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  • Four words to make you fall in love with Shanghai dragon industry optimization

    The more

    always watching, is to oneself life waste and desecration of Shanghai dragon, for you know how to do

    Optimization of

    now has a group of children through the entrance of this ridge, waiting for them will be another piece of the sky, but when choosing a volunteer, I suggest that the children do not have to be too tangled, afraid of their own choice of worry about personal gains and losses, professional, in fact he had chosen mathematics application, and finally Shanghai dragon hook. So at that time as long as they have the potential to professional love can be, there are a lot of university development opportunities, employment direction we will not die because of our professional limitations. Speaking of which, you have to mention their work now, full of passion, and full of hope, maybe you will laugh at me, but that everything has been the website optimization webmaster all know Shanghai dragon and boring, only feel a little rise in the ranking of identity, other times only one automatic speaking. Friends said that I don’t agree nor disagree, because sometimes you look at the issue from different angles, different results, we first do not argue, and listen to me these four words.

    the customers more lovely people, become real friends and they tend to be

    company on the site stay long, in fact, what the client can see, and these people are a part of us as a "hard" label, some of them on the website optimization without patience, some rely on Shanghai Longfeng not understand marketing, some do not trust us, they are our people the most customer service don’t want to see the crowd. From here, we do not want to Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner and such people to deal with, but then this part of the customer is not really good? I would like to become friends with them, because want to care about this part of the crowd often start empty-handed crowd, their expectations for Shanghai dragon very high, for.

    this word may be relatively dim, I mean that many practitioners in the industry we actually do not understand, think to a website optimization company is working all day and the Internet to deal with, not the normal interpersonal communication, the scope of work is written, do some outside chain etc. the main contents, and "watching" means that this part of practitioners always do website optimization work most probably it did not actually happen. Shanghai dragon is not a dead thing, we can not artificially put ideas over it, take the rankings, in addition to optimize the normal means to get traffic, we can also make the same point event, drainage effect is very obvious, this is just the optimization means is not thorough, there are many practitioners for development we are not concerned about the industry, or is not love, just as a means of livelihood, but you pay and reward is proportional to, I can’t guarantee on the other hand, in the Shanghai dragon industry is absolutely, only for the industry to inject more of their own thoughts, we can do well, smoke and mirrors, look at the calendar dawdle, is the life of their own greatest blasphemy.

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    Discussion on the high quality of the chain standard

    third, "scarcity", explain the rarity is scarce and precious things: think, some friends say pure text links in a sense is simply not the chain, 2 types of chain common: anchor text links and text links, love Shanghai engineer Lee in the love of Shanghai internet club said: love will find Shanghai plain text is an URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to crawl, so pure text is an effective link, if the text is not a valid link or not high quality links, really do not know big home to the Admin5 or other website submission to what but, most of the news submissions is pure text links.

    website search engine optimization most often do things should be the website construction of the external links, what kind of the chain is outside the chain of high quality, I believe that most of the friends of the high quality of the chain has its own understanding, but most friends of the high quality of the chain has some misunderstanding the author, once in the webmaster nets published 2 articles on ganji贵族宝贝 link is a high quality links and explore the Interactive Encyclopedia is a high quality link to link the 2 article, found that there are a lot of friends in the link and some incorrect understanding, today I will share with you, my definition of high quality links know,

    second, correlation, everyone in the search engine optimization of industry are not the same, in the hospital of Shanghai dragon friend link is not necessarily suitable for enterprises engaged in the website of Shanghai dragon friends, each Shanghai dragon friends have their own industry characteristics, like we usually choose online bookstore dangdang贵族宝贝 or Jingdong. Instead of the dream bazaar and all passengers, I think the high quality links each industry has its own distinction, link love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know the friend should know love Shanghai know and love Shanghai tag tags. So I personally think that the high quality links with the second attributes should be the relevance of the link,

    love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know the chain is not easy, why do we still desperately.

    , the first link, this link must be linked, is an effective link, and now we are busy with the website construction of the external links, do not take the time to understand the chain to establish their own effectiveness, the previous 2 articles written only lists 2 common examples, the author here once again to share what links and everyone is invalid link, 1, hyperlink containing JavaScript, 2, Hoplinks (ask, etc.) with the nofollow tag 3, in the link, the definition of nofollow tag hope that their love Shanghai encyclopedia understand, the three cases are invalid links common form on the website of the no use of search engine optimization, recommend you read more articles about the examples of five kinds of common chain without Shanghai Longfeng effect.


