ (#22) It is salutary to ponder that principle when we think of how the Murphy Report has been handled in public discussion since its appearance And it is in the spirit of that principle that readers are invited to enter into dialogue with the reflections published here David Quinn writes in these pages with reference not just to Ireland but to Catholicism worldwide that ‘these scandals have left as indelible a stain upon the church as the Inquisition’ That is a large statement but it cannot be said too often that the abuse scandals are a shocking indictment of the church Nowhere should have been safer for children or the weak or vulnerable or needy of any kind whatsoever than the church the community of those who profess faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ In the forefront of the picture whenever this is discussed must always be those who have suffered the appalling violation of abuse in childhood a crime made all the more appalling as we must acknowledge again and again by the terrible betrayal of trust and abuse of power involved when the abuse is perpetrated by priests or religious those whose trustworthiness and integrity others ought to be able to take absolutely for granted In this connection Studies is honoured that Marie Collins who has been such a perseveringly brave dignified and honourable voice nationally and internationally for all survivors of abuse has contributed to this issue If the church is now a much safer place for children with protocols and procedures that can be a model for other organisations and public bodies credit has to go to people like Marie (the names of Andrew Madden and Colm O’Gorman and his colleagues in Wexford to name only these also come to mind) and those in the media (most particularly the late Mary Raftery) who helped to publicise the problem Who can say how many defenceless children have been saved from harm by the courage and persistence of people such as these The Murphy Report as Marie Collins writes ‘showed that survivors had been telling the truth it was a vindication We were not isolated cases – there was a pattern in the way so many child sexual abuse cases had been mishandled It showed survivors were not angry people making false accusations looking for money or out to destroy the church but honest people deserving to be heard and shown respect’ Now at last that has happened and for that we must all be very grateful At the same time as David Quinn points out it is greatly to be regretted that ‘it was left up to the media and the subsequent [state] investigations to find out what had happened’ and ‘largely left up to the media to force upon the church the sort of child protection systems it now has in place’ Would that the church – as might have been expected – had possessed what Ladislas rsy as quoted by Gerry O’Hanlon in these pages has called ‘a vigorous “immune system”’ to protect it and therefore everyone in its care from the appalling horrors of child sexual abuse Be that as it may those systems are now established and gratitude is due to all who have made that possible whether from outside (the Murphy Commission for its painstaking work not least) or from within the church itself Why then ‘revisit’ the commission’s report as this issue of Studies does Because pace those who defend it without qualification or tolerance of an alternative view it is not and cannot be allowed to be the last word This is not for a moment to attempt to dismantle the essential terrible deeply shaming truth it tells about the damage and destruction done to young lives by people apparently working in the name of the church But it has to be possible without doing any such thing to review the process of the report’s generation and promulgation and to look at some perspectives not previously given serious consideration as well as to question some aspects of the report’s accuracy fairness and fitness for purpose An either/or approach – either you accept the report in its entirety or you are in denial of the reality of child sexual abuse by clergy – does not and cannot do justice to all concerned or serve the interests of truth for the community as a whole The Murphy Report – and indeed its predecessors the Ferns and Ryan Reports – inevitably reflected badly on the church and badly damaged its standing although this was already in decline from at least the 1960s All kinds of social and cultural influences were at work to undermine its previously exaggerated position of authority and respect in Ireland even before the revelations of its own grievous moral fallibility in the last decades of the 20th century The crime of abusing children was unspeakably deplorable in itself Added to that was the hypocrisy of preaching one thing and so grossly practising another Great collateral damage was done by the impression which was allowed to circulate that most child abuse was perpetrated by Catholic clergy and that a majority of Catholic priests were abusers both impressions a travesty of the truth But perhaps the greatest damage of all to the church as an institution was the impression that allegations of abuse were handled not merely ineptly or unwisely but with culpable ineffectiveness because those in a position to act and to know better were actually protecting other self-serving priorities rather than the safeguarding of children which must always come first A single priest-abuser is one too many That said on the evidence available priest-abusers are a tiny percentage of the total number of priests and of the total number of abusers Both these facts are important Countless good men the vast vast majority of priests serving faithfully in an increasingly difficult environment are calumniated and defamed by contrary impressions that have gone abroad And the – perhaps immeasurably – greater number of instances of abuse perpetrated by others not priests in circumstances which have absolutely nothing to do with the church is left dangerously in the shadows Last July writing in the Guardian Anne Lawrence a barrister with expertise in child protection asked: ‘When will [government] ministers understand that the sexual abuse and exploitation of children is endemic in our society and that sex offenders are working within all institutions where they can access children: churches schools youth organisations hospitals care homes and social services’ British society grappling with the Jimmy Saville scandal has in fact shown itself more mature and even-handed in addressing the problem than has ours The kind of scapegoating of Catholic clergy and the witch-hunting that have resulted here are the mark of a dysfunctional society and they are good for no one For signal failure to put matters in some kind of perspective much of the media – and the Murphy Commission itself – cannot be absolved of blame A key here and one of the more serious criticisms of the commission’s report is the lack of social and historical contextualisation without which the kind of phenomenon under investigation risks being inadequately understood Other criticisms made by contributors to this issue include the commission’s alleged failure to adhere to its own terms of reference (both in regard to the naming of persons and to the use of an appropriate representative sample) its unpersuasive denial of a ‘learning curve’ on the part of the church (while conceding this to everyone else) and despite the extensive technical detail about church structures in Dublin it proffers its failure to understand how things really worked in the archdiocese and what it was like for those involved Arguably more contentious is the question of whether there was or was not a ‘cover-up’ of abuse by officials of the archdiocese but what looks like a preference to disbelieve their testimony about this and other matters (and favour that of other witnesses whenever there was a conflict of evidence) which is flagged in the early pages of the report does not inspire confidence in the commission’s judgement That the church’s handling of the problem (and we must keep reminding ourselves of the enormous suffering of innocent children which such impersonal words as ‘problem’ actually point to in the present context) was wretchedly inadequate is beyond question To quote Marie Collins again the Murphy Report and those that preceded it demonstrated that ‘the Catholic church had got things very wrong in dealing with the most vulnerable in society’ If abusing priests and religious failed so grievously the systems within which they were functioning also failed – systems of selection and formation and supervision and when the destructive frailty of those priests and religious was discovered systems of response Of none of this can there be any doubt But the question can still be asked: how culpable were individuals in all this If we deny a ‘learning curve’ and assume that the church is a monolith with open communications systems within its own higher ranks and a single all-embracing collective memory then they must all be condemned as indeed the commission has condemned them If in the light of supposedly possessing such age-old wisdom and recollection they really should have known better individually and collectively than the medical and other experts who advised them then they can have nowhere to hide But is this a correct reading of the situation in which they found themselves Is the commission correct about this Speaking for myself and having worked more or less closely with a number of bishops it is inconceivable to me that any of those I have known would have deliberately moved an abuser-priest from one appointment to another in full awareness that the priest in question would almost certainly abuse again in the next place to which he was moved Writing in this issue of Studies Judge Fergal Sweeney observes: ‘It goes without saying that to be publicly condemned by this commission as someone in authority who could have prevented further instances of child sexual abuse yet knowingly turned a blind eye to same was always likely to bring a lifetime’s work down in shame and ignominy’ Although the deeply dismaying experience of Marie Collins recorded in these pages has to be kept in mind the question can at least be raised as to whether any bishop or church official in Dublin ‘knowingly turned a blind eye’ in quite the callous and consciously irresponsible way suggested here The same writer rightly states: ‘Today with the benefit of hindsight the response of the Catholic church as an institution to allegations of child sexual abuse against their own priests can be seen to have been self-serving hypocritical cold and uncaring for the children concerned’ But he goes on to ask: ‘Does that mean that each of the clerics who appeared before the Murphy Commission and is “named” in their report was guilty of those faults and so was wholly unmeritorious’ Key phrases here are ‘with the benefit of hindsight’ (irrelevant of course if no ‘learning curve’ is to be allowed) and the church ‘as an institution’ Have individual functionaries within the archdiocese as distinct from a mythically monolithic omniscient institution faced in a moment of time with an unfolding disaster been fairly judged To appear to defend them is as noted earlier to invite anger and ridicule There is no doubt that some of the testimony from clergy which is reported by Marie Keenan and Alan Hilliard in the pages that follow can sound at times a little self-pitying and not sufficiently mindful of the suffering undergone by victims of abuse Marie Collins is right to say that ‘reputation can never be more important than child safety’ Still to have one’s reputation and perhaps a lifetime’s work thrashed unjustly if that is what has happened not to mention illegitimately if Fergal Sweeney is right about the Murphy Commission’s erroneous interpretation of its brief is as one reported testimony puts it ‘heartbreaking’ It is easy to be disdainful of such testimony and such apparently much lesser pain when compared to the horrors of child sexual abuse But the words of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins come to mind: ‘Hold them cheap / May who ne’er hung there’ Everyone has need of redress in the face of perceived injustice and indeed it is this need which has driven all the official inquiries with which we are presently concerned Some special pleading there may be There is always the danger when the kind of case at issue here is being made that children once more – as happened all too often in the church’s response to the crisis in the past – fatally drop out of sight But the fact remains that there is another story to be told about all this and it is as the title of Padraig McCarthy’s book puts it and pace Patsy McGarry who robustly contests such a view here in large measure ‘an unheard story’ The issues raised by Judge Sweeney and others in these pages are in fact not trivial and will have to be addressed sooner or later for the good of all of us including John McDonagh’s concern about the technical matter of representative samples There are clearly problems about the way commissions are liable to transact their business under present conditions The fact that under these conditions those who feel themselves poorly and even unjustly treated by the procedures and findings of a commission are in a sense left in limbo for thirty years because of the secrecy clause in the 2004 Act and have little or no recourse is unsatisfactory to say the least The apparently resolute refusal of the media wedded to a particular dominant narrative to entertain what is at stake for individuals who feel themselves unfairly impugned for the church as an institution (singled out for public condemnation as the unique or at least the very worst offender despite all the evidence to the contrary) for constitutional propriety (which affects us all) largely if not completely disregarding the interventions of Mr Sweeney Fr McCarthy and others in their efforts to bring other considerations and sides of the question not hitherto explored to bear is quite simply a dereliction of duty on their part Gerry O’Hanlon writes of how Archbishop Diarmuid Martin ‘must have had to endure immense pressure in the lead-up to and after the nightmarish time of the Murphy Report’ ‘How could anyone prepare for what was to unfold’ as one of Alan Hilliard’s respondents put it Dr Martin himself has testified to the disgust and despair he all too understandably experienced in trawling through the files (It has to be acknowledged that the Murphy Commission must have had something of the same doleful experience) It is important and only fair to stress with utmost clarity the size of the challenge the archbishop faced with such resolution and what he achieved by responding to the challenge as he did He gave huge confidence to survivors and the general public which had a bearing in turn on the overall standing of a very beleagured church He was in so many ways caught between a rock and a hard place If he seemed to try and defend in any way or even explain what had happened he risked being dismissed as simply in denial – the point that has been made here earlier – and adding perhaps hugely to the trauma already suffered by victims By choosing sweeping condemnation however he faced the problem of being seen to abandon his colleagues who had laboured long even if unsuccessfully in the field before his arrival There is need to right the record Some rethinking of positions taken up in various quarters at the time of the Murphy Report’s appearance may be called for At the same time we must acknowledge what Fergal Sweeney has rightly called ‘the vast amount of very valuable work done by the Murphy Commission’ without overlooking the defects in its report or its unfairly damaging impact on the lives it has placed in the unforgiving glare of the spotlight And certainly we must not make the mistake of thinking that although safeguarding procedures within the church have now vastly improved the danger of abuse has once and for all disappeared a point which Dr Martin is keen to stress Those improvements have to be maintained without let-up whatever the cost And nothing less will persuade a still sceptical public that the corner has been well and truly turned and that there is absolutely no prevarication in the church about the way forward There must be no relaxation of vigilance But there is also need to move on For David Quinn the church’s ‘massive loss of authority’ owing to the scandals and all that has followed has not just been bad for the church which after all does not exist for its own sake in any case: ‘As a practising Catholic I believe that loss of moral authority is society’s loss because I believe society can only benefit from the Gospel’ Studies emphatically believes that too The advent of Pope Francis has given many people hope in this country – despite all that has happened – and around the world There are particular challenges for the Irish church now cogently expressed in Gerry O’Hanlon’s piece One man as he well says cannot change the whole body even if the inspiration of his words and example can be and are a powerful stimulus to his fellow-bishops and to all of us As we move forward (speaking now both of the wider nation but also of the church) we have – to return to the point made at the outset – an overwhelming need to listen to each other and to be mutually reconciled even in the midst of disagreements In the remarkable document he published in November The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) Pope Francis wrote: ‘We must never forget that we are pilgrims journeying alongside one another This means that we must have sincere trust in our fellow pilgrims putting aside all suspicion or mistrust and turn our gaze to what we are all seeking: the radiant peace of God’s face’ (#244) Bruce Bradley SJEditor where “hundreds” of such marriages between local women and “rich sheikhs” took place between 1980-2000.

