Raise the new regulations in May or will be introduced the end of barbaric growth

day before the news, May or the introduction of public equity raise guidance. It is understood that the revision of the securities law, the introduction of a number of rules or will have to promote the role of public ownership. Prior to March 28th, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said that the Commission is to carry out intensive investigation of public ownership. The survey is for the public to raise equity business. Due to the public to raise a lot of model categories, different types of public raise how to set regulatory standards, which sector management, but also need to co-ordinate the decision. read more

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80 of the students go on the network road of no return

as a college after 80, employment pressure is always a topic we can not escape. But I feel very lucky, because the university I sleepwalk chose yourself with e-commerce professional don’t understand.

is really Misfortune may be an actual blessing. Before college, the basic did not contact the internet. That is to say, the real contact with the network or 04 years, it is too outdated. But it is their own learning is e-commerce, where can not contact the network. Remember the first time to enter the Internet cafes, students say I took the first thing is to register after the QQ, the students asked me nickname, I said on the IM bar. The name followed me for nearly a year. read more

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Sources said Taobao will be a large-scale recruitment of purchasing talent force line purchasing

July 16th afternoon news, sources close to Taobao, Taobao will soon be large-scale recruitment of Taobao purchasing business operations personnel, which means that Taobao will be officially purchasing market force line.

at the beginning of this year, taobao.com officially announced, will enter the online retail, grocery store, supermarket, authorized stores, shops and other stores become the campus community taobao.com officially authorized purchasing stores, as does the Internet provide consumers with online shopping, recharge payment and other e-commerce services, and plans for more than 3 years in the country laying thousands of authorized stores. read more

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Let video marketing to achieve an enemy ten skills analysis

video is a module of the traditional PC Internet and mobile Internet connected together, that is to say in the video marketing, is actually implemented in the traditional PC Internet and mobile Internet between two endpoints of marketing, which is usually known as the double-edged sword. Therefore, video marketing should not be ignored, do a good job of video marketing can make their own marketing road multiplier. So how can we achieve better video marketing, and let the video marketing play a role in brand promotion? read more

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To the end of the main site and advertisers who never ever meet again

Internet era is an era of data collection, the Internet has spawned more new style advertising model – advertising, from 1996 Amazon in a new way, has provided an additional source of revenue for tens of thousands of websites, advertising alliance with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to jump in the world red ", become the advertising industry a new dark horse, advertising alliance will carry out small and medium-sized site resources integration alliance, mutual benefit and win-win platform by advertisers advertising to achieve advertising, advertisers, business flow, but the advertising industry is also caused a lot of traffic taking dragons and fishes jumbled together, and advertisers pass," and never ever meet again. "" no regrets". read more

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Forum promotion experience

didn’t want to mention skill argument, because the total skill makes me feel only the skill, strategy rather than strategic level, network promotion skills only minor, and non core changes in thinking.

network to promote a lot of articles, it was said that the most popular in the hands of the article, is the SEO class articles and the promotion of the article. Read more, learn more, will be less, promotion of the theory of piles, the promotion. A later read, or what not, because of all the text on the metaphysics, but not to implement the category specific operational, a good idea. With the promotion of the plan, not to, or not immediately have effect, see or white, I hope this for everyone to feel as it is don’t an article and non classical. read more

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Promote the flow of small web site exchange

Written before two forum propaganda method (on) and refined articles (in), this change a topic, write some specific ways of traffic exchange, because some owners often ask me what is the specific traffic exchange, on my QQ while also telling them not clear. There are a lot of ways to exchange traffic, small and medium sized sites and large web site traffic exchange, but also different. I (mcq0544) here on the first to know the flow of small and medium sites to share with you.

a friendship connection read more

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The golden age of entrepreneurial programs is coming, but nothing to do with the golden age of entre

"the melting point of the network # partnership Chinese # first quarter perfect ending! 6 chiefs total of 24 investment projects with a total investment amount of 86 million 100 thousand yuan investment amount of 31 million 275 thousand yuan: @ Xu Xiaoping @ yaojinbo; 20 million 750 thousand yuan; 13 million 875 thousand yuan Dangdang @ Li Guoqing @ @ 9 million 600 thousand yuan; Zhou Hongyi; Bertelsmann Longyu 5 million 500 thousand yuan; @ Xiong Xiaoge 5 million 100 thousand yuan."

this is the venture capital TV reality show, the Chinese partner after the end of the first quarter of the play, the official micro-blog account issued inventory data. From the beginning of May 22, 2016, every Sunday evening 21:20, this program will be broadcast in Shenzhen tv. By the end of August 7th, a total of 12 episodes were aired. read more