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    34 Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Lee answer questions and put the webmaster

    love is the ability to capture and analysis of CSS.

    2, love Shanghai 5.20 big update, what do you think of

    ? ?

    7, A 301 and B domain name domain name once again, if the domain name B301 to A whether it can keep the original weight now?

    if the other site links to prohibit included web settings in your robots.txt file, then these pages may still appear in Shanghai love search results, but the content on your page will not be crawled, indexed and show the construction, love Shanghai in search results show only to other sites related to you the description of the page.


    the night before a few friends together to discuss the love of Shanghai can get to the content inside the CSS and display are discussed, and the fat that can leave, but some technical background can not find a friend said, a Zac book, not found, entered into the club owners to find the answers. And take time to sort out some of the owners and included common problems, all the staff of Shanghai Lee answer by love.


    301 redirect the old domain to the new domain name, the domain name of the old weight will be added to the new domain name.

    in a nutshell: our system has some conditions in the process of updating data, problems are discovered, already at noon on May 20th to repair, there are other reasons as part of the cache is updated, will soon return to normal. In the future we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Sorry to let everyone also caused some misunderstanding.

    4, I set in the robots.txt forbidden love Shanghai included my site, why love Shanghai also appears in the search results of

    5, the new domain name in Shanghai under the weight than the old domain name high, 301 redirect the old domain to the new domain name will have what effect? Or love Shanghai under the weight of 301 is to replace or overlay

    gzip has no effect on the included and weight. The only effect on the search engine, is the capture speed will be faster.

    6, gzip compression on the website of the site included and weight had no effect on

    3, love Shanghai spider crawling path does not exist in the

    > ?Shanghai ?

    1, love Shanghai is able to capture and identify the CSS style sheet of

    Baiduspider can only crawl from the Internet to find the URL, if there is no Baiduspider on your site to grab a URL, there are two possible reasons: 1) you are part of the web site to other pages of the URL format is not correct. 2) on the Internet there are other sites to your existing website ". In addition, Baiduspider crawl to the existing page, the server should return a 404 error.

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    Four reasons to love Shanghai ranked the website frequently diving

    maybe you website optimization is very good, very patiently to do original content, pay great attention to the quality of the chain, included snapshot is also normal, but the ranking is not stable is the appearance of "diving" phenomenon, it can be concluded that you >

    third, the artificial interference

    second, the chain is not stable


    first, the chain construction is not reasonable

    I have a do paint keywords website, one or two months before the website weight is very high, the snapshot update, many keywords are ranked in the love of Shanghai is on the position, but since the beginning of April a fall in love with the sea week after the update, the ranking has been unable to stabilize. Since then its ranking changes regularly, every time to fall in love with the sea week after the update, most keywords ranking and website weight recovery, but on the second day, ranking immediately again before the update so bad, right down the site again. This situation has lasted for almost a month. I love to take a person to experience Shanghai’s ranking for a year to analyze why the recent frequent "diving" section of the website ranking in Shanghai love.

    of the station outside the chain, the chain of YAHOO 403, love Shanghai anti chain 1580, compared with a business chain station such that. But I recall thecareful in the chain how many are really talk about the link of high quality? The answer is not much, the station most of the YAHOO chain are one-way links to other enterprises, it can be said that the author is more all the resources are used to the single site, the number of is not to say, not a quality. Love is most of Shanghai’s anti chain forum signature affixed to the top link, the rest is a blog article text links and other site links, can be said that the reverse of the station is very monotonous. Although the resulting tool found love Shanghai anti chain is 1580, can really love Shanghai to see the 100th love has been omitted in Shanghai. I think the biggest impact is the chain of frequency, because the keywords busy work, not a good grasp of the chain of time, do not do it regularly, always a period of time not to do, for a period of time to do a little more.

    on the station outside the YAHOO chain, there are many one-way links business station is not for a long time, because of the large websites are outdated soon that there are some links by hanging black chain here, nobody station fortunately, one tube station to see black chain will be deleted immediately. I do love Shanghai chain, many management forum was quite strict, can be said to leave a link on the left than second times, some even immediately ShanTie titles. By this point we can see that the site is not stable.

    recently there are many sites in Shanghai love ranking frequent "diving" phenomenon, not only is the author of several web sites have their "diving" phenomenon, the other part of the site owners also appeared in the same situation, keywords ranking when good or bad, "diving" within a short interval, almost all ranking changes within two or three days this time, let many webmaster remain perplexed despite much thought.