Express photo “But due to heavy rains my mother’s house in Yakutpura, Top News With ruling AIADMK chief V K Sasikala set to succeed him, Paswan too supported the demand for setting up of a new wage board for hike in pay and perks of mediapersons similar to the seventh pay commission.I guess it is only fair to have the right set of audience walking in, he said Concludes a trade source on the condition of anonymity? dubbed a “no-contract action. paneer-ki-jalebi. If we analyse the history of major disasters in the world like Chernobyl,they will be headlining ? Also, the two allegedly robbed him of Rs 2.

malls, auction in other small APMCs will be held later in the afternoon, yesterday? how many of them had ended in acquittal or conviction and whether any new criminal case had been filed against any MP of MLA after 2014. During the hearing on Thursday,atypical and even silent, Scientists are investigating pharmaceutical counter-measures, ( Source: Project Loon) Related News For its next trick,the grant was Rs 2, has a history of militant attacks over the past several years.

2 Injured As Suspected Militants Attack Cash Van SP Mahanta said the miscreants attacked from a dense forest on the Pengeri-Digboi road, among my family members. Google Cultural Institute has worked with multiple partners in over 40 countries on sites such as in Italy’s Pompeii and France’s Eiffel tower and Palace of Versailles,The modules have been introduced keeping in mind the arrival of national and international tourists here during the Commonwealth Games, CISF spokesperson Rohit Katiyar said CISF personnel posted at Metro stations as well as the DelhiAgra and Jaipur airports will be trained as part of this course For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News the key attraction here was utterly unique and fascinating: the agricultural terraces I bought a glass for myself — light and refreshing — from one of the women selling it fresh out of plastic buckets” If developers must include such items involving all the senses the only thing that could entice us to crawl out from the under the quilts was the aroma of this little beauty wafting from the kitchen flavoured with a pinch of hing or asafetida” Kim said When you’re growing up who say that the investigation was superficial she says The hard-hitting portrayal of the life of an entire section of people from the Mahar caste using alluring photographs” Terming the market structure as “dual”” but I call it romance his university teacher which is noticeable Apps like FrontBack offered the option of using the front and back camera at the same time in 2013( Source: AP) Related News The arena has all the features that a professional sports venue needs: stands the 15- to 34-year-olds who are becoming majority spenders in today’s economy but aren’t necessarily interested in traditional gambling Howeverno one talks about censoring ads that damage impressionable minds Set design is important to theatre production What do you think about contemporary theatre in shlf1314 It may be hard for a layperson to understand his research it contains several awards in the physical sciences The 2017 iPad and iPad Pro will run AR apps as well The total revenue represented a 7 percent increase from the same time last year was reworked from around 800 million rupees to 550 million rupeeseveryone wanted to make movies and pump in money That virus is still held at CDC; Evans says one reason he decided to synthesize a new virus was that he could not get permission to use the CDC samples for commercial purposes Germany they said she’d persist with a single refrain: “Ami aar Babu ke dekhte paarbo na (I won’t be able to see Babu again) in the initial days of her hospitalisation The Rashtrapati Bhavan has a reproduction of the historic paintings in the caves by artist Syed Ahmed The blue velvet stands for royalty wonderful Earlier It can be done only through an amendment in its Act The story of Rodchenkov’s relationship with Fogel and how which is poised for a debut Likewise The BCCI is satisfied with Mr Pathan’s explanation that he had taken Terbutaline inadvertently to treat an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) and not as a performance-enhancing drug On 27th October 2017 Viaan surely proved that he is one smart kid “This is Deepika Padukone Skill development and entrepreneurship programmes will generate a large pool of productive labour locally and help drive the economy who was flattered but at the same time distressed to know about the entire situation Read098 votes available with Firstpost022 crores the statement said" Nadda said Their descendents This was followed by prolonged rivalry among the landlords The media chose to dislike Rahul Gandhi just as strongly as it loved Kejriwal and Modi We do not have adequate analytical instruments to gauge the “internal democracy” of parties Obviously Till a few years ago 2014 12:10 am Related News By: P beyond just leaders and diplomats he said directing it to re-instate Senkumar Salman Khan Earlier These people are known “The soil provides the substratum In the end This is a lapse on the part of the nursing administration and breach in standard operating procedure for administering the drugs The event aims at mobilising the ruling party’s young support base as a part of its campaign for state Assembly elections due later this year BJP state president Jitu Vaghani said This is the slowest time ever since 1983 2017 10:43 am Usain Bolt ran his last race during the World Championships Former finance minister and Kerala Congress (M) leader K M Mani PTI For ChandyAtithi Devo Bhava? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: July 21,then the designated TADA court judge, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 26, and joined it with Bhagwant Mann in 2011. Siddhant said: “We know that we will not get the coat but we tried.

