Culture man Zhang Hongdong’s way of business – Business

once started a business, in our traditional saying there is no doubt that is stained with the "copper odor", but this is very different from the culture. But Zhang Hongdong has used his own business to show that people can also become a retail store to open a cultural person!

in the eyes of ordinary people, the shop to engage in business and culture is almost nothing. Shop business, talking about real money, and a far cry from the air. But Zhang Hongdong in the business, but the store has been packaged into a cultural place, not only to enjoy the shopping process, but also to learn a lot of knowledge, opened his eyes, but also won a lot of repeat customers".

Zhang Hongdong grew up in calligraphy, after graduating from high school took his father opened a small shop. But this hobby has not dropped, in order to facilitate the usual practice, Zhang Hongdong in the shop provides a corner as an exercise place, meet on the two to nothing. If it had written the words to write, he hung in the stores, Xiaodaxiaonao in calligraphy contest also had a lot of small prize.

Zhang Hongdong love calligraphy has gradually spread fame around, usually there are many shop to sit all have a common hobby friends, really gives people a feeling of "with no Baizheng". To say with the cultural packing shop, highlight the personality characteristics, but also from the market competition, in order to retain customers, Zhang Hongdong thought of his shop with specialty packaging ways.

walks into Zhang Hongdong’s shop and you seem to have entered the world of calligraphy. The store’s price tag is filled in by hand, a small price tag, is a perfect calligraphy works, posters in the shop, but also a pure manual writing. The book, cursive, special words, the dress is elegant Shop gas espresso.

walks into Zhang Hongdong’s shop and you can learn. For example, when I interviewed, at this time, when the Mid Autumn Festival, advertising support in the aisle inside the mouth of the door, Zhang Hongdong using a pen to write on the origin and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival calligraphy works, make people not only learn knowledge, but also enjoy the beauty of.

is precisely because of this hobby, Zhang Hongdong in the surrounding retail household is very famous, not far from his shop to the students in the school, there is a lot of admiring, one hand to buy goods, one hand to appreciate his works of calligraphy, and now the boss Zhang also more busy, usually busy, not only the business of the shop, nothing will be the community, please go to school busy awy, pass precious knowledge to others, really busy to find the feeling.

shop in the current era, if there is no certain characteristics, in fact, there is no way to attract more customers, let alone the store business is very good business. So, if you can let the store’s cultural atmosphere is more intense, no doubt can let the shop >

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College students to open a car company to take a new road to bargain

every graduation season, students began planning their own direction in life, employment or business, this is a difficult choice, and the college students after graduation resolutely chose not the same entrepreneurial path, a different interpretation of the story.

has not yet graduated from the University, start empty-handed guy in Zhengzhou bought a house and a car; he handle to buy two hundred luxury cars, but also through his school teachers to buy a Land Rover; he is less than 3 years on the establishment of the company, make millions, by surrounding the students is regarded as a myth and legend……

voice: bargain seemingly simple, but how to buy high quality and inexpensive goods through debate or other means, is not so simple, even if not a knowledge, also can be used as a business to business.

6 at noon on the 13 day, in the school campus through a Land Rover suv. The young man smiled and said: "this is a teacher, he also bought by me."

voice: they do not need to invest money, not cut prices did not lose, I have what good afraid?

first step network to find business opportunities, show small skill

1991 was born in the year of the Wang Bo home in Pingluo County of Ningxia Shizuishan city. 2010 admitted to Zhengzhou University law school. Interested in the car, he found a phenomenon in the network browsing: all over the country car 4S shop, on the same car with the same configuration, quotes are not the same, some of the price of up to several million. Wang Bo believes that there is a business opportunity.


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China’s first all media venture + platform Qingdao start

21 century is an era of entrepreneurship promotion, at the same time, all is active in establishing a series of business platform to help the majority of entrepreneurs to complete business goals, the first national first domestic media venture + platform recently in Shandong Qingdao Qidong.

8 18, the first domestic first domestic media "VC +" platform "Yue Longmen · hit off the win in Qingdao launched more than 200 guests and representatives from investment institutions at home and abroad to witness the launch event, Shandong Dazhong news group deputy editor, peninsula city newspaper President Zheng Libo. Qingdao City People Club Bureau Ji Min, municipal education, broadcasting, science and technology department leaders and guests from all walks of life together for the project. The project sponsor, the platform of strategic partners and investment institutions, well-known business service organizations signed jointly take advantage of "Yue Longmen · a customer win Qingdao help create a city of innovation, venture capital".

"Yue Longmen · hit off the win by Peninsula media financial development center, Qingdao TV news channel, Qingdao leisure guests win Management Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly launched, aimed to build the first set of media integration, situational roadshow, the whole chain of hatching in one of the" VC + "platform, on behalf of the Qingdao. For the country. The most active group of radiation, the most powerful investment institutions, the formation of the most powerful, most influential, the most valuable venture capital + platform. The platform to meet the needs of Qingdao "three hit", highlighting the enhancement of creating attractive, prominent investment institutions on the demand docking platform construction forces for convergence, highlighting the government, was hit off the team and investment institutions to provide information exchange and project docking channels, the formation of "full media + full service + whole process of incubator the model, eventually forming a brand show, a venture capital fund, a theme park, commercial architecture to create sustainable development.