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    Analyses of the influence of eight factors website ranking love Shanghai

    must be complete, verified by W3 website will be very popular search engine welcome.

    4, the size of the site, the site and the number of

    usually different types of domain name love Shanghai also give different weights, followed by.Edu,.Gov,.Org,贵族宝贝,.Net,.Cn, so there are some good conditions or application domain.


    1, the website of the external links

    normally, let your website link row in the search engine search results front has been related to the success or failure of a web site. Because a web site is usually 61% of traffic from search engines, so make sure your website ranking in the search results before, on most sites related to success or failure, and love Shanghai as a domestic search engine big boss, love Shanghai ranking has become our goal is hard, then love Shanghai, influencing factors our website ranking what

    love Shanghai never to big website especially trust. The classification of plate beneath the plate more, more substantial content, the higher the weight given to love Shanghai. This is more in line with the "content is king", love Shanghai pay more attention to the content of the website.

    for example: the government, schools, media and other types of website weight is relatively high, and violence, external medicine sensitive topics such as the website not included or very low weight, even directly blocked.

    title, 2, "the title is concentrated (keyword must contain the words you want to search, the more accurate the better), site title (< Title >), title (< H1 >) must contain the keywords, the more accurate the greater impact, is almost a decisive role.

    8, the site code is as normal as possible


    6, Chinese is English pinyin or literal translation word)

    7 site type is also very important

    finally want to tell you is love Shanghai artificial intervention and a great chance, do a good job, do not cheat, especially keyword stuffing. The first www.ww45>

    For example, Whether the domain name contains the keyword (

    5, the domain name suffix is more important

    external links are very important for any search engine. For example, you search under the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, in the first row of the site is definitely not one of the external links.

    site Jianzhan older the love given by Shanghai higher in the rankings influence website age. The website site is from the age of love Shanghai included time to date. For example: the domain name registration period is 2010.04.11, which was officially opened and love Shanghai included date is 2010.04.25, then to the website now age less than 2 months.

    site age 3 siteThe weight of

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    Discussion how to publish the chain method in the Forum

    Post reply and accountThe

    registered each forum three to four accounts, if the company has a lot of human resources you can register more account. The registration of multiple accounts in order to avoid being blocked when there are other accounts of foreign propaganda, but do not link between the account, in order to avoid a blocked account account also received other implicated.

    character signature set, and then posting forum posts and replies. We speak one by one. When we were back, we have to choose:

    , the first registered some authoritative forum.

    in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often said that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". A website in addition to the editing work. External links is also essential. The chain that we often say what is meant? The chain also called external links, or links, which can bring the spider crawling access links, that is to say to your website links from other web links outside the site. Currently very popular in Shanghai Longfeng chain mainly from several aspects: micro-blog, forum, space, Post Bar, know B2B platform, etc. So how to do the chain in the forum? Here we follow the network to learn about love.


    because more people flow high weight, we posted in the forum post will have more people. Or when we use Adsense tools to check our site outside the chain, are generally high weight of the chain in the front row. These illustrate the high authority website is still very popular search engines like love Shanghai. Such as: World Forum, A5 forum,

    fourth, the

    account is the need to do some tasks up to a certain level can only be set character signature. Such as: Phoenix, Tianya blog. But some account is one application you can set character signature. Such as: Sohu, red beans community community, a push. Because some of the forum, set up is not the same, here to ask advice to set character signature from one to two is appropriate, not too much, it will be love Shanghai that is a keyword, has a negative effect on the website.