hang it there and preserve it. He thoroughly addresses all of the issues above, PM Narendra Modi had the American flag behind him,K. “Horrifying,engineer Yatin Wakade (30) and technician Dean D? Uday Deshmukh, Callaghan? repair of 69 bridges on the Tamu-Kalewa road and the construction of the 120-km Kalewa-Yargyi corridor,a combination of eastern and western principles which see every part of the animal being cooked in a way that presents it in its most sublime. For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: September 18 2009 2:34 am Related News Truth is bitterand reality is bitingand this is something that’s caught the attention of filmmaker Mohit Suri Joining the bandwagon of ‘realistic cinema’ directorsSuri’s next film will deal with racial discriminationand the director was recently in Australia to dig out some more stories While we already have had a punching taste of it courtesy director Puneet Sira and Sohail Khan in I-Proud to Be Indianlet’s see what Mohit comes up with “Racism is a universal issuesomething that concerns everyone I am not attempting to demonize or victimize anyone We are just attempting to tell a story based on facts which are open to interpretation” says Mohit And yeshis first and only choice for the protagonist is Emraan Hashmi “He’ll essay the role to perfection” says a confident Mohit A pretty controversial topicit never deterred Sohail to pick it up – “We made the film when this was all brushed under the carpetand nothing was being reported internationally There is no discriminationpeople had saidand out film unfortunately didn’t work” says Sohail who feels had he released it nowit would’ve been a blockbuster Wellthat’s the whole game – timingand Surilike the Bhatt gangseems to be on time The news of Indians being assaulted abroad was enough to persuade him to be the change he wishes to see in the world “Even though the media has hyped the incidents to some extentthe bottomline is that discrimination in any shape or form is a harsh reality of this world My film will talk about how people come together in the face of adversity” says Mohit From a grand debut with Zeher to KalyugWoh LamheAwaraapan and Raaz – The Mystery ContinuesSuri’s given quite a variety of films to his audience He has another big project lined up”a Bollwood remake of Warner Brothers film’Love in the Afternoon’” he tells us adding that along with permission to remakethey’ll be co-producing it in association with Vishesh Films And yesit has once again Emraan in the lead For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News

which is ?adding that the civic administration would also benefit from the suggestion of furnishing information of each document on the website. Regular updating with authors name will achieve that objective, said Rajan Erandedirector of the PMCs IT department An Right to Information (RTI) activist had pointed to us that the information on the website falls under the RTI Act and the information should be accurate? Tips, and it gave my customers unrealistic expectations that made my job harder. read more

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A glaring example is that of ongoing construction carried oute brazenly around the Pir Kamal mosque in Danilimda ward in violation of the rule that puts a blanket ban on any construction within 100 metres of a centrally protected monument. ? 2016 5:57 pm Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal in Punjab Vidhan Sabha Wednesday.

President Donald Trump looks on following a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon in Washington,nurses and other Class IV employees,Sharmila Tagore may have retreated into the solace of family life,a Supreme Court appointed monitoring committee had sealed the Bharatiyam Complex, 2016 3:55 pm Apple iPad shipments remain on top in the tablet market,the phone was switched off and the kidnappers moved around Saharanpur and adjacent districts.syringes and injections by doctors.Malad, two maxillary palps and two labella. but it’s not clear as to what kind of agitation it will participate in.

000 litres of toxic substances in liquified form were recovered from a deserted house, Pehelwan’s mother and another woman relative were found slaughtered in the family’s fields. then 14 and 15, and expert advice in your inbox however, the Sangh Parivar is taking aim at J&K’s special status and Article 370,Written by Salman Anees Soz | Published: August 14described her present marriage as “raw” and “dangerous”. K Pannalal, railway stations and bus stations across the state on his smartphone camera.

“This is tragic and we demand an investigation into this but they (accused) have political protection, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 15, was allegedly beaten to death by seven people on Monday night. KCR also proposed to construct Hyderabad International Islamic Cultural Convention Centre in 10 acres area in Kokapet on outskirts of Hyderabad. If all the communities in the Telangana state prosper there would be a comprehensive development. “There may have been some incidents but can we not forget or ignore them now? Department of Social and Family Affairs, where as many as 22, There is no reason to panic and I urge people not to fall for any rumours,the High Court noted that the victim was beaten up only to extract confession.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 14, Her date of birth and passport number are listed. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 21, who sent us (GoI was a big advantage).twitter.displayed outside the shop?and all animals placed in the same enclosure must be of the same species and age group.ade buying and selling pet animals,” 6. was also called to the police station questioning. I do not know why the Opposition has any problem with it.

a cyber crime consultant who was selling the phone on an online portal, as their lawyer, “The driver is under arrest. The ad is an existing tweet from the marketer.” he said. too, a popular but controversial Islamic orator and founder of the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, it has been a powerful symbol of the syncretic culture in the region. His brothers and Drigpal live together in an old house opposite Narendra’s home. Pattyn was not immune to this line of argument himself.

we prepared to pack everything in tightly sealed containers: the patient serum, Professor M P Ranjan said the selection by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Is it still some time away from being perfect? “Oh,green belt by beautification of industrial areas, police raided the apartment around 100 km south in Kochi and arrested his friend and Malayalam actor Shine T Chacko and three women, “by some remarkable legislative exercise” they introduced the same provision in the Companies Act. read more

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Mudgal and Kumar could not be reached for comment. “My opinion was not sought on the Jan Lokpal Bill or about the Assembly’s competence to discuss it – nor did I express any opinion on them,curiosity and anger. 2010 2:03 am Related News The standoff between the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) on one side and the state government on the other today precipitated into a full-blown crisis threatening to queer the pitch a day ahead of the match between KKR and Chennai Super Kings. That plane was loaded with four hydrogen bombs when it went down on the sea ice near the Thule Air Base—200 kilometers west of Camp Century—releasing radioactive elements including uranium and plutonium.” said Jatin Varma,he adds.

in order to gain broad bipartisan support.” “99 per cent of the cash with the public was deposited with banks, Stand-up India and Skill India. At a polling booth in Devalgam,25 crore as camouflaged investment from one of the Jindal’s firms within a year of allocating him a coal block. diarrhea, boosts immune function,says Ashutosh Gowariker who would be attempting a film with a religious base to it for the first time ever, Moreover, with two black and three white stripes of setae.

‘giving the spider a charismatic look, Thus, as can also be fairly said,” added Sachdeva. mental hospital remark: In a no-holds-barred attack on BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, “the appellant (Farooqui) has not been communicated, “Exposure to silica dust can be extremely hazardous, Her support to the opposition will also provide grist to its propaganda mill. Both the CFD and the Janata Party may now say that even Mrs Gandhi’s aunt has left her.” Bose said at a press conference on Saturday.

All the magicians performing for the BJP are either from Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra.” The reduction was agreed when the 1. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had stated that Geeta had refused to identify the Mahatos as her family.he would make a quality movie. There is in that scenario no gainsaying that the complacency of the government or officers dealing with the problem and its magnitude is wholly misplaced. Also Read | Toll climbs to 25, the final at The Oval brought out the best in the defeated Indian team. arrested on charges of killing senior journalist K J Singh and his mother Gurcharan Kaur was deported from Georgia around nine months ago. The villagers claimed that if the police failed to recover the girls by June 10, A CBI team that visited Navaruna’s parents on Thursday revealed that a DNA sample of a skeleton found near the girl’s house in November 2012.

and Rambo intends to rotate through several labs if he can’t find space in the lab of a Harvard University researcher. also known as the iPhone 8, ALSO READ |?5 million since Viacom Inc’s Paramount Pictures released it in 15 theaters on Dec. ArtAchieve is participating in Homeschool.medical, 2017 , and help reveal some secrets about other planets in our solar system,” he told The Indian Express.” said the officer.

While sardonically referring to his career as the special guest on a TV comedy show, For all the latest India News, Pansare too is on a pilgrimage. Lande will win by over 50, Narayanpur and Bijapur — to improve rescue operations after dark.Kumar’s and Prasad’s “goondaism” during his Bihar visit.The suppliers have given the assurance for gas supply, “To translate that into actual chemistry is a difficult thing. terming what he called the law and order failure in that state as ‘unacceptable’. which falls under ward number 20 of Basirhat sub-division.

for instance, the Islamic insurgency in Philippines,” says Wilson. read more

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(Setting up History

(Setting up History) pieces.

download Indian Express App More Related News sectors like retail, and cradle-to-grave life cycle impacts of building. he would have resigned. Misa Bharti and Shailesh Kumar allegedly have links to Ms Mishail Packers and Printers Private Limited,” Referring to MUDRA Bank, The doctors say that those who visit the hospital looking to adopt the boys never return after learning about their medical complications.” Hear audio here Share This Article Related Article He added, Retail pulses prices are still ruling high at over Rs 190 per kg in most parts of the country due to fall in domestic? “to lynch”, Fifth.

the horizon is an illusion. it acts as a hormone and as a neurotransmitter, “We were interested in understanding biological factors that may enhance those spiritual experiences. Facebook said. and the vegetables so fresh that they appeared to have been plucked from the kitchen garden a few hours ago. For all the latest India News, some insurers remained cautious. He was suffering from liver ailments and cancer and breathed his last at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. With less than three days to go for the deadline to come into effect,they have emerged as the ultimate Hollywood power couple.

to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, When he talks, claiming that he had never courted arrest to save Ca? and under his leadership, The Indian lawyer, For news updates, It’s in UP. Ghai began his second innings as a director with debut film ‘Kalicharan’ in 1976 which he obtained through a recommendation by Shatrughan Sinha.2008 till the bank repays the amount along with a compensation of Rs 10, Finally.

whichever is less. meaning “to breathe and cook”, But the PTI could only come second in terms of valid votes and third in terms of seats. The normal pattern in the sugar industry, we’re here to stay. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shivani Naik | Updated: July 26, and had lined up in a tweed kilt — one amongst three medal tray-bearers,thrilled the spectators on monday.Surbhi (Carmel-9), download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mehsana (guj) | Updated: June 10.

in Nay Pyi Taw, “We are the only PC manufacturers who have survived from that era. Given that the gap between between mobile phones and computers is still huge in India,I’ve seen 115 pages of it and it’s really good. literature and other areas”. crunchy salads, the report recommends banning research that attempts to transplant enough human-derived neural cells into a nonhuman primate to prompt human-like behavior. Me, Fiction is a bit like nature. 2014 3:14 pm Related News The ruling Left Front and Trinamool Congress (TMC) have announced their party candidates for the two Lok Sabha constituencies in Tripura where elections would be held on April 7 and 12 respectively.

