Only 10 per cent of Haitians crossing illegally getting refugee status so

first_imgOTTAWA – The majority of asylum seekers who have crossed illegally into Canada so far this year were Haitian and so far, only 10 per cent of their claims have been accepted, newly released data showed Wednesday.Since February, the Immigration and Refugee Board has received 14,467 claims in total from what they call irregular border crossers, and the overall acceptance rate sits at 60 per cent.The fact that the number of successful Haitian claims is “very low” should serve as a cautionary tale for those still contemplating crossing into Canada illegally from the U.S. to seek asylum, said Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen.“Coming to Canada first of all has to be done through regular channels, and secondly the asylum system is only for people who are in genuine need of protection,” Hussen said.“It’s not for everyone.”People have been crossing into Canada between official checkpoints in increasing numbers since the start of the year, but the summer months saw a major surge after the U.S. government notified those who hold temporary protected status in that country that their status would be under review.Just under 60,000 Haitians are covered by the policy that protects against deportation. In the weeks after the Trump administration’s initial announcement, some began making the trek north to Canada to try and seek asylum here, propelled in part by misinformation online suggesting Canada has special programs for those affected by the policy.At one point in late July and early August, the number surged to upwards of 250 a day. The rate has since fallen dramatically, but fears it could spike again ramped up this week as the U.S. announced it is in fact ending the policy for Haitians, known as TPS, as of July 2019.“We’re continuing to plan ahead,” Hussen said Wednesday.That includes a meeting scheduled Thursday with federal and provincial officials overseeing the asylum issue at the border. Among other things, they’ll review the statistics from the IRB, which break down the claims by country of alleged persecution.Haiti is at the top with 6,304 claims in total. Only 298 have been finalized, 29 accepted. Next is Nigeria, with 1,911 claims overall, and after that is Turkey at 631.Those whose claims are rejected do have avenues of appeal, and if those fail, they face deportation.Hussen said he didn’t know how many border crossers were pursuing appeals, nor how many — if any — had been removed from Canada. He said people often choose to leave voluntarily, but didn’t know whether that was the case for any members of the summer cohort.After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Canada had temporarily paused deportation to the country. But Canada resumed deportations this year.Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel said she’s troubled by the fact that only a fraction of the claims received by the IRB have been heard. Of the over 14,000 they’ve received, they’ve only finalized 1,572.“The IRB is so backlogged, it will get out into the community — you can enter the country illegally, and not have your case heard for a significant period of time while still being able to access social support services,” Rempel said.“To me, the government is going to have to get on top of that quickly.”last_img read more

Sir Bradley Wiggins Signs Trike For Charity Auction

first_imgHere’s something for the young cyclist in your life.Galt Trike Signed By Bradley WigginsSir Bradley Wiggins has signed a Galt trike for a charity auction raising money for TheTOYProject.Bradley Wiggins – or Wiggo, as he is more affectionately known – sped into the public’s conscience in 2012 following a mesmerising display in both the Tour de France and the London 2012 Olympic Games. Yet to those who had been following his career in the years before, Wiggins had been a huge success in bike racing across the world for a long time.TheTOYProject provides basic support tools for children across the UK who have lost a family member or friend. These could be toys to use in play therapy to help children open up about their feelings or simply a teddy bear to comfort them at night. In addition to their work with bereaved children they provide toys to children in hospices and hospitals.The auction runs until April 6, and can be accessed via read more

Speaker to inform Elections Commission on Geethas MP seat

As a result of the court ruling Kumarasinghe will not lose all her Parliament privileges, the Speaker’s office added. (Colombo Gazette) Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is to inform the Elections Commission on Geetha Kumarasinghe’s Parliament seat.The Speaker’s office said that the Speaker has received the court ruling on Kumarasinghe being found unsuitable to hold a seat in Parliament as she is a dual citizen.

Visitation for Bernie Morelli

Bernie Morelli was first elected to his East Hamilton seat in 1991, but mourners at his visitation say he was well known long before that.“He used to work at Dofasco, then city hall. He’d do anything for people, he’s a wonderful man,” says Mike Agro. For about 15 years Morelli also sat on the Police Services Board, mostly as chair, including when now-retired Brian Mullan was promoted Deputy Chief and then Chief of Police.“It wasn’t unusual for bernie and I to hop into cars and go on patrol, so to speak. He loved to visit places in his constituency. when there were trouble areas he’d say let’s go for a ride, and we’d survey the area and see how we could help.”“Rage, rage, against the dying of the light, do not go gentle into that good night. That was Bernie. He went from the hospital to city hall to meet and chair meetings. Right up until that last moment. Isn’t that a wonderful legacy of commitment? That was Bernie,” says former Hamilton mayor Larry Di Ianni There will be another visitation service for Bernie Morelli on Sunday from 1:00pm-9:00pm, again at the PX Dermody Funeral Home on King St. East. His funeral will be Monday at 10:30am at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. read more

