The most important thing is the mentality of entrepreneurship

a lot of independent entrepreneurs who are in the process of entrepreneurship difficulties, setbacks, so in the face of a little loss of confidence in the business before the loss. In the past, I understand that entrepreneurship is a very painful thing. And I recently reflect on entrepreneurship should be happy.

but B later, you really happy? In fact, happiness is listed at the moment. When you stay in a state for a long time, happiness will soon fall. In addition, the listing or sale is definitely not the end. After the listing of these entrepreneurs do not have a thorough rest, you have to do. Originally thought that the end is not the end of the business in fact.

I used to emphasize

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Puff queen baking series join advantage

in the baking class, puff is one of the products are welcomed by consumers, close run delicious, that is the entrance, convenient carrying, convenient food and so on, a lot of the advantages of the product are countless. Puff in a well-known brand called puff queen, the taste really is called the queen of puff ah.

puff queen bakes the series almost swept the world classic Western delicacy delicious, authentic series puffs, Egg Tart, American doughnuts, Hong Kong Style desserts, desktop tea, Korean meal package…… The main products are 100% of the international raw materials refined, more green, healthy, diverse taste and other prominent features. Such a strong temptation to affect the moment of food consumers desire to buy, sales are rising steadily.

is a puff from Italy’s sweets, since sixteenth Century was introduced to France after the promotion, after a long time, occupy a larger share of the dessert market, now has become a large family dinner dessert finale. The traditional puff is adopted in the fluffy cream wrapper with cream, chocolate and other accessories made after. Romantic French legend: because the cream and cake into the wedding hall, so there is a cream cake, and love butter bread can only bury love in the heart, turned into a puff, when you bite the professional, you will be deeply in love with her.

Compared to

, and the romantic French in Chinese, puff traditional technology and product are displayed in the bakery as auxiliary camp single product sales, although the sales situation is more optimistic, but still unable to break through the traditional ways of making embarrassing situation and selling the types of single and bottle neck technology, market prospect is severely undervalued. Tiancheng food through years of domestic market operation and consumption habits of research, and constantly explore foreign puff production technology, and after repeated research deployment, successful innovation dozens of unique taste puffs.

queen puff dessert join

1) small investment, big returns. Minimum investment of only 16 thousand and 800, a year can get a high return of about 400000. Join the project puff queen is a "micro investment, high return, street fashion stores.

2) fast profit, long-term development, simple operation of the three principles. Simple business, happy venture, easy entrepreneurial amazing R & D team, the rapid pace of commodity exchange rate product line scalability strong, popular and timeliness of good product taste diversification, fool type operation flow.

3) keep up with the trend of the world, only fashion, fashion, with the spread of products. Where is the puff queen, where there is a popular bakery products.

4) unlimited upgrade, once joined, enjoy the new technology, new products, new models

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Rotating self-service hot pot to join the shop prospects

    hot pot, but the food has thousands of fans, the hot pot industry prospects for development are also obvious to everyone. And now the winter is approaching, it is a good time to enjoy the hot pot, and now open a hot pot shop has a lot of advantages! So open a rotating self-service hot pot shop, then the future development prospects? The next small series will take you to understand.

    self rotating Hot pot to fill the gaps in joining the catering industry, with a population of one billion and three hundred million Chinese market, will bring huge profits to the franchisee in return, the hot market prospects, is an ideal choice for your business to get rich. The project is still blank in the domestic market, the development of a huge future, all of which will be in the short term, to bring you money.

    traditional food and beverage industry gross profit between 40% – 60%, (more than last year) consumption, high consumption. Fierce competition。 Word of mouth (based on everything is good) and customer relationship is the most important. Due to the development needs of the catering industry, in order to join the convenience and Hot pot rotation – the development of new health considerations, have great originality without slag pot, the pot keeps lasting pure flavor and does not affect the Hot pot, diners eat regular meals, be strong and durable, Shabu without residue trouble.

    rotating self help hot pot to overcome the shortcomings of the hot pot business light, the obvious difference in season management. Assist store launched cold pot series, dry pot series, health pot series, cold dish series in the off-season, really let the stores do not talk about the off-season, the season more prosperous.

    self rotation now joined in addition to butter Hot pot type Hot pot tradition, but also the development of edible vegetable oil, green peppers, green Hot pot Hot pot Feicuiyu mushroom soup, Hot pot Wang Hot pot, sour radish duck soup, pay attention to nutrition and health Hot pot Hot pot, franchisees and customers to meet new and different requirements.

    self rotating Hot pot is a new business model Hot pot shop, the successful operation of the business model will allow more entrepreneurs to see the development advantages and development potential of the industry self rotating Hot pot. Xiao Bian also took everyone to fully understand the future development potential and advantages of rotating self-service hot pot store, if you want to open a hot pot shop, rotating self-help hot pot is very good oh!