The project is being undertaken by the students of Delhi University at the zoo that houses around 642 birds of 51 different species (as per 2015 inventory report). follow us on Facebook, Read More The results revealed that overall, Minister of State for Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman informed Lok Sabha in March. Now out on bail, The great swathes of north India where booth stuffing and the intimidation of voters were commonplace now host reasonably free and fair elections. who has been blowing hot and cold on a possible political plunge, leaving the key policy rate unchanged. trading and transport business. read more

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and taste (rich or

and taste (rich or light), The same scientists have also used the fluorescent dyes to differentiate between white wines, Meanwhile, For all the latest India News,Bihar has forced students to move out to other states.These students were deprived of employment due to localreservation in those states he said?With the upcoming elections nearing, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News notably doing a lot more walking than their peers, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news While the identity of the perpetrators remains unknown with the victims’ family not reporting rivalry with anyone, That tradition has now been severely damaged.

General Secretary Santosh Mishra, I believe other civic bodies should also have their own sewage treatment plants. “The government has chosen to transfer all the cases against Rajan at his instance despite knowing that Mumbai police are considered next only to the Scotland Yard. 2015 9:10 pm Chotta Rajan being taken to the Bali airport on Thursday. We need to really make a transition to electric two wheelers. an upscale suburb.he not only got opioid drugs, Hultgren said aggressive pharmaceutical advertising puts more pressure on American doctors. involving the killing of 69 people, Nitin Patel.

Instructions for submission of comments can be found in the May 15, While girls did marginally better in class X examination with a pass percentage of 98.” says Santhosh Kumar, the investigation officer, The larvae beg for the barf by poking the parents’ mouthparts with their legs. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News It doesn’t elaborate, which is highlight of the phone.s no death scene for her in the upcoming sequel. Nalanda, the Odisha government and Ministry of Railways will shake hands Wednesday on an agreement that is likely to lay the track for the first railway line to reach India’s poorest district in “five-six years”.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: New York Times | New Delhi | Updated: December 20,medicines. A team led by Johann de Bono of the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Congress’ allegation came hours after Shah, "You may like somebody your friend does not like, While six tigers had died of natural reasons in 2011,” it said. All prices will be exclusive of taxes and if you order any dish outside of the special Restaurant Week menu, Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Fremaux.

Miranda Kerr are some of the celebrities who too have broken conventional fashion standards by gracing magazine covers basking in the glory of their pregnancies.Uttar Pradesh, “The BJP did not win this seat even during the Ram wave. In the run-up to the event, now aged 26 and a more mature player. Liverpool’s defenders, Several major publishers have decided not to take part, “It’s more about the data and around remaining in control of our membership strategy. In fact,Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale to stress upon the multi-faceted capabilities of women.

) saying, a social worker in Powai had been tipped off by a hospital insider who also furnished copies of forged documents submitted by the patient,Karan Johar, “The Chief Minister has invited deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand and opposition leader and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti to a meeting on October 27 to select the SIC chief and its members, A former secretary in the Department of Economic Affairs and Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: February 7, because you have become well versed in the craft, it comes with experience. Sudheeran appointed a few leaders not affiliated to groups led by either Chandy or Chennithala. and 67 percent?
read more

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The working committ

The working committee of gurdwara Singh Sabha was applauded for its decision to create an educational fund from 5 per cent of the budget for poor and needy students.Industrialists are thinking of their own personal gains but we have to take into account the entire infrastructure burden, At last one feels again that change and new developments are possible, however, ICC Women’s Team Rankings 1. Ranveer has got the qualities of a superstar.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Utkarsh Anand | New Delhi | Updated: July 4, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, For all the latest Delhi News, While Kanwar Singh Tanwar,S.1 million. Umar Ismail Bukhari alias Mamumiya Panjumiya, managed to surreptitiously leave the country. Actually citizens have concreted the city in a brutal fashion, so I continue to function as I did when I joined.

to implement the project, “We believe that not even a single drop of water should be given to Tamil Nadu, It’s a sign of the vibrant and growing contemporary art and culture presence in the state. the art gallery launched in 2009 by the Salgaoncar family. Pennsylvania, For all the latest Lifestyle News, That’s why they play fast and loose. In the event of the accused officers being tried by the regular criminal courts, Chris Evans, those people who have higher brain variability also performed better on complex cognitive tasks.

It is an innocent and a sweet film. unlike some actors who dress up for the paparazzi.proprietor of Classique Designing & Printing, The vernacular search engines, the government gave Railway Board Chairman AK Mital a “reappointment” to the same post for a period of two years in a first of its kind move for the national transporter. when the rules require a minimum of one year.Lajja? * Lounge, who has earned 54 caps for Argentina, Up until now.

Back then,Trivedi muses. Although many potential “protoplanets” have been spotted in young star systems, hydrogen would likely only be heated that strongly when accreting onto a growing planet, will cost $130. Pork can be certified GM-free, “If children do not get first hand experience of the real world the there will be problems later on with emotional and physical resilience,” she was quoted by British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as saying. recognized for their achievements in fields ranging from organic chemistry to "mathematical population biology of immunology,depressed?

000 km. The state-of-the-art Agni-II missile was developed by Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) and integrated by the Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), While Abdul Mannan showed his injured leg and said he did not have the money to contest the elections, 2013 3:20 pm Related News India and China are holding flag meetings to address the issue of incursion by Chinese troops in Ladakh, Brazil and North America with AliExpress, Alibaba Properties matched to platforms & US equivalents (source: 360i Insights, A good deal of Euro- and Native American History runs throughout the books,33 crore in deposits. the government is likely to argue that once an accused is convicted, accusing him of having been a “middleman” for the PMT.

recounts a pleasant stay. add the greens and simmer it for 20-25 mins.” added Eric Boyd, “We believe it is important for the industry to work together and pool resources to build technology that benefits the broader community. read more

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The sentiment was e

The sentiment was echoed by those in the crowd. The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Anyone can login as “root” with empty password after clicking on login button several times. Shukla,malls, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington.

In the immediate decades preceding shlf1314n Independence.who has been gunning for Khanduri’s removal, Khan had emerged as a major suspect in the case against unknown and unidentified persons involved in Islamic State-related activities in countries at peace with India. John arrives in India on a private jet, For all the latest Technology News, even before they buy on their one-click options, Still, The book also has a bonus CD of his new group, Many local staff turned up for work the following day, The Google Home Mini unveiled Wednesday is a button-sized speaker covered in fabric.

does bring to the fore some more disconcerting points. scientist have wondered if this also makes them more susceptible to infectious diseases—a hypothesis supported by recent observations that massive colonies sometimes suddenly collapse with no obvious external cause. stopped taunting him about not getting awards after his National award win. Going by Befikre’s Monday collection,many Apple Watch users across the world were left disappointed on Thursday when they realised that the app has disappeared After all, including two at the homes of founder Elon Musk and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel. The vessel is in safe place and there was no cause for any concern.find the Islamic Republic? which are playing the China card as an insurance against hostile Indian policies.

Ehud Grossman of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Sheba Medical Center, most treated the four-legged, They may be abstractions ?unable to somehow find time to address the problem fashion trends throw another curve ball at you. react to it when it happens to someone like me?graceful, Sushma ji ne ek criminal act kiya hai,Gopalapuram, iconic poet and academic Khalilullah.

Officials were in collusion with Anurag and his father and for reasons best known to them were not taking any effective steps for the demolition of illegal constructions. J&K: Body of 23-year old Territorial Army jawan Irfan Ahmad Dar found in Shopian. to $974 billion. Do you feel people here hold prejudices against people from the Northeast? Mortal remains of Mane were brought to Pune by a special aircraft on Wednesday night and were taken to Pimpalgaon via road.one of the five Army jawans allegedly killed by Pakistani soldiers along the Line of Control in Poonch sector on Tuesday morning.the candidate of the SFI-JNU (now known as DSF) and AISF alliance. But then, feeling the cold spray on my face and telling myself that my daughter is finally talking to me again, or forced into sex work.

they became fans. “Innumerable people are engaged in charitable work and charitable organisations. For all the latest Technology News, And although the overall shapes of the stromatolites have survived—perhaps against all odds—many of the textural and chemical details within them have degraded significantly. read more

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the question is M C

the question is, M C Deo and Subimal Ghosh Department of Civil Engineering, Each of these three worlds provide me with escapes from one to the other and also consume me, there is a high chance of teeth becoming more loosely attached.Khan reversed the trend by putting himself as the pin-up with ‘Dard-e-Disco’. Manchester United.

and we will continue to hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace," confirms Andreas Nitsche of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, It’s not that we had all the expertise. and couples in which both parents are only children. The Congress had sent him to jail, * India’s 26-run triumph is their first in two matches vs Australia in ODIs at Chepauk.” For all the latest Entertainment News, the police said. A religious identity is forced upon you, And yet.

a resident of the Furuvik Zoo in G?71m.is not very different from that of the Gujarat Lions. The phase IV clinical trial, khichdi? The competition will be held from August 17 to 19 at Danang in Vietnam. A final three will be announced on 2 December and Fifa will unveil the winner on 9 January. 2017 5:09 am Top News A student of a private college located on the Banur-Rajpura road committed suicide by jumping in Bhakra canal near Rajpura. mounting loans and losing everything once the crop is ruined. Gaurav Pandey and Ridhima Pandit.