Presidents Annual Dinner speech – 26 November 2013

This is part of the role of the SMMT.  To ensure the industry, and those affected by it, are as successful as possible. The following is the speech of the SMMT President, Tim Abbott (Managing Director, BMW Group UK) at the SMMT Annual Dinner in London on 26 November 2013. Typical of this is the partnership between the Department for Transport and some major brands that will see a communications campaign next year to encourage motorists to consider ultra-low emission cars. They ensure we have all the data we need, (whether we like our market share or not); they get a whole lobby of politicians to support our sector (which is no mean feat and I can assure you is all above board.) and generally present the industry in the best possible light.One area of the SMMT’s work I should also like to highlight is with an organisation called the Foyer Federation.  Earlier today, the SMMT Executive and I met with a group of young people, who would normally be described as being at the edges of society. I have spent a fair amount of time at SMMT’s Great Peter Street offices and I am always so impressed at the passion, determination and expertise of all the staff. It’s an honour for me to be the President of the SMMT and I will continue to put all my passion into the job. The market is up by 10%.  Growth that, we believe, is sustainable.  But we do not want a market artificially stimulated by over-stretched credit.  Consumers are becoming more confident but it is a cautious optimism, borne of a painful crash. Innovation is key to this recovery.  Innovations in safety, entertainment and, of course, fuel economy are attracting people back into the market.  Buyers realise that they can save pounds at the fuel pump by investing in a new vehicle. On behalf of the industry, I would like to thank the many people here this evening who have invested considerable amounts of time in creating the strategy, not least the Automotive Council, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and countless individuals.  I am convinced this strategy can deliver the global competitiveness essential for our success. We will reflect your views and ensure the government, media and the electorate understand that we operate in a global industry and that Europe is fundamental to our businesses. I am pleased to say that the market is recovering slowly. Europe provides a salutary reminder of the challenge.  The EU market remains depressed with car sales down 5% this year. Inevitably, this will impact on production levels here but we are hopeful that some signs of recovery are slowly emerging.Closer to home, the signs are more positive. With the full impact of many of the recent investment announcements yet to be realised, the UK is set for record volumes.  Not many would have bet on that over the last couple of decades. And customers do not suddenly decide to embrace new technologies.  We will get there, but we ask regulators to ensure the European industry can maintain its competiveness for current, and future, challenges. But there remain challenges.  The biggest of which is Skills; making sure the UK has the necessary skillset to meet the challenge of competition in this global industry. But seriously, that worry didn’t materialise and we’ve had the best footfall through our dealerships for many years.  New car registrations have exceeded forecasts and September was the best month for five years. But the good news goes much deeper.  Brose, for instance, which makes window regulators and seat adjusters, is investing £15 million in its Coventry facility, taking its workforce to 250 employees.  ElringKlinger, which makes engine components, announced a £7m expansion in Redcar. Our industry has changed more than we dared to imagine.  Just 10 years ago today, Concorde, flew for the last time.  For many, it was a symbol of British pride in engineering, design and innovation.  Its passing felt like the end of an era, the UK just couldn’t cut it any more.However, as stated by a senior industry CEO recently, vehicle technologies have the potential to push the motor industry further forward in the next five years than in the past 100. There is greater confidence and business cycles are turning in our favour with new smaller CVs increasing sales.  At the other end of the market, the impending ‘Euro 6’ legislation is helping the recovery in larger truck sales. The same can be said of our engine plants.  BMW has been investing in its Hams Hall engine site; the new JLR engine developments will be online in the next few years; and Ford continues to make the UK its focus for engine production. Both are relatively small investments which fail to make the headline news, but their success is just as important to the long term success of the UK industry. Minister, my Lords, distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.  And that’s just the people sat at my table, all the great and good are here tonight!It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the 97th SMMT Annual Dinner, here at the Grosvenor House Hotel.  In those 97 Annual Dinners, an estimated 211 tons of food and 4,850 gallons of alcohol will have been consumed.  Again, that’s just the people sat at my table! These initiatives reflect the strong collaborative relationship between industry and government. The political agenda will be set by the European elections and the subsequent debate about the UK’s role in Europe.  We must participate in the debate and the SMMT will be undertaking some work to highlight the importance of Europe to our business. I think it’s a good thing. I am proud that our sector is leading this challenge, with trailblazing apprenticeships and pioneering initiatives such as ‘See Inside Manufacturing’. Earlier this year we celebrated 100 years of manufacturing in Oxford and I wonder just what William Morris would make of our industry if he was here tonight.   We have seen an impressive array of investments, from Nissan and BMW to Bentley and JLR which continues to invest to make the UK its production and technological home. But the need for more young people and women in our industry is just one of the challenges we must meet.  There are more; rising costs, regulation, increase competition.  All these and more threaten the competitiveness of the UK industry. Let me end by looking to the future.The latest SMMT forecasts suggest 2014 will see a continuation of the recovery.  We expect modest growth in both registrations and manufacturing as the big investments and model cycles crank up the pace. I was delighted, however, that we were able to recruit a very able successor in Mike Hawes, who joined in September. And our focus now has to be on delivery. As an industry, we must make speedy progress on the Advanced Propulsion Centre; we must create more apprenticeships and graduate positions, and we must create and deliver the new technologies that will make the UK a leader in automotive innovation and market take-up. So it was with huge enthusiasm that the government and industry launched an Automotive Sector Strategy in July.  This forms part of a cross-government Industrial Policy for Growth. Fundamental to the UK sector’s future, is R&D.  We want jobs; we want growth.  But we also want innovation; high tech jobs that make the most of our knowledge economy. Mike Baunton served as interim Chief Executive of the SMMT after Paul’s departure.  He kept a firm hand on the tiller and so on behalf of the Society, and on behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank him for his service this year. The new Transport Minister, Robert Goodwill MP, is with us tonight and I know is aware of this issue. I would like to place on record our determination to work with him and our Agency colleagues to find appropriate solutions. We agree that it’s not perfect but we cannot abdicate our role in shaping that market and the regulations that govern our products. The retail market too is changing.  Online has its place, and the customer is more informed than ever before.  We have to respond; making the experience transparent, engaging and responsive to individual needs and desires. I know we have representatives from various government departments here this evening as well as the Department for Transport.  I would like to thank them all for their efforts to safeguard the UK industry’s interests. A general election is only 18 months away.  Over the next year parties will be positioning themselves, identifying the issues that strike a chord with the electorate.  The SMMT will ensure the automotive industry and its interests are fundamental to all parties’ agenda. Low emission vehicles are part of a wider objective to meet CO2 emissions targets set by the EU.  Every manufacturer is committed to achieving these targets, but, we are also mindful of the need to maintain competitiveness.  Breakthroughs do not come every year. It can also help us attract yet more investment.  I was delighted to see the appointment of Joe Greenwell, a former SMMT President, as CEO of the newly formed Automotive Investment Organisation.  I cannot think of a better man to represent the industry and he has the full support of the SMMT. These so-called “NEETS” – not in education, employment or training – have, over the last six months, been working within our industry. Of course, there have been changes.  Just after our dinner last year, Paul Everitt announced he was to leave and join the aerospace industry.  He went with our best wishes given the instrumental role he played in modernising the SMMT. Because buying a car should always be about satisfying that desire. The priority now is to ensure this confidence translates into a strong UK automotive supply chain.  There are billions of pounds worth of opportunities arising from the recent OEM investments. The SMMT is doing what it can to break down the barriers including funding constraints, so that the UK supply chain can prosper at home and abroad. After dinner, the Autocar/Courland ‘Next Generation Award’ winner will be announced and I know the calibre of entrants has been extremely high.  It’s great to have young people who really aspire to be the best. It was a proud moment seeing the positive influence we can have on young people.  If we can harness their talent, their enthusiasm, their creativity, it will be them sitting here at SMMT dinners in the years to come. I am pleased to say the SMMT is in good health.  Membership levels are strong with over 100 new members signed up this year.  And it is a diverse, extensive and active membership. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening. Whilst we should recognise the loss of the Southampton Transit site last year, we have seen a modest increase in overall vehicle production, with bus and coach production bouncing back too. Nowhere were the effects of the crash felt more than in the commercial vehicle market.  Hit hard by businesses reining in spending, CV sales fell dramatically with no scrappage scheme to alleviate the fall. So the SMMT is doing some fantastic work on behalf of you all, including the organisation of tonight’s dinner so, on behalf of all the industry, I would like thank them for their work. In a few minutes, we will announce the winner of the SMMT Award for Automotive Innovation.  I will not spoil the surprise but let me say the competition was tough, it was challenging and it was inspiring.  The variety and expertise of innovation coming from these shores augurs well for our future. I am pleased that BMW is part of that consortium and am confident we will see more motorists considering electric and ultra-low carbon vehicles in the future. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Make sure it is your voice too. So please, engage with us – The SMMT is the voice of the motor industry. Today represents some well-known anniversaries; in 1922, Howard Carter and his team first opened the doors of Tutankhamen’s tomb, which had been sealed for over 3,000 years.  Walking in here just a few minutes ago, I know how they must have felt….huge excitement, some trepidation, but they knew there was a great story to tell. But the SMMT is not just about the CEO.  It has a great team beavering away on behalf of the industry. He has considerable experience of the industry and has already spent a lot of his time out there meeting industry, politicians, other organisations and I am convinced he will be a great leader of the organisation. However, I must also raise with them an issue affecting many in this room.  We all want efficient and effective public services. Modernisation is central to that ambition.  But dealers, manufacturers and consumers are all suffering from costly and unnecessary delays from the modernisation of DVLA, VOSA and VCA. Yet who would have predicted such a short time ago that tonight our industry would be celebrating significant growth, investment and global success. It is helping create thousands of new jobs, safeguarding many more and rebalancing the UK economy.  Because when the UK automotive sector does well, the UK economy does well.We started the year a little worried; a new 13 plate; would it be unlucky? read more

