Xining national sprint

today (September 3rd) to the end of the month, Xining city will be called on the public to carry out national hands, clean homes, create a civilized "volunteer service activities. Through the urban environment, road environment, urban and rural joint three comprehensive remediation action environment, clean up the urban environment health regulation exists in "dirty, chaotic and poor" phenomenon and health corner, driven by public participation, environmental remediation, clean homes, guide the citizens to participate in the city greening, beautification, purification, create beautiful the environment, efforts to enhance the quality of public culture and city civilization, to ensure that Xining city smoothly through the evaluation and acceptance of the national evaluation group.

street seven no chaos

in the comprehensive renovation of the main urban road environment action, Xining city will focus on environmental remediation work along the road, along the street to the "seven no", namely: no Luandaluanjian, cluttered, chaotic mess hanging led, throwing dump, scribbling, digging chaos filled, chaos chaos for planting. At the same time, in the road facilities, Xining will ensure road clean, clear and eye-catching traffic signs. Street restaurants, hotels, shops, repair shop shop clean, shop signs and billboards set norms.

back street alley no garbage dead

in the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment in Xining city operations, will be back streets, communities, restaurants, corridor, square, public toilet and units as the focus, strengthen environmental remediation, focus on cleaning up the dead angle of hygiene, ensure that there are no messy trash, dirt and odor, ensure clean and orderly.

rural garbage closed

in urban high comprehensive environmental remediation actions, Xining city will do a good job in the suburbs (Village) construction and configuration of people refuse room, garbage cans and other containers, garbage removal and implement temporary closure. At the same time, to ensure that the residents of the street, lane, road maintenance intact, no damage to the road surface, no defects in the cover, the city psoriasis treatment in a timely manner. In addition, Xining will also cooperate with the media, the timely exposure of dirty and poor phenomenon. If you do not clean up around the environment, you can also call the newspaper 96369 hotline, this newspaper will be the first time to report to the relevant departments in a timely manner to clean up. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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Lake New Area: create a new city residents feel warm

right now, the city of Xining set off a new upsurge of the creation of a national civilized city. As a new focus of Xining, sea lake district also played a leading role in the creation of urban activities, in peacetime, it is very important to focus on the overall environment on the basis of the creation of a "city war".

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West Street blackout area will resume power supply today

On October 2nd at 1:30 in the morning, Xining Jiahe Century Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in the relevant departments have not been under the condition of Big Dipper Palace Street No. 1, construction bank business department building their own demolition. At 3:40, the demolition of the building cement structures fall into the West Street on the south side of the high-voltage cable, have been pulled down, the oblique pull in Big Dipper Palace Street, street and West Street Department of democracy at the 6 poles, the West Main Street along the street on both sides of the floor blackouts, caused no casualties.

after the accident, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, deputy mayor Tong Wang and relevant departments rushed to the scene to direct rescue work and held the spot, the electricity sector to restore power requirements: out of plan, the early restoration of power supply; the public security department to restore traffic order, the fire department emergency rescue rescue work; construction units should establish the demolishing scheme, ensure not demolition work safety problems; the city district government do on-site demolition and Street merchants and residents of the masses of persuasion and explanation; safety supervision departments should strengthen the safety inspection of the construction unit, to prevent such things from happening again.

after the accident, the city district government leaders also rushed to the scene, fire, police, timely coordination of power, public security, urban management, construction, safety supervision and other related departments for emergency disposal, and set up a field command, under the masses of the working group, on-site disposal group, the working group responsible for publicity, on the street businesses, residents, on-site interpretation of persuasion dangerous demolition, health, safety, clean up. Traffic police department to implement the closure of the West Street, fire and power companies along the West Main Street were investigated, and developed a program to restore power supply.

at present, demolition repair, restore traffic, restore power and other work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

and   it is understood that the accident caused several kilometers of cable, 6 wire rod damage, field repair personnel has reached 180 people. The person in charge of the scene of the electricity sector, said they will work overtime, the night to repair, to ensure that around 3 at about 12 to restore power supply.