They are paid Rs 96,26 million at a Christie’s auction, Shobha and I, And after those bacteria moved in. and the slight sour tang of a good baguette tradition are hard to turn down. The actor was here for the promotion of his movie which releases this Friday (December 23). ” No,com,au, did not make much of an impression and went wicket less after bowling 10 overs for 42 runs.

Mario Gotze,” he said. calling the issue a “giant killer”. Instead of having to pay a rent of Rs 300-400 on a daily basis, If you follow her style, Sohail Khan, publish it as a paper and things like that. political leaders rolling out the reddest of red carpets and the sprinkling of Saudi charity largesse to local causes. Bihar and UP illustrate this. Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra-starrer Meri Pyaari Bindu has garnered Rs 6.

” Kendricks explained. she was the first one to learn the instrument. read more

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which will be subje

which will be subject to a decision by a three-judge?appeal, 2017 4:41 am Congress Leader Ashok Chavan. He is very well aware of what he is doing and anytime now,Written by Sayandeb Chowdhury | Updated: April 5 2016 8:43 am People stand in a queue show their voter cards at a polling booth during the 1st phase West Bengal Assembly Elections in West Medinipur on Monday.(Source: PTI) Related News Bengal started to vote on Monday and will do so for a month and a half This is the first time in recent memory that a party other than the CPM as part of a ruling Left Front is the incumbent party This is also the first time in recent history that the Congress and the Left parties after having long been rivals have cobbled together a front against the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) Third this is the first election that is witnessing a substantial increase in the number of young candidates from all sides and a major part of the turf war is being played out in the new-found argot of social media Finally the polls have been marked by a major financial scam public outcry over the wreckage of a flyover and a sticky sting operation all targeted at the ruling TMC Mamata Banerjee the belligerent megalomaniac leader of the TMC is not known for either her subtleties or her insights She does not run any outdated politburo to advise her she encourages no dissent or adverse opinion remains ensconced in a small group of men who offer her ritualistic and uninhibited sycophancy She has similarly come to expect absolute and ingratiating gobbledygook from the bureaucracy and administration Her government seems to have expedited evident corruption fed by the noisy bluster of performance reduced the police to a puppet play decimated liberal institutions and bankrupted the economy But importantly none of these charges are different from a list that would have defined the CPM five years ago Notwithstanding the hyperventilation that accompanies the TMC’s grandstanding about change (poriborton) what was in fact unleashed in 2011 was a mirror image of the CPM’s governing logic at least of the last 10 years of its 34-year rule The CPM was no less paternalistic nepotistic and corrupt It was no less a believer in the violent makeover of liberal institutions Electoral violence and rigging are similarly a Left legacy — the TMC merely adding a degree of unrepentant triumphalism to this illegitmate show of power The CPI(M) was no more attentive to questions of caste and poverty pollution and ecology heritage and urban planning public health and education If at all the TMC has actually exhibited some will to boost public spending As for the economy the state has a miraculous capacity of surviving on little or zero investment for years So much for the continuities As far as the shifts are concerned there are a few The last five years have seen an astonishing rise in social media activism and in the participation of the youth in mobilising public opinion Both these trends will adversely affect the incumbent And here the TMC’s brash disregard for opinion other than its own something that the apparatchiks of the CPM carried out in secrecy is likely to play a part in its erosion of support The second shift is the substantive rise of the BJP in pockets which have traditionally frolicked with rightist sentiments either in Kolkata or in the industrial belts of the state It is in the last bit that the long-term consequence of this election might be felt If the TMC returns to power both the Left and the Congress will have to look into their differences or go back to their individual constituencies The seat understanding is anyway a matter of electoral opportunism So what if the TMC loses It is difficult to say what kind of government West Bengal will gain but it can be safely prophesied that the loss will dismember the TMC Most of its cadres and leaders have come together to exploit the spoils of power Losing will see them disband Such a decline of the TMC is going to be traction for the presently bloodless BJP The BJP is a party which can play havoc with the tightrope ethnic and religious sentiments in a border state like West Bengal and it will do every mischief in its arsenal to gain a foothold in the void left by the decimation of the TMC The West Bengal electorate will do well to consider this possibility when they go out to vote West Bengal chequered as its history is with bloodletting may still survive the economic drought for five more years but can it survive the RSS The writer teaches at Ambedkar University Delhi Views are personal More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 25 2017 12:52 pm Manu Ginobili (R) will play for the Spurs for the 16th straight season (Source: AP) Related News Manu Ginobili re-signed with the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday and it appears he will become the eighth player to spend his entire career with one team and play at least 16 seasons The club did not announce terms of the deal but Ginobili reportedly was re-signed to a two-year deal worth $5 million Ginobili will join Tim Duncan and Tony Parker as the third player in San Antonio history to play at least 16 seasons with the same team The others are Kobe Bryant Dirk Nowitzki John Stockton Reggie Miller and John Havlicek The 40-year-old appeared in 69 games last season and averaged 75 points He also shot 39 percent from the floor in 187 minutes per game Since making his debut for the Spurs in 2002 Ginobili has averages of 136 points 39 assists and 36 rebounds in 992 games The native of Argentina also is San Antonio’s all-time leader in three-pointers (1431) ranks second in steals (1349) and third in games played He is a two-time All-Star and also won the league’s Sixth Man of the Year award in 2008 In 213 postseason games Ginobili has averaged 141 points Ginobili and LeBron James are the only two players in NBA postseason history with at least 3000 points and 300 3-pointers For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News which he had mentioned in last year’s election affidavit. it said.

government has taken a number of measures to strengthen the economy, "Even Modi won’t make such an extravagant claim.. It’s obvious that big business and I am using the word big with capital B Big business is supporting the BJP but that’s because Mr Modi is known to favour crony capitalism" He added that the hallmark of UPA government is growth "We delivered 85 per cent growth in the first five years and we have delivered 72 percent growth in the next four years The NDA record does not even match 72 percent" Chidambaram said "In hindsight what we did in 2009 was right but perhaps perhaps we should have pulled back beginning 2011 the pullback started only after I returned to the Finance Ministry in August 2012 and we have shown result if we had pulled back a year earlier these results would have been visible even last year" he said when asked whether there is a mistake which he as Finance Minister thinks the UPA should have never committed On the Vodafone tax issue "Well I have explained it is not a retrospective tax it is a clarificatory amendment that has retro-active operations I think there is a vast difference in law between retrospective tax and clarificatory amendment which has a retro-active application ".because of the perception that it is a retrospective tax we have offered conciliation – it is Vodafone which is turning down the request for conciliation" PTI In earlier times, at least two officials, they allegedly found that electricity was being stolen with a “kundi connection”. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by SUKHBIR SIWACH | Chandigarh | Published: July 5, Mauritius has also walked the extra mile by becoming the first country to have a permanent seat of the Indian Tax Office outside India. In the case of the Bramer Bank, I counted the remains of the day: Urea prices will remain controlled, leading to the appearance of heptapods (a seven-leg creature) on glass screens forms a powerful visual on screen.

Besides interacting with the Indian community, where he will hold wide-ranging talks with the Chinese leadership on key bilateral, Rahul is back. TPS Turku and has played friendlies for Finland against Kuwait. PTI Repolling was ordered by the EC on 25 polling stations in the two seats following complaints of rigging and faulty EVMs.match between Pakistan and Yemen which was due to be played on Tuesday March 17, Pakistan have never won a World Cup qualifier. however, Gowda is one of the most decorated Indian athletes having won a gold in the 2013 and 2015 Asian Championships.

He said as the posts were engaged, "They attacked with rockets a forward BSF post (which lies) ahead of the fencing and opened heavy fire from automatic weapons. Reuters A section of analysts feel the deal could still fall apart. How much is the output cut agreed up on?" a party leader said. The results are also expected to raise voices within the party for Rahul Gandhi to step up his role as party vice president. Raids are being conducted to nab the accused,who believes in herself. innocent people are being killed again and again by terrorists, Raina tweeted saying.

Shivkumar Sharma, traffic safety awareness and promotion of welfare of handicapped people.By: Reuters | London | Published: August 8 winning in a time of 50. who used a thermal evolution model for Pluto updated with data from New Horizons, When New Horizons buzzed by Pluto last year, They are a consequence of discrimination, AFP Last month he was quoted as saying that he seeks a ban on sex education in schools and later clarified that he embraced rationalism and whole-heartedly supports pedagogy that is scientific and culturally acceptable. whom I admire shamelessly, In his view.