Ireland donates €15 million to South Sudan famine prevention fund

first_imgDEVELOPMENT MINISTER SEÁN Sherlock has announced the allocation of €1.5 million to the UN Common Humanitarian Fund for South Sudan to fight the threat of famine in the world’s youngest country.Sherlock said he is “gravely concerned by the deteriorating humanitarian situation” in South Sudan:Eight months into the current crisis nearly 2 million people have been displaced from their homes. Hunger and malnutrition are on the rise with almost 4 million people facing food insecurity.The latest allocation brings Ireland’s contribution to the UN fund to €6.5 million to date.The junior minister said this money would go towards providing food, clean water, healthcare, shelter, sanitation, hygiene and protection for those affected by the crisis in South Sudan.Sherlock also expressed condolences on behalf of the Irish people to the families, friends and colleagues of the six South Sudanese aid workers killed this week:Ireland condemns in the strongest possible terms attacks on humanitarian personnel as they seek to deliver lifesaving assistance to the most vulnerable populations and calls for unhindered access to affected areas where they carry out their vital work.The United Nations Mission in South Sudan accused a militia group of killing the civilian aid workers based on their ethnicity.Peacekeepers have been sent to protect UN staff, aid workers and civilians in the area where the aid workers were killed in Upper Nile State.‘Overwhelming’During a UN Security Council briefing on the situation in South Sudan, Assistant Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations Edmond Mulet warned that the country is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.Despite the scale of the humanitarian effort inside South Sudan, funding for these operations is falling “far short in the face of overwhelming needs”.Mulet said that this is “a man-made crisis and those responsible for it have been far too slow in resolving it” and “continue to believe they can achieve more through the pursuit of a military option”.Medécins Sans Frontieres said that the ongoing conflict in South Sudan is having “disastrous consequences for the country’s people”. Emergency MSF medical teams are operating in the capital Juba, Awerial in Lakes State and Malakal in Upper Nile State to treat the wounded and to provide medical support to people internally displaced by the fighting. MSF’s map of its emergency response operations amid the violence in South Sudan. Source: MSFKnightley: ‘What I saw and heard was worse than I could have ever imagined’ >last_img read more

Epson releases Moverio worlds first seethrough 3D headmounted display

first_imgChildren of the late ’80’s will remember the old “virtual-reality” headsets that were in malls across America, promising a total immersion experience into various souped-up 8-bit games.Akin to putting something the size of a small child on one’s head, the old virtual-reality helmets were cumbersome to the say the least. Even though virtual-reality went the way of the Dodo bird, head-mounted display technology has continued to develop, becoming more svelte and evolving into personal theaters of sorts.The latest offering in this category is the Epson Moverio, the world’s first see-through 3D head-mounted display unit (HMD). Announced today, the Moverio allows a user to watch media content while still being able to see the real world around them.Epson’s new HMD gives the user the illusion that they are watching an 80-inch display that sits about 16 feet away from them. The Moverio uses Android 2.2 for its operating system, and has a tethered controller for a user interface. The unit comes with 1GB of on-board storage, and has a MicroSD slot for expansion. Using WiFi, the HMD can connect directly to YouTube for video content and can use a browser to display web pages. Weighing in at only a half-pound the Moverio is a definite improvement over the virtual-reality headsets of old.The Moverio can play local content that is encoded using  MPEG-4/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 containers, and supports a resolution of 960×540. Not bad for displays that are actually only about a half-inch across.There is no word on augmented-reality applications right now, but one would assume the reason for creating a see-through 3D display would be to support such things. The Moverio is going to retail at about $799, but there are no plans to bring the unit States-side at this time. Releasing soon in Japan, Epson is hoping to sell 10,000 at launch.To see how the Moverio looks on a humanoid when worn, check out the video below.Read more at TechCrunchlast_img read more

