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  • Love Shanghai original spark program is not empty talk


    this method is more simple, according to whether have the same title articles on the Internet, in order to determine an article is not original, usually with the intitle command to search all the same title of the article, but this method is more than the first kind of sloppy, on the Internet the same title different articles too much, may according to the number of bytes of the content of the judgment.


    The two methods of It is reported that

    above I said are not reliable, the original content is very difficult to judge, in fact there are too many reprint content on the Internet, including some portal websites not often reproduced the article, like Sina, NetEase, etc.. There are a large number of novel website and film websites are related to the infringement, those novels and video also is copyright, if the love of Shanghai’s original spark program really want to spare none, I am afraid he is not love Shanghai technology problem, but also involves the problem of Internet copyright. But so many sites are affected by the service providers to shut down the site, is in love with the sea station K. Back to original content is not necessarily what the user wants, those who have the meaning of existence of novels and film Shanghai love station station, pay attention to the user experience, so it must not be so dry, I guess love Shanghai’s original spark program for some industries. Guess what would be the type of site


    to judge according to the title of the article

    principle is who to be included to determine who is the original, for example: I wrote this article to publish their own station, and then submitted to the A5 webmaster, but A5 stationmaster net weight is high, so the first collection of this article, so my site became a reprint of others the article, obviously this is very unfair, such a phenomenon exists in the past, the webmaster is helpless. According to the time to determine whether the original rate of crawling spiders also love Shanghai faster, certainly much faster than now, of course, that the pressure on the server is certainly not small.

    fell in love with the sea will launch the original spark program this year, garbage content low quality regulation of the internet key, and enhance the quality of original content website, this seems to be a big thing for the webmaster and Shanghai dragon circles. To be sure to fall in love with sea will sooner or later launch such a program or algorithm, Google launched a panda in 2011, intended to combat spam, love before Shanghai also launched a similar algorithm, but the contradiction between the original and reproduced still are not radical, in fact technically difficult to cure. For example: an article published in the A station, Shanghai love is not included by the B station and B station reprint, the weight is much higher than the A station, B station will be included in this way, you think the Shanghai love belongs to the B of the original station. What are the methods that through technical means to identify the original and reproduced the

    ? according to the articles included timeThe


    NO1: judge

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    In April the global search engine market share plummeted 6.48% runner up love Shanghai

    (Figure 2) from November 2014 to April 2015, the global search engine market share chart


    and Yahoo – Global to 0.01% of the slight advantage over Bing, ranked third, the share rose 1.68%. While Bing is losing fourth, but also share growth, up 1.23%.

    observation of Figure 2 shows that the global search engine five recent 6 months of market share, and fell in love with the sea noble baby -Global share curve fluctuates significantly, and showing a shift in the state. Overall, the trend towards noble baby -Global, share from 53.74% to 65.73%; and love Shanghai trend down, has fallen from 31.32% to 13.34% share. The difference is more obvious. Next month, Shanghai love the ability to reverse the decline, focus on reducing IDC on network.

    (Figure 3) in April the global version of search engine market share TOP10


    followed by AOL – Global, Ask – Global, Lycos – Global, Excite – Global and other search engines, ranking did not change, share is almost unchanged.

    IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on 21 August 05 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in April the global search engine market remained stable. Among them, the noble champion baby -Global share to 3.42% of the growth rate continued to soar, has risen to 65.73%. While the runner up love Shanghai share continuously dropped to 13.34%, a decline of 6.48%, is very obvious, and the noble baby -Global to further widen the gap. In addition, Bing lost to Yahoo – Global, relegated to fourth. Below, please see the relevant data analysis.

    (Figure 1) in April the global search engine market share distribution

    according to figure 1, in April the global search engine market, noble baby -Global occupied most of the country, with a share of 65.73% last month, easily won a 3.42% increase gratifying gains. In contrast, followed by love Shanghai for two months showed worrying, declining share fell to 13.34%, a decrease of 6.48%.

    as shown in Figure 3, in April, the global version of search engine market share ten strong melee, noble baby with a share of 21.83% in the first row, in front of second love Shanghai, maintain more obvious advantages. In addition, there are 5 versions of the noble baby selected >