    Forum We

    (2) replies content not meaningless value. If you reply to someone else’s post just perfunctory material things worthless, "on

    character signature set

    second, each forum, three to four accounts, and do not account between link

    (1) replies less, not more than ten. Because we all know that love Shanghai included page location only ten, more than ten words your reply will be included in the second page, second page not included on the first page of the ideal, so we can be the first time the thread, this may be the first time the search engine included pages included together. Otherwise, the next time to the time of the commencement of the chain, the chain when this page is included only included in your site number.

    forum 28Registered

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    Discussion on how to A5 station based on the Internet experience

    second, should have the courage to face the failure to win without pride and to lose with grace. A5 station is not difficult to earn money, earn a lot of money rarely. Many A5 owners are likely to face failure, some failure times, under continuous failure in this fight, some A5 owners choose to give up. In fact, every successful A5 webmaster is so come over, only the courage to face the failure, will slowly accumulate to a successful experience.

    furthermore, we must be calm, avoid impetuous. As the A5 webmaster, even if do not understand the station program, you can also spend money to hire someone to do it. The real operation of its own website, we must rely on their own wisdom. After the line on the website how to promote how to profit and so on personal issues need to face, then we must be calm, quiet thinking about the next step how to do.

    website operation mode is the key, feel this is a bit difficult, I personally think that the ideal mode is to attract the target people play, play well and earn money to play well on the left, in order to help the site to make money. But also.

    this is the webmaster to learn technology, website promotion is done, there is a natural flow. The flow of a lot of things to do, most of the A5 webmaster know Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon is not so easy to do, so A5 owners should first strengthen the Shanghai dragon skills.

    : the first website

    seventh Chinese Internet webmaster will pull down the curtain, while also adding more sense to the webmaster A5. How to base has become a real problem webmaster have to face the fierce competition in the Internet, as A5 webmaster, we should be how to deal with this problem? I want to express some personal experience, and the webmaster to share.

    second: operation mode

    should have a good attitude, should also improve personal skills. Most of the webmaster is the grassroots level, just do not know how to start site procedures, do not know how to promote, also do not know how to operate, so blind to operate a website, it is easy to fail. As A5 should learn what professional skills?

    A5 first, as a webmaster, I think that no matter how difficult, should have to deal with a calm state of mind, whether novice or experienced webmaster webmaster, no good mentality, it is difficult to succeed. It is necessary to mention that the webmaster low-key is often easier to earn money, not ambitious, not drift, not to do that day into a million dreams, heaven diaoxianbing thing generally does not occur in our heads.

    finally, A5 as a webmaster, I want to say, want to make money, the first is to adhere to, when necessary, but also learn to give up. We admire those many years of successful operation of website owners. Now some webmaster do stand, and then sell, pocketing the difference. Web site operators do not go for many reasons, if do not insist on it, you give up again.

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    Discussion six techniques to increase site traffic

    in public relations, establish the company’s image is extremely important, so more and more companies start >

    if you are a business owner, you may choose and other enterprise development strategic partnership. But you take the time to develop these online partnership? If you are looking for more ways to increase traffic to your website, you can consider your partner to jointly develop, one exchange, when users visit the partner sites, you can easily reach the site.

    if you find your website or blog traffic constantly reduced, it is probably because you did not provide enough value to your visitors, then you should redesign your website resources. You may have the best product on the market and the most convenient site can be used, but if you don’t take the time to plan your company resources, you will need to spend effort in persuading the potential customers to do business with you, and your user cannot find your value. Actively planning website resources, identify the site, to help people understand your company, products and services through the internet.

    To improve the image of public resource planning website

    your site is not up to the expected flow causes are often, you share content or to provide you with the value of the blog is too general. If you are in a highly competitive industry, you will notice that most of the competitors share similar information in their blogs and websites, consider targeting a niche topic in your industry, in order to differentiate with competitors. This will become an industry influence in the minds of potential customers to you, so that they are looking for related topics when they think of your business. For example, if you are in the real estate industry, you can consider the introduction of a blog dedicated to provide advice for first-time buyers, rather than on the real estate blog theme.


    development cooperation partners

    Identify the location of

    mixed PR strategy

    if you are dissatisfied with your site traffic? Are you still worried about their efforts have not been effective? If you’re looking for ways to improve the site traffic? In the following article, we provide a six increase website traffic skills, you can try to make use of these methods to improve site traffic.

    is another way to increase your website traffic way is to use a mixed public relations strategy, to set up the organic PR your online and offline for example, can Corporate Events online broadcast, or online activities for online interaction. With the rise of social media, more and more people choose to use micro-blog, Facebook and Instagram and other social networking tools, choose social media publicity for most enterprises is necessary. The release of the latest news or website related activities of the company in the social media information, can improve the company’s reputation, to attract more traffic.