How to make your escape room tourist attraction stand out Build it

first_imgHow to make your ‘escape room’ tourist attraction stand out? Build it in a boat Its backers have spent months sourcing props for the new ship-based attraction, they say. Our first room is based on a 1920s ship. There’s going to be a lot of action on it, there’s going to be water – things that other rooms haven’t used yet.What are escape rooms? A relatively new phenomenon, escape rooms first emerged in Japan around a decade ago, and have been gaining popularity in Europe more recently.Themes vary, and can feature anything from straightforward puzzles to a mocked up zombie apocalypse. The basic principle is the same in each one, however: participants are locked in a room and must finish their task within a time limit to escape. Fans try the “The Call of Duty: Black Ops III” Zombies Escape room challenge at Comic-Con International in San Diego in 2015. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesHere at home, companies offering escape room-type attractions have popped up in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Waterford in recent years. In the US, the craze is also gathering pace: President Barack Obama and his daughters even paid a visit to one as they holidayed in Hawaii over Christmas.In Europe, according to Brady, Budapest has become the escape room capital – with nearly 70 such attractions now operating in the Hungarian capital.The standards of them are amazing around Europe – some of them you’d do, you’d just be blown away.Brady travelled to the Netherlands three times to try and locate an appropriate vessel for their escape room idea, he said. 17,451 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Source: Daragh Brophy/Twitter Jan 17th 2017, 6:45 AM He eventually found the Zorg Ella – a 21 metre barge originally used to transport potatoes – in the east of the country. It had been in the same family since its construction, back in 1916.Shipped over to Dublin by ferry in recent days, the vessel was launched on Ocean Pier at the port yesterday, and was being sailed upriver last evening to be berthed temporarily near the Jeanie Johnston tall ship.Sam Field Corbett, whose company also refitted well-known floating pub-restaurant the Cill Airne on the Dublin quays, will oversee the re-fit, and it’s hoped the first rooms will open on board the Dutch barge in April.Brady said that once the project was opened they planned to add other rooms to their offering nearby, at other venues. Amongst other ideas, he said, they’re looking at opening one “in a tank”.- Video editing by Nicky Ryan Read: Why has the Irish language been removed as a requirement for NUIG’s President? >Read: SuperValu wins the Christmas supermarket war > Source: INITIALLY AN ASIAN craze, the ‘escape room’ business in Ireland appears to be booming at the moment.The latest addition to the sector was launched in Dublin yesterday afternoon – and its backers are hoping to stand out from their competitors by offering something a little different: Ireland’s first ‘escape boat’.“We’ve done a lot of research on escape rooms,” Ronan Brady of told at Dublin Port as he watched the soon-to-be-refitted Zorg Ella barge being lowered into the Liffey.I’ve travelled around Europe doing a lot of them and we’ve done all the ones in Dublin – and we think there’s room for huge improvement.Brady, who has teamed up with Irish Ship and Barge Fabrication for the new venture, hopes to have the attraction up and running on Grand Canal Quay, near the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, by spring.They’ve spent months sourcing props for the 101-year old ship and thinking of ideas for the different rooms on board, he said.We spent quite a while over in Holland in salvage yards finding a lot of antiquated stuff to add to the design and we’ve got a whole lot of huge, amazing props. Subscribe for more videos This is just about to be launched. .. Dublin ‘s first planned floating ‘escape room’— Daragh Brophy (@DaraghBroph) January 16, 2017 Tuesday 17 Jan 2017, 6:45 AM 10 Comments Share83 Tweet Email2 By Daragh Brophylast_img read more

Lalcool nous aidetil à mieux apprendre et se souvenir

first_imgL’alcool nous aide-t-il à mieux apprendre et se souvenir ?Si l’on en croit une nouvelle étude menée par l’Université du Texas, l’alcool pourrait nous aider à mieux créer les souvenirs et à stimuler le cerveau, et cela notamment grâce à l’éthanol qui agirait sur une zone clé du cerveau.Plusieurs chercheurs de l’Université du Texas se sont penchés sur les effets de l’alcool sur la mémoire, et ont publié une étude dans le Journal of Neuroscience. D’après leurs conclusions, l’éthanol contenu dans l’alcool pourrait nous aider à développer une mémoire subconsciente. Ainsi, l’alcool ne serait pas bénéfique pour l’apprentissage et la mémoire “consciente” mais favoriserait une autre partie de la mémoire, notamment responsable de la dépendance. Hitoshi Morikawa, neurobiologiste, explique : “Habituellement, lorsqu’on parle de l’apprentissage et de la mémoire, nous parlons de la mémoire consciente. L’alcool diminue notre capacité à conserver des éléments d’information comme le nom d’un collègue, ou la définition d’un mot, ou où l’on a garé la voiture ce matin. Mais notre subconscient apprend et mémorise aussi et l’alcool peut accroître sa capacité à apprendre ou du moins sa propension à apprendre”. À lire aussiLe mariage aiderait à prévenir les risques de démence, mais pourquoi ?Cela serait dû à l’éthanol qui aurait comme effet d’augmenter la plasticité synaptique d’une zone du cerveau en charge notamment de la mémoire et de l’apprentissage, rapporte l’étude. Celle-ci confirmerait donc ce que beaucoup de scientifiques expliquent déjà depuis plusieurs années, à savoir que la dépendance à l’alcool ou aux drogues serait en fait un trouble de l’apprentissage et de la mémoire. Ainsi, l’étude tend à prouver que l’éthanol apprendrait à notre cerveau à consommer plus, et cela de façon subconsciente. La consommation d’alcool est également liée à une libération de dopamine dans le cerveau. Or, Hitoshi Morikawa précise : “Les gens voient souvent la dopamine comme un émetteur de bonheur ou de plaisir mais c’est, plus précisément un émetteur d’apprentissage. La libération de dopamine renforce l’activité des synapses”. Cette étude pourrait bientôt ouvrir la voie à de nouveaux traitements contre la dépendance, en maitrisant l’impact de l’alcool sur le cerveau.Le 23 avril 2011 à 17:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Vapium Summit The Vape for the Great Outdoors