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The 12 km high-speed corridor will start construction

Green in the extension, it is from the airport high-speed landscape to other large scale extension of the highway! In September 5th, a reporter from the office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that the basis of present picturesque scenery in Xining Airport Expressway, the city is about to start a green corridor construction of West transit highway (Qi Jia Cheng Xigang to implement green landscaping engineering section). How to build 12 km high-speed Corridor West transit highway is to the west of Qinghai Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Qinghai Lake tourism town surrounding towns traffic arteries, the implementation of the green landscape engineering design range east to West Qi Jia Cheng Xigang overpass overpass, planning a length of about 12 kilometers, after planning the forestry sector in our city, in the recently completed the formalities coordinate the Beichuan canal irrigation work, started to implement the land preparation, planting etc.. [] the status of the landscape area terrain, greening conditions, the existing highway fence greening afforestation and greening seedlings of small size, poor growing, lack of landscape plant configuration, are not up to the requirements of the landscape. [] to build green corridor on both sides of the highway landscape shelterbelt as the main line, increase green width, improve landscape level, enhance the protective effect, increase the proportion of flowering plants in greening, echoing with the existing plant communities, the formation of good landscape and ecological system. To build a unique and beautiful landscape ecological corridor. [] 8 at the selected node landscape focus on the land along the landscape as node, group by clove, forsythia, yuyemei, peony, Sorbaria and other flowering shrubs, forming impressive landscape node. Create a road with the king king by the way of "artistic conception of West transit highway (Qi city to Xigang section) in landscape design in Qinghai to reflect the local characteristics, around the" safety, ecology, tourism "construction of the theme, and the surrounding terrain in harmony, creating a rich color, distinctive, magnificent the green landscape, with strong regional characteristics in Qinghai, the formation of" the way with the king, king by the way of "the unique artistic conception, through the construction, will improve the ecological environment along the highway and landscape effect, and exert the protective function of highway greenbelt better, forming a protective high quality green system.  

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Xining to carry out the full population information collection mechanism innovation action to achiev

In order to comprehensively strengthen and improve the management level of information service for the whole population, we should seek new breakthroughs in the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, the promotion of information sharing, active service to the masses and so on

in order to comprehensively strengthen and enhance the level of information service management of the whole population, in order to consolidate the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, promote information sharing, active service and other aspects of the masses to seek new breakthroughs. Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission grid management to the full population information management and the City Commission to carry out the actual population and special work combined, in the city to carry out the full population information collection mechanism innovation action and achievements.

(a) leaders attach importance to clear responsibility. full population information collection mechanism innovation action work, complete the task for the high quality, the city population and Family Planning Commission issued the "information collection mechanism of the full population of Xining city innovation action plan". District and county leaders attach great importance to set up a special leading group, and clear division of tasks, formulate layers of action to implement the plan, step by step clear action system and work responsibilities, and held a special meeting to make arrangements.

(two) propaganda strong, strong atmosphere. to make people understand the "two act" meaning, obtain the understanding and support of the masses, create a favorable information collection work carried out by the social atmosphere of public opinion, the district and county carried out extensive propaganda and mobilization, make full use of brochures and community LED large screen advertising entity, extensive publicity, so that the masses understand more on this activity.

(three) to strengthen cooperation with the Department, mutual benefit and win-win . The Commission "two action" by the public security departments, the survey focused on the organization of multi power, collecting information is the principle of "one household, multi information collection". Districts and counties in the conduct of the organization before the organization of family planning cadres into the household survey training, pre job skills training to promote information collection work smoothly. The health department in a timely manner with the public security departments coordination, strengthen ties, mutual communication and cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefits in the investigation of the registration, convenience greatly for their business registration, to ensure the quality of information.

(four) classification management, optimizing grid database. to avoid the full population information management (WIS) system has the data conflict, district and county in the full population information management system in a new database, the original community population information system, information submitted to separate pure population code, grid database access to new, two do the same with the database management at the same time, with the maintenance and update data.