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    To determine the site keywords should obey and service in network marketing

    site traffic often reflects a keyword by user attention, in fact, determine which are most popular are easy to achieve. The installation of a traffic statistics program in the bottom of the site can be achieved. Of course, this should be integrated for a long period of time and data analysis. For example, through flow analysis the author found that "Shanghai site construction" attention is far greater than the "Shanghai website", so when we determine the key words, can be targeted. Remove the traffic analysis system, we can carry out the same business with other counterparts in the reference site, is how to determine the key words. In fact, determine the key words by comparing the peer website, than simply rely on flow analysis to determine more accurately.

    traffic must be sold? Certainly not, because the flow is reflected in a keyword is more, but this does not mean that the user real consumer demand. For example, iPhone4S before and after birth, coincides with its founder Steve · Jobs died, how many sites are the first time forwarded this article. Those who reach the second site, thus getting too much traffic, but the traffic is what effect? Remove to a web server in the instant enormous pressure, and no positive meaning too much. Because of the short flow, can not give the website weight impact, will not produce any marketing effect.

    two, the flow is not equal to the sales of

    from any sales website ranking, are not really meaningful ranking. The author has been in such a misunderstanding of subjective thinking, with tremendous effort to "high-quality website construction" the keywords to search engine optimization before three, but unfortunately no one search. Every ten days over a flow, this is the site keywords ranking in front, and what is the significance? More importantly, each each keyword ranking, are needed to support the corresponding website weight. Although this can be a pleased with oneself, narcissism, but at the expense of the weights of the website, The loss outweighs the gain.

    , a website of the weight is limited in a specific period of time, and the website weight is a relative concept, and specific keywords ranking is not equal. But there is no doubt that there is need to have the website keywords ranking weights, and the weights of the website is to consume, as the link exchange, the number of links will affect the average output value of the same website weight. For a web site, its weight is very precious, it requires us to determine when the site keywords cautious. The precise selection of appropriate, consistent theme of the site and business needs of key words, will be good use in the steel blade, make conversion website weight better for ranking, traffic, sales, enhance the network marketing effect will be strong.

    some sites waste weight, set up a lot of words, but also a lot of keywords ranking is higher.

    , a ranking is equal to the flow of

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    Initiate play building will not let the website be punished

    screenshot from me which initiated, contains more than 40 pages. So the construction of the chain although very convenient, but it is not stable enough, money Limited (a play building will consume at least more than 600 gold coins), can not play every floor. But the general webmaster forum to promote the target site related content, the chain will not be the search engine as a cheat chain, causing the site to drop right, even the K

    is new, appropriate play building, can guide the search engine website content, improve the site included. But if there is not enough gold to maintain every day playing floor, will cause the increase in the chain is not stable, and cause certain harm to the website. The number of proposals aimed at the railway station playing floor 2-3, to search engine website content this can be. Because the chain of the new station can often surge impact, this can lengthen the new assessment period, and even cause the K station.

    If the Kicking a floor above

    , a web site needs to maintain diversity, a diversity of the anchor text, the two is the source of the chain of diversity. If a site eighty percent of the chain from the same site, so the site’s ranking is certainly not what. So, a web site outside of the chain has a small part from the forum, so this time can be initiated play building. Otherwise, initiate play building is not much significance, after all, in the webmaster forum is not easy to earn coins.

    suggested here, if we don’t have enough gold. "

    station?The The chain

    love Shanghai foreign chain of new evaluation, if playing floor directly is adding AD and slogan began, it is easy to let the search engine that is cheating the chain, because there is no correlation between AD and the general slogan. It is recommended that initiated play building when added to an article, embedded in the article AD, this can increase the correlation. If it is not for a long time to take care of the site, suddenly launched several times to play building, it will be very easy to cause the attention of search engines. Because not related with Adsense website theme forum, the chain suddenly increased and unstable, very much in line with suspected of cheating. So it is easy to put the site into the abyss doomed eternally.

    knows that in the webmaster water run around playing floor in the webmaster forum can be launched together, launched a play building with four anchor text and four hyperlinks. Each launch kick floor is at least five hundred layers (six hundred gold consumption), which is fifty pages. Generally speaking, the morning playing floor included than the afternoon, if the content is novel, a collection of more than 40 pages is no problem, so it can play building all of a sudden increase more than 40 chain.

    above is published in the webmaster teahouse voting screenshots, easy to see, most people think initiated play building search engines will not be regarded as cheating in the chain can be in the forum of stationmaster of water, causing the site to drop right, even K station. I think, concrete analysis of specific situations, play building risk, the operation should be cautious.

