The 2012 inventory grass root marketing business model the basic necessities of life.

"grass root" which ranked first in the 2012 Baidu Encyclopedia of ten hot words in the vocabulary, for Chinese is no longer strange. It represents a group, born mediocre, meager salary, garage hopeless people; they represent a state of mind, a lot of people in daily life often use the "grass root" laugh at yourself; it is a way of life, love games, love fantasy, lack of action, love, kindness and escape cowardly. "Grass root" is more of a concept of the Internet, it is in a "mental attitude self decompression and laugh at the future", the rapid spread of network. read more

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Vertical electricity supplier life and death platform electricity supplier into the culprit

news August 22nd, from suppliers owed money was closed to base d on the verge of delisting, "China supplier first unit, Mcglaughlin, to the respect of job losses in wages storm, cool show, such as a public WOOHA luxury website, a year to the vertical electric providers have not fared well. Their decline almost and rapid expansion of platform based electricity supplier management synchronization standard products, the higher cost of vertical business platform based B2C unable to resist attack cities and capture territories has become a victim of its rapid expansion, behind. More insiders boldly predicted that in the future most of the vertical electricity supplier will be transformed or closed down. read more

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National cyberspace security strategy released clear nine strategic tasks

December 27th, approved by the central network security and information technology leadership team, the national Internet Information Office issued the national cyberspace security strategy, the full text is as follows.

With the wide application of

information technology and the rise of network space, it has greatly promoted the economic and social progress, but also brought new security risks and challenges. Cyberspace Security (hereinafter referred to as network security) is related to the common interests of mankind, related to world peace and development, national security concerns. Maintain the security of our network is to promote the coordination of the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in an important measure, comprehensive deepen reform and the rule of law, strictly comprehensive strategic layout, is an important guarantee to achieve the "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream. To implement the four item on the promotion of the global Internet governance system reform of "principles" of President Xi Jinping and the construction of cyberspace community of destiny "five point proposition", to clarify the position of China on major development and Cyberspace Security, guidance Chinese network security, safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country in cyberspace, develop this strategy. read more

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Pseudo shooter network on-line style likeness domain provocation


technology news Beijing time on December 29th afternoon, users found on the Internet a new subtitle download sites, in particular, his name and page design and has just announced the closure of the network is very similar to the shooter.

this website Chinese very concise, called "pseudo Archer net" domain name is simple and eye-catching: The site has been very similar to the design of the shooter network, only in the vicinity of the Logo increase is not too compelling pseudo word. The site’s introduction text wrote, "there are 317920 subtitles, the number of documents, do not know how many do not know how many users, do not know how many pieces of discussion, the 0." read more

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Central bank interpretation of non bank payment institutions online payment service management appro

1: General

first to regulate the non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) online payment service, payment risk prevention, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, according to the "People’s Republic of China", "law of the people’s Bank of China non-financial institution payment service management approach" and other regulations, the enactment of this approach.


the purpose and basis for the formulation of these measures. read more

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April 2007 09 domain name deletion list


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Bo Wang Zhi entrepreneurial character media announced the completion of 2 million yuan Angel round o

June 19th, "Bo Wang Zhi" media business figures to get $2 million angel investment, the investor is Zehou capital.

is a pioneering figure Bo Wang Zhi media, initiated by a group of senior venture media, belonging to the Beijing black Technology Co. Ltd., as business circle character media, the main character depth reports.

in March this year, by a group of Beijing Bo Wang Zhi financial media people started, the media focused on the business circle "stories", we hope to have the opportunity to become this era record, becoming the best entrepreneurial character of media. read more

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How individual businesses through the mobile Internet Nuggets

the first to show that, in not the title of the party, will not play word games, today just want to do sit down with you discuss the trend in the mobile Internet, individual businesses and local entities through the network to how powerful.

mobile Internet is an opportunity, I think no one who doubt. We walked in the street, eat in a restaurant, gathered in the tea room, sitting on the bus, look at all in what? Micro-blog, WeChat or Taobao, or pops… I think everyone will understand, I am not here to say. In short, the sooner to catch the wave of mobile Internet is better, I give you share some dry cargo. read more

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Wang Sicong v. Sohu infringement claims 200 thousand defendants involved in the text has been delete