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Shop guide to teach you the location of maternal and child shop tips

baby industry is more and more popular now, maternal stores demand has increased, everywhere high streets and back lanes maternity stores, many of my friends would like to open a shop but mother, mother shop location is indeed a small doorway, the following Xiaobian take you to understand how the location.

have the idea of a shop, the first step to the site, so our first step is to open the first location on the computer, Baidu maps, for example, input keywords: maternal maternal stores, I enter here is of course not to baby shop opened in the city on the map please select the corresponding the provinces and cities.

There are at least 2 or more cells in the vicinity of the

1., or a large cell.

2. maternal and child stores around at least 2 or less, too much competition is too intense.

3. residential area around the rent, select acceptable range.

1. peripheral cell count.

2. surrounding population structure, the number of elderly, the number of children, you can look into the park and the parents to talk about the needs of the district.

3. to observe the traffic in the vicinity of the peer shop, consumption levels, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of peers.

the satisfaction of all visits after the block, began to filter out the most suitable position. And then it’s a window dressing. As long as the scope of the screening can be achieved good results.

block stores if the competition is bigger, need careful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

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What are the methods for the first time to join the franchise

Wine joined the agency market there is a huge space for development, and vigorously promote the spirit of these years, with the development of space, great in the market at reasonable prices, a gap in the market, let us share under the first operating Wine agent stores what method is there?

to Wine consumption season, huge profits how fast? It is now many franchisees are most worried about, most want to know, in a lot of species in the market to occupy a space for one person is not easy ah! Especially Wine joined the agency to open new accumulation performance to get the hang of small from this point we analysis method Wine joined the agency.


to Wine joined the development agency, pocketed the magic back to work hard in the service, guide the professional standard of service is well done, inevitably there will be more natural repeat. And only the extension services to attract more consumers from the point of view of the close attention, employees use eye contact to produce a tacit understanding between you and your customer, transfer further exchange of interest, guide in the eyes, gestures and so on greeting customers, said it had taken note of the customer, ready for his service.

In fact,

? By joining the business Wine agency management method is introduced, I believe you have more understanding, indeed in the end of the season, the operators to work attracted the interest of consumers, and we think the operator is entrepreneurial enthusiasm is not enough, do not know is the loss of business skills, through small integration these techniques must join agent for Wine as recommended

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Open home textile fabric store need to pay attention to what

many people choose to open the textile shop, in fact, when the official business, the store’s sales staff should maintain communication and many consumers, should also be timely to understand many customer needs, and timely feedback information, quickly make choice of purchase. In addition, home textile shop operators should also often look at newspapers, magazines, television programs, etc., to understand the recent trends.

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Women entrepreneurs need not worry to join the children’s clothing store to clear the five core issu

children’s clothing market is now in a fiery stage of development, for entrepreneurs, this is a good time to join. Especially for female entrepreneurs, female beauty has a very unique smell of clothing, so even children’s clothing store, mostly female friends can easily operate, but for now the great pressure of competition in the market, investment or female children’s clothing shop opened to clear about the   five core issues;.

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To start a business in Yiwu two times more attractive

Zhejiang, Yiwu is a world famous commodity market, almost anything you can buy in Yiwu. In the double era, Yiwu opened a new development path. A two entrepreneurial trend is coming.

to start, to Yiwu

in order to improve the business environment in Yiwu, to provide quality business services to every entrepreneur, Yiwu has introduced a series of supportive policies, including funds, venues and personnel policy three aspects. In order to make policies to support entrepreneurship really benefit the majority of entrepreneurs, the Yiwu Municipal People’s government and Hangzhou fertile Education Technology Co. Ltd. jointly launched the "hit off my" project.

"off the record I type" is to create a full range of business service platform, commitment to nurture and support the national excellent entrepreneur’s mission. And through the outstanding entrepreneurial projects selection, cultivation, incubation, support and capital docking, and ultimately attract a number of outstanding entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects settled in Yiwu, Yiwu to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city’s economic development, and create a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation in the local area, is the platform of righteousness.