(five) fine collection, improve data quality. The information collection work, district and county information quality as the priority among priorities, in strict accordance with the requirements of the grid and the "people" to the real principle to the verification of the information acquisition unit, supplementary entry system at the same time. According to "who collects, who input, who is responsible for";

The gradual optimization of the income structure of Xining residents

, a reporter from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that from 2008 to 2013, the city residents per capita disposable income increased from 11929.1 yuan to 19444.16 yuan, an increase of 7500 yuan per capita, an increase of 63%, the average annual growth of 10.3%. Capital policy is still the main cause of revenue growth.

good policy to help revenue growth of

in 2013 the city’s residents wage income 11760 yuan, an increase of 52.6% compared with 2008, an average annual growth of 8.8%. The adjustment of government administrative institutions employees allowances, subsidies, improve the fire fee standards, raising the minimum wage, improve the public post wage is the main factor of wage income growth. With the rapid development of individual and private economy, in 2013 the city residents operating income 1359.47 yuan, an increase of 66.6%, an average annual growth of 10.7%.

2013 residents of the city’s property income 346.51 yuan, an increase of nearly 6.2 times compared with 2008, an average annual growth of 48.3%. At present, the city has more than two sets of housing and more and more households, through rental housing to obtain a stable and higher than the bank’s interest income, to promote the rapid growth of property income. 2013 residents of the city’s transfer income 9016 yuan, compared with an increase of 104.4% in 2008, an average annual growth of 15.4%, of which: pension or pension of $7866.56, compared with an increase of 98.4% in 2008, an average annual growth of 14.7%. Social Relief Income 93.45 yuan, compared with 2008, an increase of 126.1%, an average annual growth of 17.7%. Government to improve the basic old-age pension standards for enterprises retirees, senior citizens, such as the gradual implementation of the subsidy policy is the main factor in the transfer of income growth.

wage income decreased by

in 2013 the residents of the city wage income, transfer income, operating income, property income accounted for: 52.3%, 40.1%, 6%, 1.5%. In five years, falling wage income residents in our city accounted for the proportion of total household income by 7 percentage points, the proportion of transfer income increased by 6.1 percentage points, the proportion of operating income decreased by 0.3 percentage points, the proportion of property income increased by 1.1 percentage points. It shows that the residents’ income sources are increasingly diversified, the income pattern has quietly changed, and the income structure has been further optimized.


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Prosperous Lane Community four send service to help residents re employment

"I’m here to give you some of your own pie." November 20th morning, the streets of Xining City District Office of the Public Street Lane Lane rich and powerful community office a laugh, the residents of Li Xiangmei, he will just get a nice cake to get the community, so that staff taste. Lively and cheerful, she also from time to time for everyone to talk about the new things they encounter, make the staff laugh.

according to the community staff, Li Xiangmei a year ago is not so cheerful, every time I see her are sad, do not participate in community activities." Community director Lu Hongying recalled that the community staff asked her what difficulties, she did not answer. "Why does she always look sad? We must help her to untie the knot." Let Li Xiangmei face smile into a wish of red deer.

deer red first from her neighbors around to understand the situation. "Both of them are laid off and a child is at school." After listening to the neighbors after the bottom of my heart, red deer.

"we have to help her find a stable job." The red deer really said. In order to re employment in the community to send four (send policy, send service, send jobs, send skills) services implemented, the staff detailed understanding of the actual situation of Li Xiangmei. After a period of observation, the community staff found that Li Xiangmei is a very practical and capable people, just because of age, many employers do not have her. "Listen to her former colleagues, said her character is very cheerful, I think we can recommend her as a co manager." With a general direction, community workers began to prepare for Li Xiangmei to find a job.

to write applications, contact the relevant departments, all procedures are accompanied by the community staff with Li Xiangmei. More than a month of running, the community finally applied for Li Xiangmei to the work of the CO manager. When we put the letter sent to the hands of Li Xiangmei, Li Xiangmei took the hand of red deer, tears: "I never thought I would be able to go to work." (author: Guo Rui)

