Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing

first_img 82SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Brett Jackson Brett Jackson has been dedicated to building vibrant, competitive, breakthrough brands in the world of financial institutions for over a decade now. As the CEO of Systemax Corporation, a company … Web: Details We so often focus on our external marketing to customers. How will we position our brand? Who is our ideal client? What is the go to market strategy on the next xyz product?We spend so much time, effort and money focused outwardly that we are overlooking the most important asset we have, our team.Do you strategically build an environment to reinforce your external brand? Often I walk in to branches and people are depressed, and not excited to be there. Over the years we have allowed our branches to become boring and frankly not very fun to come into. It all starts with our people and having a filter as to who you bring into your organization. Once the right people are playing on the same team, amazing things can happen.To me it all starts with the core values of the organization, if you don’t have them call me and we will get things sorted out. Once those are in place, those are the filter that all employees need to go through. It is what you hire and fire by. Once you have great people, keep them excited and focused on your corporate mission. Engaged, excited, and interested team members will achieve results 10x more than any marketing campaign.Establish values, and live them!last_img read more

Financial fitness focus: Biz Kid$ – Improving youth financial literacy

first_imgFinancial Fitness Day is less than two weeks away, and we could not be more excited!  April 6th is dedicated to helping members get their financial health in shape, while raising funds for the National Credit Union Foundation and state credit union foundations in support of their critical financial education initiatives.Your support of Financial Fitness Day helps to improve the financial future of the younger generation through the Biz Kid$ financial education program.  Biz Kid$ is a national financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business in a fun, engaging manor.  The Foundation is proud to distribute Biz Kid$ Financial Education Grants each year to help fund innovative programs that improve the financial education of youth through the use of the Biz Kid$ program.Thanks to all of our supporters, in 2015, the Foundation was able to approve 16 new Biz Kid$ grants. There are many leagues and state foundations who have done amazing things in their communities using Biz Kid$, including financial literacy summer camps, bringing Biz Kid$ into the classroom, hosting Biz Kid$ workshops and more. The grantee recipients have some pretty spectacular things planned for this year to reach the younger generation.One great example of this is the Credit Union League of Connecticut who received a grant in 2015 from the Foundation.  With it, they will be utilizing their young professional network to educate them about the amazing Biz Kid$ resources that are available for use.  They will then task these young professionals with developing a plan to bring Biz Kid$ into the schools across the state and teaching it to the students – how cool is that? continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Hotel Maestral still on sale, CERP announced a new public call

first_imgThe Center for Restructuring and Sales (CERP) has announced a new public call for expressions of interest for the purchase of shares in the company Hoteli Maestral from Dubrovnik. A total of 355.520 shares are on sale, with a total nominal value of HRK 71.104.000, which is 68,94 percent of the share capital. By the way, at the end of last year, in the process of public collection of bids for the purchase of 355.520 shares of HOTELI MAESTRAL dd, Dubrovnik, a binding offer was received submitted by the company J&T IB CAPITAL MARKETS, Prague, Czech Republic. The company J&T IB CAPITAL MARKETS, Prague, Czech Republic offered a price of HRK 114.271.238,40 for the purchase of shares of HOTELI MAESTRAL dd, Dubrovnik, which are the subject of the sale, which is the amount of the determined starting price. However, obviously the offer was not accepted and a new Public Invitation was published.Hotels Maestral in its portfolio consists of five hotels in Dubrovnik, total capacity 472 rooms, with 931 beds (hotel Uvala **** (51), hotel Splendid *** (59), hotel Komodor *** (63), hotel Vis *** (142), hotel Adriatic ** (107) and the Adriatica Rooms ** pavilion (50)). All of the Company’s hotels and rooms at Adriatica Rooms are located next to each other in the western part of Dubrovnik, in the Lapad Bay, only 3,5 km from the historic center and approximately 25 km from Dubrovnik Airport.Deadline for submitting a letter of intent to express interest: April 09, 2018 until 15,00:XNUMX p.m.Side dish: Public call for expressions of interest for the purchase of shares in the company Hoteli Maestrallast_img read more