Zhengzhou was selected as the first e-commerce model city

reporter November 21st from the Zhengzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Commission and other departments informed that Zhengzhou was awarded the first batch of e-commerce model city, 5 R & D center to promote the national level".

this year, for the implementation of the national plan for "12th Five-Year" on the positive development of strategic task of electronic commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries launched a national e-commerce model city to create work, to promote the sound and rapid development of electronic commerce. Zhengzhou city attaches great importance to the deployment by the municipal development and Reform Commission, city committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments jointly carry out work to create e-commerce demonstration city, completed the work of creating solutions, and successfully passed the evaluation organized by the eight ministries, was eventually identified as one of the first 21 national e-commerce model city. read more


SAIC intends to build a national network trading platform

State Administration for Industry and commerce administrative department of market regulation, China business association, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) recently jointly issued "comparative study" China commodity trading network monitoring report, said it would establish a national commodity trading network monitoring information platform, reduce consumer online shopping risk.

"Sino German comparative study of online commodity trading regulation" is composed of 3 experts in China and Germany, composed of 4 experts, the report lasted for 6 months to complete. The report pointed out that the behavior of new regulatory measures are in urgent need of group purchase group purchase mode, product quality, reputation, service, website customer service payment security problem is still, consumers are most concerned about the complaints, a linear upward trend. read more


Nebella the story behind a legendary brand

"whether it is two mothers, the father of the two, or a mother and a father, are eager to have a healthy home, to children is the mission of life. Reproductive health is a very meaningful thing, TA is not only a business, but a Knowledge has no limit. thing, only the depth of learning and innovation can be more professional to help more families dream! "Founder Nebella Zhou Huashan (Kandy) said ms..

With the ambition and vision of this

is full of love, Nebella has created the brand of the one and only. Nebella is eager to help more perfect family dream, from 2014 began to help pregnant many Baoma, her mind is constantly for the loss of independence, infertility, rainbow ignited new hope through the crowd, and has been paid in silence and effort, deeply customer trust and understanding, treasure the mother constantly, constantly sharing interactive baby growth experience also, constantly rewriting the history of Nebella, this time from the family trust affects us. read more

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Shop No. 1 WAL-MART completely wrong to just near the wealthy

July 15th, sharing an office good comrades, the old partner, shop No. 1 founder and chairman Liu Junling in just as guarding to the end of the entrepreneurial team executives finally left. Since July 11, 2008 formally launched just over 7 years ago, after which will belong to WAL-MART.

when the day came to the attention. As early as 2010, the 80 million stake in the safety of the No. 1 store holding the beginning of the year, just in the beginning of its entrepreneurial team has become a professional manager, there are rumors about leaving the job has never stopped on the 80%. This seemingly life-saving transaction may be the wrong start. By 2012 WAL-MART increased investment in store 1, holdings increased to 51%, becoming the largest shareholder. read more

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Insiders said Han clothes homes in 2016 tax break billion

February 14th news, today, a starry insiders told billion state power network, in the past 2016, the starry tax more than one hundred million yuan.

According to

billion state power network understanding, Han clothing was founded in 2006, is one of the largest Internet China brand ecological management group.

financial data show that South Korea in 2014 revenues of 830 million yuan, net profit loss of $37 million 560 thousand. By 2015, revenues of 1 billion 260 million yuan, net profit to loss of profit, to $33 million 210 thousand. Although it is still the largest proportion of women, but men’s and children’s clothing and other share gradually increased. read more

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A number of new regulations from July 1st implementation of radio and television programs will no lo

xinhuanet.com June 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Bai Yang) in radio and TV programs may not set the "guest host" to "copycat" products, online shopping can be reported to the patent administration department, Taiwan valid visa from the mainland to Taiwan card…… Since July 1st, a number of new laws and regulations have come into effect, affecting all aspects of the real life to the virtual space.

radio and television programs can "guest" host a number of hit show or affected read more

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Around the circle of friends derivative embarrassing you shot

I do not know since when, the original private circle of friends began to fill a variety of advertising. Facial mask, bag, clothes, skin care products, food…… Micro business advertising scraper, so that the circle of friends changed the taste.

looked at the old friends frequently "extremely excited" chicken soup, sun drying, drying their orders and sales of luxury living…… Some people really unbearable, the other side pull black shield.

circle of friends should share life interesting places, but you use our friendship and care, just for money advertising plug in my eyes, can comfortable? "Netizens said Steven, pull the black and not because they do not want to see advertising, but feel that they do not respect yourself. read more

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