Sohu published "two rich generation entertainment Wang Sicong throw millions" a vote, Wang Sicong said to throw ten million Bunny total vote, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin’s son Wang Sicong, Sohu sued the company reputation infringement, and claims 200 thousand yuan. Yesterday morning, the case in Chaoyang Court hearing, Wang Sicong himself did not appear.

sued Sohu infringement claims 200 thousand

Wang Sicong prosecution said that in July 21, 2014, Sohu and all Sohu network subordinate plate Sohu entertainment published a report on the rich two generation of Wang Sicong throw ten million votes. Said there are informed friends broke the news, Wang Sicong SNH48 combination of love and care for the rabbit girl, not only take the initiative to take a photo, but also from the dig ten million yuan to vote for its general election…… The report also attached a picture, the picture is Chinese bank check, display a check payable to Shanghai four Barbie star culture communication co.. Reported that the company is a combination of the rabbit girl brokerage firm. read more

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Vanke cooperation with Taobao to sell the house Behind the marketing you see it

zero on August 25, 2014, Taobao out of a new event, the event is sponsored by Vanke cooperation with Taobao large-scale promotional activities of the house. This activity comes out, it is estimated that many people first impression is Vanke crazy, this is not to send money?

read this event, the first impression I also feel Vanke is really crazy. But when I really study, after the analysis had to admire the marketing planning team or individual to do this.

first, as long as you in Taobao on consumption of the people can participate in this event, no matter how much you consume, here you can get many preferential policies, but also does not conflict with the line of preferential activities. The maximum discount of 2 million, which is not equal to the white house house? You spend less? Never mind that, no matter how much you spend as long as fifty thousand yuan is not enough, enough to fill fifty thousand directly to you! Many people will doubt this is not a probability? Can I get? I am to test the curious, really gave me, directly above read more

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Search on Baidu, blog by Sohu, traffic unlimited (two)

      before a friend said I put a link in this way will be placed on the Baidu K to out of

so just went to check the Baidu and my counter

let’s take a look now

Baidu has now included me 6 pages, from the application domain to now is 50 hours or so, it is feasible to visible

again look at my current flow

visible, the effect is obvious

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Enterprise website promotion

I do business promotion. And generally do SEO brothers may little difference. I do not have the resources to use SEOer (some SEO hands on a large number of Web sites can exchange Links, so you can quickly improve the PR value of the new station. There are some special network promotion company SEO have some mass tools, can also speed up the efficiency of network promotion), and I came to the company, can be described as "poor and blank". Fortunately, however, contact the network has more than ten years, for some things are still relatively clear. Although it is not easy, but still find a lot of can use mass tools, but the effect of the SEOer than those professionals who, a little gap. read more

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Mito IPO limit of HK $8.5 per share price 1.39 times over subscribed public offering

December 14th news, Mito company announced that the company issued 574 million shares, the selling price of HK $8.50 per share, the net proceeds of approximately HK $4 billion 688 million. Shares will be traded 500 shares per hand, the stock will be listed on the main board tomorrow (day 15). Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and China Merchants Securities Co sponsors.

announced that the beauties of the Hongkong public offering have been moderately oversubscribed 1.39 times over subscribed. In addition, the final number of international offering of 516 million shares. read more

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12 free use of media resources, you save it

has two types of marketing, those who believe that news reports do have miracles and those who believe it will not help the work. If you have never experienced the benefits of covering major media, you may be OUT. If you know how to benefit your company’s news coverage, then, how do you make yourself more attractive to the media? Here are some tips to follow to get free news coverage:

1, know where to stop

in the way we get into the news coverage of freedom, a reminder: there are too many risks, it may hurt your site. That’s why, before you learn how to attract media attention, the solution is the key. If you regularly publish content that does not have news value in the news, it will hurt you, because people will not be interested in you, even if there is something about you. So don’t imitate celebrities to get a report every day, because soon you’ll be the most hated list. read more

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4 problems must be solved for personal webmaster