The aviation industry is facing difficult times and a long recovery. The time of low-cost flights will be behind us

first_imgPhoto: Emirates Surely the time of cheap ticket prices is behind us. The price of flights will increase significantly in the long run, ie it will be in some realistic framework of sustainability. Emirates is the first airline to introduce rapid passenger tests on COVID-19 It is currently not possible to bring hand luggage on flights, except for computers, handbags, briefcases or baby care items. All other items must be handed over at check-in, and Emirates grants passengers an increase in the amount of checked baggage allowed in addition to the amount they might otherwise bring on board. After each flight, all Emirates aircraft undergo a thorough cleaning and disinfection process in Dubai. Emirates thus became the first airline to introduce rapid passenger testing on COVID-19 just before travel. A rapid blood test was performed by DHA representatives at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, and the results were available within 10 minutes. Kako će koronavirus utjecati na zračni promet i aviokompanije? – jedno je od pitanja koje se logično postavlja i raspravlja globalno među strukom. According to forecasts, the real recovery of the tourism sector will begin only when the vaccine is found, and will last 2-3 years. Then the psychological / safety barrier between people will be removed, so that they can travel freely. According to current estimates, both scientists, epidemiologists, and the World Health Organization (WHO) should not expect the vaccine for another 12 months, if not longer. Of course, that does not mean that people will not travel, but certainly not in great intensity and as before. Everyone agrees that this situation will significantly affect our future way of life, business and thus the way we travel, ie the entire tourism sector. One thing is for sure, the world will be measured before and after the coronavirus. There is also the factor, ecology and sustainability, where until a year or two ago, airlines were under great pressure, and even in the Scandinavian countries, a protest and movement against air travel was launched. In the post-coronavirus era, it is ecology and sustainability that will be further expressed and sought after. Also, it will take a long time to start traveling freely as before, as well as the same intensity. We will certainly not travel all over the world and travel by plane for 5 or more hours, but will travel more regionally, locally and not too far from our home, especially in Europe. Also, the recovery will be much longer because for a while people will certainly not fly airplanes, at least en masse through the prism of tourism. The perception and feeling of fear of traveling (especially long journeys) and of being pushed like a sardine on a plane, certainly does not go aside for airlines. As well as the financial condition of the population and the long recovery and stabilization of the economy. Also, the option of having every other seat on the plane empty, respecting spacing measures, is neither sustainable nor cost-effective for airlines. The whole market pressure for cheap flights, even before the impact of the coronavirus, has led many companies to financial problems or bankruptcy, (Thomas Cook, Monarch Airlines…) because the sustainability of this business model is based solely on constant high passenger traffic with extremely high occupancy each flight. What all the changes will be is difficult to predict at the moment, but it is certain that the aviation industry will have major and long-term negative consequences. The current coronavirus pandemic is affecting all industries, and especially the tourism sector that is most directly affected. Sure and how you will have to think carefully about how to organize airports, from the check-in process, airport movements, bag collection lanes as well as boarding the plane itself. It was a question of when that bubble would burst, and now the impact of the coronavirus has only accelerated the whole process and brought many airlines to the wall overnight. States will also save financial assistance from national airlines, but certainly not low-budget ones. One of the probable scenarios is that passengers will have to be tested for coronavirus at borders, including airports, ie additional preventive measures will be introduced. Keeping in mind the social distance, Emirates has placed protective barriers at each check-in counter as additional safety measures for passengers and employees during any interaction. All employees at the airport are required to use gloves, masks and hand sanitizers. Passengers must also wear their own masks when at the airport and on the plane and follow social distancing guidelines. This state of emergency has already bankrupted some low-cost airlines, from Germanwings to Flybe, and will only unfortunately be followed by the bankruptcy of the same. Simply, so far, there has been too much pressure on the lowest possible ticket prices for low-cost flights, and airlines have been operating with a profit margin of 3-5%. “The testing process went smoothly and we want to take this opportunity to zwe thank DHA for their initiatives and innovative solutions. This would not have been possible without the support of Dubai Airport and other government bodies. We are working to increase the number of tests in the future and their introduction on other flights, which will allow us to conduct tests on COVID-19 on the spot and instant confirmation for Emirates passengers traveling to countries that require them. The health and safety of airport staff and passengers remains paramountSaid Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer. In coordination with the national health organization Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the airline Emirates introduced additional preventive measures, so on yesterday’s flight to Tunisia, passengers were tested for COVID-19 before leaving Dubai. For health and safety reasons, Emirates has adapted the range of services intended for passengers so that magazines and other printed reading materials are not available to them, while food and drink are still served, but in customized packaging and in a special way to reduce contact with staff. One of the possible scenarios shows us Emirates. Sve u svemu, turistički sektor očekuje više nego izazovno vrijeme, a pogotovo avionsku industriju koja će ova kriza puno dublje pogoditi. Trenutno je teško bilo što planirati i predviđati kako će točno neke stvari funkcionirati. Ljudi će i dalje putovati, a turizam će se oporaviti – to je sigurno. No isto tako sigurno je i to kako će doći do velikih promjena u turističkom sektoru. For the end, I would point out good advice Kjell A. Nordströmoma, who points out that companies now have to experiment, as scientists often do. They test and see how things work. So the business sector needs to start experimenting, not planning.last_img read more