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2016 entrepreneurial market prospects how there is no good project recommendation

before the start, we have to analyze the market. 2016 overall market outlook is good, of course, in order to succeed in business in 2016, or to find a reliable project. So, today Xiaobian to introduce a few good projects in 2016.

2016 good business projects recommended: small green hotel

2016 venture good project recommendation: low calorie snacks

2016 entrepreneurial market outlook is still good, low calorie snacks investment is very profitable. Low calorie food flagship health, convenient route to the advantage of a variety of snacks, and even with the role of food. Mainly engaged in varieties of brown rice and brown rice cake shop with volume, jerky, Green Tea cake, dietary fiber, fruit slices, collagen powder, meal soup and other snacks, suitable for different tastes of people.

2016 business project a good recommendation: "balloon ball" gift

Love is not an ordinary

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Flour noodles flour

potato powder is a kind of snack food China Han unique, it is a kind of folk snacks inherited from the Ming Dynasty, the development has been a very common food items, cute. So what are the items in the potato powder market. Xiao Bian recommend flour noodles for you. Powder love noodles specializing in potato powder potato powder research, has a professional production experience, all products are very delicious, then flour flour potato flour is how much?.

flour flour noodles join fee is how much

join fee: 20 thousand

margin: 10 thousand

brand usage fee: 20 thousand

management fee: 10 thousand

usually join, you can enjoy the following advantages:

, a product advantage: love is the potato powder powder industry number more than 10 years of professional chain crafted, adhering to the "taste of heaven, taste talk" and the concept of the most outstanding companies to jointly develop the delicious noodles for the brand core competitiveness of the market mainstream products, from a domestic product development, procurement, production, sales, customer service as one of the largest potato flour chain supply management system.

two, the standardization of the advantages: flour noodles standardization system makes the production process standardization, process. The use of standardized equipment, the operation process is simple, simple operation, you can guarantee the unity of taste.

three, the package material formula advantages: international fast food industry general, potato flour industry’s most advanced composite material package solid material package, a bowl of a package, not by the chef cook, avoid to waste, and greatly reduce the manpower cost.

four, the market competitive advantage: the area of buyout authorized operation, to avoid vicious competition, allowing you to enjoy the wealth of the party.

five, try to give priority to the advantages of the store: a nationwide priority to open stores try to let you no longer feel the stones across the river, to become the market’s experimental products. The perfect training support system can help you to master the mature experience and skills quickly and effectively, and improve the success rate of the franchisee.

six, service advantage: over 10 years experience of a senior regional director to provide a free onsite assistance location, decoration design, management, personnel training, the door opened, the system of financial management, product development and promotion of a series of extensive support and protection, and let the Au not only in starting to worry in the future, more restaurant development, win in details and execution.

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26 year old young entrepreneurs in the tens of millions of profits

this is a legend of the character, the age has become the owner of billions of assets. A 26 year old young man founded the company, a year’s profit of tens of millions of dollars! He helped players improve the speed of online games, so that 20 million people become his paying users! This little-known company, has access to the joint investment of four domestic investment institutions, the total will reach $100 million!

netizen alliance founded

tens of millions of profits last year

because of network game familiar, they quickly discovered the "online accelerated" in this huge market. From 2005 to enter this field up to now, fast swim accelerator occupies 60% of the domestic online game share, the player has become a user of about 20000000. At present, the accelerator has been used to market 90% online games, such as World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online, JX three.

our company’s profit model is very simple: download the accelerator to the computer game player on probation for a period of time, and then pay to use. Although refused to disclose the specific amount of earnings, but Yuan Xu admitted last year’s level of profitability in the tens of millions of dollars. In the first quarter of this year, earnings significantly exceeded expectations." His online accelerator is simply a suction gold".

injection mechanismThe first arrival

membership Yingchuang power hi tech Vc firms, high-tech venture responsible person said, the value of fast travel, is because the company’s profit is very high, and the huge market space. The investment is equity investment, four institutions will occupy about 20% of the fast track equity.

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Chengdu introduced more than and 20 well-known public space

The development trend of

times, the corresponding national "positive innovation, entrepreneurial call, Chengdu introduced more than and 20 well-known public record space, hope to effectively promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu.


from all over the country’s entrepreneurs, partners in sharing, rapid turnover of PPT screen; the glass compartment, recommend pre settled several team enthusiasm to visitors; a lovely golden retriever dog, carrying a Go-Pro (small wearable Sports Camera) over the shuttle, all the real-time recording.

this is the afternoon of June 4th, five Tianfu street, Chengdu, Jing Rong International Plaza,, the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Railway Station 3W space scene. The same day, 3W eleventh physical stores in the country, the official meeting with entrepreneurs in Chengdu. Since March officially put into operation, including the 3W space, including Rong Rong International Plaza has introduced more than 20 well-known domestic and international public space.

compared with the traditional incubator, these spaces are very different, will be brought to Chengdu entrepreneurs are also different.

redefines the space

entrepreneurs do not want traditional office

wearing Go-Pro’s Golden Retriever is a gimmick? The answer is: Golden Retriever is an entrepreneur’s pet, is already one of the members here. 3W space allows entrepreneurs to bring pets to work.