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    The static and dynamic operation to build strong competitive power of Shanghai Dragon

    is a dynamic operation, this operation is to establish a dynamic interactive platform, in-depth exchanges with guests. To meet the guests on the company’s trust and dependence, resulting in benefits. A simple approach is the QQ group to build a communication platform of Web site and build an interactive module.

    and dynamic operation is we should take the initiative to establish contact with the guests, the guests and the introduction of active and establish discussion. But in my opinion the dynamic and static operation operation is a contradictory way. In contrast to the combination of marketing or. To attract customers website, we are active to do some good things to customers, allow customers to passively accept it all, that.

    more than two times is his theories are based on actual combat experience. No matter whether he is really too real. Generally speaking, I agree with his ideas, but also not agree. While the static operation is Shanghai dragon or SEM. He is strongly opposed to Shanghai dragon and SEM.

    may talk from a single Shanghai dragon too monotonous and pure. Today a friend mentioned his law on customer experience. It is mainly from two aspects to explain how to carry out electronic commerce. Its purpose is to overthrow the Shanghai dragon concept. Regardless of which are based on the perspective of Web site operators to explain.

    is a static operation. Static operation is said to static web pages to attract customers reach the goal of trading, resulting in profit. The main form is the construction site a valuable forum, to attract users. The final expression is to get good rankings in search engines.

    so Shanghai dragon form for enhancing the user experience is that guests want to see on the site is filled with content, and guests to be solved, or let the customer can easily accommodate enterprises. Let go and guests exchange content. While a passive way to establish contact with customers. This is just the friend said static operation. Have the same place.

    On the other hand,

    I followed him and he analyzed. Shanghai dragon is actually using search engine directory function, to achieve the various parties classification, and then through the ranks of the competition between enterprises. Also can performance between electronic commerce and electronic commerce war. According to the actual experience of Shanghai dragon is able to give up to bring a lot of customers. But the ranking is not the ultimate goal, but the user experience. But because a lot of Shanghai dragon Er put the emphasis in the wrong place, that is in the operation of ranking but seldom pays attention to the user experience. One is do not know how to improve the user experience, that is not enough, also is the enterprise of Shanghai dragon Er force. This is also a factor in Shanghai Longfeng Er is not working properly. But for the real will do Shanghai dragon people, should pay attention to the user experience is the most important question. This with my friend’s concept agree without prior without previous consultation.

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    How to choose business prospects for the future of Shanghai Dragon


    from some large information data analysis platform show that the number of search engines are used in Internet users to find information, it is the proportion of users accounted for nearly 80%. Such a high proportion of data enough to show that search engines use a wide range of people. The Internet is also looking for information preferred. Of course, from the above data pointed out that the use of search engines love Shanghai people accounted for one of the largest market share. This shows the habits of Internet users use search. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai in search of information I feel more accurately and clearly. So, the use of love Shanghai populations occupy most of the search.

    is in the network era, from the well-known network where there is a search engine, search engine there will be Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is very popular in the past few years, I believe that Shanghai dragon in domestic development trend in the future will be in the rise; website place, there will be a large amount of information, to Shanghai dragon to handle a large number of page ranking, to the prospects for the development of enterprises.

    site is now more and more of the Internet, of course, information is more and more, the pros and cons of search engine information content is very difficult to distinguish, the search engine is responsible to provide users with the best information; this, I think enterprises choose Shanghai dragon to the development of enterprises is very necessary, can build a better brand and reputation for the enterprise that can get great exposure on the Internet, it is necessary to select Shanghai Longfeng enterprises. From Nanning Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝nn Shanghai dragon 1贵族宝贝/ please respect the author of labor,

    search engine and is associated with the relationship between the Shanghai dragon. The search engine to provide users with the best search results, and to Shanghai dragon search engine, the aim is to provide the best content for search engines to choose. Not to conflict between the two, is to serve the needs of users, both can coexist.

    is here with the enterprise top management assertions, Shanghai dragon in the next few years will be very hot. Even after a couple of years did not establish a business department of the Shanghai dragon, because the network era is very important for enterprises, now computer people gradually increased, with search engine is gradually rising, we do not know the information or do not understand the information we want to look for information and answers in the the search engine, which many users love to use search engine, search engines provide answers and accurate information to the user. Now I give you a network of civil search engine data.