Xi speaks with Jokowi over phone, says China will ‘win’ battle against coronavirus

first_imgXi also conveyed his appreciation for the trust and understanding extended by his Indonesian colleagues, saying that his recent conversation with Jokowi was a reflection of the robust bilateral relationship between China and Indonesia as comprehensive strategic partners.Jokowi reportedly expressed his sympathies to China on behalf of Indonesia during the phone call.COVID-19, linked to a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has infected more than 45,000 people since it was first reported early this year with a death toll of more than 1,100 people as of Wednesday.The Indonesian government has imposed a travel ban to and from mainland China since Feb. 5 as well as temporary halt in live animal imports from the country in an effort to prevent the deadly virus from spreading to the archipelago .However, Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian objected to the travel ban as he claimed such a move would likely have a negative impact on the global economy.“In this situation, we need to be calm. Don’t overreact and cause a negative impact on investment and the economy,” he told reporters last week.As of Wednesday, there have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia.(rfa)Topics : Chinese President Xi Jinping told  President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo that the Chinese government was confident it would “win” the battle against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in a phone call on Tuesday night.As reported by Xinhua news agency, Xi said containing the outbreak was the government’s top priority, as evidenced by its commitment to implementing “the most rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures”. #BREAKING: Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks over phone with his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo, expressing confidence in a full victory in the fight against the novel #coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and achieving goals and tasks of economic and social development— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 11, 2020He went on to say that China would continue to bolster its cooperation on the mitigation of the deadly viral outbreak with Indonesia and other countries to ensure public health safety.last_img read more

WhatsApp thread ‘implicates’ KPU chair in Saeful Bahri bribery trial

first_imgThe KPU arrested Saeful and Wahyu as suspects in the case on Jan. 8,  the date of the meeting as well as the WhatsApp thread.“’Last night, we met with Wahyu. There’s Mas [Mr.] Arief too’,” Takdir read out the thread in court. “’Wahyu is still lobbying [for the replacement]. The letter has been issued but the process is still ongoing.’”The prosecution alleged that “Arief” referred to the KPU chairman. It continued that in the WhatsApp thread on Jan. 8, Saeful also told Hasto that he was on his way to the PDI-P central executive board in Central Jakarta to explain his messages to the secretary-general in person.Read also: Bribery scandal litmus test for antigraft bodyHasto, who testified as a witness during Thursday’s hearing, initially denied that he had exchanged the messages with Saeful. However, he changed his statement after Takdir read out the investigation report.“I didn’t pay any attention [to the messages] due to the defendant’s arrest. I also do not understand what the messages mean,” Hasto told the courtroom.The KPK indicted Saeful despite the absence of key witness Harun, who remains at large. The antigraft body has not made any significant progress in locating him.Saeful, who once worked under Hasto, is alleged to have coordinated with fellow PDI-P politician Harun Masiku to bribe Wahyu and former Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) member Agustiani Tio Fridelina. The bribe was intended to secure Wahyu’s approval for Harun to fill the House of Representatives seat that was left vacant upon legislator Nazaruddin Kiemas’s unexpected passing.The indictment accuses Saeful of acting as an intermediary for Harun in giving Wahyu and Agustiani a combined sum of S$57,350, or Rp 600 million (US$38,265). (mfp)Topics : “I went home directly after the meeting and didn’t go anywhere else,” Arief said as quoted by on Monday.Arief’s name was dragged into the case during the hearing last Thursday in the trial of Saeful Bahri, who has been indicted for bribing Wahyu. Read also: KPK indicts PDI-P member in bribery case while key suspect remains at largeAt Thursday’s hearing, KPK prosecutors presented as evidence a WhatsApp thread dated Jan. 8 between Saeful and PDI-P secretary-general Hasto Kristiyanto. KPK prosecutor Takdir Suhan said that in the thread, Saeful told Hasto that someone named “Arief” was also present at his meeting with Wahyu. General Elections Commission (KPU) chairman Arief Budiman has been dragged into a bribery case pertaining to the replacement of a deceased lawmaker that has already embroiled KPU commissioner Wahyu Setiawan as a suspect.Arief’s alleged involvement emerged at a hearing on April 16, when prosecutors of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) revealed evidence in the ongoing graft trial against Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician Saeful Bahri.However, Arief immediately dismissed the allegation, saying that he did not attend the meeting in question, but another meeting with the KPU.last_img read more