Yi Chong space inaugurated

1 18   15 pm, Yiwu City Vice Mayor He Shaojun and the Ministry of education of the national higher education student information and career guidance center employment network jointly opened a "everywhere rectangular Wei Yi Chong space" red hijab, Yi Chong announced officially started operations in space. As a guest of my most exclusive type "project incubation base, located in Yiwu city by Yi Chong Street Space held a grand opening ceremony was started at the same time, Yi Chong lecture series of large-scale business activities to share.

space Yi Chong an area of more than 2500, including Yi Chong (coffee services in business activities and resources docking, and provide supporting catering), Yi Chong incubator (the introduction and cultivation of startups) and Yi Chong (investment fund batch sprouting and start-up project) three function module, a full range of services for entrepreneurs, social growth, incubation, financing demand. Space will be held for a long time, I create most of the type of investment matchmaking, entrepreneurship and innovation forum, salon, and the meaning of a large auditorium and other activities, so that entrepreneurs get the latest business information and investment opportunities to discuss. The project organizers are committed to creating a sense of space to create a Yiwu local public space, the benchmark, in order to further promote the Yiwu venture capital brand building to attract more high-quality entrepreneurial projects recommended

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How to strengthen scientific and technological innovation in Panzhihua

follow the footsteps of the times, continuous development, to adapt to the needs of the market, in order to be a good foothold in the market. According to the needs of the development of Panzhihua, actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, so that the development of the road to meet the needs of the times, so that enterprises have more competitive strength.

from the city of Science Bureau, from the city of science and technology research, technology research, improve the detection ability, to carry out exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and other five aspects of efforts to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, promote enterprise to improve the product quality and create local brand.

in science and technology, climbing around the implementation of major scientific and Technological Innovative Strategic Resource Development Zone West for nearly 3 years, supported by project 28, 340 million yuan of funds, driven by the total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, the formation of Aluminum Alloy, aerospace grade 1300MPa grade heavy haul rail is the core competitiveness of products.

Research on

technology, focusing on promoting agricultural products (000061, stock it) key technology research, development and key technology of mango, late spring vegetables and fruit and vegetable products transformation, excellent quality, outstanding characteristics, 2 varieties of vegetables national varieties. Improve the quality of product testing capabilities, the completion of the national vanadium titanium products quality inspection center, the national metallurgical products testing laboratory, the development of vanadium series of products in the domestic leading level.

at the same time, the city has held "Panzhihua vanadium titanium forum and Academy of Sciences activities for 3 consecutive years, set up academic exchange mechanism expert with Ukraine, Australia and other countries, the high pure metal iron, iron powder metallurgy and other cooperation projects to achieve tangible results. The city also adhere to carry out patent navigation and early warning, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, escort for enterprises to go abroad.

in the process of scientific and technological innovation, the need for enterprises to actively take the right decisions, continue to strengthen their own brands. At the same time, the support of local related units can be more effective to promote the success of scientific and technological innovation, can effectively carry out the transformation and development of the local economic development also plays an important role in promoting.

related recommendations

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How to make the success of clothing

clothing market has always been a good business in the industry, now the brand clothing market environment perplexing, choose what kind of brand, the choice of what kind of position to join, choose what time to join, is the brand clothing should pay attention to the problem. The following small series and we discuss how to successfully join the clothing brand.

a, clothing to join the brand. You know, for the brand clothing franchisee, the choice of a good brand is very important, a good brand can let the franchisee no worries, a good brand can give the franchisee a good space for development. And a good brand must have a stable source, so as to ensure that the late sales. Of course, a well-known clothing brand also has a relatively mature management, which will be joined to provide a reference for enterprises.

two, clothing to join the location. For the survival of the garment industry for the tourists, the choice of brand clothing to join the location is also very important, if the choice of commercial street in the downtown area, then its clothing sales will be expected to join the relatively ideal. However, if you choose a remote place, it is difficult to guarantee the sale of clothing after joining.

three, clothing to join the opportunity. Do the clothing business, the timing is also very important, choose to join the clothing should also be determined to join the opportunity, so as to grasp the business opportunities. If in the economic downturn, the clothing market slump when choosing to join the clothing, which is undoubtedly an unwise choice, so the timing is also a necessary factor in the success of clothing.

is about how to join the successful introduction of clothing, and now, after joining the clothing can not be completely dependent on the headquarters, want to succeed, or to rely on their own efforts to join the business. Open clothing stores, want to succeed is a very long thing, need to adhere to the courage and patience, only through their own efforts, perseverance, to the end will be successful.

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