first_imgStay on target Lots of people like being outdoors. Not geeks, usually (hyuck hyuck), but a lot of people. And, unfortunately for, presumably, some of those folks, there aren’t too many solid portable vaporizers that could take a hit if you dropped it. The Firefly 2 I reviewed, for instance, had a chip in the glass after I dropped it five inches once, and I doubt it’d survive a bigger drop.Enter the Vapium Summit Plus, a rough-and-tumble portable vape that you’d feel safe taking on a camping trip. It’s thick, hard shell, is a tough polycarbonate material that feels sturdy enough to tank some serious hits. Making something durable is easy, though, what matters is if it works — and the Vapium Summit is a surprisingly capable machine.Everything about the Summit is impressive. It’s not going to come coated with aluminum or with snazzy, fancy leds all over like the Davinci or PAX. It’s simple, and direct. Pop off the cover to load the bowl, hit the power button once and wait for it to heat up — then you’re ready to go. I could just knock-off there and say the experience is great all the way through and leave it there, but there’s a bit of cleverness and care put into just about every step of that process.If you happen to be worried about losing your bowl cover (as I am wont to do), the Summit’s got you covered with a little string that links it to the frame of the unit. If you’re worried that a ding will make it impossible to attach some critical component — don’t be. Almost everything is held on with the magic of magnets — usually, a feature reserved from top-end portable vaporizers.There’s not too many bells and whistles beyond that, and there doesn’t really need to be. The Summit offers a simple, direct experience. The buttons don’t do anything fancy; you won’t find smoking profiles or other largely unnecessary features. You just have power and temperature settings. Three buttons. Simple, even for *ahem* experienced *ahem* folks. Plus, if you’re genuinely out using this in the wild, there’s an appeal to cresting a literal summit and being able to work a vape with one hand as you gaze out over creation.via vapium.comAnd man is this thing ready to go with you basically anywhere. With an IP54 rating, it’s a lot more rugged than its colleagues, and capable of handling a good deal of water and dust. Even better is that it comes with a dry bag to keep the rest of your gear safe. Vapium doesn’t just care about your vape, they care about your phone, too. The Summit works in basically any temperature you’ll find naturally on Earth, too (for now, anyway). So, as long as you’re where you can breathe, you can probably vape with this in tow.Smoking isn’t quite indulgent here, as it might be with some higher-end models, but even here, it’s clear that corners weren’t cut just to make this the thing a bit more rugged. Chamber heating is a bit slow, but even, and I rarely had to stir my material to keep going. The monstrous 3300 mAh battery holds its charge pretty damned well, too, so you’ll get plenty of hits before needing to charge up. And even then, the Summit uses a standard micro USB, unlike most of its brethren, which means you could plug this into a portable battery bank and be good to go in short order, without having to fiddle with any other attachments, adapters or stands.Vapium’s Summit Plus is a smartly designed masterpiece for the masses. It’s cheap, simple, effective, easy, and it just works.ProsToughLongevitySimple to UsePriceCompact SizeConsCan get uncomfortably warmBottom-line:The Vapium Summit Plus is a great companion for your latest smoking adventure, even if it’s not amidst the reeds of a lake or on the face of a craggy mountain.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review: Vaping Gets TinyMysterious Incident at E-Cig Plant Left 29 Sick, Fire Chief “Bewildere… last_img read more

Davie Police capture alligator in apartment complex parking lot

first_imgDAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) – Davie Police captured an alligator wandering around an apartment complex parking lot, Saturday.The city’s police tweeted out an image of the reptile.Residents alerted officials after they spotted gator near South University Drive and Griffin Road.It didn’t take officials long to capture the wandering gator..Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Hialeah staple Frankys Deli Warehouse recognized on Yelp

first_imgWe all know that South Florida has some great places to eat, but the problem is finding the best place. Thanks to social media, a local fave is getting rave reviews.Franky’s Deli Warehouse has been feeding South Florida for 18 years.Frank Diaz, president, Franky’s Deli Warehouse: “Franky’s Deli is one of those old-fashioned, family mom-and-pop delis. Everybody comes here, they’re all friends, they all know each other, and we treat them like family.”Now thanks to Yelp, this Hialeah staple is being recognized nationally.Blue Arauz, community manager, Yelp: “Yelp is a popular website and mobile app where consumers can leave reviews about businesses. Everything from restaurants to local dry cleaners. These are real experiences these folks are having at these businesses.”Customer reviews on Yelp have put Franky’s on the map.Blue Arauz: “For the fourth year, we have released ‘Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat’ in the country. Really exciting news — we have Franky’s Deli Warehouse as number two in the entire country.” Franky’s Deli Warehouse2596 W. 84th St.Hialeah, FL 33016(305) 827-5366 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Rigo Figueredo: “Whatever sub you get, it’s probably gonna be better than any other sub that you order and wherever you order it from.”Or go for the Felix Special, with chicken and their secret recipe mojo.Frank Diaz: “It’s named after one of our customers who made it popular, and he’s known in the neighborhood.”And your taste buds will double with pleasure if you get your sandwich double pressed.Frank Diaz: “Double press is where we take the meat, warm it up on the press, and we put that on bread and press the bread. What that does is release the juices from the meat and heats them up.”You know the saying: The customer is always right. And thanks to the customers’ reviews, Franky’s Deli Warehouse is right on top.FOR MORE INFO: center_img Of all the independent non-chain restaurants in the U.S., Franky’s is sitting pretty.Frank Diaz: “We have, I believe, over 230 reviews which are all five stars, and Yelp takes those into consideration, and we came up number one in Florida and then in the nation, we’re number 2.”So what makes Franky’s is so special?O.E. Marganon, patron: “The food is amazing. I’ve never had such great sandwiches before.”From the salads to the sandwiches, the food is unique and delicious.Frank Diaz: “Our most popular is our Number One. It’s what the write-ups have been in the paper, mostly. It’s an Italian and a mixture of ham, salami and capicola.”They’re making 16 pounds of tuna a day, and it always sells out. last_img read more

What To Expect At The Wilmington Farmers Market On July 21

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Farmers Market will be open this Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 10am to 1pm, on the Swain Green, across from the Town Common, at 140 Middlesex Avenue.July 21 Farmers Market Lineup:Vendors:Arrowhead FarmGaouette FarmHawaiian Jim’s Shaved IceKC Styles Ma & Pa PicklesPolish Prince PierogiPurple Carrot BreadSeafood ExpressTewksbury HoneyAdditional Attractions:Concert from the Merrimack Valley ChorusIpswich River Watershed Association is at the Community TableMake a Star Wars Empire Finger Puppet at the Kids TableLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWhat To Expect At The Wilmington Farmers Market On July 14In “Community”What To Expect At The Wilmington Farmers Market On July 28In “Community”What To Expect At The Wilmington Farmers Market On August 11In “Community”last_img read more