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Xining City District tax bureau camp changed to increase tax declaration work started

September 1st, under the jurisdiction of Xining City District National Taxation Bureau 3 enterprises of Qinghai Zheng sea engineering testing Consulting Co., KerryEAS Logistics Limited Qinghai branch and Xining Yaxiong advertising limited company in the "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" on the first day of the first time after tax returns for tax declaration, marking the IRS "Chengzhong District replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" the tax declaration work started.

in order to meet the camp changed to increase the arrival of the first reporting period, the city tax bureau to actively carry out the preparatory work. Tax cadres replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot enterprises to carry out research and training of accounting personnel to fill in the points, with introducing the value-added tax returns of each section and the declaration procedures, on-site guidance simulation report, collect and solve difficult problems encountered in the simulation of taxpayers reporting process, to ensure that the first phase of the pilot taxpayers tax declaration work smoothly. At the same time, further integration of the tax service hall window, as far as possible to declare the simple window. Set up the declaration desk in the tax service hall, designate a person to do tax guidance and consulting services to help taxpayers solve the problems encountered in the declaration. (author: Zhang Xiaodan Chen Jianjun Shi Yongmei)

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Xining Railway Station passenger hub next year voted

Xining City smooth Xining three crucial action plan, "create transit city" is the most important part, and the transportation infrastructure, and transit city to create the most important part of. The next three years, Xining will build a total of five integrated traffic transfer station. These stations will have what features in the future, the current situation? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau of the relevant circumstances.

five directions of the construction of five transport hub station

[West]: passenger transport hub planning and engineering feasibility study has been completed

[East]: passenger transport hub location has been determined

[South] Passenger Hub: complete the relevant preparatory work next year

[North]: passenger transport hub has entered the stageLocated in the north of the city of

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West District of Xining City People’s livelihood warm people

since 2012, the West District of Xining City, the focus of city management and service of the masses, let people share the fruits of development closely together, to enhance the city image quality and comprehensive service capabilities, to achieve the government focus on building the "people’s livelihood city", the public consciously active maintenance of city environment in harmony.

the concept of refinement to further rationalize the city management mechanism, management staff will be fixed position to the grid unit, change management is extensive and meticulous management, strengthen inspections, inspections and 14 hours at night when the wrong work system, increase the urban primary and secondary streets and sunning Plaza each kind of illegal behavior of strict control efforts. In strict accordance with the "big city, full coverage, long-term" ideas, the full implementation of the responsibility system, Long Street building in the area, Dean realizes responsibility management full coverage, no blind spots, seamless docking work target.

to increase the digital management of urban construction, the purchase of more than 700 square meters of office space, the construction of digital urban management, social management innovation, government emergency command and other digital management platform. The key to carry out illegal Jeeves, damaged stores remediation, military enterprises build, outdoor advertising management, health management, city road construction waste collection and transportation and other kitchen renovation environmental special rectification of more than 30 households, Jeeves, peddlers of heart discussion, achieved good results.

at the same time, increase the intensity of construction, a large number of people, Huimin facilities have been built, reasonable, convenient and orderly urban infrastructure and service system has been gradually improved. Investment of more than 1550 yuan on our road along the 17 building, the Yellow River road along the 11 building monomer building, sunning Road on both sides of street landscape design, small sculptures of lighting; investment of more than 70 yuan in the show waterway, West Main Street and Cold Lake Road at the junction of new public toilets 2; investment more than 570 yuan to promote the construction of underground garbage transfer stations 7 in urban areas; the investment of more than 30 yuan in the main street of new (replacement) peel box 400; invested 320 thousand yuan to purchase sanitation cleaning car 40, and according to the spirit of the city of relevant documents, the jurisdiction of the wages of sanitation workers increased from 900 yuan to 1350 yuan original. (author: Su Jianping Ma Zhanyu)

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