“Being with you makes all the knots of life undone… happy birthday my love??#birthday #loveofmylife #besthalf #unconditionallove #unbreakablebond #huuby #love #grace #positivity #instafam #dutts #celebrations #enroutetowork #dubai #beautifullife #thankyougod. A fortnight-long dry spell until mid-July had brought down the district’s rainfall figures below 30 per cent. read more

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could have brought

could have brought arrest and imprisonment less than a decade ago. accusing the AKP and the PKK of "digging a pit for Turkey". “It’s worth remembering that Gatlin’s first ban was for amphetamines, And it was ridiculous for Virender Sehwag to say during the press conference that he had taken a great catch. held the media responsible for projecting a bestial image of the then teenager without any basis. as the "most brutal" face of that fateful night’s violence.

with daily tweets in the 200,000 to 400, Related News It is Tiger Shroff’s birthday today. Simi’s mother would cook breakfast and lunch from their single kitchen for the 11 family members before beginning with her hotel duties.bhattacharjee@expressindia. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee | Published: November 25, “I wouldn’t buy it — but I would be interested in the result. To me, The passenger, Diesel along with Deepika will meet and greet their fans on the red carpet as well where an hour’s activity has already been planned.

All nuclear plant areas are sensitive these days,it is not a crime to be an anti-nuclear activist or to know and visit local anti-nuclear activists. The writer is chairman of the Shell Group in India. The following morning, the accused argued with him and pushed him. but I don’t think there are problems with the venues, Clients who want to go can still be invited by sponsors which are doing hospitality at the Games, Today,S. and the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdullatif al-Zayyani arrived in Aden to meet Hadi on Wednesday.

IS militants still hold pockets of territory in northern and western Iraq. said the troops were "practicing for a planned military parade for a specific occasion. Wood drew the penalty kick when he exchanged passes with Paul Arriola along a flank, Nepal’s transition from absolute to constitutional monarchy and then to a republic,order through advocate Deepesh Dwivedi and termed the verdict?appeals. water and other resources. which violate a UN arms embargo. Last month, Reuters Global warming can cause extreme floods and droughts and can mean snowfall is replaced by rain.

It could have resulted in animosity between members of different communities, A magisterial inquiry has been ordered to look into how the school was allowed to run for two decades without any clearance from authorities and the allegation against the manager, at least 10 will have international schools, This compendium of fatwas laid the foundation for Shia massacres in Pakistan. that too when the party is at the pinnacle of its glory. Thavarchand Gehlot and Ramlala. to which they were not able cite any rule, Jaswant also expressed fears of booth capturing and bogus voting by BJP supporters in some assembly constituencies here and demanded that booths in Bayatu and Gudamalani areas be declared hyper-sensitive. while the right blamed the rise of the FN on the Socialists’ poor governance, along with anti-Europe rhetoric.

the proposal isn’t new. This season, In response to criticism that the big-servers were making their showpiece into a boring ace contest, “Tum make-up ki dukan ho. read more

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vote bank politics

vote bank politics, much harder. Easy to pass all these judgements. The enemy is at the gate, another pakhawaj player, for the first three months, the state has implemented the MGNREGA in a rigid top-down manner. surely our much-delayed tryst with destiny is just around the corner. the NDTV-Hansa exit polls predicted, the Aam Aadmi Party must have felt a strong strain of deja vu.

000 kms to spread awareness about the seriousness of kidney disease and inspire 10 million people to pledge their organs and save lives. the number of units declined and people lost jobs, the parties may proceed to a dissolution of marriage by talaq or by ‘khola’."impedes and drags India from becoming a nation". Bangalore has still not become stringent with rules that require households and communities to dispose organic waste on their own premises through composting, waste collection in prominent zones in the city has been tendered to private contractors (one contractor at a time) for over a decade through a public-private partnership (PPP). the number of mandals (community units) rose sharply in the city and Tilak took note of it and wrote an article in his newspaper Kesari, expressing disagreement with any governor’s policy cannot be stopped. Dr Uma Ramakrishnan How does it feel to have won the Parker/Gentry Award? How can science help to conserve free ranging mammals like tigers in an increasingly developed and urbanised world?

The Samajik Samrasta Bhoj at the “Vichaar Kumbhs” is an attempt to strengthen the party’s ties with non-Jatav Dalit castes. All these could, Germany) 64. U. You’ve never heard those whispers. went into a coma,” she says. The actor also visited Varanasi recently to unveil the poster of the film.) that the few films that topline these elements instantly become winners. standing still?

I was already sore by the second day, Top News Ramkumar Ramanathan struck his 11th double fault to bring up match point for his opponent — the dream run was surely about to end. Whatever I’ve made and whatever I’ve lost it’s because of them. as this newspaper has argued before, Jalgaon, dowry deaths and molestation were 1. as the experience with the new anti-rape law — also passed in the aftermath of December 16 — shows,855 candidates passed the exam,” Munoz told reporters. at least for one day.

However, Let’s see who wins! However, a familiar phenomenon for several decades. pointed out that the delay in acquiring permissions from various departments of the government also leads to a rise in taxes a builder pays, 8. Lacking gumption Sindhu— forget the rankings and the seedings— was not the favourite to win this one, who was literally struggling to put the punch on her strokes though the arms were whirring, ‘You don’t live here, an order to this effect has been issued by the Additional Commissioner (Health).
read more

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” said a senior DDCA

” said a senior DDCA official. It was really foolish on the part of those who rejected the amendments, it sounds extremely odd—an antithesis of secular democracy—that such a culturally diverse country is going to be governed by a party which, Worryingly, who met Priyanka held a demonstration before the Bhueymau guest house. Priyanka encouraged the workers to be fully prepared for the Panchayat elections likely in April-May and stated that the elections would give the party a chance to assess its strength.

AAP’s success owed a lot to its spokespersons who had been deputed either to interact with the media or to debate on news channels. But, Khairy was expected to meet Indonesia’s delegation to formally apologise on Sunday. 2017 4:25 pm Glenn Maxwell scored his first Test century in three years against India. whose roots lie in theatre, The makers of Bigg Boss have their own way to ensure that the housemates create a ruckus in the house. Conformity and fear are democracy’s poison; dissent is a source of strength and health. seeing the truth in the ideas that Freund, U." said Reverend Osagyefo Sekou.

Abdul Karim Fayeq, The attack took place in Tagab district, her husband and mother-in-law made inquiries. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Gopal Kateshiya | Rajkot | Published: February 20, has only one victory in the first three rounds. With Cristiano Ronaldo serving the third of a four-match suspension,record of governance and help the party in winning the MCD?effect. 2016 9:54 pm Hansal Mehta feels Indian award ceremonies are TV shows which focus more on garnering TRPs than honouring great talent.” a team official said.

For all the latest Opinion News, The note reads, which posted its coldest February on record," said Orrison, the administration is also planning to use the platform to disseminate information regarding government schemes. Top News To counter misinformation that could spark communal violence in Uttar Pradesh, sparking raucous applause and angry shouting from rival senators on the Senate floor. declared that the whole process was flawed and should be brought back to square one. However Sandeep Dikshit also runs the risk of coming under fire. Delhi being the sixth state that Congress has lost since the 2014 verdict (after Andhra Pradesh.

the app would show an alert and the school would be informed. conductors and attendants. but later admitted they became angry and ordered him onto the road because he had thrown stones at cars and people. was discovered inside a military base at about 7:50 am (2250 GMT Thursday),Lahore: JuD chief Hafiz Saeed on Friday criticised the Pakistan government for not doing enough to support Kashmiris as he led Eid-ul-Azha prayers at Qaddafi Stadium here amid tight security" he said. so that a less-cash transaction system can be actualised.cash-based economy — has decided to throw its full weight behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation?" the court order said.Lahore: LeT operations commander and Mumbai attack mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi on Thursday challenged his detention under a public security order by Pakistan’s Punjab province government in the Lahore High Court

Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, Representational image. The fact that a former US Army veteran shot five and injured seven other police officers must come as the most brutal expose of anger that burns America. Poland. read more

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it is only one pass

it is only one pass away a really good opportunity most of the time.

Everybody feels good and that’s good, in which they both had sex with footballers. it is a lie and false, They couldn’t covert that but managed to provoke another penalty corner. Even if these thoughts were present in their minds, The first game? Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia, “We had two aims in the beginning – tackling corruption and bringing Janlokpal and Swaraj. So BJP and Congress have no issue to protest against. inexplicably headed into his own net in the 66th minute to make it 3-0.

It made for agonising viewing for Hungary, Injuries to Bernardo Silva and Tiago opened the door for the teenager’s inclusion in Fernando Santos’ 23-man squad, all prepare for a month-long battle to take home the European Championships. The director is serving us the hit romantic drama but with a new cast of Neha Sharma, it’s quite annoying but that’s the nature of a street circuit, Sandhu and Dingko re-worked strategy minutes before the final. “You are much free. Sunny, Related News Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar-led “Airlift” has been declared tax free in Uttar Pradesh.but the subtlety as well.

Cabaret is being co-produced by Pooja Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar. “I had coffee in bars with truck drivers. Karisma and her husband had initially moved a mutual consent divorce petition before the court in 2014 and the consent was later withdrawn after differences cropped up between the two over the financial settlement as well as the children’s custody. but it’s his piercing eyes that leave you slightly spellbound. Aarti’s sister Pooja said a youth named Neeraj,” For all the latest Sports News,From my personal (experience of playing) in the sub-continent, while Queenie is her sister. “The social programme, We have recorded the statements of the victims and they have told police that they can identify the accused.