Two men charged as feds crack case of missing Anchorage mammoth tusk

first_imgA wooly mammoth on display in the Royal BC Museum. (Photo by FunkMonk/Wikimedia commons)Prosecutors are charging two men with stealing a 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk from the federal Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage.Listen nowFederal prosecutors Friday unveiled theft and conspiracy charges against Gary Boyd and Martin Elze. The two were also charged with breaking a federal fossil theft law, and Elze faces a fourth charge of witness tampering.Federal prosecutors didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. But the indictment against Boyd and Elze appears to be a break in a case that had gone unsolved since the tusk went missing six months ago.A photo of the 100-pound mammoth tusk released by the Bureau of Land Management to help identify the tusk if found. (Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management)Charging documents allege that in March, Boyd, Elze and an unidentified accomplice visited the BLM-run Campbell Creek Science Center in East Anchorage. The accomplice asked questions about the tusk’s type and weight, the documents charge.The documents allege that the next day, Boyd and Elze went back to the center, where Boyd used a rock to break into a window and door. Boyd is charged with taking the 100-pound tusk, and prosecutors assert that Elze waited outside.They also allege that Elze later defaced the tusk by cutting it.Elze is already being held in the Anchorage jail on another charge. A spokeswoman for federal prosecutors in Anchorage didn’t immediately respond to a question about Boyd’s whereabouts.The BLM had offered a $500 reward for information leading to the tusk’s recovery.last_img read more

Yet another BASIC Bank forgery revealed

first_img-State-owned BASIC Bank, which earned notoreity for loan forgery involving billions of Taka in recent years, has lost Tk 760 million on the pretext of purchasing office space for the bank.This scam has been revealed by a finance ministry investigation that also found the bank’s controversial former chairman, Abdul Hye Bachchu, involved.For purchasing a building for the BASIC Bank head office, it paid Tk 760 million although the building was on a disputed plot of land, according to the investigation. Still, the bank has not been handed over a single floor of the building.Seven years ago, BASIC Bank had signed a deal with a certain Sinku Akramuzzaman for the purchase of 12 floors of a building opposite Bangladesh Bank and Sena Kalyan Sangshta for Tk 810 million. The bank paid money and construction begun accordingly.Now the finance ministry sees the deal has no legal bindings. Even the land on which the building has been constructed, is abandoned property. There is a case in court regarding the land, shows the record.According to the rules, permission must be taken from the president (presently the prime minister) for the construction of a new building for a state-owned bank or financial institution, or for the extension, renovation and maintenance of an old building for the purpose.The government issued directives twice in this regard, in 1985 and in 1998. But, as it is found, BASIC Bank did not comply with the procedure.After the meeting of the cabinet committee on purchase this Thursday, finance minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith was asked about this scam which took place during the tenure of Abdul Hye Bachchu.The finance minister said to Prothom Alo that all his (Abdul Hye Bachchu) dealings in BASIC Bank were sheer robbery. “And it is not just one incident,” he added.Secretary of the financial institutions division of the finance ministry Mohammed Yunus Rahman, while talking to Prothom Alo before Eid, also said, “We’re extremely concerned about this. It is unfortunate that the contract isn’t registered. I blame the authorities of the bank at that time for such a large sum of money going out of the bank.”This beginning of this underhand deal transpired three months after Abdul Hye Bachchu joined BASIC Bank as its chairman in September 2009. In the minutes signed by him of the 261st board meeting of the bank held on 13 December 2009, it was stated that he had expressed surprise at the meeting that the bank did not have its own building after 20 years. A decision was adopted at the meeting for the bank to have its own building.On 1 April 2010, BASIC Bank signed a contract with Sinku Akramuzzaman to purchase space of 51,500 square feet in Motijheel of the capital city Dhaka. This tripartite deal stated that BASIC Bank would give Tk 810 million to Akramuzzaman and he would construct a 15-storey building, of which 12 floors would be given to BASEC Bank. The building would be named Zaman BASIC Bank Tower.The finance ministry now finds that Akramuzzaman himself was two of the three parties involved in the deal. His company, Business Resources Limited, was constructing the building.Recent communication between BASIC Bank and the financial institutions division revealed that the bank paid Akramuzzaman Tk 400 million on the very day that the deal was signed. Then, in instalments, the bank paid him another Tk 360 million. In 2013 a structure of the building was somehow completed.Despite having paid Tk 760 million, not a single floor has been handed over to the bank as yet. As for Akramuzzaman, he has fled abroad.Akramuzzaman has purchased a home in Malaysia and has settled there with his family, according to persons in the bank who have knowledge of the matter. It was not possible to get him over the cell phone. He has not replied to repeated emails either.It was at the behest of Abdul Hye Bachchu that half the payment was handed over on the day that the deal was signed.Foul play is suspected here too.At the time, none of the board members spoke up. The bank’s managing director (MD) at the time, AKM Sajedur Rahman, was kept behind the scenes of the matter.In the meantime, in a spate of unprecedented irregularities between April 2012 and March 2013, the board under Abdul Hye Bachchu pilfered over Tk 34.93 billion through loans to various persons.Bangladesh Bank had investigated the matter and observed that it would not be possible to recover these loans. And indeed, the loans are yet to be recovered.The BASIC Bank officials point out that there are further complications pertaining to the building. For example, they say, Akramuzzaman constructed seven more floors on the building and has been pressuring the bank to purchase those too. He estimated the cost to be Tk 1.62 billion with the seven new floors and demanded an advance of another Tk 810 million. The bank did not agree.The financial institutions division on 7 August this year issued a letter to the present chairman of BASIC Bank, Khandakar Mohammed Iqbal, asking for a detailed explanation about the purchase of the building without government approval.The government in July 2012 dissolved the BASIC Bank’s board of directors due to rampant corruption and irregularities which had swamped the bank.But Abdul Hye Bachchu took the liberty to submit his resignation to the finance minister a day before the term of the board expired. The government then revamped the board and appointed the bank’s previous MD Alauddin A Majid as the chairman.The financial institutions division also wanted to know why there had been such a long delay in revealing the matter of this large financial involvement despite the board being in place for three years now. The division was not satisfied with the explanation submitted by the MD on 21 August.In his explanation, MD Khandakar Mohammed Iqbal said that the land was abandoned property since 1989. There was a case as to whether the government or Akramuzzaman was the proprietor of the land. Last year the verdict was passed in Akramuzzaman’s favour, but the problem remained unresolved due to his stubborn attitude.BASIC Bank chairman Alauddin A Majid told Prothom Alo this was just one incident in many. The present board is having to bear the brunt of this incident which took place seven years ago.During a recent visit to the site in Motijheel, this correspondent saw the structure of a 22-storey building, with a signboard, ‘Zaman BASIC Bank Tower Bhaban’.Along with Abdul Hye Bachchu, on the bank board at that time were the present vice chairman of the Export Development Bureau (EDP) and joint secretary at the time Bijoy Bhattacharya, former DG of the prime minister’s office Nilufar Ahmed, chairman of BSCIC chairman at the time Siddiqur Rahman, chairman at the time of Kushtia Islamic University’s accounting and information systems department Kazi Akhter Hossain and others.Though AKM Sajedur Rahman was the bank’s MD at the time, he had gone abroad on medical treatment. The acting MD was Sheikh Manzur Morshed. Bijoy Bhattacharya then left for Switzerland due to his job and the present commerce secretary Subhashish Basu took his stead.Bijoy Bhattacharya told Prothom Alo, he had stopped attending board meetings towards the end as he was fed up. Subhashish Basu said it was not possible for the board to verify the details of the land. That was basically the responsibility of the management.Several attempts to contact Abdul Hye Bachchu over phone have failed. He did not reply to any SMS either. The supervisor at his house in Banani DOHS said he was out and does not always stay at this house.The finance minister even in parliament had held Abdul Hye Bachchu responsible for the corruption in BASIC Bank.However, the Anti-Corruption Commission has done nothing in this regard. The finance minister has not lost hope and told Prothom Alo, “I think ACC is doing something about the matter.”According to Bangladesh Bank, BASIC Bank’s default loans stand at 53 per cent (Tk 73.9 billion), higher than the default loans of any other bank in the country.*The article, originally published in Prothom Alo Bangla print edition, has been rewritten in English by Ayesha Kabirlast_img read more