UN chief warns against repressive measures amid coronavirus crisis

first_imgTopics : Guterres called on governments to be transparent, responsive and accountable and stressed that civic space and press freedom were “critical.” He said: “The best response is one that responds proportionately to immediate threats while protecting human rights and the rule of law.”With businesses shut down and hundreds of millions of people told to stay home to avoid spreading the virus, the International Monetary Fund has predicted the world will suffer its steepest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.The U.N. report said the pandemic was creating further hardship that “if not mitigated, will raise tension and could provoke civil unrest,” adding that this could then spark a heavy-handed security response.”In all we do, let’s never forget: The threat is the virus, not people,” Guterres said.  “We see the disproportionate effects on certain communities, the rise of hate speech, the targeting of vulnerable groups, and the risks of heavy-handed security responses undermining the health response,” Guterres said.The UN report said migrants, refugees and internally displaced people are particularly vulnerable. It said more than 131 countries have closed their borders, with only 30 allowing exemptions for asylum-seekers.”Against the background of rising ethno-nationalism, populism, authoritarianism and a pushback against human rights in some countries, the crisis can provide a pretext to adopt repressive measures for purposes unrelated to the pandemic,” he said. “This is unacceptable.”The United Nations did not give any specific examples of such measures.center_img UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday the coronavirus could give some countries an excuse to adopt repressive measures for reasons unrelated to the pandemic as he warned that the outbreak risks becoming a human rights crisis.Guterres released a UN report highlighting how human rights should guide the response and recovery to the health, social and economic crisis gripping the world. He added that while the virus does not discriminate, its impacts do.The new coronavirus, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19, has so far infected some 2.57 million globally and 178,574 people have died, according to a Reuters tally. The virus first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.last_img read more

Atlantis targets £20M cash raise

first_imgEdinburgh-based developer Atlantis Resources is looking to raise £20 million via share placing ahead of the completion of the proposed reverse takeover by GFG Alliance company SIMEC.Atlantis said it plan to use the proceedings of the placing to finance the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the conversion of SIMEC’s Uskmouth power station, which is expected to cost approximately £5 million.The conversion of the plant, could be completed within 18 months of final investment decision expected to be made in mid-2019, upon which the plant could complete commissioning and enter into commercial operations by the end of 2020.Upon the completion, the 220MW of capacity at the power station will be converted to use a waste derived energy pellet instead of coal, in a process expected to cost £185 million.Aside for Uskmouth power station, the placing will also be used for tidal project and technology development, as well as to discharge up to £3.87 million of debt, Atlantis informed.The proposed placing is for little over 57 million shares, at 35 pence per share.Due to the reverse takeover process with SIMEC, Atlantis shares are currently suspended but are expected to resume trading on AIM on June 15, when the acquisition is due to be completed.The share placing is being conducted by Cantor Fitzgerald and Macquarie through an accelerated bookbuilding process. The result of the placing is expected to be announced later today, May 21, 2018.To remind, in December 2017, the international energy, infrastructure and natural resources group SIMEC signed a conditional agreement with Atlantis to acquire 49.9% of tidal energy developer’s share capital.In turn, Atlantis agreed to acquire the entire issued share capital of SIMEC Uskmouth Power Limited, the owner of a power plant in South Wales.last_img read more

Boobs on Bikes returning to Tauranga: Porn king

first_imgBay of Plenty Times 28 March 2012Defiant pornographer Steve Crow has vowed to bring Boobs on Bikes back to Tauranga despite council moves aimed at blocking the topless parade. Tauranga City Council is proposing to make offensiveness one of the grounds for requiring permission to hold a street parade. But Mr Crow said he would fight the council. “It won’t make any difference to me whatsoever,” he told the Bay of Plenty Times. “I will take zero notice of any bylaw they bring in. I’m not vaguely interested in what the Tauranga City Council considers offensive. If they want to waste Tauranga ratepayers’ money, let them. I have plenty of money, I’m happy to fight them.” In a review of its street use bylaws, the council yesterday took the first step towards making it more difficult for the organiser of the Auckland erotic festival to use Tauranga streets to promote his event. Boobs on Bikes created a furore last year among residents who considered the topless parade indecent. They said it lowered the city’s moral tone. Protests, including several attempts by Christian groups to stop its progress, led to a heavy police presence as the procession wound its way along The Strand and Devonport Rd. Yesterday’s council meeting agreed unanimously to amend the bylaw in which the only circumstances requiring council permission to hold a parade were impeding pedestrian or vehicle access. As well as making offensiveness one of the tests for requiring council permission, the meeting also added the potential for parades to cause a public nuisance or endanger public health. read more

9-year-old charged with murder in 5 fire deaths

first_imgThe juvenile also was charged with twocounts of arson and one count of aggravated arson, the (Peoria) Journal Starreported. The April 6 fire killed a 1-year-old,two 2-year-olds, a 34-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman at the TimberlineMobile Home Park near the village of Goodfield, about 150 miles (240kilometers) southwest of Chicago. CHICAGO – A 9-year-old child accused ofcausing a mobile home fire that killed three children and two adults in centralIllinois has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder.center_img Woodford County State’s Attorney GregMinger would not reveal other details about the suspect, including a possiblerelationship to the victims.(AP)last_img read more