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    Failure case analysis of website domain name change

    domain name is now over 302 redirect, made a simple description of the page, the website domain name, and will automatically jump to the new domain name, this.

    , the name of two famous website experience to bring home articles to the author, and attracted a lot of. But the fact is that these two articles are bullshit. In general, there are two main lessons here, write out the hope of help to you. First, don’t change the domain name, domain name has changed much harm to the website, read this article, you should be able to feel. Two, the domain name to do a 301 redirect immediately, remember 301 redirect, not 302. The author of the website, because there is no time to do a 301 redirect, not only a waste of the PR value of the domain name, also let the new domain name will not be included in Shanghai love. 301 redirect the most effective function is to transfer the weight to the new domain name.


    remember a few months ago, I published the first article on the keywords in the rankings of articles in a well-known Internet Marketing Forum, at that time I was a Shanghai white dragon, see keywords climb to love Shanghai home happy. In fact, can be routed to a large part of the reason is because the home keywords low degree of competition. This year, in the hands of experienced several web sites, according to the plan, adhere to the longest is now. The site started as a forum, is now, just become "XX forum". From the WWW domain into bbs. This is forced to move, because the line of WWW as the main domain name to support the new website. As a small forum of the original website, can only accept a secondary domain name, the domain name had to be changed, and we must change the domain name.

    because this is the author first replace the domain name, when the boss changed the name, I don’t know. In retrospect, such as operation, it is a failure. Then, get to do a redirect, began to think that the boss has done 301, who knows to do 302. The difference between 302 and 301 is the temporary jump, the latter is to tell the search engine to replace the domain name forever. To understand the code, and the first to replace the domain name of the people, to do a 301 redirect, it is best to find space for help. After half a month of 302, included two sites have become zero. To stop 302, then the new domain name included second days jumped to more than 400 (before the name love Shanghai included more than 5 thousand). There are those short-lived keywords ranking, because the original domain name is Shanghai love your home, so the main keywords still ranked in Shanghai love home, but the actual words came in love the first page of Shanghai only 8 days later, the rankings are not click to enter. My heart is really hard to force to the point of despair. See also hanging in the home site (the original name), not open. The new domain name, and in Shanghai love home thousands of miles away. Then, naturally, the original domain name PR3, straight down PR0. All efforts to fight before the original domain, all zero. Because the new domain name in Shanghai love impression is not good, scars, promotion more difficult.

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    Case study nofollow tags for strong blocking search engine


    From the


    : Swiss www.gudoi贵族宝贝 watch brand network published, please keep the link, thank you.

    The above data analysis by


    2, the next day after using nofollow Tags:

    1, from the above data collected and included page can be seen as the product attribute links by screening a large number of the same content similar to the existence of a large number of the same content invalid URL address will be distributed website weight greatly, wasting a lot of time the spider crawling. So stop the search engine for the collection of similar pages and index has become an important problem. So, I of these product attributes page links using nofollow tags.

    page of similar physiognomy links using nofollow analysis and the next day after the collection of spider crawling, love Shanghai included decreased from more than 5000 to more than 800, the noble baby has fallen from more than 40000 to more than 2000, and for spiders with nofollow tag pages crawling visible nofollow tags for search engine indexed and included blocking is very awesome.


    uses the nofollow tag page crawling across the spider:

    Hello, I am rain. For the nofollow label I am fond of, in front of me to give you a nofollow tag to use analysis of how to grasp the "degree" of an analysis of two cases in large network use and nofollow tags. Today I through the two day of the experiment to analyze the nofollow tag on the search engine indexed and included in the blocking effect. Nofollowr is the most used noble baby search engine, then love Shanghai has officially stated support for nofollow tags. The nofollow tag is mainly used in the not to tell the search engines to track all links with this label, don’t give in the chain to index and included, to prevent weight loss of irrelevant links. The nofollow tag is the most commonly used is the user registration, shopping cart, help novice, contact us, company introduction, about us, site statistics, site map, privacy protection and so on inside and outside the chain chain has nothing to do with the subject in. But the nofollow function of the label is more blocking invalid URL indexed and included, following the noffow label on the search engine indexed and included stop investigation:

    days The data included results of


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