EC to meet Sunday on foreign polls observers

first_imgelection commissionThe election commission (EC) hoped that observers from different countries will arrive to oversee polls, reports UNB.The commission is scheduled to sit in a high-level meeting on Sunday to discuss security, visa processing and accommodation of foreign observers and journalists who will come to monitor the election.Joint secretary of the commission SM Asaduzzaman said the meeting will be held at Agargaon Nirbachan Bhaban with chief election commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda in the chair.Officials from home, foreign affairs ministries as well as senior officials concerned of the department of immigration and passport will attend the meeting, he said.Earlier on Monday, foreign secretary Md Shahidul Alam met the CEC to discuss issues relating to the meeting.Sources at the EC office said though the European Union sent a large number of election observers in the 2008 and 2001 elections they did not send observers for the 5 January election in 2014 due to pre-election violence across the country.The European Union has already said it will not send its observers to monitor the upcoming 11the parliamentary elections, for what it says a lengthy process.The high-level meeting will also discuss how to complete necessary formalities if foreign observers want to monitor the election.Officials at the commission said a total of 8,874 observers from 35 local organisations and only four foreign observers came to Bangladesh to monitor in the 10th parliamentary elections held on 5 January 2014.Some 159,000 local observers and 593 foreign observers monitored the 2008 national election, 218,000 local observers and 225 foreign observers watched the 2001 general election, 40,000 local observers and 265 foreign observers monitored the 1996 (7th) national election and 30,000 local observers and 59 foreign observers monitored the 1991 national parliamentary elections.The commission held meeting with 118 local observer organisations registered with the election commission last Tuesday.EC secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed instructed them on their duties during the election.Earlier, the election commission invited applications from both local and foreign observers to watch the upcoming national election.Foreign observers were suggested to apply through the foreign ministry as the EC has a plan to complete their appointment process by the first week of December.last_img read more

Park street gangrape 3 get 10 years rigorous imprisonment

first_imgPronouncing the quantum of punishment during in-camera proceedings, Additional Sessions Judge Chiranjib Bhattacharya also slapped fines of Rs.1 lakh each on the three accused – Ruman Khan, Naser Khan and Sumit Bajaj.”The judge after considering all aspects and hearing the accused persons on the quantum of sentence, sent them to 10 years of rigrorous imrpisonment, with fine of Rs.1 lakh each under section 376 (2)(g) (of the Indian Penal Code) dealing with gangrape. In default, they would have to serve another six months of rigorous imprisonment,” said a lawyer associated with the case. Also Read – Punjab on alert after release of excess water from Bhakra damIf the fine amount is realised, that would go to the legal heir of the woman, who died on March 13 this year.On Thursday, the judge had pronounced all three guilty of gangrape.While all three were found guilty of gangapre, Naser and Ruman were also convicted under various sections dealing with criminal conspiracy, voluntarily causing hurt, criminal intimidation and common intention.The woman then 40 years old, a divorcee and mother of two was beaten up and gang-raped by five men at gun-point inside a moving car and then thrown off the vehicle near a city intersection on the night of February 5, 2012, after she had come out of a night club on fashionable Park Street. Also Read – Union Min doubts ‘vote count’ in Bareilly, seeks probePrime accused Kader Khan and co-accused Mohammed Ali were still absconding.Both Naser and Ruan were also sentenced to three simultaneous sentences of six months, six months and four months under section 120B (criminal conspiracy), section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and section 506 (criminal intimidation) respectively. The duo was also fined Rs.10,000, Rs.10,000 and Rs.5,000 respectively under the three IPC sections.”The fines, if realised, would have to be paid to the victim’s legal heirs,” a lawyer said. All the sentences would run concurrently. Relatives of each of the accused said they would move an appeal in a higher court.Ten years rigorous imprisonment is the minimum punishment given to a person convicted under section 376 (2)(g).The judge earlier in the day asked each of the accused youth what they had to say about their possible quantum of punishment. All three pleaded their innocence and prayed for minimum punishment considering their age and family situation.last_img read more

Sloppy VPN mistake reportedly exposed DNC hacker as Russian spy

first_imgEven Russian spies apparently make mistakes when it comes to VPNs.Like Guccifer 2.0, the self-proclaimed hacker apparently responsible for burrowing into the Democratic National Committee computer network, then sending stolen emails to WikiLeaks.According to a new report by The Daily Beast, Guccifer, who’d long been presenting as a solo, independent hacker from Romania, infiltrating the DNC, has reportedly been exposed as working from Russia. And they would have got away with it if it wasn’t for a damn VPN.The Guccifer persona apparently neglected to switch on the VPN client before logging on once.As a result,” the report reads, “he left a real, Moscow-based Internet Protocol address in the server logs of an American social media company, according to a source familiar with the government’s Guccifer investigation.”Yep, Moscow.U.S. investigators used that IP address to connect Guccifer to a Russian foreign military intelligence agency known as GRU, according to the Daily Beast’s sources. It’s important to note that this claim hasn’t been confirmed by the U.S. government. In January 2017, U.S. intelligence officials linked Guccifer 2.0 to the Russian spying agency with “high confidence,” but didn’t confirm the link unequivocally. Guccifer 2.0 leaked DNC materials to Wikileaks and pretty much any GOP operative that wanted the goods. The hack exposed embarrassing details about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC’s inner workings. It was a boon for President Donald Trump ahead of the election. Finding a link between Russia and the DNC hack was a priority for U.S. investigators from the start. Kyle Ehmke, an intelligence researcher at cyber security firm ThreatConnect who led an investigation into Guccifer’s identity, told the Daily Beast ThreatConnect tried to track the persona through their email metadata — which always led them to a French data centre.“Almost immediately various cyber security companies and individuals were skeptical of Guccifer 2.0 and the backstory that he had generated for himself,” Ehmke told the publisher. “We started seeing these inconsistencies that led back to the idea that he was created hastily … by the individual or individuals that affected the DNC compromise.”It was reportedly Ehmke’s team who figured out that Guccifer was using a service called Elite VPN, which indeed existed in France — but had Russian headquarters. Then, it was a case of tracking the one-off IP address to none other than GRU HQ on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow. VPNs huh?[embedded content] Not the same hacker, obviously.Image: Getty ImagesBy Shannon Connellan2018-03-23 02:57:21 UTClast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter On 20 August 2015 a