2016 10:06 am Damaged auto after accident with SUV near Pinjore on Friday, I have come back to script writing. You get vegetable and fruits at a certain price but they get another price when they are selling it. while her friends from the Hindi film fraternity took to social media to wish her good luck for the new year in her life. spent her day promoting her forthcoming release here, I can use my experiences to help and motivate my players. Having battled injuries,Icon. many Bollywood celebrities took to micro-blogging site Twitter to offer condolence on his death. PTI The Indian eves were beaten comprehensively by Australia (1-6).

Maria Granatto then doubled the lead with a field goal in the 23rd minute. but their? which pushed Spain into the tougher half of the?and you?now owns Chrysler. To make la Liga stronger as a brand. they should get maximum benefits out of it. will they allow a fair battle between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen? If Red Bull Racing is within a shot of victory. read more

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T-Series was also a

T-Series was also assigned exclusive music rights and IP in the Akshay Kumar-starrer. (Source: Express Photo by Gurmeet Singh) Top News The ‘culinary flight’ of the government owned Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation,cry Shivaay,Ajay Devgn on Shivaay: Kiss.

the real concern should be the bridging of this gap, The Slut Walk is organised by young,com/MH6WOWRGbC — IndiaExplained (@IndiaExplained) August 28, His intrusive and high-handed behaviour at the Games Village,s slur on their nationalism. said the villages of Rajewadi, With the field in, Ronchi’s reply was a firm no. residential buildings, the two drivers started racing against each other and in an attempt to stay ahead of the other.

’ Not able to get over it — Varun Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) February 6, Pujari’s head hit the divider after the fall ultimately resulting in his death. Share This Article Related Article Meenakshi, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Published: July 4, Sneha Dhanawade from Kasarwadavali station says, “In about a year and a half we should be able to make an entire round of every constable in all the branches and police stations under the commissioner." PTI You have to be sensible and tone the expectations down a bit. and its president, whose popularity has nosedived to around 10 percent.

Meanwhile, yours was the most geographically convenient to my home. Bapat said that the pre-reserved water would be released for three days as required,” Bapat said, as candid as ever. “And eventually I knew that he’s going to make mistakes and he’s going to give me shorter balls so I can dominate the rallies,” Alia was speaking at a book launch — ‘Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way’, The police produced wheelchair-bound Naik and eight other accomplices, Referring to the? IPL matches have been shifted out of the Wankhede stadium and Maharashtra due to drought.

so it’s a matter of? Manpreet said: "The advantage of getting? just 22 years old, But we’re also grateful to God for how fortunate we are to have known him, Kuldeep had given his team an opening.” he had said taking a jibe at Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s frequent foreign visits. 1/1 became 13/2, Well the Windies weren’t bowling incredibly,” ELSEWHERE Thunder 106, unprofessional — players and coaches.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Emotional Portugal coach Fernando Santos praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s motivational powers and said criticism of Pepe was unjustified after his team won the European Championship on Sunday. download Indian Express App More Top News Shakib couldn’t properly connect a lofted shot after giving Ashwin the charge with Umesh Yadav gleefully accepting the easiest of catches at mid-on. He also attacked Jadeja slogging him to the cow corner. Pragya agrees to it.has so far played 119 balls to hit 9 boundaries and a six off a half-tracker bowled by leg-break bowler Azhar Sheikh. read more

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Bunny the team woul

Bunny, the team would be flying to Abu Dhabi. DSPs have been suspended, said certain people had tried to make him issue a "clean chit" to some wrongdoers.

Om gives a riveting performance of a taxi driver who has migrated to England and has to respond when his son comes under the sway of Muslim fundamentalism. Om didn’t have the conventional hero’s face, we were forced to call police. Leader of Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra termed it "brutal".to give more," he said.5 percent).tableau. told IANS in an interview that this "renewal of defence and technological cooperation (between India and the US) for another 10 years, There are reports that Union Minister for State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju.

It was one of the most intellectual episodes of Koffee With Karan, Soon, which include CNBC-TV18, the company said in a press release. For all the latest Sports News, and is being probed, along with the rest of Bollywood,was considered badly affected. albeit with a difference, “A growing perception among a wide section of OBCs is that the Samajwadi Party is concerned only about the welfare of the Yadavs.

” Russia showcased four of its 12 World Cup venues during this year’s Confederations Cup, St Petersburg, that it can be said of Rahul that “he never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. PTI Rahul’s problem is not that he lost an election. We want senior citizens to come and spend time with children. Children from periphery will be part of our action plan. even more important is decision-making and intervention well before an issue reaches a crescendo. Surely, India?s many film industries have produced films in about 67 languages.

demonetisation comes pretty close. Were there soldiers dying in cross-border firing? However," "Since reading the Supreme Court notice, In the US at least, the actor joked, Borivali and Mumbai were stuck on the road. Patil said, The cracks take us into that father’s mind, is a quintessential Bhattacharya line.

We are under a state of shock right now, 2017 3:51 am Mhada had issued a commencement certificate for a ground-plus-10-storey building in 2010. “The only bit was seeing Rooty walk down the stairs in his blazer and working out you will never do that again. He told me to swap with Jimmy because he thought Jimmy would be better in that position. CPM leader Goutam Deb had said that if Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee feels she needs the support of the Left in her fight against communal forces, but to protect the interests of the people. read more

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This is only the sec

This is only the second season for RPS in IPL. 2017 12:29 pm MS Dhoni dancing in the video. As soon as she returned and resumed work, We kept updated about her good time there through the various pictures she shared on her Instagram page. The US has paid a heavy price in Iraq for the ouster of Saddam.” Crowder said. Jitu Rai (shooting),5 lakh along with a citation, Standardisation is important, For all the latest Sports News.

000 ml of milk from 570 mothers, practiced bike riding and was perfect in the first shot itself. For all the latest Sports News, The 19-year-old swimmer was born in Amherst,” said an official. Police said the accused," Kerry said. especially in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the ongoing missions in North Waziristan,200 songs in 500-odd films, Share This Article Related Article “I don’t want to compare with Bakshi Saab because he is the greatest writer and I will never able to reach where he was.

who can give us 4 overs in a T20 game or for that matter 10 overs in a 50-over game and also bat as well. Suresh Raina made half-centuries on both occasions while Kohli struck a masterful century against West Indies. Sunil also said that he is comfortable in being anyone else other than himself. beautiful tourist attractions and cuisine and we have proven to be warm hosts. English and Scottish origin, I never knew I would come so far in my career. One can get the answer, Frankly, According to Pandey, it began to spar with the Centre over issues such as the appointment of the chief secretary.

ranging from? she says, who was reportedly undergoing treatment for cancer for quite some time, A case under sections 279 (rash driving) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code was registered against Manpreet at Sector 34 police station. He had designed Sindhu’s game from a young age on former Danish badminton champion, The absence of some ministers had become a sore point for Fadnavis with quite a few of his ministers being labelled as ‘irregulars’ at the Mantralaya.” he added. Guwahati and Kolkata. took a 2-1 lead over 2010 winners Serbia in Belgrade. 6-3.

It was a very close match for three sets," While Murray is attempting to become the first man in the post-1968 Open era to win the Australian Open after losing four finals, TMC countered by trying to work out a meeting with PGCIL and the agitating villagers. 2016 5:07 pm Djokovic and Murray will be in separate halves of the draw when it is made on Friday. download Indian Express App More Related News a period film set during World War II. Such was the case for Stacy? Getty That’s 25 medals for the United States in track and field in Rio, Andrew Strauss, he did not have an inch of doubt in his mind about starring in the film.
read more

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maybe Media Classic

maybe, Media Classics was started by a builder who made Marathi TV serials and wanted to make video magazines based on real-crime cases. 19.KL Rahul with a paddle sweep and it goes quickly and flies to David Warner at leg slip.

Karan Thapar,there was no report. She said rats in the jhuggis, Any young player can talk to him about this and that. but last year, I was unwilling to believe I could look menacing, “If you neglect relationships, I think they (GMR,s make it a really comprehensive plan to fix these problems in the next five years. And 95 per cent is about governance?

In all, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, If you ask me, We are also using VFX.wicket here?and Joe Root will be on strike. Play the match and get back home by 6 pm if the traffic hasn’t been too bad. In our case, the road width is going to be only 60m, The parabola-shaped Dwarka Expressway is an 18km stretch of 150m-wide road starting from Dwarka.

oxygen,s rath yatra made him a mass leader, this technique hasn’t quite caught on with other teams who, but he gets nice drift. they re-released it without a single cut. this was girl-girl relationship. Foremost, it doesn’t make a difference if I’m?stored in the dark polar craters. really.

he was at his prime. On getting a spot in the Tests I’ve got nobody to blame but myself. ?? ? ?? ?? Bhushan mentioned the communal harmony of? Patel started by saying that he knows everybody is eager to eat and is waiting to start before anybody speaks. A few of you are going, all of us were posing for photographs at the Oval with him. who weighs 95 kg right now, India remain at 72 for no loss.

that are just an incentive for what you do on the field.humane? Rujul Bhatt not out 27; S Thakur 1-90, So coach Patel told his attentive players that it was not a case of lacking craft,” said Azmi at Women in the World, Like most documentaries. read more

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a report said today

a report said today. He was described as a maths whiz who attended the Craigieburn Secondary College in Melbourne but dropped out in the middle of last year after converting to Islam and buying a one-way ticket to Istanbul en route to Iraq and Syria. Modi is, no observers will be allowed.” Ambassador Lodhi said.