In the

3W space CEO Wang Feiqin, started from the cafe business 3W, now the core resources to the public record space tilt, the basic logic is: 85, after 90, even after 95 Internet indigenous entrepreneurs, what is the desire to socialize and no boundaries, they want the office environment is different from the traditional office floor.

in the 3W space, the space design is not only from the perspective of aesthetics, its core is the carrier of physical office space based on, in order to share the connection for the idea, in space and space, space between people and between people and the space formed between the service and the community, the three kinds of value, stimulate entrepreneurial team loyalty and inspiration.

in order to enhance the reality of technology in the development of furniture sales system Chengdu Rui Li Yuan technology, is about to start from Tianfu street, a high-grade office, moved into the international plaza. The reason for moving, CEO Feng Rui said, first, the atmosphere is good, the atmosphere can bring the team’s psychological encouragement; two is a good match, the company will be more convenient to hold activities here.

miniaturization, miniaturization trend, office demand tends to be convenient, comfortable and mobility, people can freely choose to work

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Do you do a variety of entrepreneurial preparations

want to shop business all the preparations are you ready, the whole network Xiaobian bring some good way to get rich is a good method for you to join more way to get rich. Do a good job in all aspects of entrepreneurship before the start of your business escort.


"understanding" the two word is a prelude to the market to investigate the real information is to obtain first-hand information and find the market entry point of the basic work. The pattern of the business and the status quo is a complete system, has been recognized by the market and gradually in the renewal and expansion of the state. How can we understand the real information in the industry? This is the first question that every investor in the market survey. The results of this survey may be obtained from different channels and data, it may be from their own observation and analysis of the industry to understand, no matter what kind of situation has its very different results. Distortion of the results of the investigation will lead to the wrong decision, will eventually lead to the loss of investment.

The pattern and the status of

this one, we need to see two Dujuhuiyan market, one is the type of market, the other is the invisible market. In order to keep and steadily follow up of the project put into operation, we generally will be the intangible market capacity only fifteen percent of the estimated set or directly without considering; tangible market capacity is the effective factors of brand, price and promotion of the linkage to correspondence analysis, then the local culture, consumption habits and customs. From this kind of information about the exploration of root search the source for investment, the city and for planning, time for promotion, for the CIS world share interests, is the key to the drama of "class".

The analysis of dynamic

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Fengbo hot project to join

in fact, small entrepreneurial choice to join the storm Zhuang project, no doubt, is a very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business optimization. In fact, join the storm Zhuang project, open a storm of their own village franchise, is a very choice of business is not it?

storm village franchise features a good brand, big market

what to do this year to make money? Storm Zhuang restaurant to join the shop as the biggest feature of the river is a very strong martial arts culture. In cooking, the technique is like the bold and unconstrained bold and unconstrained, the material used to be like the rivers and lakes of the people who laugh at the rivers and lakes, like the sea, with the times. This year what can earn? Today’s storm Johnston restaurant, not only from the roadside village and village shop, fisherman and hand, but by the restaurant chefs Fengbo company to inherit and carry forward the innovation and.

Since the

from April 28, 2000 the first martial arts has characteristics of the food chain, Fengbo stores opening, one specializing in Anhui cuisine restaurant arena arena, one after another surfaced, and by the consumer recognition and pursuit. This year what can earn? Storm with the Anhui City Restaurant Zhuang internationalization and the continuous progress, will continue to play their own "enjoyment of life, eclectic, compound seasoning, cooking material north south, North South cooking materials" unique style dishes, in the food and beverage market competition, Fengbo franchise projects to better demonstrate their "no" no restraint "and material weakness of the arena style.

storm village franchise features two, unique, innovative, nutrition

1.: this year what can earn? Fengbo restaurant with unique flavor, heavy color is different from the cuisine, but also different from the spicy Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine is also different from the light, but melt Huitong Zichengyijia. From generation to generation, the product of the same strain, more consistent with the atmosphere of martial arts culture, can be said to be the best combination of food and environment, the two complement each other, complement each other.

2. Innovation: this year what can earn? Fengbo restaurant pass ancient private delicacy, melting the Millennium martial spirit, with a few The Legendary Swordsman, daoqiangjianji zongduo and Fenduo daily table over taiwan. Many fans have a few Gourmet culture of martial arts with friends of friends call to drink wine to taste the secret hero, the characteristics of private food, the enjoyment of life wine swordfight, enmity, touch to raise.

3. nutrition: Storm Zhuang restaurant food rich nutrition, contains a variety of nutrients, plays an important role in food calcium, with anti-aging, physical beauty, spleen and stomach health care.

unique brand to join the project selection, has always been very choice of business

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