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >On 20 August 2015, a group of 16 key product managers, team leaders and marketing managers from Australian wholesalers and Online Travel Agents (OTA) experienced the beauty of Vanuatu first-hand, as the destination shows it is open for business after the destruction caused by Cyclone Pam earlier this year.The itineraries were designed to showcase a large range of properties and activities available in Vanuatu by including the islands of Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna.Vanuatu Tourism Office’s (VTO) Australian representative Anne Morris said the trip was designed to ease the minds of those who sell Vanuatu to the Australian market.“The main aim of the trip was to instill confidence that Vanuatu has recovered from Cyclone Pam and that the group can continue to package, promote and sell with conviction and a renewed passion for the destination,” Ms Morris said.Nina Henderson, Destination Manager for Hoot Holidays said she was impressed with how Vanuatu has bounced back.“I experienced both the islands of Efate and Tanna and their quick recovery shows the true resilience of the nation. I was amazed on Tanna how little seemed to have changed since my visit two years ago. All over the country, hoteliers have chosen to see Cyclone Pam as a positive and have used the recovery time to rebuild or upgrade their properties,” Nina said.Therese Glover, Pinpoint Travel Group Product Specialist was a little more cautious with her expectations of Vanuatu. Therese said her clients had needed a bit of reassurance when considering Vanuatu but seeing it firsthand has given her the confidence to promote the destination.Sarah Beeken from Vanuatu Escapes said, “It is definitely business as usual for Vanuatu and you would never know a cyclone had wreaked so much damage just five months ago.Preceding the Australian group, wholesalers from New Zealand and New Caledonia also visited Vanuatu in an effort to build confidence in its key markets.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Ministry publishes capital controls roadmap

first_imgThe finance ministry on Thursday published a roadmap agreed with international lenders for the gradual removal of capital controls, imposed in March to prevent a bank run following the European Union’s decision to grant Cyprus financial assistance.The ministry said a strategy based on the roadmap had been agreed during a recent visit by international lenders “for the gradual and prudent relaxation” of the measures.Capital controls were imposed following a €10 billion bailout agreed late March that entailed closing Laiki Bank and forcing losses on deposits over €100,000 to pay for the recapitalization of Bank of Cyprus (BoC).Although restrictions have been eased since, there are still limits on cash withdrawals, cheque transactions and on large cash movements.“The restrictive measures were enforced on grounds of public interest and to ensure the stability of the financial system and to safeguard public order,” the finance ministry said. “The Cypriot authorities are committed in removing the restrictive measures and ensuring free movement of capital, as soon as conditions allow.”Authorities said the plan was to first lift controls on transactions within the Republic and then abolish restrictions on cross border movement of capital.Lifting controls hinges on specific milestones related to the recapitalization and restructuring of the banking sector “as these are instrumental in rebuilding depositors’ confidence,” the ministry said.Measures linked to the particular stage will be removed in a step by step process, taking into account the prevailing level of confidence in the banking system and to financial stability related indicators, including the liquidity situation of credit institutions.“Removal of the restrictive measures could also be accelerated if conditions allow,” the ministry said. Roadmap for the Gradual Relaxation of the Restrictive MeasuresSTAGE 1: Target: Reduction of the risks emanating from the large sums of cash currently held by households and businesses,  reduction of the administrative burden.Milestones: Completion of the recapitalisation and resolution of Bank of Cyprus, completion of the co-ops recapitalisation and restructuring strategy.Relaxation steps: Allowing the opening of fixed term deposit account, for non existing customer created with funds from cash (already implemented), allowing the opening of current account linked to new credit facilities granted to non existing customer (already implemented), abolition of the requirement  for the presentation of justifying documents for cashless payments or transfers of  funds to accounts held in other credit institutions within the Republic, for an amount over €300.000 per transaction, for the purchase of goods and or services. The credit institution may request justifying documents, if it is deemed necessary, increasing the limit for transfers abroad from €500.000 to €1.000.000, for every transaction within the normal business activity of the customer and upon presentation of justifying documents to the credit institutionSTAGE 2: Target: Increased accessibility of funds, re-establishment of the free transferability of funds within the Cypriot banking systemMilestones: Disbursement of funds under the macroeconomic adjustment program, for the recapitalisation of the co-ops, submission of the co-ops restructuring plan to the European Commission, recapitalisation of Hellenic Bank, approval of Bank of Cyprus’  restructuring plan by the Central Bank of CyprusRelaxation Steps: abolition of the restrictive measures relating to fixed term deposits, abolition of  the current limit related to transfers within the Republic, regardless of the purpose (currently €15.000 per month per natural person and €75.000 per month per legal person).STAGE 3: Target: Re-establishment of free movement of capital within the Republic.Milestones: Completion of the co-ops mergers, tangible progress in the implementation of Bank of Cyprus’ restructuring planRelaxation steps: Abolition of the restrictive measures relating to cash withdrawals and the cashing of cheques, abolition of the restrictive measures prohibiting the opening of new accountsSTAGE 4: Target: Re-establishment of the cross border free movement of capital.Milestones: Progress in implementation the macroeconomic adjustment programme, restitution of depositors’ confidence in the Cyprus banking systemRelaxation Steps: Abolition of all restrictive measures relating to the transfer of funds outside the Republic, abolition of the restrictive measures imposed on international banks, included in the catalogue of the relevant Decree for international banks  You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementBad Digestion Slowing You Down? 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