2012 will be the year of e-commerce, more and more people will choose to shop on the Internet, many people are very optimistic about the electronic commerce, to get involved in the field of electronic commerce ready to, her friends often tell me to sell things on the internet. For individual webmaster, it has been very difficult to have a share in the tide of electronic commerce in the field of electronic commerce, many industry heavyweights are still burn, no funds to support individual owners simply can not afford to consume, but not impossible, personal webmaster first to abandon the idea of a platform (in the field of industry the boss), a main one or several products, relying on SEO and network marketing products, the opportunity is still quite large. Wu Longjie thinks that the individual webmaster in the products we must first solve the 4 major problems, these 4 problems repeatedly figured out again, grasp the odds will be greater. read more

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Those years we have written a letter of thanks to the electricity supplier

is engaged in the electricity supplier services in terms of a friend is not a new topic of electricity supplier thank you, if you say you did not hear the electricity supplier letter of thanks, it’s a little OUT. I first heard the electricity supplier is a big promotion letter in the electricity supplier. If you buy things in the double eleven, Mid Autumn Festival, new year’s day and other holidays, you should receive a similar thank you.

write electricity supplier letter of intent is to enhance the user experience, enhance customer satisfaction. When buyers waiting for a long time finally got their own online shopping goods, some goods have been found after the opening pressure. And when the buyer is very angry for complaints of businesses, he saw the business to his letter of thanks, see the business about delivery pressure and business promotion activities in the online shopping process of sincere service attitude, most users will eventually understand and accept this not too perfect. read more

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Discussion I see marketing victory — honest marketing

when a company to be honest to face a problem as a communication opening, the human nature could be easily removed from the original in the heart of the armed forces, and open their mind, then the company can be in a good position to a positive input information, but also to focus to appeal to potential conduction the hearts of customers.

when honest admit one of their missing, potential customers will take the initiative to help make up for an advantage. Why honesty can play effect in the marketing operation? Because of its disarmament role when frank, for each negative statements made, it is easy to be accepted immediately as truth, be like on the other hand, positive statements, often be accepted when the half believe and half doubt, can only continue to confirm positive statements. Until the potential customer satisfaction, but the negative statements but does not need to support these statements or evidence. In the modern society of information explosion, there is a strong defense and suspicion of the marketing products, and only a few companies to face the truth. read more

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Tencent Venture & password Developer Forum ChinaJoy detonated entrepreneurs concern

August 1st afternoon, the theme of ChinaJoy · venture in Shanghai during the opening of the forum, Tencent open forum, causing developers to participate enthusiastically. Tencent Inc vice president Peng Jiaxin in his speech topic announced that the Tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) has settled in Shanghai bounds creative park. Tencent open platform and mobile application platform Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of the Tencent to share the latest open and entrepreneurial support policies at the forum, and revealed that as of now, Tencent application treasure day distribution has reached 76 million. At the same time, the effect of the advertising platform Tencent deputy general manager Zhang Minyi showed wide points through strong marketing, profitability, market Tencent’s cloud platform general manager Ceng Jiaxin share Tencent characteristics of cloud gaming service. In addition, high-quality game developers on behalf of "do not step on the white pieces" founder Chen Hongzhen, senior vice president of music elements Xu Hui with their own case to share their core elements for the success of the developers. read more

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Zhang Yong set three directions for Taobao community content and local life

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong


technology news March 29th noon news, sellers held 2016 annual meeting in Hangzhou today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong at the meeting made clear strategy for the future of Taobao: community, content and local life will be three directions.

today, Taobao has been a wireless Taobao, Taobao’s wireless has been completed, consumers have been completely migrated to the wireless." Zhang Yong pointed out that the data to prove the high frequency of mobile era visits, users stay longer than the PC era doubled, as long as there is good content, consumers will stay. At the same time, wireless traffic distribution changes, the recommendation will be an important way to buy mobile shopping guide, and an important means is to allow businesses to operate content. read more

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The internal logic of ten years’ development of Alibaba

electronic commerce, spurred the inherent in the transaction will transfer from the traditional line to the Internet, the requirements to build a technology platform, e-commerce pioneers also need to face is how to construct the new credit system to ensure the security of transactions.

at the end of July 2009, after 4 months of trial, the Hangzhou Xihu District people’s court together on fraud litigation, the defendant is Alibaba (China) network technology limited company, and the plaintiff is the Alibaba of past clients — Shenzhen wangqianghui Trading Co. ltd.. read more

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