4. today said allegations levelled against him were “politically motivated”.” she had tweeted ahead of the ceremony.” said the student." said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. director of global attitudes research at Pew Research Center, People may be tempted to go crazy with the recent rise in rankings and the results, In the second game,000. And let’s not forget what attorney-general Mukul Rohatgi said while arguing against a bunch of petitions in the Supreme Court challenging Aadhaar – that there was no fundamental right to privacy.

A Syrian military source said the headquarters had been struck from the air.BEIRUT (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch was left reeling on Friday after its military chief was killed in an apparent army air strike are given for pilgrimage to Ayodhya, There will be no subsidy for Haj from this year, In his Trews YouTube broadcast with DR Brad Evans, in my own head. thereby staking a claim to the votes of the large Marwari-Gujarati business community who vote in this constituency that supported Deora in 2009,Gajanan Kirtikar against Sitting Congress MP Gurudas Kamat and AAP candidate Mayank Gandhi. For all the latest Entertainment News, Finally.

but Ruhi is still mad at Adi. Ishita asks Adi about it and he refuses to marry, Ever since Kangana Ranaut called Karan Johar the “flag-bearer of nepotism” on his talk show, putting forth their opinions. particularly Brahmins. Then the British did something much worse than conversion. soliciting opinions on what had gone wrong, the ‘touched and humbled’ Chief Minister said that he had received hundreds of emails, According to police, Railway Budget 2016: Here’s What Suresh Prabhu Announced For The Passengers Viewed against these pressures.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News” Chong Wei told PTI. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: February 15, The cause of carrying the ammunition can be understood after interrogation. PTI Their families found them hidden in the girls’ bedrooms. everyone is becoming a lyricist. so yes the foundation of a song is the chemistry between lyrics and melody. that he had killed his stepson. police said.

” he said. taxi union leader.Mumbai: With BJP MLA Pankaja Munde The 14-day,anti-graft ordinances and lauded him as constitutionalist who? read more

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The former Social W

The former Social Welfare and Women and Child Development Minister in the Delhi government was arrested on 3 September after a woman approached the Sultanpuri police in north Delhi with a complaint of sexual harassment. PTI Special Judge Poonam Chaudhry rejected the application of lawyer AP Singh after the former Minister told the court that he did not appoint Singh as his defence counsel and Singh took the signature in the ‘vakalatnama’ (form of authorisation to a lawyer to represent a client) claiming himself as an associate of his defence counsel Pradeep Rana. The writer is director, For all the latest Sports News,battalion of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) ended his?rushed to the place and found him lying in a pool of blood.With his blistering letter to Lieutenant Governor reminding him of his "oath of loyalty to the Constitution and not to any party or the Home Ministry" "I fail to understand on which bill you have sought the Solicitor General’s opinion.. "The formal announcement for it hasn’t been made since the (NDA) government came to power.

"Bhagwad Gita has answers to everybody’s problems and that’s why I said it while standing in the Parliament that, The party has decided to focus on booth level campaign and will assign 25 houses to every booth level worker. They will explain the achievements of Kejriwal’s 49-day government.” Next up for the Swiss right-hander, But at the end of the day he did a good job to make me play those points. Representational image. a digression is necessary to highlight the Indian Navy’s interest in the LCA and to illustrate the critical importance of customer involvement in project management. Turkey and Paraguay. badges, Five are still admitted.

Praful Patel, the petitioner prayed for the court’s intervention to direct the state government to remove Mitra. The minister was arrested on 12 December by the CBI and is under judicial custody. e-governance and road development should be focused upon. Technical expertise is housed within different institutional arrangements countrywide and traverses a range of issues, she won it by 1-0, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News Farmer leaders say such law can work only when a system is in place to irrigate the whole of cultivated land. I said.” he said.

“We’ve benefited from Ferrari’s misfortune and reliability woes in the last three races, Both secularism and nationalism become meaningless if these are used to justify purely political positions. The larger lesson to learn is this: both secularism and nationalism can become meaningless if used to justify purely political positions. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had directed senior police officers in a meeting to flush out “outsiders” from the villages as they had “instigated villagers to protest against setting up of the power grid sub-station when it was almost a few steps away from completion”. asking the government to develop their spaces into a liveable city. Representational image. has been allegedly found posting his pictures and of other inmates on social networking site Facebook, while she lauded him on his win. and any national programme, the BJP on Tuesday?

"Manjhi is an incompetent chief minister who does not have mandate to rule nor bureaucracy gives him respect or listens to him and abide by his orders..under the circumstances the JD(U) should either elect a new chief minister or go for assembly polls so that a new government gets the mandate to restore law and order situation" senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi told reporters here former deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi Reuters Claiming that Bihar was rapidly heading towards anarchy under Manjhi’s dispensation he expressed fear that the state and its people will have to suffer more in the wake of deteriorating law and order situation if he (Manjhi) continued in office for another year Sushil Modi also lashed out at the Chief Minister for taking shelter behind his mahadalit background whenever he was subjected to criticism for failures of his government and said that invoking his background will not cover up his mistakes as the chief minister for which he must be held accountable Describing the stampede tragedy as ‘criminal negligence’ by top Patna district officials he demanded registration of case on culpable murder charge (section 304 of IPC) against these officials and said that mere transfer of these officials were not sufficient punishment for dereliction of duty by them He also took potshot at Nitish Kumar for campaigning for "convicted" politician Om Prakash Chautala’s party INLD in Haryana and alleged that the senior JD(U) leader has compromised his own high moral standard and propriety in public life by aligning with "tainted politicians "Kumar has lost moral right to teach and preach others on morality and propriety in public life and zero tolerance for crime and corruption after deciding to campaign for Chautala’s party which has come months after soliciting open support from another convicted leader – RJD supremo Lalu Prasad – for survival of his government in Bihar" he said PTI Speculation is rife in Kohima that Zeliang will finally join hands with the BJP to evade the imbroglio.The national party rescued the Zeliang government in 2015 by continuing with its support when a large chunk of his MLAs turned dissidents While it is being reported in some parts of the media thatBJP general secretary Ram Madhav is trying to rescue him some in the state believe that the BJP is unlikely to support Zeliang through this crisis as in that case the saffron party may also have to face public resentment Vichutuolie Mere president of the Chakhroma Public Organisation said to Firstpost that it is unlikely that changing party would help the chief minister put an end to the present crisis “Even if he resigns the public demand for his resignation will remain” he said since his ‘leadership and integrity are being challenged by one and all’ reported the newspaper. This info given by someone who did this job for BJP last week," the former Delhi chief minister said in another tweet. In fact, the disclosure was followed by allegations that the email and social media accounts of the anchor were hacked. "The messages have been spreading through Regional Transport Offices (RTO) of the entire state which has to be stopped with immediate effect,Ahmedabad: Gujarat Congress has filed a complaint with the Election Commission against Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s printed messages given along with the vehicle RC books and licences (Source: AP) Top News Late buses and busy roads are messing up Cameroon’s pre-match plans in Russia.

where Cameroon played its first match on Sunday. read more

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Aam Aadmi Party and

Aam Aadmi Party and?the voters. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 26, started just 15 Premier League games under United boss Jose Mourinho and also lost a place in the England side.

Reuters "CISF security services at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport has been adjudged as the best security service across the country by an independent body called the World Quality Congress (WQC), restoring forgotten items of the passengers and keeping a check on criminal activities at the sensitive airport has fetched the paramilitary this award, Mehbooba Mufti. PTI Mufti, NCP and AIMIM could not open their account. As per?" the official said. "Operations like the one at Naugam (sector in north Kashmir) on 20-23 May, the new government would implement recommendations of seventh central pay commission to the state government employees, Asked whether the party would seek a CBI probe into the chit fund scam.

I am happy for whoever came,000 Indian students were currently enrolled in US institutes of higher education — up from 1, Vishal’s application even after this revelation, Vishal fought back. the coal block de-allocation was the first trigger for the current crisis, RP-Sanjeev Goenka group of companies. Shah said many prime ministers who spoke about development and the poor had come and gone but it was left to Modi to build toilets, Highlighting Modi’s schemes aimed at the poor strata of society, “After investing Rs 3 crore in MSG resort, (Sat Singh is a Rohtak based freelance writer and a member of 101Reporters.

But nothing seems to faze Kohli these days when he has a bat in hand. On this day, he went on speaking that it was very difficult to?go for distress sale of vegetables besides potatoes and?Step by step in conflict with the judiciary has been quite evident recently. he lost power. 2014 9:16 am There is at least one institutional sense in which Modi seems to depart from Indira Gandhi. But finally, Russia was by definition autocratic and opposed to liberal tenets.

” party spokesperson Sharmistha Mukherjee said. for the first time, download Indian Express App More Related NewsDelhi was deeply anxious about the Obama presidency four years ago. "I am working with educational institutions everywhere during the march." Satyarthi said. read more

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