    According to the

    area of the enterprise to write this article, many enterprises do not know Shanghai can bring dragon prospects and what kind of development, then I am here to discuss the future prospects and development in Shanghai Longfeng enterprises.



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    Love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results and the solutions

    down the right, on December 8th the key construction sites in Harbin suddenly fell fourth, but the Harbin website made the word suddenly on the first several years did not change the word Harbin website design also fell fourth, and seemed to have the relationship, then the snapshot appears inconsistent with the latest, also before, long tail keywords are not ranked, the whole site fell to second, and then decreased, the last word of Harbin website also fell eighth, but there is a strange phenomenon, it is included in a timely manner, basically after the release will be included, but the ranking is not good, sometimes there will immediately before ten pages were missing. In the face of this problem I don’t understand, but still want to, I began to change.

    Take my site first status of

    third: check the external links, found the normal station PR and external links and links are not many, is a natural link, but these sites PR and domain name registration time is still very long, look like love Shanghai or the tendency of the old domain and the Shanghai dragon were punished, but the two things I didn’t a sudden change of political reform, then the original, but yesterday the ranking did not change much, look like third points.

    second: the comparison, I suddenly went up several contrast to recent ranking station, or ranking few changes in the station. They have a common, first is their density is very high, basically about 3%, indicating that a problem is not deliberately doing optimization, the content of the website is very natural. Secondly, do not do a lot of anchor text, bold rarely, even if there is the anchor point link are also within the page, can see the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon did a lot of attention, began to rule in Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station. The above conclusion after I began to simplify Shanghai dragon place, of course not all removed, reducing the density, fortunately before day Shanghai ranking has improved, right sample analysis. But it is still very slow, I still feel there is a problem, I tested.

    recently love Shanghai adjustment I want many webmaster confused, let me very upset, I do not know how to respond, my site in the adjustment of the algorithm is also volatile, I haven’t fluctuation so big, I remember the last time I had no fluctuations, fell to second in the last few pages. Day I’ve been thinking about solutions, not stop testing, now ranking gradually restored, here is my practice, we refer to the following.

    : first find links to external sites, it is found that there are many Links site: are not in the first place, I feel might be affected by these problems have removed the site, found that the site second days without any changes, and later found A5 and many other sites are not in the first place, I feel might be love is not Shanghai normal adjustment, such as A5 station original content is very high, if he is right, shows that there is a problem of love Shanghai, but why there are a lot of standing up, I decided to go and try it again.

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    How to make the new search engines is fast

    1) W3C+ Shanghai Longfeng + original article

    spell SEM blog on small through the above, performance is good? May have friends will ask, how to make new sites online search engine people fast included? Little spell is how to do it? In fact, there is no secret what, now for everyone to share the search engines fast included new sites experience.

    how to make search engines

    fast included new people?The analysis included

    suggest that you first look at the small spell "Shanghai dragon HTML Optimization: make your website HTML code is more in line with the Shanghai dragon code" article. Personally think that a line with the verification of the W3C standard "is very important, it is very popular in front of search engine. Before the station officially launched, the basic work of Shanghai dragon to do once, such as a web site title, keywords, description and so on to write, note that the website officially launched after don’t change these, this is a lot of new Adsense will ignore! If you change the website title, keywords, description of frequent words, your site will be search engine drop right, not to mention what included.

    on the more than 20 day of the new station on the line, such as the legendary Google has been stable, since the use of noble baby Webmaster Tools submit site map sitemap.xml, BOT (noble noble baby baby crawling robot) to crawl sites frequently, it included the release on the day of the basic update of the content within 12 hours, the current collection reached 233, remove the robots.txt limit of the content, the website included rate 100%; relatively speaking, Shanghai love in general, big update until April 10th, it released the 66 included, website keywords ranking is very poor. The two day in Shanghai included no change, but love Shanghai snapshot date from April 1, 2011 into April 11th, since only one day, this is a good sign. And then continue to observe two days to see! As for YAHOO, soso, Bing, Sogou, a recent search engine, not the individual focus of concern, after all the little spell SEM blog do is regular Chinese site.

    little spell SEM blog officially launched on March 18, 2011, on the same day to each big search engine submission web site, the next day to love Shanghai and search included, 20, Google and Sogou included, 24 ~ 28 days, there will be, YAHOO have included. So far, the major search engines on the web site included are good.

    for a webmaster, when the line on the website, all set, the most urgent thing is to let the search engines fast included your site, but often backfire, every day is looking forward to visit their site search engine, search engine is more be long in coming. Check the logs are all normal, but is not included, this time will not produce discouraged emotions? The author collected personal station — a little spell SEM blog for everyone to do in-depth analysis.

