1000IP station Ali mother advertising revenue in January to zero

my station is built in April this year, when up to 1000 IP in May to more than 3000IP, so I started to do mother advertising, to earn some money to earn enough money to the domain name space, it is not possible for amateur, he makes money.

when I was up nearly 3000IP placed advertising, advertising can be placed near IP and then down to 1000, traffic is mostly Baidu, after a period of time Baidu to flow the note I got no, (updated every day, not only is this collection. I do QQ space message mainly, a lot of messages from those that are copied to the QQ space, but it is not the original false original.) may be the reason I was the Baidu K, but when GG came up. Now the monthly flow remained around 1000, sometimes more than. read more

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Do a few tips to share with the Forum

1- good site

I believe that every webmaster will give their site to do a good position, each site is not the same, so I do not introduce here.

here should pay attention to the site should be profit model to join the positioning and planning, if a site does not make money, all of which are false.

spend space and domain names do not say every year, energy is often much larger than this.

2- cost savings

in fact, I do not understand is that many webmasters do not do the download station does not stand, but it is necessary to die to buy a 1~2G space. read more

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Marketing to the last must be thinking

perhaps you are heading into the title, I want to see what I sell gourd medicine, since they have come, and look down to see my understanding of marketing. Throughout the 2014 the most popular to the number of micro business, the unprecedented hot, you will find that students usually disappear in the circle of friends, began to brush the crazy cosmetics advertising. What is this feeling, like a double eleven home before good girlfriend, double eleven day vigil brush enough ten thousand or twenty thousand, let you ruin a little. But the problem has come, micro marketing from the beginning of the novel, the high value of marketing, and now has begun to become more and more devalued, wave after wave of micro business into the post, the death of more slowly up. More and more of the master appeared, it is certain, if all goes well, the master of the emergence of no significance, the emergence of the master means that micro business began to become more and more difficult to do. The great 28 law is still followed, more and more into the WeChat business trend, which will be more and more people killed in micro entrepreneurs on the road, the rest of the two years passed…… read more

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Four years experience in the operation of Nanyang classified information network

at the end of 2006 at the beginning of 2007, has been considered to be a gateway to the station, but do what I consider for a long time, decided to do a small project, a big fish in a small pond, this is my company’s customized ringing tone classification and information network in Nanyang. Because small start, easy to succeed. When a advantage is to have a domain name in Nanyang area. Www.0377.cn, the domain name to do a local portal, or classified information network, or good. Make up your mind to do it. read more

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How to use the network to promote products

network brand has two meanings:

one is through the Internet means to build up the brand,

two is the real product through the Internet into the international market.

but now in many domestic enterprises have the structure of the site, the operation mode, promotion, and other drawbacks, and network promotion is the most important. Many enterprises in China now lamented the cyber source shortage, the electronic commerce website, the decline is a waste of time, there is no real thought: why our website did not achieve the desired purpose? Why my website still in limbo? Is it really is not in the network marketing China read more

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Behind the network economy the heart of the network, how to make money

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that in the virtual world of the Internet, they set thousands of pet in one, has a lot of fans of fans; they have a delicate face, wearing beautiful clothes diversiform around the world; from time to time they star, two rich generation sex scandal, minute on entertainment headlines; more important is that they have the amazing ability to make money, an Taobao store sales top.  

this part of the group is considered to be the 2015 world of the Internet, the most fire, the most profitable group of people, they are defined as". After all, net red is how red up and they live in the hearts of those who read more

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How to create a personal website can be a bit of success

1, it is best to do other people have not done (this is unlikely, can only say that others do less.) But there is a potential market.

2, web access faster, faster page display. It is best not to do (in fact, pop ads pop ads monthly income for personal webmaster is almost meaningless. (don’t say NetEase and pop, I was just the beginning of the establishment of the Union website in order to attract customers and take a matter of expediency.)) In addition, because the window advertising offensive without any economic value. read more

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How to choose a virtual host

First, load. Is much higher than the capacity of its importance, although the premise of virtual host service application is based to share a single server resources among multiple users on the user, but it is necessary to understand the relevant service providers, how many users and their shared server resources. Because only the service provider in the resources of each user to make a fair division, in order to fully guarantee the interests of most users. If too many users, sharing server belongs to excess load, the server will inevitably lead to poor stability, CPU processing ability is low, running difficult situation, users often encounter sites such as " when it is accessed; can not find the relevant pages " and cannot connect to the database, or even visit a serious failure this. In general, according to the different types of virtual hosting services, each type of user sharing will be at least a few, the maximum should not be more than a few hundred limit.

two, flow. Also refers to the number of users visit the site (i.e. within a month to allow the user to call the data of the website is the sum), service providers also allows the server resources to reason based on the equitable allocation will be limited to a user site traffic, but the problem is how to limit the extent of. If the numerical limit is too small it will greatly damage the interests of users, can even think so, if the flow numerical provide very small space to the site again big also useless, because it makes the user web browsing speed is very slow, just like life shopping queues as " ".

read more

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Electricity supplier’s rise in the impact of the electronic market Xujiahui digital Kingdom decline

core tip:

at the beginning of this year, the core part of Xujiahui Digital City, Pacific Digital two calm down. Under the impact of the Internet channel, everyone knows that this is the transformation of the infinite glory of the mall will face the problem. This has been regarded as hopeless. transformation for the computer hardware store, is not painful.

but in the public view of mourning Pacific Digital two, maybe we lost is a kind of social fun brought by the installed, even now the electricity supplier to do enough attractive prices, "but you face is a light emitting display, is no longer hold all kinds of accents living." Like fun, how much have we lost? read more

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