A new model of emotional marketing and social media marketing

ask the world what love is? Straight people


everything from the word "love".

even changed, from ancient to modern times, numerous hills and streams…… Always only under the brow, but the heart of love.

who can really do ABSP, do not take a cloud?


if there is a meeting of minds, it is happy to know the Wei Dynasty and Jin dynasty.

who did you fall in love with?

Gao Fushuai or a tech man?

childhood sweetheart? Or you


can not love or love Petals drop and waters flow.? read more

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Tmall double eleven promotion strategy to increase your order

2014, Ali official and made several more conducive to Tmall mall construction regulations, "flagship" and "monopoly" and other words only for Tmall to use Tmall mall retain a small flow, however, the government proposed to tax policy is also really nieyibahan, policy to policy, we also have to thin, soldiers to be blocked, and then seize the opportunity to profit and growth of each line.

to prepare for the 2014 double eleven day, your shop orders this year to rise into a few? Did the shop know before the promotion "preparation", do double eleven for the first time may be more confused, but also has the advantages of a total fearless: what promotion way also, dare to try. read more

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Foxconn launched the micro business project shell mountain millions of employees to sell

Foxconn launched the micro business project "shell mountain": millions of employees to sell


[TechWeb] reported on June 8th, Foxconn’s main 3C products supplier micro project shell Hill quietly on the line, there are HUAWEI, Samsung and other mobile phone products on sale. Shell mountain by Shenzhen Foxconn independent team operations, is still in the testing phase.

shell Hill mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital 3C products, has been on the line Samsung, HUAWEI, SONY, HTC, ASUS, hammer and other mobile phone brands, the follow-up will be based on market demand to expand the category. read more


WAL-MART mobile payment using a two-dimensional code it will have much chance of winning

customers need to download APP before payment, WAL-MART can take this to master more user data.

WAL-MART supermarket in Arkansas, the United States is trying to recommend their customers on the line soon mobile payment system, Walmart Pay.

last December, WAL-MART revealed that they are independent research and development of mobile payment systems, and now, Walmart Pay in 110 stores in Arkansas and Texas, the trial run of the 480 stores.

Rogers Walmart, Arkansas

over the past few years, WAL-MART’s Day is not good, since 2011, the average growth rate of less than 4% of their revenue, profit growth is only about 1%. 2015, they are given the worst results in 35 years – annual revenue fell by 0.7%, the global closed stores reached 269. In August 2nd last year, WAL-MART’s market value for the first time beyond the Amazon, lost the U.S. market value of the largest retailers, the throne, has become an important news in this era of the retail industry. read more


Amazon Chinese Road market will be better and better

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States, has been in China for eight years. In China these years, it was said that the pace of China is a bit slow, a bit slow. The face of these challenges outside, but I do not think so, Amazon in today’s localization, the entire development is in a state of upward. Over the past 2012 years, its share price rose to reach a total of 40% can be seen. At least in China’s electricity supplier of the road, or from the point of the soup, the development of the whole market is booming. So in the past few years the development of the Amazon, why can have a certain market in China? read more

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These 2016 annual electricity supplier ordering turnover maddening 15 million

December 12, 2016, the breadth of medicine · at the end of 2016; these electricity supplier orders will be ended successfully in Xuzhou Burton Wyndham San Jose Hotel. This series of orders will be held by Chinese medicine, business joint around large pharmaceutical business companies Qiangqiang jointly sprint year-end results. Xuzhou orders will attract more than 200 manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of the buyer to participate in the 1400.

strength rapid development

drug business is the only company in Jiangsu province was awarded by the State Food and Drug Administration "Internet drug business qualification certificate" (A20150008) of the enterprise. Howard Chinese medical city and relying on the electricity supplier Dalian Huaxin strong government resources and strong financial strength, since the mid 2016, launched the rapid development in the economic downturn, the industry has A new force suddenly rises. difficult situation, has become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical business enterprise, is recognized as the largest "dark horse pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry". With the consolidation of the pharmaceutical industry to strengthen the circulation, as well as the camp changed to increase and two votes in the implementation of the policy system, the capital began to choose to pour into the pharmaceutical B2B platform. These business platform can make the circulation channels more flat, so that the drug circulation more efficient, transparent, open and safe. read more

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E-commerce disputes from May 1st can be online arbitration

Remote video

court launched a case and online case convenient to both parties, is admired by people. This approach will also be used by arbitration department, the reporter learned from a Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission promulgated the "Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules" will be online in May 1st formally implemented. This rule is especially suitable for solving e-commerce disputes.

arbitration electronic read more

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New sites continue to emerge 2 e-commerce ecosystem

The new focus in the development of

e-commerce website, not only is a new emerging, still on the e-commerce platform of new service chain is gradually more tightly coupled, gathered from the buyers and sellers, forming a 2 e-commerce ecosystem, which is the e-commerce market competition inevitable in depth from saturation competition.

2010 Shenzhen ITANY will show some ready to do e-commerce industry chain or provide related services for e-commerce enterprises. In the SaaS mode for e-commerce enterprises to provide management services Kingdee Youshang general manager Feng Jie said that many e-commerce sites found in the extension of business services, enterprise external and internal value in large open. The development of electronic commerce to this stage, the variation of the value chain, Youshang will become a very important service provider cloud management platform." read more

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