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    Love Shanghai station search results before which show the ICO icon

    love Shanghai officials have responded to this question:

    3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

    ? We went to We all know that

    2: Web ICO icon. (looks like crap.

    1: HAO123 was included, that is, some authoritative and distinctive website.

    HAO123 just to find a website, the author previously unfamiliar with the hash network for example:


    love once after the update, in some of the more authoritative websites began to appear ICO icon search results before, many owners have been concerned about this issue, see many webmaster friends ask what is love Shanghai website ICO icon,

    thus the author draws a conclusion that the website wants to show the ICO icon in the need to have two conditions of love Shanghai search results:

    we can see that the love of Shanghai made clear in the search results displayed before the evaluation standard ICO icon is the default, then the default standard is based on what

    today I inadvertently found, as long as it is included in HAO123 website and websites with ICO icon, this website can show the ICO icon in Shanghai love search results:

    , HAO123 a few years ago it was love Shanghai acquisition, it become a flow of love Shanghai into an important entrance, also included are some very authoritative and has the characteristics of the site, then according to the bold conjecture, love Shanghai assessment of ICO rules are as standard to HAO123 included. HAO123 is included in ICO evaluation DMOZ.

    At present,

    2 icons in the ICO website is love Shanghai internal automatic mining, the actual range is very small, the scope of mining will extend slowly behind. Is the love of Shanghai has its own set of rules, without any external interference. But other sites still have a chance to be selected and displayed.

    cited content:

    we can see that the search results before showing the ICO icon, after I repeatedly test, who were included in HAO123 and ICO with website icon in Shanghai love search results before you can display.

    Since last year, Shanghai

    1, yet no channel for. That is to say whether your website is well-known, and the audience is the way how much traffic there is no way for ICO icon display.

    4, not only improve the user search fees, a measure of experience. This is very important, increase the user experience, to meet the needs of users is the most basic conditions of search engines are free of charge, on behalf of the search results ICO icon website is being popular and trust.

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    Keywords bidding should be how to choose


    today to discuss the medical account, first of all to think of us as a patient, to feel under the treatment of the whole closed-loop process.

    The quality of the

    we spent a lot of time to experience the patient from onset of symptoms to choose the hospital whole closed loop, we also know about the several stages of patient search, diagnosis, treatment, hospital choice. Then the whole structure of our basic account also is very clear. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin fell in love with the sea. "

    when we love Shanghai know when consistent with their situation, we have a certain understanding of our condition, then we will search at this time also had XX disease have what harm, what are the symptoms of XX disease. The basic stage of the patients according to their own situation appeared to judge for yourself what happens or what ails

    when our basic judgment or we have to the hospital we really got XX disease has been diagnosed. Then we entered the second stage, we began to find some information related to treatment, at this time we will search XX disease, you need surgery to treat XX disease, XX disease surgery how much money how much money and so on, we clearly see that it is with the disease to find solutions to treat XX disease.

    keyword choice will determine the flow, then we should be how to choose keywords will be the topic of our discussion today. Then long ago wrote some articles, also referred to the core of "love Shanghai bidding is flow control, the flow is reflected through the purchase of keywords, so this time we should consider is worth us to buy value flow. Now, enter the topic of our discussion today, the auction should be how to choose keywords.

    after the first two stages, the patient began to find some good hospital treatment of XX disease (here is not that the patient has been hospitalized before), such as a patient or search for treatment of XX disease which has the best hospital, XX hospital, XX hospital, which is good for the treatment of XX disease and so on, then the patient at this time the purpose is very clear is looking for the hospital, perhaps before the patient in other hospital, the patient may have consulted many hospitals to compare.

    if we feel what is the uncomfortable feeling a part of his body, the first time we will feel that he is not what disease, then it will do, perhaps some people will say to go to the hospital to allow doctors to see what the situation (here is directly out of the case), similar appearance 80% such people should first love Shanghai with the help of the Internet, they have this kind of symptom is what. We give a very simple example, these people we do network marketing basic every day by a long time, there will be a period of time the situation of backache, then we will be fundamental in the search engine search yaoteng how, what reason is the waist aches, backache is how etc..

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